Ghost of the Dawn

Yama is attacked by a very angry Alex. heh, Merry Christmas ^_^;;
Acording to Ghost, this was a result of her obsession with getting Digimon keychains for Xmas. I hope she got her wish. ^_^
These two obviously don't like eachother very much.
Alex is a pain most of the time But he really does care.
Yeesh, never a moment of privecy -.-*

Alex's Final design *cuddles* his real name is, Kunofaunalectamon. but we'll just continue to call him Alex for short ^_^;;

LOL lazy little Alex.

Oh dear...


Gah! am I gonna have to sic Elmyra on him again?!!

er... this pic pretty much speaks for itself ^.^

Hee hee... Walrus.

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