Digimon FDD: Reign of Pharaohmon

by Kenneth Ayoob

(Authorís Note): This fanfic is takes place after the upcoming final episode of Digimon FDD. I created this fic to act as Digimon FDDís movie of sorts. Like the original Digimon series, this fic has a TV-Y7 FV rating and Iím sure you know what that means Anyway, enjoy the story.

Prologue: The Digital World, before the DigiDestined arrived. Many warriors gather at a large palace. Before them is a large Digimon with a sarcoughagus shield, a gold Egyptian mask, and looks like an Egyptian mummy. "Pharaohmon," yelled one of the warriors, "Your end is at hand!" Pharaohmon just launched a powerful attack, a burst of black mist, "Necro Mist!" Many of the Digimon warriors were deleted. "We canít continue," said Wizardmon. "We must if our world is to have a future!" yelled Musyamon. A mysterious man appeared, holding a golden ankh. "What is this?" asked Pharaohmon. "Your demise," said the man, "I summon the master of the sun! I summon Eaglemon!" There was a flash of light, and a large, golden, winged Digimon appeared. "No," said Pharaohmon, "It cannot be." The last words of the battle came from Eaglemon, "Sunfire Phoenix!" Years later, in a stone tomb, Pharaohmon, who was inside the tombís coffin, thought, "How long has it been since my subjects betrayed me? Well, it doesnít matter anyway. Soon, I will be free of this stone prison, and the kingdom of Pharaohmon shall be reborn!"

~Jenniferís Narration~

Itís only been weeks since our adventures in the Digital World ended, but it feelís like years. I miss every friend I made on this journey, especially Foximon. I wonder how things are for her?

~Skyeís Narration~

If my destiny was to rule the Digital World with benevolence, why couldnít I stay there? I really wanted to stay so I could uncover the past of my DigiWorld family. And I also want to see Magimon again.

~Third-Person Narration~

A mysterious cat-girl Digimon was wandering through a digital desert, until she came to what looked like an Egyptian Palace. "So," she said "Iíve finnaly found it," she said, "The tomb of Pharaohmon." She envoked an ancient incantation which broke the seal on the sarcoughagus, and she looked on as it opened. Pharaohmon stepped out of his coffin and said, "After all these years of imprisonment, I am free. Who has freed me from this accursed tomb?" "I, Bastemon, have awakened you my lord," said the cat-girl, "so that we may rule this world together. After all this time, Queen Skyeís reign is over." "Who is Queen Skye?" asked Pharaohmon. "She is a human whoís family has ruled the Digital World," said Bastemon, "But she rules with compassion toward your former subjects, but currently letís her partner Magimon rule in her absence. "If she does not bring fear among the Digimon, she is not fit to rule," said Pharaohmon, "After all this time I will rebuild my empire." As he said this, a cloaked figure was listening in the shadows.

Back in the real world, Jennifer was just updating her website, "Jenniferís Studio", still thinking about Foximon, the friend she couldnít take home. Samee came into Jennís room and said, "Is this what you do in your spare time? Look Jenn, I know you miss Foximon. I feel the same way about Sunemon. But we canít dwell on the past forever." Jenn didnít say anything, she just went back to working on her computer. Just then, a strange window appeared on her computer. It was a video of a strange boy. "Whoís that?" asked Samee. "Iíve never seen him before in my life," said Jenn. "Danger! Danger!" said the video ,"Jennifer Morton, youíre presence is needed in the Digital World." Jenn saw her Digivice change into a different form. "My Digivice became a D-3," said a very shocked Jenn. Then came a large flash of light which knocked out Samee. When she woke up, Jenn was gone.

"Wake up Jenn," said a familiar voice. When Jenn came to, she recognized where the voice came from. "Foximon, is that you?" asked Jenn. "Of course itís me silly," said Foximon. "Iím so glad to see you," said Jenn as she gave her partner a hug. "Sheís not the only person you should recognize," said a girl with blue hair. "Skye?" said Jenn, "What are you doing here?" "I could asked you the same thing," said Skye. "I bet she came here because she has to reclaim the throne of the Digital World," said Magimon. "Skye," said Jenn, "did you get the same video file as me?" "Yeah," said Skye, "So maybe the others are here to." "Sorry, said a boy in a black cloak, "but I only summoned the two of you." "Does the Grim Reaper know his outfit is missing?" asked Magimon. "None of the other FDDís are here?" asked Skye, "Dani? Lina? Tania? Erica? Kristina? Emily? Lexxy? Alex? None of them?" "No," said the boy, "none of them." "Well," said Jenn, "that explains why Samee didnít come with me. And why her Digivice didnít change into a D-3, like mine did." "Mine too," said Skye. Just then, they heard buzzing. They saw a bunch of large gold beetles. "Whatís up with the gold Kuwagamon?" asked Skye. "Those arenít Kuwagamon," said the boy, "Theyíre called Scarabmon." "Whatever they are," said Jenn, "weíll take them down. Ready Foximon?" "Arenít I always?" asked Foximon as a light enveloped her. "Foximon digivolve to.....Glorymon!" The fox-woman charged toward the Scarabmon and attacked, "Raging Cyclone!" The winds just bounced off of the Scarabmon. "Iíll give it a try," said Magimon, "Lightning Shocker!" The lightning had no effect.

