Jennifer quietly walked towards the one of the dressing rooms, looking for Matt. She’d called earlier to ask if he wanted to go for a soda and he said he was busy. Something told her that something was going on. As she got closer she heard two voice. Matt’s and ……Tai’s.

“We need to get her back Matt, without her we can’t do anything.” Said Tai.

“I realize that Tai but we can’t just go to the Digital World without Skye, how can we even be sure she’s there?” Matt replied.

“Can we take the chance?” Tai asked. “They could be torturing her, they could’ve killed her already. You and I both know she can die. She might be the future ruler, but she can die.”

“And so can you!” Said Matt angrily. “I know Tai! It’s killing me were not out there looking for her but Magimon can’t armor digivolve without her. That means we can’t get close with low level Digimon. I mean, they’re all champions!”

“What about Glorymon?” Jennifer asked stepping forward.

“Jenn?” Tai asked surprised.

Matt sighed, “Jenn, Glorymon isn’t strong enough, and plus she’s newly digivolved. So would you mind just leaving us alone?”

“Just because she’s the princess or whatever doesn’t mean who have to spend every second thinking about her. From what I see little miss Perfect can take care of herself!” Said Jennifer angrily, then took off. “Jenn!” Called Matt. Jennifer quickened up her pace as she walked away angrily from Matt, "This concert hall," she mumbled under her breath. "Is way too big." "Jenn!" She heard Matt call, "Come back Jenn!" But Jennifer didn't listen, and walked away angrily, tears began to trickle down her face. 'No,' she told herself, 'Not now. Don't cry now.' She rounded another corner when suddenly she ran right into someone and was knocked back. "Oh Sorry," She began, hiding her eyes from the person. "I-" but as she locked eyes with those of the blond boy she became somewhat dumbfounded. The boy's green eyes shined darkly, and he ran a hand through his hair. He seemed to be stuck also, staring right back at her. "Sorry," He said apologetically, and rose to his feet quickly, then lent out his hand to her.

"It's ok....really. I should've been watching were I was looking." She said, getting up with his help.

"I'm Zack," Said the boy.


Zack looked her over curiously, then said, "You don't go here do you?"

Jennifer shook her head, "No. I go to Odaiba High School. I'm... I'm here for the concert."

Zack nodded knowledgably, "I see."

"Zack?" Asked a girl's voice from down the hallway he'd just come. Zack looked back, as a girl with blond hair tied up in a bun pushed her way to him. Jennifer noted the same green eyes, and assumed they were brother and sister. Jenn stuck her hand out to shake the girl's and said, "Hi, I'm Jennifer Tackenouch-"

But the girl interrupted her and looked to Zack, "Are you coming or what?"

Zack blushed, then turned to Jenn. "It was nice meeting you Jennifer,"

"Yeah," Said Jenn puzzled as the girl and Zack walked away. "Nice meeting you too,"


“Skye….” The voice called quietly. “Skye…..” Skye turned around, trying to figure out where the voice was coming from. Panic struck her body, making her muscles ache, her instincts automatically told her something was wrong. She searched around her, nothing. Nothing but darkness, complete and utter darkness. “Skye….” Said the voice. “Don’t give up. Never give in. The three worlds depend on you and the other destined. You’ve got to fight if you’re ever going to win.”

“Be a fighter.” Skye repeated numbly.

“You have the strength. All you need is the will power.” The voice paused, letting the words sink into Skye’s mind. “Rebirth will set you free.”

“Rebirth?” Said asked confused. “Like reincarnation? Am I supposed to die again? Cos’ I gotta tell ya, it’s not a thrilling experience. What exactly do you mean?”

“Rebirth………….will………..set………..you……..free………” The voice faded away.


Skye awoke, her head pounding, her thoughts blazing by at what seemed like a million miles per minute. The right side of her head felt slightly numb, and she sat up she felt something trickle down the side of her cheek. She moved her hand towards it and gingerly let her fingers touch it. A liquid……a metallic smell…blood…. She slowly opened her other eye, the sky was gone. There were no clouds, not even the night sky. No stars, no moon. Slowly she gained focus in the other eye.

