Dark, gloomy clouds began to form above the dark haired girl. As she looked up a bright flash of lightning soared across the sky, from one cloud to the next it clashed and pounded into the ground with a large and terrifying Boom. She jumped a bit from the sudden clap of thunder and began to walk faster to some sort of shelter. However, seeing that trees surrounded her, she was in a bit of a predicament. As anyone should know as a child or at any age of their life that trees were the worst thing to hide under in a thunderstorm. Her feet began to pick up speed as large droplets of water began to pour down onto her head.

“Oh wonderful!” She tried to shield her eyes from a curtain of rain as she rain towards what looked like a rock. Hoping that that rock would be of some assistance to her for shelter; she ran a bit faster. However, to her disadvantage it was no rock but the sheer cliff on the other side of a deep crevice. She tried to come to a sudden stop but the dirt under her feet had turned into mud and she went sliding off the edge. Quickly her hands grabbed hold of a stranded twig and she dangled there for a bit before she noticed that she was slipping. Her eyes widened and the only thought that came to her was of her digimon Sunemon. If only Sunemon was there she would be fine and already pulled up to safety. Tears began to mix in with the rain that hit her face. She knew that this was the end and that she would not be able to see the faces of her new aquantience.

Her hands finally slid off the tip on the root and she began to fall before her body comes to a sudden halt in the air. The feel of a warm hand and less rain on her face came over her. Her dark brown eyes squint as she looked up upon a strange figure. However, the shock of almost dying over takes her and her consciousness quickly disappears into the dark wastelands of the abyss.


“Do you think she’s ok? … She’s been out for quite some time now … What if she’s in much more damage than she looks?”

A strange male voice began to fill her ears as she slowly came to. Rain still seemed to be pouring and thunder was still beating its drums in the sky. Making a grunting noise she opened her eyes to the image of a red cat with large ears and big blue eyes. The Cat smiled at her and greeted her with a hello, his voice seemed to be accented from a foreign language.

“W-Where am I?” Samee sat up as she looked at the strange cat.

“Do not fret my lady for you are in the cave of wonders, with me Tolumimon and my faithful partner Ko-“ A rock was imbedded into the digimon’s head before he was able to finish what he was saying. Samee’s eyes switched over to a tall male who was wearing a tight turtleneck shirt and blue jeans, with black shoes. He had dark skin, almost black, and long spiky blond hair with black tips, which was pulled back into a ponytail. His hair covered over one eye and the one that shown was over a bright, light blue color. Tolumimon rubbed his head as he shot a glare up to the boy.

“What the hell was that for? Ow, that really hurt!” He brought his paw down to look at it, as if he was looking for blood. “You know you could kill some one with a hit like that!”

The Blond just stared at his partner then to Samee; she didn’t know what to think of this strange guy and his digimon but that he didn’t want to get familiar. Her attention was then averted to the digimon as Tolumimon began to go talking again.

“So miss, what might your name be?” His bright blue eyes looked at her with curiosity.

“Uh-uh, It’s Samee … I think.”

“You think?!”

“Well its just I-uh-” She was cut off by the boy, as she was about to explain.

“Leave her alone! You should know better than most people when someone is uncomfortable with something to leave them a lone!” His eyes seemed to burn into her even if he was not looking at her. She wondered how it felt to his digimon who he was staring at. Looking to Tolumimon, to see his expression she noticed that he had lowered his head and reverted his eyes.

“Sorry, I just wanted to know.”

“Well stop digging into some, it’s pissing me off!” With that the boy looked away and looked out side to the rain.

What seemed to be in his mind at that moment? What was his problem? These were things that she was curious to know but knew that she wouldn’t get the answer. Sitting up she walked over to the edge of the cave and looked out to see if it was still as dangerous out there than it was before. Seeing that the clouds were beginning to disappear she looked to the boy and nodded her head to him.

“Thank you for saving me, I owe you.” She turned away from him but before she was able to leave she spoke up.

“You owe me nothing, all I needed was a thanks.” She looked back at him and gave him a half smile. For how harsh he can be with his digimon he wasn’t that bad of a guy.


