TK, Tokomon, Patamon and Angemon.
Merry Christmas!
Daisuke and Flamedramon
Winter Jyoimi.
Happy birthday!
Ken and Leafmon
Mimi and Lillymon go shopping!
Who sais that oppisites don't attract?
Best friends!
Takeru is so adorable, here he is waveing to all his many fangirls
Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon make a new friend. ^_^ hee hee.
Yah!!!! Taiora FOREVER!!!!
Happy valentines day!
Little Kari and big Kari.
The real use for those goggles...
Ever wonderd how it would look?
A beautiful, but very sad Takari scene T_T
Tai uses Koromon as a soccar ball.
Fancy Taiora.
Who could forget this classic episode?
It's not always easy being Yama. *grin*

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