The Royal Order meets FDD

By: AC Drawings (Mousa)

My Characters:

Mousa: African American Team leader.

Lexxy: Internet friend brought to the Royal Order by some twist of fate, Originally FDD

Mouna: Funny adventurous little Sister of Mousa

Matthew: Lied about being FDD Alex, tricked me into making him look like Alex but I’m planning on changing his design and Digimon. Sir joke-a-lot.

Max: Rollerblader boy with a devious personality.

William: The nervous, British, aquatic bearer of friendship.

Jamie: She’s tough, she’s a twin, and she’s one of the original Royal Order 8!

Young-Jin: The older than he looks wise Korean with unlimited anime knowledge.

Nick: The Leader of the Royal Order, the next season.

Patrick: Tall and funny guy from the Royal Order’s next season.

Sally: The other twin for the next season. Same personality as Jamie, shorter hair.

Part One: Opposites Attract

It was normal summer vacation visit to the Digital world when the gang wasn’t doing their imperial duties. They were at the beach, swimming and sunbathing without a care in the world when Mousa noticed There was someone missing from the picture.

Mousa: Yo, Speedmon!

Speedmon: (Runs from towel and stops in front of Mousa) Captain true blue speedy dude at your service!

Mousa: Have you seen Lexxy?

Speedmon: You mean da girl with black hair, green eyes, and that obnoxious dragon I hate so much?

Mousa: A tad too descriptive but, DUH!

Speedmon: No. (goes back to tanning)

Mousa: Ooooooh, he makes me so mad sometimes… Max, have you seen Lexxy?

Max: Who wants to know, ‘Kingy’?

Mousa: Max, I do not want to argue with you, that’s Matthew and William’s job. I just wanna know if you can have Gargoylemon fly around and find her.

Gargoylemon flies high and looks into the forest and sees Lexxy running back to the beach and three girls far behind her.

Gargoylemon: She’s running back here and three human females are far behind her with Digimon I’ve never seen before.

Mousa: Sounds like trouble to me. Speedmon, William, Marinemon, Matthew, Lightningcoolmon, come with me.

The gang runs through the forest and their digivices started picking up the signals. When they finally stop, Lexxy and Cunomon were stuck in the middle panting and sweating. Behind her was Emily and Huntermon, Dani and Pandamon and Jennifer and Foximon. They all just stood there in shock.

Mousa: What is FDD doing here?

Jennifer: Who are you other digidestined?

Emily: I thought we were the only ones here.

Dani: And how did you know we were FDD.

Matthew: My fault, I tricked Mousa into thinking I was Alex, and then he discovered the website. Now he’s gonna be super angry.

Mousa: Lexx, explain.

Lexxy: Right after your second season of the royal Order ended, I was brought into The FDD for the entire summer and my mom covered saying I was in a special summer camp. When that was over, I spent the rest of my days trying to maintain the balance between FDD and Royal Order.

Dani: And you didn’t have the nerve to let us know?

Lexx: I’d argue but with Speedmon and Cunomon around, I get enough.

Speedmon/Cunomon: HEY!

Matthew: what’s so great about your team? You’re sex discriminatory, I mean come on! 16 girls? And that’s including Lexxy and the Digimon! And you only have 5 boys, including the Digimon!

Pandamon: He has a point you know…

Dani/Jenn/Emily: Butt out!

Matthew: And you’re rude…

Dani: Go ta-

Matthew: And uncivilized.

Huntermon: One more remark about girls from you and you’ll get a face full of Lightning Punch!

Matthew: AND Violent

William: Maybe you should think about what you say, considering M-Mouna and J-J-J-Jaime are standing right behind you.

Matthew: Well………You know I meant that in the nicest way possible!

Soon the entire gang from both teams arrived.

Nick: So who are you jokers?

Tania: We’re FDD for your information, and who are you supposed to be?

Halomon: We’re the Royal Order.

Jennifer: What do you have that we don’t have?

Mousa: Royal Artifacts. I bear the Sword of Courage!

Max: The Hammer of Reliability

Lexxy: Essence of Compassion

Mouna: The Wand of Love.

Sally and Jaime: The Staffs of Light and Hope

Patrick: The Bow and Arrow of Loyalty

William: The Water drop of Friendship

Matthew: The Medallion of Kindness (Originally the Shield of Determination)

Young-Jin: the Ninja star of Knowledge

Nick: The Orb of Darkness and the Crystal of Truth.

Kristina: Well we have crests!

Lexxy: They do too; it’s engraved in our right hands.

Skye: You said it was a tattoo!

Alex: Well you’re not exactly truthful, Matthew.

Matthew: Hey, so I lied a little

Alex: Enough for you to almost be my twin!

Emily: What about your remarks about lack of Boys? Look at you hypocrites! You’ve got mostly boys.

Mousa: I followed the first season tradtion of 5 boys and 3 girls. My season two got a bit outta hand with two girls and two boys.

William: I’m not one to complain but you’ve got so many characters I can barely remember all your names.

Skye: look who’s talking!

Mousa: At least I divided mine into two seasons like on TV. And I just happened to stand up and become an African American Digidestined leader. Look at all those digidestined you have and on TV. It made me sick to see so much lack of ethnicity.

Jennifer: So we made a mistake or two, that doesn’t mean you can go at each others throats.

Lexxy: Can’t we all just get along and let me choose a team?

Everybody else: NO!

The Digimon: EVERYBODY SHUT UP ALREADY! There’s only one way to settle this. A Digimon Fight between the teams.

To be Continued…