“So your awake.” Said a voice. Skye turned her head. “You,” she mumbled. The figure stepped forward, her green eyes flashed as a light above her was turned on, sending chills down Skye’s spin.

“We’ve been waiting for hours.” Said the Prince, approaching, along with their two digimon. Skye noticed the bars surrounding her. ‘A cage,’ She thought bitterly. ‘Caged like an animal.’

“Yeah well,” Said Skye, examining the room in the new light.. “A wack on the side of the head can do that to someone.” She rubbed the side of her head, “You should try it.” More blood, her hands were covered in it now.

“Maybe some other time.” Said The Empress. The Prince looked at the blood, “I told you we should’ve bandaged her up. Who knows if she’s got a concussion.”

“No,” Replied The Empress, not taking her eyes off of Skye. “She will suffer. A true ruler takes in pain with dignity along with humility as I have.” The boy glanced at Skye’s eyes, she could tell something was up. She felt it in her bones, and she didn’t like it. “Michitaru would’ve-“ The Prince began.

“Silence!” The Empress screamed as her whip lashed out of nowhere and struck The Prince on the arm. She looked back at Skye, “Leave us.” She commanded.

“But Mistress!” Kysukamon protested. “Leave us.” She repeated. “As you wish.” Said The Prince, he turned and walked away, with the two Digimon following. Kysukamon glanced back at The Empress before leaving through the door.

“I’ve waited awhile for you,” Said The Empress, taking a step forward. “Kysukamon told me stories about The Ruler of The 3 worlds. How at a time she was dark, evil. The Mistress of Destruction. Would you believe I am your successor?”

“My successor? Who writes your script, Shakespear?” Skye spat on the ground. The Empress frowned, but then covered her emotions and continued. “She was evil, as I am now. And I began thinking, she became weaker through the years as she became more righteous, more perfect. And then, I decided, she’s too perfect. Perfect boyfriend who would defend her to the death,” “he actually did that you know.” Skye said smirking, “and who do you have? Oop, no one.”

“Perfect Digimon, Perfect friends, Prefect singing career.” She pulled a chair over to the cage and sat down on it. Skye frowned, ‘How does she know?’ ‘Face it Skye, ever since you started up the concerts everyone knows about you…. Easy excess information’ She told herself.

“So, who’s Michitaru?”

“Michitaru is a figment of my dear brother’s imagination.”

“Your brother.” Skye repeated, “You two are siblings?”

“For a genetically enhanced genius you can be quite an idiot at times.” Said The Empress. “My brother is convinced were had a triplet sister, that we were triplets, not twins.”

“What happened to her?” Skye asked.

“I just told you she was a figment of my brother’s imagination.”

“Well, what does he believed happened to her?”

“She was traveling across the ocean and her plane crashed.”

“Oh,” Said Skye. “So her body was never found?”

“No,” Replied The Empress, her face was full of sad emotions, though she tried to hide them. “The demons then came from every side. Pulling us on a downward slide, me more than my brother. It gets hotter the deeper I go. Into the valley down below.”

“The valley down bellow…those words…” Skye mumbled, trying to remember. Then, it clicked. “It’s you,” Skye murmured. “Gwen…Tsukata! From the Synchromotion auditions! You brother……The Digi Prince…… Is Zack? I-I met him once at a concert.” Skye’s eyes opened in terror. “Mr. Tsukata! Once of the infintralite founders! Your dad?”


Skye rose to her feet and walked over to the glass door, pausing a moment to look back at Tai. She pulled the glass door open and stepped onto the balcony.

"You know what I've noticed." Said Magimon.

"What?" Asked Skye.

"Those Dorm towers over there......" Magimon pointed into the direction of Dorm Tower Fire, Water and Earth.

