You're walking down the forest path, eagerly looking around because you saw a sign saying Secondary Secondary Village. You're hoping to see some baby Digimon. All of a sudden a flash of pink and yellow flies in front of you.

"Welcome to the village!" Jaymon says kindly. "I can tell by looking at you that you're a friend. Have you come to adopt one of the babies?" She laughs a little, seeing your confused expression. "Oh, yes! We're always looking for responsible people to adopt our babies and help them become strong partners. Go ahead, take a look around! If you see a digi-egg that you like, go ahead and take it to your webpage. When I see you've made a good home for your egg, I'll send you an e-mail and tell you how to hatch it!" With a happy wave, Jaymon takes off, showing you the way toward the digi-eggs.

Seeing you catch up to her, Jaymon points to the trees full of digi-eggs all around. "Each of the eleven different kind of digi-eggs will hatch into one of the FDD Digimon. Choose which baby Digimon you would like to adopt! Oh, and read the sign too, please." She smiles.

You see a sign on the path with more information:

Adopt A Baby FDD Digimon From Secondary Secondary Village

1.) First, choose a digi-egg to take to your website!

2.) Put a link to DigimonFDD near the egg, using words or a banner you can find on this page: click here

3.) Send an e-mail to to tell Jaymon where you have put up the egg and link.

4.) I'll take a quick look at the page, and if I see your adopted Digimon has a nice home (which means if I can find the egg and the link is nearby) I'll tell you how to hatch your digi-egg!

Bobumon's Egg
Leetomon's Egg
Buyuyumon's Egg
Pandemon's Egg
Ditomon's Egg
Zuumon's Egg
Dumamon's Egg
Topamon's Egg
Terimon's Egg
Namimon's Egg
Kimon's Egg