When a day dream is created, there is always a wish, but what happens when that wish actually comes true? This is what happens to eleven internet friends who enter a world where they thought only their imaginations could visit.

Our tale begins in a live action setting of every day lives. Jennifer, Shelli (Lexxy), Skye, Lindsey (Lina), Tania, Dani, Kristina, Emily, Alex, Janeine (Erica) and Sammie (Samee) go about doing the normal things teenagers do.

Despite the fact they all live in different parts of the world, they each share a common interest in one particular anime show called....You've got it!! "Digimon; Digital Monsters". They liked the show so much, they've even created their own Fictional characters. Each made up character wether it be DigiDestined or Digimon are called "FDD", which stands for Fictional Digimon and DigiDestined. They write their own fan fiction stories about their characters and the 'real DigiDestined'. Some even create websites about their characters. But they never in their wildest dreams, did they actually think that they would become their character. They each some how mysteriously receive a DigiVice. The next thing they know, they are transported into the animated world of The Digimon. (Also known as The DigiWorld) Inwhich not only do they become animated, but they each find something surprising when they arrive.....their created Digimon!

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Disclaimer; Neither of the authors of 'Digimon FDD' own Digimon. It belongs to Toei, Saban, Fox, YTV, Wamp and other companies.
'Digimon FDD' is a fictional story about real live Digimon fans that become Digimon Characters.
All FDD (Fictional Digimon and Destined) belong to their rightfull owners and should not be taken or used without permission.