"Yeah.....What about them?"

"Don't they look a little bit like Dark Towers?" Skye was surprised by the comment, but looked harder.

"I guess, but they look alot more like Dark Spirals."

"But you admit there's a strange familiarity to them?" Asked Magimon.

"Yeah." Puzzled by her own thoughts, Skye replied.


“The Dark Towers!” She gasped. “The Dorm Towers! The base structure is make them so similar!” Kysukamon entered the room. “Mistress! The Digi Destined! They’ve returned to the Digital World.”

“What?” Gwen asked angrily, “Impossible. Surely they’re not stupid enough to come looking for her when their most powerful Digimon can’t Digivolve without her.” Gwen sighed, then turned to Skye. “Your team moves without them. I’ll be back.”

“Take your time.” Said Skye. “It doesn’t look like I’m going anywhere.” And it was true. Gwen left, and soon sleep called Skye once more, and it was the least of peaceful.


“So what now?” Asked Zoe, looking around.

“We can’t just sit around here.” Said Kari, “We came here to show the Dark Destined we aren’t afraid to make a move without Skye.”

“Always keep moving in enemy territory.” Said Magimon.

“What?” Asked Gomamon.

“It’s something Skye said to me once, Always keep moving in enemy territory. If you stay to long in one spot your dead meat.” Magimon explained.

“We’ve got to get her back.” Said Tai.

Izzy nodded, “My guess is they’ve returned to the present. Like we did. Like Magimon said, enemy territory which is also unfamiliar territory. They’d have to keep moving.”

“Plus,” Said Waturmon. “I already told you there were no new visitors in the future.”

Izzy blushed, “That too.”

“So they’ve got her in their hide out.” Said Magimon. “Any ideas where it is?” She turned to Tommy. His face was deep with concern. He ran his hand though his short blond hair.

“I might know.” He said finally.

“And you didn’t tell us before?!!” Asked Tai angrily. “All this time we could’ve hit them on their on turf! Who knows what they’re doing to Skye?”

“It’s not that simple!” Argued Tommy.

“It’s not? Skye could die!” Said Tai enraged. “She may be the future Queen but she can die! Or something injected into her!”

Ken felt a sudden rush of panic, he knew exactly what Tai was thinking. He was thinking of the time when Skye had been turned into the Mistress of Destruction. “She’s got more than one evil to fight.” Ken murmured quietly. “Much more.”


Skye awoke, her head hurt less but this time, to her surprise, her hands were chained to the wall, and her legs padlocked together then chained to the door.

“Jesus-“ She mumbled as she felt a sudden rush of unbearable pain. ‘So there’s no way I can kick anyone.’ She thought to herself, ‘Clever.’ She looked up, “What do you want Zachary?” She said through gritted teeth. The blond boy ran his hand through his hair, which up until now, Skye hadn’t noticed, reminded her a lot of what Matt’s hair looked like when he was younger. He was surprised she knew his name.

“I wanted to make sure you were okay.” He said quietly.

Skye snorted, “Not likely.”

“Is there something I can get you for the pain?” He asked.

Skye looked at him genuinely confused, seeing as a few days earlier he’d probably wanted her dead. Now he was trying to ease her pain? What were these people? Crack heads?

“A bottle of Tylenol would be nice.” She said. “And something to keep this nasty cut from getting infected. Damage to my head doesn’t heal as fast as the rest of my body does.”

Zack lifted up a tray to show sterilizer, and other utensil used by doctors to fix cuts. “But you’ve got to make a promise.”

“Try me,” She replied.

“You can’t break the locks while I’m in there.” Skye looked at her shackled hands then legs, “I’m not going anywhere. Your sister made sure of that.” Zack grinned, and opened the cage door. “She’s quite the character,” He said kneeling beside Skye.

“More like quite the nut job.” Skye grimaced as the sterilizer stung her cut. “She told me about Michitaru.” Zack’s faced turned paler. ‘So she was real,’ Skye told herself.

