"I can't believe I'm actually doing this on my own," exclaimed Tai as he and Kari walked through the Digital World unaware of their surroundings. "We don't even have our Digimon." "Somebody had to strike out on their own to find the carrier of the Crest of Harmony," Tai said determined as he and Kari continued to walk through the forest, admiring the enormous trees which surrounded them, "Jennifer and Matt... We couldn't count on them to come with us," he added sharply, "all they care about is each other."

"That's not true!" an angered Kari protested, "maybe the team would stick together more often if you and Matt wouldn't fight so much! He's your friend, not your rival."

"You're right, Kari," declared a saddened Tai, "maybe I'm just not cut out to be leader. Maybe Matt was supposed to be the leader all along..."

"You're a wonderful leader, Tai," Kari proclaimed, "it's just well... Sometimes you can get a little out of hand, but that's okay. We all do every once and a while, so cheer up. This is nothing to get yourself all worked up about."

"How do you remain so confident?" Tai asked, bewildered, "it's like... Despite what happens, you always know deep down inside that everything will be okay, even during the battle with Myotismon."

"I have no idea," Kari replied, "it's probably just women's intuition."

Tai stopped, then observed his little sister. Even now, she remained as confident as ever, "we'll find our next Digi Destined," Tai said confidentially, bringing a smile to Kari's face, "even without the others. Hey, maybe this is a test! Yea, that's it! A test! They all declined to come along to see if I could prove myself a worthy leader!"

With a sigh of annoyance, Kari placed one hand to her forehead, "oh brother..."

"Hey yea! I can do this!" Tai said excitedly as he lept into the air.

A sweatdrop appeared over Kari's head, "if he only knew how stupid he just looked," she told herself quietly.

Suddenly, as if on cue, the figure of a young girl with long off white hair kept up in a bow revealed itself on a tree branch. She glared down at the immediately startled Kari, who clearly sensed something, which caused her to turn to face her encounter, "huh?" was all Kari could say as she turned to the tree.

But the figure was immediately gone, "how strange..." she told herself silently, "who was that person anyway and how did she get to the Digital World? Could she be our next Digi Destined?"


"Achu!" Jennifer sneezed wiping her nose with her sleeve, "boy it sure is unusually cold this time of year in the Digital World."

"Here, let me warm you up," Matt offered as he handed Jennifer his jacket.

what about you?"

"I'll be fine..."

"You need to keep warm Matt," Foximon said as she lept into the air and landed on Matt's shoulder, her tail wrapping around his neck like a scarf, "there you go," she added with a beaming smile.

"Thanks Foxi," said a smiling Matt, "what would I ever do without you?"

The group let out a rush of silent chuckles, but Jennifer could only let out a rush of silent sneezes, "yikes. I hope I'm not coming down with something bad," she worriedly said to herself.

"Nah, I'm sure it's nothing," said an assured Sora as she placed one hand upon Jennifer's shoulder.

"Hmm," Jennifer said suspiciously, "I hope you're right."

"Matt, why do you and Tai have to fight all the time?" Matt's younger brother TK asked him as he looked up at him through sad eyes, "it's not the same without Kari and Tai around."

"No, it's better," Matt said sharphly, causing the group to gasp, "notice there's less bickering?"

"Maybe there wouldn't be so much bickering if you and Tai would just learn to cooperate and get along," Foximon suggested, even she was displeased with the behavior between those two.

Matt exhaled, "so you're all blaming this on me now?"

"Nobody's blaming anybody for anything, Matt," Jennifer said compassionately, "all we're asking is for you and Tai to try and get along. Is that so much to ask for?"

Matt turned his attention to the determined Jennifer, although she was less than thrilled, she still managed to form a smile as they locked eyes, "you're right Jenn," Matt finally said, "I'm sorry."

"She's not who you should be apologizing too," stated an angry Mimi, "we should all go find Tai so that you can apologize properly."

Matt went into deep thought, "okay," he said defeatedly, "let's go."