The storm had stopped as she walked to the Digipalace. She was about an hour off from the cave and yet she still wondered about the boy and his digimon Tolumimon. She remembers that the boy’s named started with a K but she couldn’t get anything off of it. She tried to take her mind off of it but nothing worked he was drilled into her thoughts. Also of what he said, You owe me nothing, all I needed was a thanks. Her cheeks started to warm up a bit as she thought about his words. What did he mean by what he said? Was he just being polite?

She continued on her journey back to the kids that she had met but she still couldn’t forget the guy she met. However, her thoughts were interrupted when something had collided with her. Both her and the thing that ran into her landed on the floor.

“Ow…” She rubbed her face as she came to realization that the thing that collided with her was another boy. He too was in pain from running into her; he had red hair and two rat-tails coming out from his head. He was wearing a black leather cloak, black pants and boots. He had blue eyes and he seemed to have a very unpleasant expression on his face when his eyes met with hers.

“How dare you get in my way you BITCH!” He also seemed to have a big mouth.

“Excuse me but you were the one who ran into me!” He sneered at her and was about to yell again but was interrupted by another male voice.

“What’s the matter Kikuichi? Having trouble with your coordination?” Samee’s eyes shifted up to a taller boy who looked more sophisticated. He had brown hair that was parted on one side, his black eyes hid behind his specs and he wore a blue log sleeve button up over a white T-shirt, with black slacks and shoes.

His hands were in his pockets before he reached out to help her up off the ground.

“Your name is?” He asked.

“Uh … Samee.”

“'Ello Samee, I’m Tanaka and this is Kikuichi.” The red head got off the ground and gave her a foul glare. She sent one back but then looked back to Tanaka.

“Nice to meet you … I guess.”

“Oh don’t guess, just know.” He smirked at her and had a strange look in his eyes.

“So where is your Digi-freak?” Questioned the red head.

“Digi-freak?” She looked at him oddly.

“Digimon.” Corrected Tanaka.

“Oh, uh, with a group I met. I going that way now.”

“Oh that group of girls?” Questioned the red head yet again.

“Ye- well not all of them are girls, there is one guy.” She had to think a bit about that, just now realizing that the group was mostly made of girls.

“Ha, what a pimp!” Both Tanaka and Samee looked to Kikuichi with a large dewdrop slipping down their heads.

“Any ways…” Tanaka looked away and then to Samee.

“What about you? Where is you digimon, if you’re in the digi-world.” Samee was curious about the two boys with out digimon too, but Tanaka gave that same strange smirk and changed the subject.

“As much as I hate to change this subject, I have to ask you something. Have you seen two other boys? One with black hair and eyes, very energetic.”

“The other is a boy with tan skin and blond hair with black tips. He has a red rat digimon. Who is very annoying, I might add.” Intruded Kikuichi. Samee looked to Kikuichi and responded right away to him.

“I have seen a boy like that! His name stared with a K!” Tanaka and Kikuichi looked at her and then cracked up.

“I’m guessing that he threw another rock as that rat digimon of his.” Kikuichi was leaning over laughing hysterically.

“His name is Kolumi. He and another friend of ours, Mikasi, got separated from us and we need to get them back so we can get our plan started.”

“Plan?” Tanaka pats her head and smiles.

“That you don’t need to know.” Kikuichi taps Tanaka’s shoulder and leans over to him and starts to whisper in his ear in another language. The brunette nods and hooks arms with her, Kikuichi going on the other side of her and also hooking arms. They walk off with her and start explaining.

“Well I can’t say that our plan is very nice,” Started Tanaka.

“But the world was never nice to us.” Added Kikuichi.

“So we have taken advantage of our partners,”

“And put their power into ourselves.”

“You what?!” Samee looked at Tanaka then to Kikuichi.

“Our digimon partners now live with in our digivices,” Says Tanaka.

“And as long as we have these, we have the power of our partners.” Continued Kikuichi.

“But what are you going to do with that power?” Questioned Samee. Kikuichi and Tanaka both smiled evilly and looked to each other and continued.