"What are those things made of," asked Jenn. "Allow me to handle this," the boy said as he removed his cloak, which revealed a boy with sunglasses and a long white coat, and spiky blonde hair. He then yelled out, "Parrotmon, attack!" A huge green bird flew out of nowhere and landed next to the boy. "Parrotmon is this guyís partner?" asked Jenn. The feathers on top of Parrotmonís head began to crackle with electricity, which was fired at the Scarbmon, "Sonic Destroyer!" With one blast, the Scarabmon were blown away. "You beat him," said Magimon, "that was awesome." "Theyíll be back," said the boy, "And thereíll be even more of them. Címon, we have to get to safer ground before they return."

"Meanwhile, at Pharaohmonís palace, Bastemon approached his throne. "Master," she said, "The Scarabmon have been defeated, and the Digital Princess is here." "How many times have I told you Bastemon," said Pharaohmon, "Do not come into my throne room without my permission." "Iím sorry lord Pharaohmon," said Bastemon. "This should be interesting," said Pharaohmon, "Tell the remaining Scarabmon to begin the attack on the Princessís palace. With that insignificant humanís whole kingdom destroyed, the Digital World will be mine once again." "As you wish master," said Bastemon.

Meanwhile, the girls and their Digimon were introduced to the mysterious boy. "So youíre name is Kotaro?" asked Jenn. "Yes," said Kotaro, "the reason Parrotmon and I summoned you to help us defeat a powerful evil." "So, who are we dealing with?" asked Skye, "Marajamon again?" "Worse," said Kotaro, "Her father, Pharaohmon." "When I thought up Marajamon, I never created a father for her," said Jenn. "Remember Jenn," said Skye, "The Digital World doesnít link completely to our fanfics back home." "Good point," said Jenn. "Anyway," said Kotaro, "Before your time, Princess Skye, the Digital World was ruled by a tyrant named Pharaohmon. He had the power to absorb the energy of fallen Digimon and grow stronger with each one he claimed. Eventually, his own subjects grew tired of the way he ruled this world, so they staged a full scale attack on his palace. When it seemed that all was lost, the tide turned when my father used the Ankh of the Sun to summon the legendary embodiment of Ra, Eaglemon. He fought valiently, but was unable to completely destroyed him, so he locked him away in the Tomb of Eternal Slumber."

"Wow," said Skye. "And Iím guessing that Parrotmon is Eaglemonís son?" asked Foximon. "Yes," said Kotaro, "But recently, something has happened. A woman named Bastemon was called by Pharaohmon, and opened his tomb. He has been absorbing the data of the evil Digimon you and your friends defeated, and he has grown stronger than he was in the past. He now plans to reclaim the Digital World as his kingdom, and to do that, he must destroy Skyeís palace. The only thing left to do is use the ankh to make Parrotmon digivolve into Eaglemon." "We have got to get to the palace before Pharaohmon does," said Jenn. "I can take care of that," said Magimon. She focused on the group and called out, "Telekinetic Teleport!"In a flash of light, Jenn, Skye, Kotaro, and their Digimon were in front of Skyeís palace. "What do we do now?" asked Skye. "We wait," said Kotaro.

In the distance, Pharaohmon marched toward the palace with an army of Scarabmon, Bakemon, and Mummymon. "Here they come," said Kotaro. "Letís do it Glorymon," said Jenn. "Go get them Magimon," said Skye. They held out their crests of Loyalty and Faith and their D-3s. "Glorymon digivolve to........PolarGlorymon!" "Magimon digivolve to......Athenamon!" "Shall I Kotaro?" asked Parrotmon. "Not yet Parrotmon," said Kotaro. "Princess Skye," said Pharaohmon, "Your reign is over, and my reign is just beginning." "Not a chance bandage-boy," said Athenamon, "Cosmic Blade!" The dust cleared, but Pharaohmon was unharmed. "All forces," yelled Pharaohmon, "Attack!" Coming out of the palace was an army of Knightmon. "For the Princess!" yelled the leader. The Knightmon clashed with the Mummymon. "Princess Skye," said the lead Knightmon, we shall handle the forces on the ground. You and Jennifer must deal with the air forces." PolarGlorymon managed to freeze most of the Bakemon, "Polar Ice Storm!" The Scarabmon attacked the Knightmon, "Poison Scissor Claw!" Most of the Knightmon were destroyed. "Iíll take care of these over-inflated dung beetles," said Athenamon, "Empress Claw!" The Scarabmon were destroyed instantly. "Fools," thought Pharaohmon.

