Foximon: Awww Isn't this the cutest couple you've ever seen? *spits on Sorato* Jinnato Forever!!!! Hugs and cuddles to Cowgirl Em for drawing this lovley pic.

Welcome to the Jinnato shrine! Ever since this site was created, I wanted SO badly to make this page. *grumbles* But Jenn thought that it would make her look too needy and obsessive. Since I have no idea what either of those words mean, I did it anyway. Hee hee.


Uh oh!

Take it down, NOW!

pleeeease? I promise Matt won't find out!

Find out about what?


Eh, whatever.

The 411: Okay, some of you are probably wondering what in the heck is a "Jinnato?"
Jinnato is basically a combination of two names. For example: Tai + Sora= Taiora get it? of course you do.

Hee hee, lookie! I snagged this pic from Jenn's gallery!