Fresh Form.
"Bobu"= Creator's Muse.
Generally happy digimon, they can become attached to someone, and be absoluetly loyal to him or her...that is, they used to be...
Not seen in years, the tale of the Bobumon is a sad one. Two years ago, the last remaining Bobumon village was detroyed in a Gazimon raid. The data of many of the small digimon was absorbed by the attacking digimon, and other's data was too far scattered to be recompiled. Thus far, this line has been considered extinct...save for one last survivor.

In-Training Form.
"Junu"= Creator's Muse. Supposed to mean 'Flower Fox'.
Attacks./Bubble Blow.
In past times, Junumon were known to be caring and watching, wary of anything off-hand. Their loyalty grew as they digivolved, and they could be trusted with any task asked of them.

Rookie Form.
"Foxi"= English. Fox.
Attacks./Hurricane Blaster.
The Foximon. the only digimon that was known to be more loyal than a Gabumon. They were often seen with many groups of friends, ones that she very much trusted, as they trusted her too.
The number of Foximons known began to decrease as many were often to go on quests. However, reasearch has revealed the line to be extinct, save for one living survivor.
:The DigiDestined Foximon is the only known Foximon left alive. Her digital partner is Jinni Takenouchi, holder of the Crest of Loyalty.:

Champion Form.
"Glory"= English. Glory.
Attacks./Raging Cyclone.
One of the myths of the Digital World, Glorymon are often heard of, but not often seen. They were rumored to be vigilante fighters, striking for justice, like a Strikedramon, but were known also to be peacefull and wise, more likely as a student of an Angemon. Only her most trusted friends knew of her existence...
Sometimes, like their rookie form, they are oft to go on vision-quests, to fulfill some greater deed. They have not been heard from, since the line's dissapearance.

Ultimate Form.
"PolarGlory"= English. Polar, north and south poles. Glory.
Attacks./Polar Ice Storm; Northern Lights.
It's not confirmed wheither these digimon are real or not, since it was very rare that a Glorymon would digivolve that far. However, there were too many numurous sightings and tale accounts to dismiss it as imagination.
PolarGlorymon, to some mons description, may appear cold and emotionless at first. But she's just oppisite of that. Many sightings have been located around frozen areas of the Digital world, where many an off-beat traveler would faint from the cold. Said travelers report that the vixen digimon came out of the winds, took them in and nouished them back to health. Then they'd find themselves back on the outskirts of the frozen area. Myth or Fact? The jury is still out on that one...

Mega Form.
"Digi"= ?
Attacks./None known.
As of current, nobody has heard of the Foximon line's mega form. The lone surviving one was parilyzed by the attack on her village, and was thus rendered unable to warp-digivolve.
What IS her mega? Many have enthused that it might be one of the Ten holy warriors from thousands of years ago. Many belive that the answer might still be walking around today. And yet a few more have the idea that she simply has no mega, and that the level is a void to be filled. By what kind of power? And by whom's desicion?