Like most in-training Digimon, I lived in a tiny village, with little straw huts, and other In-Training Digimon, just like me called Junumon, which means flower fox. Pretty huh? It used to be a beautiful place, a place where the water was as clear as crystal. And the grass was green as green could be. The meadows were covered in pretty white spring flowers, where my friends and I would stalk and chase butterflies all afternoon.
Not a single threat, or worry... not one care in the world. It was almost like a dream... but even dreams have a way of turning themselves into nightmares. Without warning, Our village had fallen under attack by an entire army of Gazimon. They're like these, big ugly rabbit looking Digimon. Not your typical carrot eating cottontails.
Anyway, I can't remember much of what happened, because I was unconscious during most of it, but I can tell as far as I can remember... It was very painful watching all of my friends suffer as the Gazimon set fire to our homes and destroyed our village. Many of us, including myself, were trying to get the Bobumon, safely out of the village. Bobumon, are baby Junumon's. I also ended up battling a few Gazimon, but it wasn't long until I was captured myself. Just as they were closeting in on me, I quickly cooked up an escape plan, which I guess must have worked because the last thing I could remember was being dropped on the ground, and then everything after that just blacked out.
When I Woke up, everything was gone. The Gazimon had left as well. The entire village was burnt to a crisp. All that remained were a pile of ashes and broken wood.

I noticed that my body was covered in suit, not to mention lots of cuts and bruises. I was hurting quite a bit, but I knew I had to find help. What was once a gorgeous blue sky, was now covered with a blanket of thick black smoke. Tiny flakes of ash fell from it like little black snowflakes. I called out to see if anyone was left, but much to my dismay, there was never an answer, just the silent sound of blowing wind and ashes raining from the sky.
I also remembered, during the battle one of the Gazimon mentioning something about Devimon and the 9th Digidestined. I didn't quite understand it at the time, but I would soon find out.
After searching around for the other Junumon, I finally came to realize that I was the only one left. But there still had to be more out there, maybe they did escape! Maybe they just left to find a safer place to live. Yeah, that's it. There was obviously no reason for me to stay here in this pile of rubble, so I set out to find the rest of my kind. Well, It wasn't as easy as I had hoped.
The months and seasons went by and still nothing. But I wasn't going to give up. I refused to give up! No matter what! Even if I was rained on, snowed on, or even if I had to face Devimon himself I swore that I wouldn't rest until I found my friends.

But after two long years of searching, I finally gave up. It was time to admit that it was a lost cause. So came the conclusion that I am now the last of my kind. I had never been so depressed in my entire life. I didn't know if I should just go back and face the Gazimon again or keep going and live my life as an outcast. *sigh* did I really have a choice?

Summer Vacation had finally started, and I couldn't believe that I was actually going to be spending my summer in Japan. See, I'm a foreign exchange student from Southern California, although strangely, I am Japanese. Ironic isn't it? And instead of returning to America, I decided and stay around a while. Besides, I'd like to think that I came here to have fun and see the sites as well as make new friends and all of that good stuff. Oh, by the way, my name’s Jinni Takenouchi... but my friends back home call me Jenn.
Anyway Earlier that week, just before the last day of school I signed up for Summer camp. Almost everyone from school was going so I thought, what the heck? I was staying with a nice family who lived in an apartment building just a few miles from the school. They had a daughter who was exactly my age. and a son who was much younger. But anyway, back to my story.
So that weekend I grabbed my stuff and left for Summer Camp. I don't know why, but it was like something pulling me, something was telling me to go, but I didn't question. If something weird is going to happen, then it happened for a reason. That's what I believe in. That everything happens for a reason. Just a little thing I'd like to call fate.
Well, I got to camp and everything seemed okay so far. That is until... it started to snow. Snow? in the middle of July, I'm sure that someone else was the thing the same thing. But that was just the beginning of all the weird events that were about to happen. The sky lit up. It was almost like the Northern lights, only it couldn't have been... could it? Then I saw 7 fiery things fall from the sky, of course, I was quite a distance from where they fell, so I didn't get a close look at them. This was really starting to freak me out. I was just about to leave and run back to my cabin where I'd be safe, but before I could move I noticed that the sky was turning into a huge vortex thing. My entire body just froze. I just stood there, as it sucked me in.
Now, I could be wrong... but as I was flying through the Vortex, I could have sworn I heard some other kids screaming in there with me... But It could have just been my imagination. Who knows? All I know is that I am never eating camp food again!