The group cheered. Jennifer threw her arms around Matt happily, only to deliver him a kiss of happiness.


Nearby, the figure Kari and Tai had spotted earlier sat on a rock by her lonesome, who was she anyway and how was a human like her capable of getting to the Digital World? She must be a Digi Destined. These thoughts all crossed Kari's mind as she and Tai continued their journey through the forest.

Approaching footsteps. Yatsuka, the lonely figure sitting on the rock immediately turned expecting to see her encounter, only to spot Tai and Kari through the clearing. Immediately, Yatsuka rose from the rock and hid behind a tree.

"I can't let them find me," she told herself quietly, "now is not an appropriate time."

And with that, she was gone. Her disappearance resembled some sort of disappearing data being chewed up bit by bit. This startled Kari, and she tugged on Tai's arm, pointing forward, "look Tai!"

Tai was frightened, he stood there unable to grasp what just happened, "what IS that?" he managed to sputter.

"Whatever it was I don't think it was here to hurt us..." Kari said assured, "at least, I don't think so..."

"I think I'll go with your women's intuition on that one, Kari," Tai said as he placed one hand on his little sister's shoulder, "come on, we're safer with the others."

"It's about time you said that," Kari said, smiling.


Yatsuka finally arrived at Devimon's base. Devimon stood with his back turned to her as she appeared out of thin air.

"Are the Digi Destined all present and accounted for?" he asked her, hopeful.

"Yes, Boss," Yatsuka replied softly hugging her Digi Egg.

"Good," Devimon said smiling pleased, "excellent job. You've led two of the Digi Destined straight to my trap, pretty soon, the other's will go looking for them. And then, the fall of the Digi Destined will prevail. The fall of Jennifer and Foximon first, they are the most easy targets..."

"You shouldn't underestimate what you don't know!" said an angry Yatsuka as she turned her back on Devimon. The nine year old stared at him through sad eyes, "humph," she added sharply.

Tiredly, Yatsuka let out a silent yawn as she sat down at a nearby chair which was placed before countless monitors.

"Child, you have much to learn in the upcoming years about being a Digi Destined, so forget about everything you've ever learned or were taught. You're on the winning side now," Devimon continued, "Myotismon thought he was a fool for taking you in. Little does he know how useful you truly are. You will send Frigimon to freez Jennifer and Foximon for good..."

"But Boss, I don't..." Yatsuka began.

"Hush," Devimon said rising a finger to his mouth and leaning down toward Yatsuka, interrupting her, "you're under my wing now young Digi Destined. I will train you for what's coming. Take you away from your destiny which you are so desperate to escape. Isn't that what you want?"

"I just don't want to be alone anymore... All I want is to be accepted, I don't want to hurt anyone, I like Jennifer and Foximon, they're my idols. I wanna train my Digimon to be just like Foxi," said the tearful Yatsuka as she looked away from the chuckling Devimon still cradling her Digi Egg. The Digi Egg of Wizardmon, "you're a very bad man," she added.

With that, an angered Devimon striked forward, slashing her across the face. Nearby, a nine year old Ken Ichijouji watched, trembling with absolute horror as Yatsuka remained on the floor, quivering. He thought of running to her, but he was unable to move. He held his Digi Egg, tightly. His eyes continued to remain focused on Yatsuka as he watched from afar.

"You will do as I say!" Devimon shouted, "now, get out there and bring down the fall upon those Digi brats."

"Yes Master," Yatsuka said softly, holding back her tears as she headed toward the exit only to share a saddened glance with the tearful Ken Ichijouji.

"What have I done?" Ken asked himself, "am I to become no better than Devimon himself? Why is he hurting innocent people?"


"SNOW?!" cried a startled Mimi, "it can't snow! It'll ruin my dress!"

"This doesn't feel right, snow in the middle of April?" Jennifer asked as she held out her hand, a snow flake fell upon it.