“Who was her Digimon?”

“An Elecmon.”

“What happened to him?”

“He died on the plane with her.”

“I’m sorry,”

“What are you sorry for? It wasn’t your fault.”

“But it wasn’t your’s either.”

“I can see why Tommy protected you from my sister. She’d destroy you.”

“And you wouldn’t?”

Zack smiled, “Gwen has a strange relationship with Tommy. But it wasn’t until he chose you over her did she really begin to hate you.”

“He didn’t chose me,” Said Skye. “He chose to be on the side of right. To protect the Digimon from you and your sister.”

“you think Digimon need protecting from us?” Zack said in disgust, “It is we who need the protection.”

“What do you mean?”

“Tommy chose the path of right. The path of trust. You trust him don’t you?”

“As much as I trust my other officers. Each destined is accepted as a member of the council and court because they can be trusted.”

“And I and my sister cannot?” He asked rapping the bandage around her head.

“How should I know?” She replied. “The council is of the good and up until now, I assumed you were evil.”

“No one is evil at heart Princess,” Zack replied. “As much as my sister wishes to believe it. But we are dark. Our crests, Taboo and Rebirth are darkness themselves. Our Digimon are dark.”

“Rebirth is the symbol for another chance. Usually to make the right decision.”

Zack ignored the comment, “There.” He said. “All done.” Suddenly the door burst open.

“FREEZE!” Said Exdramon. “Icicle Stone!”

“Skye!” Tai called, “Are you okay?” he looked to Zack, “You!” Said Tai, then charged him and tackled him to the ground.

“Tai!” Skye cried, “Stop! Stop it! Leave him alone!” Tai backed off cautiously, utterly confused.

“Zack,” Said Skye trying to break the chains. “Are you okay?”

“Zack?” Jennifer asked horrified. “Zack is the Digi Prince?”

Zack nodded and rose to his feet, “Hello Jennifer.” He said, taking off his tinted glasses.

“Hey buddy!” Said Matt, “Back off!”

“But-“ Jennifer stammered. “You were so nice….. There has to be some kind of mistake.” Zack shook his head. “Zack and the Digi Prince are on the same.”

“Leave it to fate.” TK mumbled as he helped Skye with the chains. “To bring good and evil together.”

“Fate.” Zack breathed. “Zack!” Togelizardmon appeared and ran to his side. “Are you alright?”

Zack nodded numbly. “Not for long!” Said Gwen as she appeared at the doorway with Ichigomon. “Traitor!” She stepped forward. “You betrayed me!”

“We betrayed Michitaru!”

“No!” Screamed Gwen. “She betrayed us! She left us! It was from her laptop the email came. She sent us the dark keys! This is our fate! To be evil! And Rule all three worlds!”

“your fate?!” Jennifer stepped forward. “No one’s fate is to be evil! To torture innocent Digimon!” She paused, “Fate is good! It’s just how good someone makes their life that creates and changes it! How dare you insult it!” Said Jennifer.

“You dare to defy me, foolish girl?” Gwen raged.

“If that’s what it takes. Your fate lies in how you work in the present.”

“Ichigomon.” Said Gwen, “Show her, her fate.”

“Gwen….” The whip cut across Ichigomon’s arm. “Do it!” Gwen commanded.

“Darkness rocket!”

“No!” Zack cried. Togelizardmon jumped in front of Jennifer. The attack hit him in the center of his back, and slowly he disintegrated.

“Togelizardmon…….” Zack said as tears instantly trickled down his face. “I’m sorry.”

Suddenly Zack’s tinted glasses that he’d tossed on the ground began to glow, a bright purple. They all looked down, when the light disappeared, all that was left was a purple crest.

“It’s the crest of Fate!” Said Chelsey surprised.

“My crest?” Jennifer said slowly.

Glorymon nodded, “Which will help me digivolve to my ultimate.”

