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Please do not alter or display these images elsewhere, unless you were the original recipient.

This comic was a gift for the crazy talented, Tastes Like Fry. The Little girl is her original character, Lucy Fry. (the daughter of Fry and Leela) The subject matter was inspired by a scene from Lilo and Stitch.
Andrea and Bender enjoing a moment of post-coital bliss
More Andrea and Bender, because why the hell not?!
Leela, Jenny, Fry, Bender and Andrea enjoy some much deserved vacation time.
-- and at that moment, Andrea rememberd why she dumped Fry in the first place. XD
Andrea and her two boys kickin' back on the beach.
Another gift art for Tammy. In a love triangle between Fry, Andrea and Bender guess who won?
This was intended as a birthday gift for Mark LeWald.
After first reading her awesome fan scripts, I was insired to draw this for my pal Tammy. Here's her original character Andrea being tickle attacked by Fry. PS: unfinished coloring was done by Robert DeMartini.
Ugh! Bangs... never again. High School doodle of me and my bestest internet fwend Tammy-Tamms all huged up on Fry, while his girlfriend Andrea (creation of Tammy's) looks on with jelouse, death glare eyes.

Disclaimer: FUTURAMA and all related logos, characters, situations and likenesses are the property of 20th Century Fox, Comedy Central and the man himself, Matt Groening. I'm just a fan who really likes Fry, and I'm not profiting financially from the use of the name 'Futurama'.

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