"I love catching snow with my tongue!" exclaimed a happy Foximon as she stuck her tongue out retrieving a snow flake, "mmm Christmas snow!" "It's not Christmas," Izzy stated, full of curiosity. "If it's not Christmas, then why on earth is it snowing?" Sora asked holding out her hand, observing the snow flakes as they fell into it.

"Must be a Global confusion," Matt said knowingly, "well that or it could be the work of Frigimon."

"I don't care who's responsible for this," Jennifer said shivering, "all I know is I want to go home!"

"Easy Jenn," Foximon said comfortingly, "don't over excite yourself or you'll get run down."

"Which could lead to you getting sick," added a concerned Matt. "Anyone else have an extra sweater I can barrow?" asked a shivering Joe as he stood there, teeth clattering.

"Just great, here we are on this strange island. It's snowing, two of us are missing, we're out of food, and I can't feel my butt..." TK complained, "any suggestions Patamon?"

"I suggest we find a toboggon and have some fun. Doesn't look like we're gonna be going anywhere for a while," Patamon replied as he flew onto TK's helmet.

"Drat," said a disappointed Joe, "I knew I should have stayed home today."

"Guys! Hey guys!" shouted an excited Tai as he hurriedly ran toward the group, Kari by his side, "we're back, we made it!"

"Oh Tai! I'm so glad your safe!" exclaimed a happy Jennifer as she threw her arms around Tai. However, Matt immediately felt a rush of anger flow through his body, and he approached Tai, separating him from Jennifer.

"Okay, you've bonded enough," he stated flatly.

"What's your problem, Matt?" asked a confused Tai as he folded his arms, "you're not jealous because you think Jennifer likes me more are yea?"

"Pft, parrish the thought Tai. She'd be caught dead being seen with a low life such as yourself," Matt immediately retorted.

"LOW LIFE?!" Agumon's voice rised, he stepped in standing up for Tai.

"Guys, we've just been reunited. Must you start another fight so we all drift apart from each other again?" asked Joe as he adjusted his glasses.

"If Tai would just keep his grimey hands off of MY girlfriend," Matt said sharply, "then maybe it wouldn't give me another reason to fight with him!"

"Ooh, such big words coming from somebody with such a small brain," Tai announced flatly as he folded his arms against his chest.

"Tai, please stop fighting," Kari pleaded with her older brother.

"Guys, I'm not worth fighting over," Jennifer said angrily, "you two are supposed to be friends not rivals. Matt, I know you love me, as I love you back in return. I can't believe you don't trust me and Tai."

Matt scrowled, "there are those words again. Try not to put your name's together to form a sentence."

"Matt, you are being very unreasonable. Whatever happens, Jenn ends up getting hurt, don't you care?" asked an angered Foximon.

"OF COURSE I CARE!" Matt finally snapped. The group jerked back, "why do you think I am behaving this way? Because I want to?! I'm trying to be protective of Jenn as I am with TK!"

"The difference between TK and Jenn, is that Jenn is fully capable of taking care of herself, you need to understand that Matt. She's not a little girl anymore," Gatomon declared. "Gr," Matt growled, turning his hands into fists, "I can't help it okay?!"

"I can't believe you two! Either of you! You are each getting on my nerves!" Jennifer said full of fury and rage. She turned to flee only to come face to face with Frigimon!

"Now Frigimon... FREEZE HER!" commanded a female's voice. The Digi Destined looked up to see Yatsuka, a black gear circled her neck, "you know the orders from Lord Devimon!"

"A human?!" gasped Tai startled.

"In the Digital World?!" added a shocked Sora. Clearly, she was just as startled as Tai was.

"She looks around my age," the youngster Kari proclaimed as she observed the figure, "no child could be this cruel. Look at her neck, she must be under control of some kind."

"Devimon..." Foximon and Agumon said together.

"LEAVE JENN ALONE!" Matt shouted bravely as he stepped into protect Jennifer.

