"Mom, you can't tell anyone, okay? This was supposed to be a secret, and it's bad enough you know. Please don't tell anyone."

"...Yes...yes, alright. The family probably wouldn't want you running around the world fighting these...these things."

"Thanks Mom...and they're called Digimon."

~Sakura's POV~

My name's Sakura Arts. I'm sixteen, and I call Tokyo home. So, yesterday, me and the other X29 Digidestined got some signals on our digivices- which we call "digicomms" because of their many communicative ways. When we split up to look for the other digidestined, I run into a group of kids running out of an alley. Imagine my surprise when I find out they're the Digidestined we were looking for! They were about to introduce themselves, when a giant mechanicle griffon and some chick who calls herself "Queen Sonomi" attack! Alex and Emily were, quite litterally, blown away by all the wind attacks we dealt to get rid of the giant digimon called "Chotomon". When it was deleted, everyone else was introduced, and e-mails were exchanged. Let's hope we have a bit of a breather today. I'm pooped!

~ * ~

I bounced a jet-ball off my wall, Guin pushed himself around in circles on my computer chair, and I chose to ignore the "blippity-blip" coming from my computer. My sister- who's at college in Arizona- had forgotten to say good-bye to me while she went to classes, so I was talking to no one for six hours. Finally, Mom poked her head in.

"<Honey, could you please turn that off?>" She asked. "<It's getting annoying.>"

I sighed and rolled off the bed. I was just starting to enjoy it.

Guin looked at me. "What's she say?" He asked. He couldn't understand japanese.

"Nothing," I said, switching off the sound.

Guin's eyes looked at the floor. He was shy, so he was always wary of what other people thought of him. I looked at him. "It was nothing about you," I assured, "she was just getting annoyed with the computer sounds."

"Oh," Guin said, a small smile crossing his lips.

My digicomm went off. I looked at it. "Incoming message..." it read. I waited while words scrolled onto the screen.

"Hey, Sakura. It's Justin," I read out loud so Guin could hear, "Skye says there's a dance tonight. She wants all of us to go."

Guin's ears perked up. I continued to read. "We're all going to be there soon. Kelly, Reiley and I are going to be at your house, but the FDD's are going to be in the alley. See you in 10."

I sighed. "Thanks for asking," I muttered as I ran downstairs. "<Mom,>" I said, walking into the kitchen. She turned her head. "<I have a few friends coming over in a few minutes.>"

"<Oh, okay,>" she said, "<How many?>"

I gave a crooked smile. "<28.>"

Her eyes widened. "<A party?! Honey, you should have asked me, first...>"

"<No, no, we'll be out of here soon enough. We're all going to a dance.>"

Mom sighed. "<Okay, but they have to go home after.>"

I nodded, "<Yup.>"

I ran back upstairs. "Hey, Guin. I'm going to go get the FDD's," I said, putting on my jacket, "you stay here and wait for our group."

Guin nodded and continued to spin on the chair. I ran back downstairs and passed my dad on the way out the door. "Hi dad. Going to pick up some friends. Bye dad."

I could feel his blue eyes staring at me confusingly. As I sprinted down the busy streets of Tokyo, I smiled, remembering the stories he would tell me. My dad comes from California. Every once in a while, we go visit relatives. My grand-mother lives in the same apartment building as Justin and his grand-mother. That's where I met him. I met Kelly and Reiley in the Digiworld.

I skillfully dodged a man carrying a bundle of boxes and slipped into the alley. I sheilded my eyes with my arm as two lights burst from the darkness. I put my arm down and there stood Jenn and Foxi. Foxi wore the same thing, but Jenn changed into a pink-er tanktop with the same star on it and baby blue jeans with yellow patches at the knees. Her hair was in long pig-tails.

"Hey," the other goggle-girl greeted, "waiting long?"

I smirked. "Nah, just got here."

We waited as, one by one, the FDD's appeared. Finally, our blue-haired party-planner and her cat-digimon friend appeared. Skye's hair was down, with slight ripples where the buns used to be. She wore a blue spaghetti-strap with a red maple leaf on it, and white shorts.

"Hey," Magi greeted waving and smiling.

"Okay," I said, clapping my hands together, "let's get going."

~ * ~

The FDDs and the X29s looked at the blue haired girl sitting with her legs crossed on Sakura's bed.

"Okay," she started, "there's a dance at the Community Centre in Quebec, and I really would like it if you guys come. The theme is the 1950s."

"I love American fifties!" Sakura exclaimed.

"Canadian," Skye corrected.

"What were the fifties like in America?" Reiley asked. Her New Zealand accent was strong, and you could barely understand her in her low voice.

"Canadian," Kelly corrected.

"The American fifties were awesome!" Sakura said.

"Canadian," both Kelly and Skye corrected.

Justin and Alex snickered. They were sitting by the two Canadian girls and heard their corrections. Lindsay looked at them. "What?" She asked.

"Well, you keep saying 'American fifties'..." Skye started.

"...and it's Canadian fifties," Kelly ended.

