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The Dream Becomes A Reality

I use to love reading Ash's rants on All That is Ishida and so I requested one
written specifically for Digimon FDD's first episode and she was happy to oblige.


*lol* you wanna rant do you? Okay! But you asked for it!

Dana hates computer screens. She is already three quarters blind and
believes that if her eyes get any worse you will able to see the thickened
contacts protruding from her eyes. Still, her fairly unmodern piece of
electronics had been in possession of her soul since the word "bill gates"
was muttered over the airwaves. Pointedly ignoring her English Literature
homework ( and the depressing content of Canadian fiction) not to mention
the foreboding stack of University entrance applications she gives into the
"microsoft man" and checks her e-mail, while slurping down her third overly
sugared tea.
Porn. More porn. Young Porn. Old Porn. Animal Porn.
And an e-mail from Jen. So there is some sanity in this world.
She wants her to read a fic she's been working on. Pas de problem. A little
gratitious reviewing.
Coughs on her tea. She wants a rant? oh boy...
'Since I'm here'

"Hello ladies and gents!! I'm assuming that by replying to this it's going
to be read by more than just Jen. I don't usually read other people's RPGs.
Feels like i'm invading their personal dreams somehow...Personally, my
daydreams would've given Mother Theresa a heart attack before old age ever
could...But I'll romp in your world for awhile just to get the perverse
pleasure of feedback...

Characters: *S* ah, the pinnacle of teenage-dom. No one wants to get out of
bed.^^ Where DO they get the "lazy" generational stereotype from?
All the characters are great! You do a good job describing who they are,
where they come from and their inherent love for digimon in a funny,
lighthearted way. Which is good, most places lose that really early on and
delve real deep into melodrama...So as long as we don't find out that Alex
is really Erica's brother's, sister's uncle's grandpa's ex-roomate or
something you'll have at least one large step on the usual original
Digidestined stories I've read. I like my cheese just as much as the next
person (I have to explain my love for killing tai or matt off multiple times
to subsequently bring them back to life so they can spout some meaningful
metaphor somehow) but emulating an episode of "Passions" superimposed on the
Digital world is a scary, scary thought! Digimon, midgets and demons, oh my!
The only thing I can see you being careful about is making sure there's a
distinct difference between all the characters. You have a large group and
it may grow confusing to the readers if they don't know who's who. Even in
one of the few RPG's I actually did, I sometimes couldn't figure out where
we were. I'm talking about "entering the foreboding castle in the distance"
and everyone else is replying, "castle? What castle? Has dana been SMOKING
her Pocky?" But you're doing a good job so far! You're all natural writers,
I love the descriptions. If there's one thing i appreciate it's a person who
can make prose sound poetic. My english teacher calls that "flowery", I call
it "talent". *smph* It's not like she's the one with the degree or anything!
I love with pictures with the story! the multi-talent thing is really fun.
If I could draw half as well as you all could, I'd quit my feeble attempts
at fanfiction and move to Japan for the rest of anime worshipping years!
Getting to see the pictures of the digimon and characters you created is a
mega bonus! Fanart and fanfiction together...any otakus dream come
true...well, maybe that or having yama showing up on your front step with a
24 karat gold ring and a pair of leather pants..O.O

Digimon: Your digimon are freakin' adorable. Plushie-size and mail'em to me,
eh? Jen, you changed Foximon's appearance since the first time you sent
pictures, didntya?

Great work so far guys! I look forward to seeing more of your stuff in the
future! The first season seems to be evaporating in front of everyone's eyes
(doesn't anyone still appreciate the finer educational value of the ol'
Myotismon arc?) so I'm glad there's some RPG-ers who still hold fast to the
pre-Ken and his whip of justice days. *falls over* *mutters* Digimon: it's
new, it's flashier...it still has the same bad 80's techno theme song! By
death of all Yokomons, I like the Power Rangers Time Force theme song
better!!! I digress...>.<

jen-- "the real jennifer made her debut working at a Matt shrine'" *laughs*
Hey...I remember that place. Hm...I wonder why that could be?
It's on like version 10 million.25 by now and its ran by mostly guys...who
woulda saw the day? *faints* ye gods...I miss that blonde-headed example of
cute anime booty...*smiles*

*looks hopeful* that rant-y enough, I hope...*falls over* i haven't done one
in so long it's almost scary. Usually, I just give in to gnawing on my
pillow and muttering obscure things about writing Yama off with the "it was
all just a TV show" ploy in season 03. Oi...and I was worried when Davis and
the others popped out of Spandex Space!

til next time, folks, me and my sunny dispositions are outta here~
a.k.a Dana



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