"MATT NO!" Jennifer shouted as she hurriedly ran toward him, she quickly pushed him out of the way only to get zapped into ice by Frigimon.

"JENN!" Matt cried as he rushed toward the ice figure of Jennifer. He caught it before it plunged to the floor. Matt let out endless sobs, "Jenn..." he added tearfully, "Jenn no!"

"HOW COULD YOU?!" a raged Tai shouted at the little girl which sat on Frigimon's shoulders, "if you are a future Digi Destined good luck ever getting your crest to glow!"

"Pathetic human," Yatsuka said with a short laugh, "it sickens me to see how noble you all are."

"Tai, don't be mad at her she's being controled!" Kari reminded her older sobbing brother.

"If we could just get that collar off," Agumon said as he pointed to the ring around Yatsuka's neck.

"Don't bother," Tai said stubbornly, "and if you hit her trying who cares. I still won't forgive her for what she did to Jenn."

"That's enough!" an angered Mimi finally said, stepping up to Tai facing him, rage in her eyes, "no one has to hurt anyone. Why don't you just try reasoning with her?"

"Forget it!" Tai cried sharply.

"PLEASE FREE HER!" Matt cried, turning toward Yatsuka, "what did she ever do to you?!"

"I don't want to hurt anybody but I have no choice," Yatsuka spoke with herself, unheard by the others, "I'm so sorry."

"I'll get that ring off!" Patamon said bravely, flying ahead of Matt. Patamon flew over to Yatsuka, he approached the dark ring with the WHACK of his paw, it unsnaps and plummets to the floor. Yatsuka loses her balance and goes down with it, only to crash into Joe.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," she said politely. "Don't mention it," Joe replied wincing in pain as he held his arm tightly, "just who are you anyway and how did you get here?"

"I'm afraid the answers to that lie with me. But for now we've got to save Jennifer! If we don't defrost her soon, she'll die!" Yatsuka announce, the others all gasped out. Sadly, Yatsuka's gaze fell upon the sobbing Matt he held the frosted Jennifer in his grasp tightly.

"Oh Jenn..." Matt said weakly, "please come back to us."

"Frigimon, return to base our work is done here," Yatsuka ordered. The digimon ventured off. Immediately, she turned to face the worried Tai and the sobbing Matt, "there is one island of which I know that will defrost the spell. I wish I could do it, but I've nearly forgetten all I was taught." "She wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for you!" Matt snapped.

"The herbes to revise Jennifer remain on Ataki Island. I'd go with you, but if I don't return to base soon my boss will come looking for me and that will put you all in danger," Yatsuka sadly continued, "I know I can't be forgiven for what I did to Jennifer and I will forever live in guilt. However, perhaps we'll meet again..." Yatsuka began to fade away, "and meet in the future."

"NO WAIT!" Matt cried reaching out to the fading figure of Yatsuka, "ugh. What have I done?" he asked himself quietly.

Tai rose one hand, "I volenteer to go retrieve the herbes," he said after a brief silence. "Oh no you don't!" said Matt as he hurriedly rose to his feet.

"Why don't we just go together?" suggested Tai with a shrug.

"I'd rather walk through the park with Freddy Krueger," Matt replied flatly.

"Freddy Who?" asked a confused Kari as she turned to Foximon who was clearly just as confused.

"We should both go Matt, we both care deeply about Jenn," Tai exclaimed.

"Just how far do you care for her anyway?" Matt asked suspiciously.

"Just a good friend," Tai replied assuringly.

Matt stoppd to think for a few moments. Was Tai really serious? Maybe he was, maybe he wasn't. Either way, he didn't care at that point. He was determined to rescue Jennifer at any cost...

"Fine," Matt finally said, "we'll go together. But who's going to stay and watch over Jenn?"

"We will," the Digi Destined all volunteered. "Okay," said Matt nodding.

Meanwhile, back at Devimon's base, Devimon paced around restlessly. Nearby, Ken and Yatsuka observed the monster, hugging onto each other tightly.