As the Scarabmon continued to advance, Parrotmon prepared to launch his attack, "Sonic Destroyer!" The Scarabmon were deleted by the electric blast. "You are impressive young warrior," said Pharaohmon, "I know that you are the offspring of the man who imprisoned me." "And this time," said Kotaro, "Iím going to destroy you." He held up the ankh to his D-3, releasing a bright, golden light. "Parrotmon digivolve to.......Eaglemon!" The girls looked in the sky and saw Eaglemon for the first time. "Wow," said Jenn, "Heís amazing." "That walking band-aid doesnít stand a chance," said Skye. "No," said Pharaohmon, "I will not be defeated again." "You will," said Eaglemon, "I will do what my father couldnít, destroy you."

Pharaohmon stretched his arm and hit Eaglemon, "Fist of the Nile!" Eaglemon managed to block the attack with his claws, "Mystic Break!" "That was quite a move Eaglemon," said Kotaro. "He just might win," said Athenamon. "We shouldnít underestimate Pharaohmon," said PolarGlorymon. Pharaohmon attacked with a cloud of black mist which enveloped Eaglemon, "Necro Mist!" "This wonít hold me for long," said Eaglemon. He flew up to the Digital Worldís sun and began to gather itís energy. "Whatís going on?" asked Jenn. "Heís preparing to use his ultimate attack, the Sunfire Phoenix," said Kotaro. Eaglemon launched a 50-foot flaming bird at Pharaohmon, "Take this tyrant! Sunfire Phoenix!" The attack left a large explosion. "No," cried Bastemon, "Master Pharaohmon!" "Itís over Bastemon," said PolarGlorymon. "Oh is it?" asked Pharaohmon, who emerged completely unharmed. The DigiDestined let out a series of shocked gasps.

"I have been absorbing the power of the three Dark Lords, Lordressmon, Duodramon, even my daughter Marajamon," said Pharaohmon, "Youíd need one thousand Phoenixís before you could even graze my armor." "You mean we never had a chance?" asked Kotaro. Pharaohmon landed a powerful punch which badly injured Eaglemon, "Fist of Nile!" Eaglemon groaned in pain as he fell to the ground. "No," said Jenn, "Heís down and out." "It canít be over," said Skye. "Have faith Skye," said Athenamon, "weíll get him." "Count on it," said PolarGlorymon, "Northern Lights!" "Cosmic Blade!" Pharaohmon blocked the attacks with his shield. "My master will destroy you," said Bastemon, "and then he will rule the Digital World with me as his queen" "Not quite," said Pharaohmon. "What?" "I have all the power I want, and I donít need you anymore. Necro Mist!" Bastemon screamed in pain as she disappeared. "I canít believe you did that," said Jenn. "She was loyal to you, and you deleted her," said Skye. "She was nothing but another source of power to me," said Pharaohmon, "Loyalty must be forced out of your subjects." Then, Jenn just snapped and growled, "Monster." Then she yelled, "Eaglemon may not of been able to destroy you, but we will." "You arenít a ruler Pharaohmon," said Skye, "Youíre nothing but a bully." "Your end is near at hand," said Kotaro. Their D-3s began to glow. Eaglemon, Athenamon, and PolarGlorymon began to glow. The turned into purple, blue, and gold streams of light which cause a bright flash. "PolarGlorymon!" "Athenamon!" "Eaglemon!" "Triple DNA Digivolve to........Anubimon!" The three DigiDestined stared in awe as they saw a jackal-man with golden wings. "Athenamon and PolarGlorymon combined their energy with Eaglemon," said Kotaro. "Now what?" asked Pharaohmon, "another fool come to cower before me?" "Hardly," said Anubimon, "I am the Digimon who will destroy you." "Every dead soul I absorb gives me strength," said Pharaohmon, "You will never defeat me." Anubimon created a large circle which absorbed the souls inside of Pharaohmonís body, "Underworld Circle!" As the souls entered the circle, Pharaohmon began to grow weaker, "No, my power. What happened to my power?" "The souls have been sent into the world of the afterlife where they belong," said Anubimon. "Now thatís awesome," said Jenn. "Itís over Pharaohmon," said Anubimon as he launched the attacks of the Digimon that created him,"Polar Ice Storm! Cosmic Blade! Sunfire Phoenix!" Pharaohmon was hit hard by the attacks and fell to the ground. "Finish him!" yelled Kotaro, Jenn, and Skye. Anubimon sealed Pharaohmon in a pyramid with surged with energy which badly damaged the evil tyrant, "Pyramid Power!" With that last attack, Pharaohmon disappeared, but not before letting out a large scream of pain.

After the battle, Anubimon returned to being Foximon, Magimon, and Eaglemonís rookie form Biyomon. "We did it Kotaro," said Biyomon. "We made our fathers proud," said Kotaro. "We saved your kingdom again Skye," said Magimon. "I was gonna let some mad mummy take my kingdom," said Skye. "Itís good to work with you again Jenn," said Foximon. "Maybe someday, the entire team can go on an adventure together," said Jenn. As the trio returned to their own world, their Digimon waved good-bye. The battle was over, Pharaohmon was defeated, and the Digital World was saved. What awaits these young heroes? No one knows, but one thing is for sure; whenever the Digital World is in danger of destruction, the DigiDestined will come to the rescue, and live up to their reputations as legends.

The End