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Sabermon and Foximon for Christmas

Foxi meets Po for Cindre

Chelsey and Chokomon's best partner CD

Chase and Sulcromon's best partner CD

Eric and Moonomon's best partner CD

Gwen and Kyusukamon's best partner CD

Skye and Magimon's best partner CD

Tommy and Vixonmon's best partner CD

Zack and Fernimon's best partner CD

Zoe and Watrumon's best partner CD

A Bat Pig for my pal, Michelle ^.^

An angelic moment between mother and daughter.
Another Nightmares and Realities pic for my pal Ashmoria.
To: Chibi Cat, "My obsessive fan" (inside joke) Your the sweetest!
It's Resuko!
It's Em and Tai like you've never seen them. ^_^
Awwwww. Chibi Emily wuvs her Tai plushy

I did this little Tiny Toons/Digimon crossover for Ghost. That'll teach Alex to tie up my Yamato Mwhhahhahahahahaaaaa!!!!!

It's a very Merry FDD Christmas!!!!

An extra little something I did for Tyket, for being so patient.

A gift for my pal Rachel

Oooh! A valentine from Matt! Can I have the flowers, candy, smoochies, walks through the park, major eye contact etc too please?

Yamato shows off his lightsabre for Ashmoria. *Girls the world over faint*

Lexxy's fantashtic original creation, DD, along with Eekamon, her in - training Digimon.

Have you got this uber-rare card of Sammie and the hella cute Kitmon yet?

Made this for Resuko. Patamon stuffs himself silly with birthday cake. And he wondered why TK called him a pig!

Happy holidays from Skye and Magimon!

Gee, I wonder what movie this from...

A poster I made for one of my fave Digimon fics, Nightmares and Realities

In loveing memory of our dog, Bo.

A speacial gift for my pal Tammi-Chan. This is her original Digidestined Yatzuka with a very Kawaii Ken-Chan 0.-

Offical poster for Digimon 03: The Fan fic!

We support Lexxshiro... do you? ^_~

The JAFDH staff Dani, Jennifer and Skye all dressed up in Kimonos.

Huntermon, on her very own Digimon card.

Yamato wishes Resuko a happy 20th!!!! *falls over*