"You... I can't believe you didn't frost them all!" Devimon scolded.

"It... It wasn't my fault," Yatsuka said stuttering, "honest. One of the Digi Destined's digimon got in my way."

"THEN YOU DESTROY IT!" Devimon shouted, causing Yatsuka to cover her ears and squint in fear, like a turtle ducking into its shell. Ken held Yatsuka close.

"Yatsuka, he's right. Digimon aren't even real. They're just data..." exclaimed Ken, "none of this is real."

"How can you say that Ken?!" Yatsuka asked, sobbingly.

"SILENCE!" Devimon ordered, full of anger and rage, he shot an energy spear toward Yatsuka, knocking her to the floor. Slowly, she struggled to rise to her feet.

"Why don't you just leave her alone!" Ken managed to bravely sputter.

"Because I don't toleate failures," Devimon replied, "and I sure as hell won't tolerate you!"

"You're a monster," Ken stated angrily.

"I am what you will become..." Devimon simply stated, "now Yatsuka... You will do as I say or your fall will be one way worse than the Digi Destined. Your fate will be of one worse than death."

Yatsuka gasps, horrified. Devimon slips a dark ring around her neck. Hurriedly, Yatsuka clutches the ring, falling to the floor. A startled Ken runs to her, "YATSUKA!" he shouted, only to get an evil look in return.

Her eyes, Yatsuka's eyes, they seemed to have disappeared. All that remained, was emptyness and darkness. She closed her eyes, then opened them once more. Her original eyes had returned. Only this time, more threatenative, "no Yatsuka!" Ken continued to shout. His pleas only fell upon deaft ears.

"Now Yatsuka, go destroy those Digi brats, and this time do not disappoint me," Devimon ordered.

"Yes Master..." Yatsuka managed to say, her voice seemed lost in a time warp of which she could not escape.

Elsewhere, Tai and Matt shambled along the snowy grounds. Each shivering, each cold. Tai seemed strangely silent, which was usually unlike him. Matt kept looking over at Tai through the corner of his eye, hoping quietly to himself that Tai would at least utter a single world.

It was hard to read Tai. Even if at times, Tai seemed like the easiest one to read out of the entire group. Matt figured he was probably wrong about that theory. As Matt kept looking back at the shivering Tai, he finally decided to break the silence between the two of them.

"Here," Matt finally said after a few seconds. He took off his scarf and handed it to Tai, "looks like you could use this more than I can."

"Thanks," Tai said smiling, accepting the scarf.

"You seem unusually out of your league today," Matt finally managed to say, "there's more than just Jennifer recovering on your mind..."

"Actually," Tai began, "there's a lot on my mind. I'm trying to surpress it, in case you haven't noticed."

Tai slumped into a deep thought. He tried to bury the screams and cries of a previous conversation he had with his girlfriend from America, on the phone a few nights before he took off into the Digital World to look for the next Digi Destined, "poor Tammi-Chan..." he said quietly to himself, hoping Matt wouldn't hear, but he did.

"Tammi-Chan?" he asked lifting an eye-brow, "Who is this girl you speak of Tai?"

"Oh... Nobody," Tai sputtered, "just a friend I met online."

"I thought you weren't into that online dating stuff," Matt said with a short chuckle, "well, at least you're making progress."

Tai blushed, "stop it Matt."

"I thought you liked Jennifer," Matt said trying not to get angry.

"I already told you Matt!" Tai cried, "Jennifer is my best friend and nothing more! Yes I love her but like a brother would love a sister! Like the love you give to TK!"

Matt jerked back, "okay, okay. I get it, I get it."

Tai blinked back angry tears, "I never should have left Tammi-Chan..."

"Why are you crying?" Matt asked worriedly.

"If you would open up your eyes a little Matt maybe you wouldn't be so blind! Okay, all right I'll confess it all is that what you want?! Tammi is a girl I met online. She's from America. We met in this chatroom and we were enjoying each other's company, when suddenly she logged off without even saying good-bye. We had exchanged phone numbers the night before and declared ourself official, when I called to see if she was okay, there was screaming... Nothing but her horrible cries."

