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OMG! The Leela Zone is BACK?!! ...well, maybe not in its entirety, but I'll take it.

Here stands one of the oldest living Futurama sites on the web! When it started out, it was simply, a Leela shrine. and now it's one of the biggest fan sites ever!
Even though the name has changed, it'll always be "The Leela Zone" to me. XD

This site has been around since the beginning, and to this day is still one of the biggest fan hubs around!

Like CGEF, this site is as old as the show itself. There's loads of time-wasting fun to be had here.

The almighty infosphere has every answer to any one of your 1,000 Futurama questions and more!

Oh, TFO how I miss thee. This was one of the greatest Futurama sites in internet history! Anyone who remembers it, might tell you the same. I spent a great deal of my early net life here.
This will take you to an archived version, so you may see it as it once stood, in all its original splendour! courtesy of web.archive.org

I don't spend as much time here as I use to, but it's a nice place to flop. Folks here are pretty friendly.

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