I noticed a faint glow in the sky, which soon revealed itself to be human, or at least that's what they call themselves. I saw her hit the grown. I rushed over to see if I could help. Her eyes were closed and she was just laying there. I realized that I was saying her name over and over, It was like I knew her all my life. Who was she? Just then, it donned on me, The 9th Digidestined.
I noticed that she was beginning to come to... I said her name again, I wanted her to know I was there.

I woke up and saw a pair of big blue eyes staring at me. As soon my eyes adjusted I was able to see the creature that was sitting on top of me... I quickly jumped back, throwing it backward into a tree. It kept jumping up and down and saying stuff like, "Don't be afraid, I'm your friend." I found it very hard to believe that a little orange head thing, was trying to make conversation with me. A little orange head with a tail growing out of its butt, yeah, like that isn't going to freak me out.
After I was able to calm myself she explained the whole thing, although I don't think she was too clear on what was going on herself. She told me her name was Junumon and also told me this horrible yet true story about her home. I felt kind of bad for throwing her into a tree. heh heh.
But now things were pretty clear, well not totally but I was starting to understand the situation a little better now. But I was still not clear on what this whole Digidestine thing was. well, I suppose I'll learn the answer to that eventually, until then I decided to go and explore this new word with Junumon. I guess it's better than calling her "little talking head". hee hee
Well, after a while we decided to take a rest on the beach. Which seemed like a good spot at the time, considering that it was like 90 degrees. I also couldn't help but notice s bunch of phone booths lined up just near the shore. Why so many of them? I wondered. Then I said, "who cares as long as they're here, I can call the camp and see if they can send someone to come get me.” I rushed over and dialed the number, thank goodness for Collect! But when I dialed, I got this weird message... Well, that was freaky, So I tried the next phone. It did the same thing except the message was different. it didn't make any sense, but then again nothing about this place made sense. but I kept trying. It wasn't too long though, 'till I called it quits.
As soon as I turned around to go sit back down, I heard this bubbling sound coming from the water. I could hear it moving closer to the surf. And sure enough, this huge pink monster which looked like a cross between a sea snail, and a really big turtle popped out of the water. Junumon told me his name was Shellmon, well obviously... I tried my best to protect me and Junumon, but unfortunately, Shellmon wasn't in the mood to have rocks thrown at him. He picked me up with his slimy tentacles and wrapped them around me tightly so I couldn't breathe. I knew I was a goner.

I had to save Jennifer, but how? Shellmon was so much bigger. And those little blue bubbles weren't going to do me any good. There had to be a way! I looked on as my new friend was struggling to stay alive. It was awful, It was like my past had come back to haunt me. But I knew I had to keep trying, I had given up once, but I wasn't about to give up on Jenn.

Just then I felt this sudden rush of energy flow through me. I felt stronger. I could feel myself changing. I had heard about this sensation before... It was called a "Digivole" I'll never forget it! After the light had vanished, I noticed that my body was a different shape, I wasn't Junumon anymore, I was Foximon! how I knew that I have no idea. I attempted another attack.

It's amazing what a little Hurricane Blaster can do to a Shellmon. The blast sent him flying back home to the fishes... literally...

After that little adventure, Me and Foximon decided to get as far away from there as possible.
I was kind of surprised that such a little creature like Junumon, could change into a stronger creature like Foximon. I also wasn't too sold on this whole 9th Digidestine thing, but as I said before, this all had to happen for a reason. and whatever reason that may be, even if it deals with battling huge monsters like “Shellmon”, I’ll continue to follow that path... wherever it may lead me.

Written by: Jennifer and Foximon
Illustrations by: Lexxy