“To make those new goody friends of yours,” Spoke Tanaka.

“Suffer.” Kikuichi chuckled darkly as he looked at her.

“What? But why would you want to do that to … them…” She remembered the visions she had from cherrymon of what she did to them and kept quiet. Tanaka noticed her expression and smirked.


It was a very quiet walk after they had told her. She knew that Sunemon was not with her so she couldn’t stop them but there had to be a way. She had just met Jennifer and her group and she knew that she had changed even if she couldn’t remember much of her life. However, she wondered if these boys knew about the group because Samee could tell from when she woke from the break in her life that the group was strong. Would these boys be able to complete their plan? They said that they were going to make the group suffer but not be killed … but what was worse, them suffering or being killed.

“Some one’s thinking hard.” Tanaka chuckled as they stopped for a rest.

“Do you think those two are ok? I’m mean they are the still young, especially Mikasi.” Kikuichi leaned against a tree and looked to Tanaka, looking for answers.

“What are you worry about them for?” Tanaka smirked and looked at him. “Are you going soft?” Kikuichi gave a very offended expression. He picked up a few rocks and threw them at Tanaka, which Tanaka dodged.

“Not funny you Jerk!” chuckling Tanaka paused for a second letting the last rock hit him. He looked into the forest and smirks. He nods his head in the direction that his eyes were watching.

“Mikasi is fine.” Kikuichi follows his gaze, following by Samee.

A Shorter boy with black hair, black eyes and two dots under both eyes was walking in the forest. His eyes fixed on the ground as if trying not to trip. He wore blue jeans, one leg rolled up, and he had a black leather coat on with a red and black striped shirt underneath.

“Mikasi! Boy! Over here!” Hollered Kikuichi. The ebony haired kid looked up from the group seeing the two boys. A Smile came across his face as he began to run to them but as soon as one foot started to run he landed face first into the ground.

“Hmph, Moron.” Chuckled Kikuichi.

As the boy approached with dirt on his face he noticed Samee. Both of them stared at each other for a while before Mikasi grinned and walked over to her putting his hand out to shake. She extended her hand to him but he pulled back, wiped his hand on his shirt and then shook her hand.

“Konnichi wa!” He shouted cheerfully.

“Eh! … Oh! Hi.” He did look Japanese so she thought that it wasn’t that surprising that he would greet her in another language.

“Hey brat! We already told her about you, so no more long introductions for you!” Spoke Tanaka.

“Aww, but I like to annoy people!”

“To bad! And her name is Samee.”

“You mean like the Digimon Queen, Sonomi?” the boy’s eyes lit up in excitement.

“Eh… Yeah.” Kikuichi left a dewdrop on his head and sighed. Samee looked at the boy and then to the other two.

“You know about that?” She questioned, wishing she hadn’t questioned.

“Oh yeah! We were looking for you.” Tanaka noticed the pain in her eyes.


“We could tell that you had no restrictions against torture and suffering, so we thought that you might be a good addition to our group.” Kikuichi grinned.


“We would think that you would want to be rid of those goody kids.” Mikasi didn’t look so innocent and nice anymore. His eyes showed the same evil like Tanaka and Kikuichi’s eyes did.

“St-“ Her eyes were growing wider. The images of the digimon, being thrown in cages, the pleading for the lives, and digital data flying all around. She grabbed her head and tried to force those images away. But she couldn’t they just kept on coming on stronger and harder, piercing her heart. She felt like she was going to break in half, the pain of the memories that she could not remember tore at her piece but piece.

The Three boys approached her; their eyes filled with hate as they reached their hands out to her. She could almost feel the hate emitting from their hearts. Their dark grins surrounding her, their sinister laughs echoing in her ears. She could tell that she was not going to break through the fear, the fear of her heart that was going to let go of all hope…


A familiar voice broke her thoughts as she brought her head up to the sight of the blond haired boy and a red cat. The three other boys had backed off and were all staring at him in confusion.

