~Interview with Jennifer Morton~

We have had a short interview with Jennifer Morton. The starter of Digimon FDD.
RED are the questions we had asked and sent and the BLUE writings were the responses she has given us.

Since WHEN were you actually thinking of making Digimon FDD and why?

Digimon FDD was Something I had thought about doing before. I kept putting the idea aside, however because it was just too much to tackle at the moment. I just logged it away for a later time. Skye's fic was what inspired me to write my own series.

How did you find the cast? Was it random or just close friends? Either way, why?

It was actually a little bit of both. Yes, they were all very good friends of mine. I just stratted getting E-mails from my address book and sent out the announcements about the fic. There were alot of them, so I was only takeing the first 11 people to respond.
There were so many of you I wanted to add, to my friends, who didn't get to be in the fic, please don't take it persanol?

When Digimon FDD finishes, are you thinking about doing a second one?

Probably not. Can't say that the thought ever crossed my mind though I have a feeling that once Digimon FDD is over with, I will have retired from Digimon in general. heh heh.

If so, who are you thinking will appear in it?
Would Capt. Rico take part? He seemed to be starting some stuff like java trailers and all....

Actually, I'm not sure what Capt. Rico has planned. He was given permission to use our characters and stuff, or as far as I know anyway. FDD 02 is more his thing. I do look forward to seeing how it turns out.
If I were to do a sequel, it would probably have soem new FDDs. The ones that didn't get a chance to be in the first season, and the original FDDs would pop up every now and then to help them out.

Has any arguements occured because of the cast's opinions?

Nope, everythings been pretty cool so far. Infact everyones been so cooperative, it's scarry. ^_^
Opinions from the casts are actually very important. I want to be fairand let everyone who's involved have a say in this.

Has any arguements gone up between you and Shelli or also known as Lexxy, who's been working with you on the fic?

Lexxy and I have been best buds since the beginning. We have done projects like this before. Before Digimon FDD, we started a fanfic called, "Disaster and a move" so when I started this fic, I asked if she wanted to be my co-writer.
I think we make a good team ^_~

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