Matt gasped, "what... What happened?" he asked bewildered.

"It was right before Kari and I took off to come here and look for the next Digi Destined on our own," Tai said, perhaps a little breathless from crying, "when we were exchanging stories about what each other's parents were like and stuff, she said her's were abusive and that it didn't bother her. But I could tell in her voice it did. Listen Matt, I don't need dirty looks from you every five minutes, I figure I'd tell you this now so you can lay off my back!"

"I'm sorry!" Matt said holding up his hands, "I was just worried. That's all. Jennifer is nearly dying, you don't think THAT doesn't have me uptight?!"

"Yea, well I've got TWO things I have to dolly with right now!" Tai screamed, turning his hands into fists, "worrying about the loss of TWO people I really care about. Oh, Jennifer has a cure... But I can't be there for Tammi."

Matt didn't know what to do, finally it crossed his mind. He reached his arms around Tai and hugged him tightly. Tai sobbed endlessly into Matt's chest, hugging him back in return. The two boys stood there surrounded by snow as they hugged each other even tighter. Tears escaped both of their eyes, "I just wish all of this was over," Tai was able to say as the winds kicked up around him and Matt, "I just wish all of this was over so I could go home to Tammi-Chan."

"If Jennifer dies, I'd be lost without her," Matt said tearfully, "I know how you feel."

Tai collapsed to the ground, Matt went down with him.


Meanwhile, the Digi Destined seemed to have had better days. Foximon cried over Jennifer's frozen, lifeless body. She had already turned a pale blue, it seemed all hope was lost.

"Jennifer, please don't leave me," Foximon cried out tearfully, "you're all I have Jennifer please don't go!"

Gatomon sobbed, placing her paw upon Foximon's shoulder, "she'll be okay," she assured, "especially when Matt's on the job. You know he won't let us down."

"I can't believe that the child that did this to Jenn may grow up to be a Digi Destined," Joe said angrily, folding his arms.

"She was under control Joe, you would have done the same," Sora said sure of herself.

Joe could only reply in mutters.

"I don't think she's gone yet," Sora finallys aid trying to calm the group down. And with that, she reached down clamping her first two fingers over Jennifer's wrist, seaking a pulse. A smile came to her face, "she's still alive. But barely, where the hell are Matt and Tai?!" she asked furiously, "they should be back by now!"

"What if they ran into Frigimon and that demon controling him?!" Mimi asked, fear trmbling in her voice.

"Oh stop it, Mimi," Sora said annoyed, yet agitated, "she's most likely a future Digi Destined, like it or not you're going to have to admit to it sooner or later. Now grow up!"

Tears began to escape Mimi's eyes, Joe reached over to comfort the sobbing Mimi, "you didn't have to yell at me Sora," she managed to say through her meek voice.

"Ugh," was all Sora could say, "we're all under a lot of pressure. Okay?!"

Mimi sniffled a little, "you're being your cruel and usual self."

"Jenn?" Sora asked the barely alive Digi Destined as she lied there before her, "Jennifer?" she added as she shook her tearfully, "you can't die on us you can't. Please, remember Matt, Foximon... Us... You have so much to live for."

Again, Sora felt Jennifer's pulse.

This time, nothing.

Sora gasped out, horrified, tears rolled down her face, "oh no!" she cried as she gripped onto Jennifer's hand.

Foximon pushed Sora out of the way, hurriedly she ran to her Digi Destined, tearful and frightful. Anxiety in her eyes like no one had ever seen before, "JENNIFER!" Foximon cried, her voice seemed to echoe throughout the forest.

Where Matt and Tai stood, each turned to face each other startled, and immediately retreated, back where they had left Jennifer to wait...

... To die...