“But you can’t digivolve in here, there’s dark towers!” Said Agumon.

“Brother,” Gwen mumbled. “Betrayed by my own brother.”

“Gwen!” Called Zack. “We’ve been living our lives wrong.”

“Traitor!” Gwen screamed. “Ichigomon! Let’s go!” Ichigomon lifted Gwen up and charged towards the door. “Traitor.” She hollered before she disapeared.

Zack turned to Skye, who was still shackled. He pulled out a key from his pocket and unlocked them.

“Zack.” She said quietly, somehow feeling his pain. Tears trickled down his face. She searched it, worried about him.

“Don’t worry,” He said. “I’ll be okay.” He looked to Jennifer. “Fate will bring Fernimon back to me. Even if it won’t bring back Michitaru.” He pulled out a tag from his pocket and hung it around his neck.

“I know it will.”


The new morning light streamed in through Tommy’s window, warming the dozing Vixiemon that lay sleeping at his feet. Vixiemon let out a yawn as he woke up and stretched out carefully, avoiding Tommy who slept, a slight murmur following his breathing. Things were moving quickly, Tommy had only realized yesterday. They’re school work and sleeping had taken a back seat to fighting The Dark DigiDestined. “In a few weeks is the beginning of Christmas break, Vixiemon.” He’d said as they’d walked around the campus. Most of the other DigiDestined had been going all over Japan, sending the Digimon back to the Digital World. They’d finished a few weeks ago. But, Tommy, Vixiemon, Zoe and Waturmon spent almost every whole night looking around the school and in certain places in the DigiWorld, trying to find Zack. Zoe and Waturmon usually quit late at night, while Tommy would refuse to leave until early the next morning. Each night Tommy would stay out later and later, but there was never any news of Zack Tsukata anywhere.

Vixiemon jumped off the bed with ease and sauntered into the kitchen. Then to the balcony which looked at the other Dorm Towers. He watched as the last of orange tinted leaves on the trees fell from their branches. He could see Magimon sitting in Dorm Tower Air and Lunamon in Dorm Tower Earth. He knew very well Waturmon was one floor below him, looking out, doing the same thing as he. It had become a tradition between the four Digimon to rise early in the morning and survey the school from balcony’s way up high. Vixiemon didn’t even turn when he heard Tommy’s feet walk down the hallway and into the kitchen. Tommy poured himself a glass of orange juice and stepped out onto the balcony. “Morning Vixiemon.” He said as he sat down on the balcony floor with his Digimon.

“Good Morning Tommy.” Said Vixiemon. “You should still be sleeping, it’s only 7: 00.”

“I couldn’t sleep.” Tommy replied before taking another sip of his juice. “I figured I’d get a good start. Zoe told me to bring my mom’s homemade sushi for the trip today. Which means I have to go over to Mom’s and pick it up before we all go over to Erik’s.”

“I see.” Said Vixiemon. “Alright, but you’ll be going to bed early tonight. Now go have your shower. The bus just went by. If you can be ready in 20 minutes you can catch the next one.”

“Yes Mom,” Tommy said smiling as he rose. “If Zoe calls tell her I’ve gone to Mom’s.”

“What else would I tell her?” Vixiemon asked.

“I dunno.” Said Tommy. “How bout when you told her I was abducted by aliens? She actually believed you for a few minutes there.”

“It’s not my fault if she’s gullible.” Said Vixiemon shrugging.

“And it’s not my fault if I’ve got a lying Digimon either.” He replied then walked away towards the bathroom.


“ERIK!!” Said Lunamon jumping up and down on the sleeping Erik. “Hmm?? What? Lunamon!!! Get off my head!!” He grabbed a hold the flying fluff ball and tried to toss her across the room like he’d done to his alarm clock a few days before.

“You have to get up!” Said Lunamon. “The other’s will be here in 15 minutes!”

“What?” Erik asked, confused.

“The Picnic at the Temple!” Lunamon reminded him.

