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Ahh, here we have the cornerstone of my site. I've been doing Futurama fan art since the show began. Any of you older fans have probably seen most of these drawings posted on "The Futurama Outlet" and "The Leela Zone".

You'll notice many of these pics feature characters totally unknown to you all. That would be because they are fan creations, such as Jenny and Andrea. No need to ask, descriptions posted below will explain who these people are and then some.

If you wanna post my art on your site, you’re more than welcome. Just please be sure to give credit where credit is due. Thank you!

Look familiar?
Jenny in 1957
This scene is to take place sometime before "The Beast with a Billion Backs".
Fry exacts his ticklish Vengence on Jenny! XD Miss Futurama
Jenny, slightly updated.
Wow! That pickup line actually worked?!
Fry: "Am I dead, Angel? Cause this must be heaven!"
Now introducing my original character, Jenny!
...Because it had to be done!
Leela all gussied up in her Sunday Kimono, and so begins Jenn's merge into anime.
This was part of a final project I did for my high school art class.
A character from the same fic.
A character I created for a fanfic I wrote ages ago.
Well, nothing says classroom boredom like a Leela on lined paper.
Another early CG attempt, I created this as an email signature, specifically to be used in "thank you" emails. I only used it a few times before saving it onto some disk to be forgotten about. I was actually surprised to find I still had it after all this time.
I can't remember why I did this pic. It seems rather silly now.
Stuck to the outside of my three ring binder, he protected me against bullies and the occasional math quiz. <3
A sweet, fangirly pic of me and Fry. Behold, my sucky anatomy! I don't care how young I was, there's just no excuse for that!
Leela would like to wish her many fanboys a Merry Christmas! ;)
Leela catches Fry under the mistletoe >:)
Another really old one. Done in the primitive age of washable markers and crayons. I was young and hadn't yet discovered the wonders of CG coloring.
This pic is so old, it was the first thing I ever submited to the internet. No, seriously!

Disclaimer: FUTURAMA and all related logos, characters, situations and likenesses are the property of 20th Century Fox, Comedy Central and the man himself, Matt Groening. I'm just a fan who really likes Fry, and I'm not profiting financially from the use of the name 'Futurama'.

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