Suddenly, something inside Jennifer's chest began to glow. It was her crest, it rose from Jennifer's body and she began to lift into the air, "am I dead?" Jennifer's mind wondered as if she knew what was happening to her on the outside, "what is that strange light?"

The light beamed down upon Foximon as Tai and Matt finally arrived. Both boys gasped as they looked up at Jennifer's floating, deceased body, "no!" Matt cried reaching out, "we're too late!"

"Look everyone," Sora gasped out, "something is happening to Foximon..."

"Foximon Digivolve to... PolarGlorymon!" In a blinding light Foximon began to grow into her ultimate level! The light surrounding her cleared, she immediately leaped into the air, retrieving Jennifer. Slowly, she brought her down to the ground, where PolarGlorymon observed her lifeless friend. A tear fell from PolarGlorymon eye, landing on Jennifer's cheek, "Jenn... Don't die... Please."

Matt immediately rushed to Jennifer's aid, taking her hand in his, "please don't die Jennifer," he told her meekly, "I love you."

All around Jennifer, the Digi Destined's sob's were the only thing anyone could here, "why do people have to die?" TK asked bewidlered as he turned to Kari tearfully, throwing himself into her chest, both Digi Destined sobed endlessly.

Moments later, the Digimon all began to cry. PolarGlorymon struggled to hold back her tears as Matt endlessly sobbed over Jennifer's body. Suddenly, Jennifer's eyes weakly opened, and she looked up at Matt with awe, "why are you crying?" she asked confused.

The ice surrounding Jennifer immediately broke off, Matt hugged Jennifer tightly, "oh Jenn," he managed to say, "I have never been more scared before in my entire life. Please don't ever leave me again."

"Leave you?" asked a clearly confused Jennifer, "oh Matt... I could never leave you, I love you and PolarGlorymon way too much for that."

"But you had no pulse," exclaimed a sobbing Sora as she wipped a few tears from under her eye.

"Looks like everyone's love managed to bring Jennifer back to us," Tai said over whelmed.

TK and Kari happily danced around in a circle with Gatomon and Patamon. Neaby on the tree above them, a smiling Yatsuka watched from above. Sencing something, Joe turned his head to the tree, but Yatsuka no longer stood there. He adjusted his glasses, and shrugged it off, "how odd," he said quietly to himself.

"Oh Jennifer, I'm so glad you're back with us," Matt said joyfully yet tearfully as he cradled Jennifer tighter in his arms.

"Come on guys, we have to get back," Tai said rather hurriedly.

"What's wrong Tai?" asked a worried Kari.

"Nothing, let's just get Jennifer and get out of here!" Tai managed to say as he grabbed Kari pulling her forward.

"Tai sure is acting strange," Jennifer said suspiciously. "Well, I've spent enough time in the Digital World," TK said, Patamon nodded in agreement.

Finally, the Digi Destined arrived in the computer laboratory at school. Tai hurriedly ran to the phone, dialing the number for Tammi-Chan.


"Maybe she's online," Jennifer said with a shrug.

"No... Something's wrong, I can feel it," Tai said knowingly. He dialed again, a ringing, Tammi's sobbing friend Derek answered the phone.

"Hello? This better be important!" he screamed louldly.

"Is Tammi there?" Tai asked hopeful.

"No she isn't, . I'm sorry to say this but if your Tai all I ask if for you to check your email and try to come to America as fast as you can," Derek worriedly continued, "I know this seems sudden. But it's urgent. Tammi can't stay alive much longer and she's endlessly whispering your name."

Tai let out a startled gasp, the phone immediately plunged to the floor, he went along with it. Kari and Matt rushed to his aid, "Tai, are you all right Tai?" Matt asked worriedly.

Tai's hands were trembling. No, he was not all right. What had become of poor Tammi-Chan and why did Derek sound so horrified? All these thoughts entered Tai's mind, and he gripped the phone, all that could be heard were Derek's cries, "Tai?! Tai? Hello?!

Eerily calm, Tai said, "we're going to America..."