Welcome all Originals or FDDs as we like to be called. Here, is where we introduce all the other FDD teams out there.

To submit your info, please use the form below and email it to pandajenn0@gmail.com Be sure to include pics, if you have them.

You may have noticed the links here are currently broken. Sadly, we were unable to recover the info that was once on this page. So if you would like to resubmit, we would really appreciate it.

Originals Submission From

Digidestined and Digimon Names:


About us:

How we met:

Additional info: (optional)

Lexxy and Cunomon

Lina and Diratimon

Sammie and Foxmon

Tania and Yazumon

Zoe and Waturmon

CJ and Wizardmon

Lilly and Cairamon

Sakura and Petrelmon

Kaeori and Nekomon

Ana and Samamon

Setra and Mystamon

Kikiyo and Deemon

Sarah and Foxramon

Dani and Pandamon

Lily and Reedmon

Nate and Goulmon

Maya and Aquamon

Molly and Seelamon

Skye and Magimon