When Andrea Met Fry Fry's high school sweetheart Andrea thinks he is crazy when he talks to her about a crazy omen he had the following night. The next day Andrea suggests that they go ice skating. Much to Fry's dismay, Andrea falls through the ice and is revitalized by Bender and Leela in the year three thousand. We also learn that Leela is Andrea's great, great, great, great, infinity aunt.
Fry's Discovery Fry discovers dinosaur bones and with the money he makes, he decides to buy a mansion and becomes incredibly snobby. Amy begins flirting with him, which Leela does not approve of. Meanwhile, Andrea is having an affair of her own... On a romantic cruise ship with Bender across the galaxy.
A Little Change (Will Do You Good) Leela is unable to let Fry make his deliveries when he fakes being sick. Andrea gets annoyed with Fry when he tells her that she should get a job and start paying the rent.
Bender vs. Andrea Bender has a terrible fight with Andrea and tries to make up with her over dinner. Fry ends up in jail. Andrea and Bender become friends again thanks to a catch phrase.
So You're Going to Die... It's Andrea's twenty fourth birthday! Unfortunately for her, Fry has to make an important delivery to the planet Venus. Thinking that he is having an affair on Venus, Andrea gets a little paranoid. Bender tries to show her a good time while Amy and Farnsworth buy Andrea a birthday cake from a mysterious bakery.
Roughing It Fry and Andrea have to do their duty as TRUE Americans. Guide and show the kids of other's a good time. Unfortunately for them, camping isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Bender's Orginazation Bender decides to introduce Andrea to a few of his robot friends. Fry decides to tag along for the ride. On a trip to deliver a package to the planet Pluto, Bender announces the initiation for Fry and Andrea to take before they join the organization. It turns out that they are really going to Mount Ice Burg to plant a bomb which will destroy Pluto forever.
A New Season Has Landed Leela and Amy help Bender and Andrea over some relationship hurtles by forcing them to attend a Broadway show together, where the group is discovered by two major celebrities and offered roles in a movie sequel. Meanwhile, Fry struggles to accept the idea of Andrea and Bender as a couple. Perhaps a love scene will be just the thing to win her back?
Halloween Special: Attack of the Langalers The mysterious disappearance of everyone in New New York, has the crew fearing for their lives.
Interview With The Cast Author Tammy Corizis, sits down with Fry, Leela, Bender and Andrea for a look behind the scenes.

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