Missed an update or two... or three? Here's the the place to get caught up.
(Please note that some info on this page, such as links and emails might be out of date or no longer active.)


Hey there Digi fans ^_^;;

Now, before you start chucking tomatoes at me, I apologize for my lack of updates. Digimon FDD has been updated, and some of you have already noticed my gallery.

I have, however, come bearing bad news. *goes into Izzy mode* Because of a Fatel, program error, I've lost every file, every submission, you name it It's gone. If you sent me something between the dates of December 25th and January 28th, please, PLEASE resend it?

Very, sorry for the inconvenience. Art requests will be put on hold and I guess I'll have to wait on moving the site until I can get everything caught up again. Also, from now on, if you wish to contact me, please E-mail em at the following address: foximon@inreach.com

Oh yeah also, very important... If you made a request or a commission, art swap, etc. Please Email me and remind me. I had all of that info stored away on my hard drive and yes, I lost it too. if you did request something before January, 1st or between the dates of December 25th and January 28th please let me know?


Dani: Hey peoples! Dani here! As you know Jenn and Foximon are back!! And how happy everyone is! *claps*

Foximon: Yup Thats right!!!!

Pandamon: I hate to say this but DD Crushes is *still* down -_-*

Dani: But under construction!

Jennifer: And that's not all!

Foximon: Geocities deleted half of JAFDH so we had to go and rebuild it! So we are very well areare of the fact that some images or links aren't working!

Dani: Geocities is evil!!

Jennifer: Anyway,enough of that It's time once again for our monthley update!

Dani: *punches the air* Yes!

Jennifer: There's Something about Foximon is back up. But alot of submissions are still missing, so the rest is up to you. Please resend your pics, comments etc. if you still want them here. Remember, they don't have to be exsactly the same as before. okay?

Pandamon: Don't wear yourself trying to be perfect either....just ask Dani!

Dani: Quiet you!

Jennifer: Also updated: Awards, Originals, quotes, and my art Gallery.

Foximon: Next month is JAFDH's big 1 year anniversary!
so don't miss out... and bring lotsa presents!!!!

Jennifer: Foximon!!!

Pandamon: I wouldn't mind that....

Dani: *thwacks Pandamon* We just started working here! We don't get the presents dummy!

Jennifer: er and thats our Update for the month! *waves*

Dani: Bye peeps! *waves*

Jennifer: Until next month by happy little buffalos....

Skye: Hey everybody! Time for the monthly update! Let's see here.... *checks list*

-->THE JAFDH MASSACRE:Oh yes, Geocities was gone and deleted all of DD crushes, there's something about Foximon, etc. It's a very hard time for Dani, but can you guys, please resend the stuff they have.

-->Hold up on the Fan Fic submissions, along with Fan Art. Anyone who sends their stuff to me or to Jennifer's email after tomorrow (Monday June 4rd 2001) will have their fanart/fanfic deleted. I'm sorry for such drastic measures but a few of you can't seem to get it through to your heads.....-.-

-->Updated Pages: Originals, Kirbin Hits, and Jennifer's Art Gallery.... I know it doesn't seem like alot, but trust me, it's alot of work...

Skye: Hey everyone, hope your enjoying JAFDH! Anyways, you're probably wondering why I'm here and not Jenn. Well, if you've read my message on the main page you will know that Jenn is not online and might not be for a little while. She's given me the passwords to her emails, site and left me in charge! PLEASE NOTE: WE ONLY UPDATE MONTHLY........... Oh, I've got an email at JAFDH and here it is:


Anyways, I've made a chart so you guys would know what goes where to the staff of JAFDH. Please look at it, and don't send stuff that's like Originals to Jennifer, send that to who's in charge of it!

Originals------------------------------------------------> Skye

Quotes---------------------------------------------------> Skye

Fan Art--------------------------------------------------> Skye (while Jenn's gone)

Fan Fic--------------------------------------------------> Skye (while Jenn's gone)

Jinnato--------------------------------------------------> Skye (while Jenn's gone)

DigiDestined Crushes-------------------------------------> Dani

Everything else can go to Jennifer's email, click here to send something to Jenn. Anyways, this system will hopefully be alot easier to manage for all of us, and hopefully a little less work for me.

Also, I don't think we need to remind you that WE DO NOT except copy cat work Fan Fic. Or defacing other original characters to make you're own. Anyone we think that is doing either of these things will be banned from JAFDH.

Oh yeah, and anyone who sent anything before Friday, I'm sorry but it won't be posted because I've been trying to get this update together since then. Pretty much everything I'm incharge of has been updated.......And so has Digi Destined crushes! About us was been changed, npow thanx to my good pal CJ, all the staff members will be getting a sketch of them done to put there. Enjoy! Au revoir et a plus tot! ^_~

Skye: Hey everyone, welcome to Jennifer and Foximon's Digi-Hang out, home of probably one of the most popular FDD (Fictional Digimon and Destined) teams out there! I'm Skye, and you'll see me around on a few pages, but that's not why I'm here right now. I'm here to tell you about a problem Jennifer is having, due to the high electrical bills in Calafornia, and money budgets, she can't be Skye says: on her computer and the net for more than 4 hours a day at maximum so bear with us, and keep an eye open for Dr. Ken!