"Uhm...okay...the Canadian fifties were awesome," Sakura said, then her smile reappeared, "they had poodle-dresses, and Elvis, and the Beach Boys...music and fashion was really at it's hight in the fifties."

"Oh, right!" Skye said. "There's gonna be prizes for best dressed and best..." She paused, looking for the right word. "...danced," she finished, looking somewhat dissatisfied.

Everyone looked at Sakura. Emily and Jeanine jumped. Her face was red and she was beaming.

"Uh-oh," said Justin, "I know that look."

"That can only mean one thing," Reiley continued, inching away slowly.

"She has an idea!!" Kelly yelled, jumping for cover under the bed.

"Okay!" Said Sakura, getting to her feet. "We have a lot to do, so we'd better get started!"

Rei slapped her face, Justin shook his head, and you could hear Kelly groan in the darkness of the under-bed. The FDD's stared at the half-asian.

~ * ~

The next three and a half hours were spent in a novelty shop (filled with fifties clothing and accessories) and at Sakura's house. With Elvis music.

"Alright," said Sakura. She grabbed Guin by the wrist. She half-dragged him to the middle of the Digidestined and digimon. "We'll start with something simple. Everyone, get a partner."

In a flash, Justin was in front of Jenn, smirking. He held out his hand. "Madame...?" He asked.

Blackbobuti walked up to Reiley. "Wanna be partners?" He asked.

Rei stared at the cat-boy. "I...don't...dance," she replied. Sakura suddenly appeared.

"No," she said sternly, "everyone dance."

So, in less than two and a half hours, everybody knew the basic steps to the fifties, and everybody in the house knew the lyrics to Elvis Presley's "Blue Suede Shoes" by heart.
~ * ~

When they got the the Community Centre in Quebec, Sakura had everyone excited. Except Reiley. ("C'mon, Rei! This'll be fun!" "A dance...yay.")

Skye stepped up to the counter. A woman with red hair piled up on her head and a red plaid poodle skirt looked up. "Ah, bonjour, Skye,"
she greeted.

"Bonjour, Madame Brun," she said, "Trente."

Mme Brun smiled as Skye said all their names while she wrote them on nametags, then the woman looked at the rest of the group and began to speak to them only to be answered with blank stares. "English, please," Justin said.

Mme Brun smiled. "No alchohol, no drogues, nothing above PG," she said in a french accent.

The Digidestineds nodded and followed Skye into the main room. Fifties music was blasting.

"C'mon!" Cuno yelled above the music. He grabbed Shelli's wrist and dragged her into the crowd. Within seconds, Shelli and the other 29 kids were laughing and having a good time (Except Reiley, who stood in the corner tapping her foot to the beat).

Skye and Jenn were dancing together when Justin appeared. He grabbed Jenn's other hand, smiling. Jenn looked at Skye. "Oops!" Skye mouthed, pretending to accidentally drop Jenn's hand. The redhead looked back at the blonde. "May I?" He asked. Jenn smiled and nodded.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash. Everyone began screaming and running out of the building, except the Digidestined, who grouped together when they saw the giant dragon with seven heads bust through the windows. It made it's way to the middle of the floor. Following it was Queen Sonomi.

"Hey, isn't that the same girl from yesterday?" Justin asked.

"Yeah," Magi replied coldly.

Sonomi opened her mouth, but was interrupted by a new voice. "Sonomi, you aren't supposed to be here."

The black haired girl spun around. There stood a boy about fifteen. His silver hair shone in the dim light. He stared at her blankly.

"Why did he send you?" Sonomi demanded.

Jenn looked at Sakura. The half-asian's face was screwed into a scowl.

"Because," the boy started, "you failed."

Sonomi opened her mouth to protest but stomped her foot in anger instead, and disappeared. The boy looked at the group and smiled coldly. "Terribly sorry about that..." he looked at Sakura. "Miss Arts, I should have known you'd be here. Always protecting the people you love..."

"Shuttup!" Sakura yelled. Everyone jumped at her sudden explosion. Dani looked at her, then the boy, then the digimon, and gasped.

"Run!" She yelled.

One of the heads pulled back and shot a black ball at the group. They all managed to dodge it in the nick of time.

Sakura looked up to see the boy was gone. She let out an aggravate sigh, and spun around. "You guys all right?" She asked.

"Yeah, we're fine," Dani said. She looked at Panda. "Ready?" She asked.

Panda jumped at the dragon digimon. "Spiral Kick!" He said. The digimon managed to hit dead-on. He jumped back, just to see that the dragon didn't look hurt at all. Another black ball was shot at Panda. He was thrusted into a wall.

"Panda!" Dani cried, running over to Panda.

"Hey, Poopy-head!" Bobuti said, jumping up and hover in place. All seven of the dragon's heads looked at her. "Cat's Grace!" The pink cat-girl lunged at the enemy and began scratching at light speed. One of the heads swung around whipped her into another wall. The head coiled back and another black ball formed. It disappeared when the dragon was distracted.

"Hey!" Jennifer yelled, waving her arms wildly, "Hey! Over here!" She began running and dodging the black orbs.