“Kolumi, what are you doing? Why haven’t you sent that rat into your digivice.” Asked Kikuichi.

“I’m not a rat!!!” Yelled out the digimon.

“Yeah Kolumi! I did, it was hard but I did it.” Added Mikasi. The Blond haired boy kept quiet and he kept watch on the taller boy, Tanaka.

“Well, So you aren’t going to help?” Asked Tanaka.

“I can’t do it. I don’t want to lower myself to him.” Samee looked to Kolumi wondering what he was talking about.

“Who cares? Your Dad is dead now and you know it! You saw it with your own eyes, you felt it with your own hands. Just live with the fact that our lives are only meant to inflict pain!” Kikuichi grinned as he spoke but that grin was smashed into his face as Tanaka pushed him.

“Shut Up, Kikuichi! Or I’ll tell your boyfriend that you’re being a jerk again!”

“Don’t Talk about Airin like that!” barked Kikuichi to Tanaka.

“I can if I-“

“Stop!” Kolumi had interrupted them. All the kids looked to him, including the digimon Tolumimon.

“Kolumi…” Tolumimon had a worried look on his face.

“My dad had it coming … I didn’t mean to kill him … but I didn’t want to go through what he did to me anymore … I … I don’t want to kill any one anymore. That’s why…” he sighed and looked back to Samee and gave a small smile. “That’s why I don’t want to go through with this plan.”

Tanaka relaxed his body and sighed, giving a much nicer smile. He walked to Kolumi and gave him a hug.

“If you don’t want those brats to suffer then what do you have planned then … because Kofuku won’t let us back home until we complete some mission.” Samee watched them, very confused to what was going on.

“Just as long as we let Samee go back to those other kids, I will help come up with something better.” Kolumi looked at Tanaka and gave him a half smile. Mikasi chuckled and also relaxed his body, going back to the innocent kid that Samee first saw.

“We are such delinquents!” He laughed.

“You got that right, and I’m proud of it.” Added Kikuichi who had a pout and had his hand on the side of his face, where Tanaka’s punch hit.

“Kolumi nodded to Tanaka and turned to face Samee.

“Sorry you didn’t get anything accomplished here. I guess since you met with these guys you already know my name.”

“Yeah, Kolumi.” She smiled to him.

“Ha. Yeah … Well I’ll make sure I through large rocks at all of them.” Samee chuckled seeing Tolumimon’s annoyed, aggravated expression in the background.

“Please do.”

“Oh and not being able to remember your past is not a bad thing, but remembering the things that you learn from now on is something you need to treasure. These words will stay in your head but we will not.” Samee gave a confused expression.


“I hope you have a good time with your new friends, and make a better life that what your past holds.” Kolumi smiles at her and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

“but-“ Samee was still trying to figure out what Kolumi meant.

“Don’t forget Moe, Kol.” Mikasi’s voice is heard in the background.

Tanaka approaches her and puts his hand on her forehead.

“Nice meeting you kid.” Taunts Tanaka.

“Bugger off now!” Yells Kikuichi.

“ABAYO! (Good-bye in Japanese Slang)” Hollers Mikasi.

“Ma'a al Salama. (Good-bye in Arabic)” Kolumi gently speaks.

She smiles at them and slowly she feels a warm sensation on her forehead as the images of the four boys disappear.


Slowly she wakes up and looks around, the trees around her, the sun just about to set.

“ … I must have fallen asleep.” Getting up she dusts her self off and looks around wondering where she is to go next.

Her eyes catch hold of a light as the thinks about where to go next. Looking that way she runs up a hill and looks out into the distance. She notices a bunch of rainbow colored lights in the distance, as if there was a battle going on.

“It … it must be.” She runs down the hill to a cliff that overlooks the valley. Squinting her eyes she sees the kids that she had met. Jennifer and her group, she could see Sunemon too. They were fighting! Grabbing hold of her digivice she knew that she had to join, she had to protect.

“I’m coming Sunemon!” With that she ran for the group. Not knowing that she had met four mysterious boys, and the lesson that Kolumi had told her was still hidden in her mind, some where for her to find.