Foximon and Nerimon: Digital Love


Nerimon trundled along next to Alex, his human partner. "I still don't understand why Sora and Sam couldn't come with us," he moaned.
    "I told you before Nerimon, Sam had school detention and Sora had to take care of Shenomon while Sam was there," Alex replied. "Don't worry Neri; I'm sure you can take care of anything that threatens us." Nerimon looked brave.
    "Of course!" He said. "So where are we going?"
    "I need to see Jennifer. She said she saw a new Digimon that had never been seen before. I wanted to talk to her about it. Don't worry, she's bringing Foximon so you won't get bored," Alex replied. Nerimon sighed a breath of relief; he got on well with Foximon. The two continued walking.

Eventually they met up with Jennifer and Foximon. The two Digimon wandered off while Jennifer and Alex talked about this strange new Digimon.
    "What do you wanna do, Neri?" Foximon said, obviously bored out of her skull. Then Nerimon had a great idea.
    "Our owners would pretty much worship us if we found that new Digimon!" He said confidently. Foximon looked at him, excited by the idea.
    "Great idea Neri! Let's go searching!" Foximon started to walk off into the forest nearby. Nerimon found himself staring at Foximon, watching her beautiful fur gleaming as the sunlight hit it. Then he shook his head.
    "What am I doing?" He said to himself, catching up to Foximon. While they walked along, Foximon looked at Nerimon. She had only just noticed how his blue eyes seemed to glow. It was as if they were a deep pool of water that she found herself diving into...Nerimon realized Foximon was looking at him and turned away, blushing. Foximon thought,
    "I wonder if he feels the same way?" while Nerimon said to himself,
    "I want Foximon to know how I feel, but how?" They continued walking.

Alex and Jennifer were getting into quite a discussion about this mysterious Digimon, but they were interrupted by Alex's DigiVice glowing.
    "Something must have happened to Nerimon! Let's check it out!" he said, rushing with Jennifer to the place where he thought Nerimon was. No luck...they kept searching.

Meanwhile, Nerimon and Foximon had found this new Digimon, but it wasn't friendly! The evil creature advanced.
    "I'll try and tap into my DigiVice! Foximon, DigiVolve to...Glorymon! Raging Cyclone!" Nerimon watched in awe as Glorymon let loose her Raging Cyclone attack. He almost forgot to DigiVolve himself, but then he became Nedikismon and started attacking with Scarring Flame. The new Digimon however, was enormous and it brushed the attacks off like they were nothing. Jen and Alex arrived on the scene but hid in the bushes to watch the fight. Just then the huge Digimon extended it's massive paw and hit Glorymon full force. Nedikismon ran over to her, horrified.
    "Glorymon, are you alright?" He said, lightly shaking her shoulders. Glorymon opened her eyes weakly.
    "I'm OK Nedikismon. Thanks," Glorymon replied. Nedikismon grinned. They gazed into each other's eyes. Before the magical moment could progress the evil Digimon advanced. Nedikismon stood in front of Glorymon, arms out wide.
    "I'll protect you till the end, Glorymon," Nedikismon whispered to Glorymon. Glorymon smiled, knowing she was safe with Nedikismon around. From behind the bush Jen smiled, but then she saw the Digimon preparing to swipe again.
    "Metal Wolf Claw!" A large Digimon that looked like a black wolf leapt over a nearby tree and attacked the evil Digimon, who staggered back.
    "Mat!" Jen called out happily.
    "Hi Jen!" Matt waved from on the back of MetalGarurumon. "And I have company! Look up there!" Alex looked to the sky to see Seponademon flying down, Sam and Sora on it's back. Once they landed, Seponademon readied it's staff.
    "Dissolving Gate!" It said menacingly, forming a portal of energy in front of the evil Digimon.
    "Scarring Flame!" Nedikismon knocked the Digimon into the portal to be banished forever. Jen and Alex ran up to hug Sora and Matt.

That night, we all slept in a nearby cave in the DigiWorld. Sora rested her head on Alex's tummy; Jen and Matt cuddled up to each other; Nerimon and Foximon finally admitted their feelings for each other and slept next to each other. The only ones not in love were Sam and Shenomon.
    "We're always the ones left out aren't we Sheno?" Sam smirked, smiling at the rest of them. "Well, goodnight." Sam got out a sleeping bag and fell asleep, Shenomon in his arms.