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Updated: 18th December 2020

It's me, your old pal Bend-- er, um-- I mean Jennifer! After a decade of absense, I've returned to my beloved Futurama. And with me, I've brought back my fan art that all you sappy organ doners have missed so much. And even though I never shut up about how much I love Fry, I know that Bender will always be the best, most awesome character in the history of Futurama and all of television! -- hee hee -- wait, what the hell do you want?!! --

Sorry about that folks, this is the REAL Jennifer. Looks like I'll need to change my password again. *sigh* damn robot! Anyway, welcome to my world of Fan Art! I've been drawing Futurama pics off and on from the beginning! You might have seen my stuff posted on the Futurama Outlet back in the early days, and more currently on The Leela Zone. This site has been a long time coming. So, relax, feel free to take a look around and if you should want to post some of my art, it's perfectly fine. All I ask is that you give credit and include a link back to my site or at the very least, my email. *waves* Enjoy your stay!

Please don't steal me!

Disclaimer: FUTURAMA and all related logos, characters, situations and likenesses are the property of 20th Century Fox, Comedy Central and the man himself, Matt Groening. I'm just a fan who really likes Fry, and I'm not profiting financially from the use of the name 'Futurama'.

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