Welcome to the fan fics section. I've noticed that allot of fans are trying to create their own stories based on Digimon FDD or with simple Digimon FDD character cameos. Well, here's your chance to have them posted here!
here are the rules:
1. No Hentai!
2.Other Digi-Destined and FDD's are allowed of corse, but the fic must contain at least one or more character/s from Digimon FDD.
3. In the case of certain content (exsample: Curse words, extreme violence, etc.) basicly anything that involves PG 13 content, you MUST include a warning at the begining of your fic.
Send fics to pandajenn0@hotmail.com

Please keep in mind that none of these fics tie into Digimon FDD's offical plot and story line. they are from the imagionations of the fans that wrote them. Just incase anyone might get confused.

AUTHOR: Licorice-Sama


This fic takes place immedietly before "Emily's Commitment." When Erica and Cheekomon arrive at Starmon's saloon, they meet a rather interesting Digidestined named Marcelle and her Digimon, Fennecmon.

AUTHOR: Sakura_Arts

The Greater Moon

The Digidestined awaken, suprized to find that they have returned home. But is it realy home, or have they walked into a trap?

Enter Gammaglory!

AUTHOR: AC Drawings (Mousa)

The Royal Order meets FDD

The FDDs meet another team of Digidestined who call themselves, "The Royal Order". But will they ever learn to get along and work togeather?

Part One: Opposites Attract

AUTHOR: Kenneth Ayoob

Digimon FDD: Reign of Pharaohmon

An ancient evil has returned from exile to regain his rule over the Digital World. Now the Digidestined must help Kotaro and Parrotmon defeat Pharaomon and bring peace back to the Digital World.

AUTHOR: CreativeDemi64


This fic is set shortly after episode 21. Samee has wandered off to gather her thoughts, when she suddenly becomes trapped in a vicious storm. She fortunately finds help from a boy and his Digimon.