If you wanna post my art on your site, you’re more than welcome. Just please be sure to give credit where credit is due. Thank you!

Some good old fassioned Jinnato

Jennifer and Foximon revisited

Foximon joins Panda Jenn and Cody, in wisthing you a Happy Halloween!

SantaWormon returns with his new friend, Rudy the Reinmon... (I promise, I'll come up with a better name later ^_^;;)

My original Frontier character Jineko, with Gomamon, Takuya and some playful Dolphmon.

Happy Halloween!

Teriermon and his Lee plushy ^.^

Jennifer and Foximon's Best Partner CD

Panda Jenn, and Ash kitty fight over a poor unsuspecting Yama kitty.

Kari and Gatomon go Hawiian. The poses were inspired by popular a scene from "Lilo and Stitch."

Kari and Gatomon poseing with Danny from "Cats Don't Dance"!

Spider Matt!

A contest entry for "Creative Dreams".


Happy Easter!!!!!!!!

Jennifer and Foximon celebrate the return of one of thier all time faves!

Jennifer and Matt, as Cale and Akima, from Titan A.E. ^_^

Introduceing the fan art that started it all, My very fist Digimon art EVER!

Egads! He's cute, sweet, funny, and as proven by this cutie valentines scene, he wuvs his mommy. Yamato Ishida IS the perfect man!

Somthing many of you don't know about me, is my attraction to old cars... How can you turn down this classic beauty, even Yamato had to agree with me!

Somthin' I just doodled in class one day and decided to color ^_^

A Disney holiday spoof provides another excuse to dress Matt up, and this time he's got a santa hat!

Playgrounds everywhere are errupting into fights to get this card.

Gomamon gets some sugar! Is he suprised or just on a caffeine binge?

Jen-chan saves our ears by taking the microphone off a very miffed Tai. No wonder Matt never asked him to join his band in 02...

Mulan regrets sacking Mushu and hiring a new guy.

Ooh! Gomamon gets Foximon under the mistletoe and plants a smacker on her. Awwww sweeet... Season's Greetings, from everybody's favorite Dig - Couple!

The easter Gazimon has brought TK a very special Easter egg..... rub it gently now TK...

Tai gets his revenge for the whole microphone incident. Yamato looks on with a wierd expression. Run, Jen-chan, before you get tickle-blasted by him too!

Tai got sulky because Matt was being dressed up on this page and he was being left out. So here's a wild west Taichi!

SanataWormon with his sack of Holiday digi-goodies.

just a little sneak preview of another fan fic, written by myself and Lexxy. NOW PLAYING!
at fan fics section near you!!!

"Foximon and Company"!!

I drew this one about a year ago and finelly got around to coloring it. I'm kind of glad that I didn't toss it ^_^*

A sloppy, but sweet Gomamon.

Jinni and Yamato would like to wish you a merry Christmas Jinnato style ^.^

Eclipsemon,Glorymon and Magimon's DNA Digivolve!

My original tamer Erin, and her Digimon Orciamon.

Erin and Takato make quite the pair, but Erin prefers to think that they are quote quote: "just good friends" .... *snickers* She's not fooling anybody