Download what you want from my request section. Use the images on websites if you want - no need to contact me first, I always say yes.
However, you may NOT alter the images in any way, and you MUST give me credit and a link - you can find buttons for linking me here.

While in past, I have taken requests, I no longer accept them. I, however, offer commissions for those interested - info on how to commission me can be found here.

Alex and Sabermon in Digimon Tri style. Commissioned by lonewolf20
Albert wanted a Sorato... God help me, I drew Sorato >_<*
Jen and Tadromon's best partner CD
All she asked for was a simple pic of her and her Digimon, but when she mentioned that she was a Joe fan, I guess I got a little carried away ^_^;;
Jen makes friends with a cute little baby Orcha.
Rexy and Pichimon
Anime girl, requested a pic of all the girls haveing a Slumber party. So, there yah go!
An art exchange between me and Gary at Hey Digimon Art ^_^
Part of an art exchange between me and Ghost of the Dawn. These are her FDD's Trish and Alex
Kasenmon, part of an art swap between Rira Chan and I
Sakura and Rabbigermon
Tai shares his goggles with one of his many fangirls, Amy!
This is part of an art swap between me and Molly. Here is a screen cap for her saga.
Here is a sweet little screen cap I made for Chase's Saga.
Davis lends his jacket to Tyket to help keep her warm, as Wulomon and Veemon look on.

Eh... who are you and what have you done with Davis?!

Skye's Digimon form, another addition to the Digimon 03: the fan fic collection

Jenn's Digimon form

Requested by Cowgirl Em, in exchange for a Jinnto pic she made for me

A piece of history! Ashmoria's 5000 hits banner! (So no stealing it, my Happy little Buffalos.... )

An Illustration for Skye's Digimon 03 fan fic. Very sad T.T

Veemon and Terriermon takin' a little snooz ^.^

too cute... Musashi and her Digimon Endermon.

Time to welcome two new faces to the Hangout, Zoe and Watrumon

Lare and Sunemon (Not the same Sunemon from Digimon FDD)

Dani and Jenn, just hangin' out!

Yup... it's another one! A digimon card requested by Kira, This one is a little bit different, however

Cow girl Em's character, Huntermon!

When I didn't have accsess to my computer for over three monthes, I had to send alot of requests out via snail mail. Anyway, this is another request for Skye's fanfic.