"Jenn!" Foxi yelled.

"Keep fighting!" The redhead replied, then tripped. When she stood up, she looked at the giant digimon. When she saw the black orb in it's mouth, she froze. Right before it came loose, Justin jumped and tackled her. They slid across the floor and behind a counter. Jenn blushed when the boy pinned her to the ground.

"Are you insane?!" He demanded. When he was answered by a bug-eyed stare and red cheeks, he could feel his cheeks get hot, too. He only just realised his, dare I say, "position".

"Ah, uhm," they both stammered.

"You guys!" Becka and Jay jumped over the counter.

"There's no time for Temptation Island!" Jay said, who was answered by two scarlet faces.

"We're getting beat!" Becka told Justin, "All that's left is the two of us and Foxi, and she can't hold it off forever!"

"Foxi!" Jennifer said, pushing Justin off. She jumped over the counter only to see Foxi be smashed into a wall. "Foxi!" The redhead ran to the wall.

"Jenn," the fox-girl murmured as her Digidestined fell to her knees beside her.

"Foxi..." Jenn said. There were two more explosions and two more cries.



"No..." Foxi started, "I can't give up...they can't win..." Foxi slowly stood.

Jenn's first reaction was to get Foxi to sit down, but she shook that one off. "Foxi...I'll be here, right beside you, all the way!"

All the Digidestined looked at the FDD leader.

"Always loyal to eachother, alright?" Jenn asked.

Foxi smiled. "I feel wierd," she replied.

Jennifer jumped as her digivice began to shine brilliantly. She gasped as it took a new form. When the light went out, she stared at the watch in her hand.

"A digicomm!" Sakura said.

"It's time...to digivolve..." Foxi said weakly. "Foxi Alpha digivolve to..."

Jenn looked at the digicomm in her hand as it beeped and words scroll onto the screen. "New Digivolve Data...Analysed. Prepare for Digital Evolution."

Foxi was covered in light. She grew to be about six and a half feet. Her hair became long and her wardrobe, Jenn could see, had become somewhat of a prom dress. Her feet became those of a fox's, and she no longer had a fox tail. A scarf covered half her face and stuck out behind her like wings. "...Gammaglory!" Her voice was deep and rich. The light faded.

"A legend..." Guin said, astonished.

"She's beautiful..." Alex murmured.

Gammaglory's eyes were tilted beyond reason, and showed no mercy to this enemy digimon. "Lure Prey," she said. Her body began to to move smoothly. It took awhile for Jenn and the others to figure out what she was doing.

"She's dancing!" Jennifer said, a smile crossing her face.

Two of the heads came closer to her, moving with her body. Gammaglory stopped dancing, and jumped up onto the body. She moved her hand like a scythe. Wind moved with her hand, and three of the heads fell off and turned into data, which flew out of the broken window and into the night sky.

"Sneaky!" Justin admired.

"Whoop!" Skye said, "Go, Gammaglory, go!" She punched her fist into the air.

Gammaglory moved her hand again and two more heads turned to data. She seemed unmoved by the cheers and whoops from the croud of kids. Another swift movement and the final two heads turned to data. She then jumped up and thrust her hand down towards the body. The wind shot down and the body turned into data.

She landed soundlessly on the ground and walked up to Jenn. The cold, hard eyes that the girl watch destroy the monster were now soft and warm. "Always," Gammaglory said, and was engulfed in light. Jenn watched Gammaglory turn back into Foxi.

Foxi was smiling at her when the light faded. Tears welded up in Jenn's eyes. Foxi's smiled disappeared. "Jenn? What's wrong?"

Jennifer wiped away a tear. "Nothing's wrong...I'm so happy!" The redhead smiled at the fox-girl, and the fox-girl smiled back.

Everyone smiled back.

"Uh...is it over?" Came a voice behind the DJ table.

"Have you been there the entire time?" Jeanine asked as a blue-haired head appeared.

"Uh, yeah," replied the DJ.

The Digidestined and digimon laughed. They didn't know why, but they laughed.

~ * ~

The light faded and Jenn and Foxi were back in their room.

"You're late."

They turned. "Yeah, sorry Mom. We ran into trouble."

Mrs Morton crossed her arms and smiled. "Is everyone else alright?"

Jennifer and Foxi smiled. They were glad she knew.

~ * ~

"You liar!" Sonomi screamed. "You promised I could defeat them!"

"And you promised not to fail, and you failed before I sent him in," The kitsune masked man replied cooly, "so I broke my promise only because you broke yours first."


"Stop fighting, child."

"Sir, he's back," the woman-like digimon said.

The man spun on his chair to face the doorway. "Well?"

The boy with the silver hair entered and bowed. "I apologise, sir, but I, too, failed to defeat the Digidestined."

"Well, well," the man said, "since it seems we have no one capable enough to defeat a small group of children, then I shall have to go in myself." He waved the other three off.

The woman and the boy left, but Sonomi opened her mouth to protest. Thinking better of it, she closed her mouth and stormed out. As the door slammed shut, the man sighed.

"Poor dear."

~End of Episode Three~