Hey there, Hi there, Ho there! And welcome to the fanfics section! I'm Foximon… As if you don't already know. Anyway, since you’re here, why not hang out for a while?! And now a word from the Kawaiiest Digi-cuttie in the entire Digi-world... sigh Gomamon!

The one and only! This area is for fanfiction, featuring Jennifer and Foximon. Am I crazy or did there use to be more fics here? Anyway, If we missed any, please let us know. You might have to resend them. And hey, If you have any new fics, that's great! Just send them here and we'll be happy to include them!

AUTHOR: Jennifer

The Jennifer and Foximon Saga

Introducing the fic that started it all! Just click on the banner above, to read it.

Sweet Revenge
Co written with Sammie

The DD team hooks up with two new members, Sammie and Foxmon! This story is a little different from Jenn's first one, but it's still one of my all time faves!

Disaster and a movie Part 1
Co written with Shelli-Jo Pelletier

A movie date becomes one big adventure for me and Cunomon!
Where am I in all of this?
Oh hush! This isn't even canon.

Pics for Disaster and a Movie
Here are some illustrations by Jennifer, Kristina and Squall.

AUTHOR: Kristina

Candy From a Baby

A really cool fic, with our friends... and hey, Jenn and I are in it too! YAY!


Click on the banner above to read Skye's, "Digimon 03: The Fan Fic!" This fic is on of my personal favorites!


Foximon and Nerimon: Digital Love

That's it! Who's this Nerimon guy anyway and why's he trying to steal my girl? grrr.... Hmph! well I give it two paws up!

AUTHOR: Tammi-Chan

The Fall Of The Digi Destined

When Jennifer is frozen, Tai and Matt must put their differences aside to save her.

AUTHOR: Ucchan


A gentle poke at Digimon OCs.

AUTHOR: Shelli-Jo Pelletier

The Internet Digimon

Lexxy and Cunomon spend time with their fellow FDDs, including me and Jenn!