“Oh, yeah.” He said absently. “Oh crap!!! 15 minutes??” He jumped out of bed. “Why didn’t you wake me up earlier?!!” He asked, waiving his arms in the air wildly.

“I did but you told me to let you sleep!” Lunamon replied, following him out of the room.

“Next time don’t listen to me then!” Said Erik heading towards the bathroom. He walked in and closed it behind him.

“I try not to!” Lunamon replied through the bathroom door.

Ding-Dong! Lunamon flew over to the door and pulled it open with her mouth. Tai, Agumon, Kari, Gatomon, TK, Patamon, Matt, Gabumon, Joe, Gomamon, Mimi, Palmon, Izzy, Tentomon, Sora, Biyomon, Davis, Veemon, Yolei, Hawkmon, Cody, Armadillamon, Ken and Wormmon all stood in the hallway. “Hi guys!” Said Lunamon. “Come on in! Erik’s still in the shower so he might be awhile.”

“Hey!” Said Chokomon calling from down the hallway. “Don’t forget us!”

“So are we all ready?” Asked Kari looking around. “Besides Erik being in the shower?”

Mimi held up her large picnic basket. “I brought a whole bunch of stuff my mom made last night.”

“I made some stuff too.” Said Tai holding up a smaller basket.

“And I brought Tums for after we eat Tai’s cooking.” Said Skye at the door way.

“Hey!” Tai protested. “I don’t cook that bad.”

“Tai,” Said Matt. “You cook like your mom.” He paused. “Terribly.”

Everyone laughed. “What are we all laughing about?” Asked Waturmon as he was carried into the room by Zoe. Tommy and Vixiemon followed with Jennifer and Foximon right behind.

“Now,” Said Chelsey. “I believe we’re all here!”

“Where’s Erik?” Asked Zoe.

“In the shower.” TK replied.

“Did everyone bring what I asked them to?” Said Zoe looking around the room. She’d taken charge of the picnic the whole group was going on at a near by temple.

“Yeah, I think so.” Said Sora sorting through her bag of goods. “Lots of cookies though.”

“Cookies are good.” Said Magimon.

“I’ll second that!” Said Armadillamon. “And probably third that too.”

“That’s because you can eat your seconds and thirds too.” Said Foximon.

Everyone laughed again, smiles everywhere.


“Wow,” Said Skye. “It’s beautiful.” She looked around the entrance of the temple once more.

“I don’t understand how you couldn’t have seen this place.” Said Tommy. “I go by it everyday to get Odaiba Elementary.”

Skye shrugged, “I miss the simple things sometimes.”

“Yeah and some of the complicated things too.” Added Tai.

“Very funny.” Skye replied dryly.

“Speaking of The Elementary school…..” Said Joe. “Aren’t your TA jobs almost over? You only get to do it for 4 or 5 months right?”

Zoe nodded, “Yeah. Then it’s back to normal classes.”

“So who’ll be our TA now?” Asked Davis.

“Or will we even have TA after that?” Asked TK.

“I’m not sure.” Said Zoe. “We’ll get replaced. That’s all I really know.”

“Time sure has gone by quickly.” Said Yolei.

“Yeah, I agree with that.” Said Tommy. “Do you guys realize it’s nearly Christmas break?”

“Yeah, I remembered a few days ago.” Said Matt. “It’s weird. How when we were little we always remembered it. And now, we forget.”

“We didn’t have to save the world from evil Digimon then.” Said Jennifer.

“Speak for yourself.” Said Tai. “You just started this thing. We’ve been doing it all our lives.”

“Yeah.” Said Izzy. “Now that I think of it. You and Erik are the only ones who are really new to the whole Digimon concept.”

“You all just out of the loop.” Said Skye with fake slang. “I been at this since I was like 5.”

“I just got an idea.” Said Davis. “What if after the picnic we go hang out in the Digital World?”

“With Psycho Gwen on the loose?” Chelsey asked.

“Like I've been saying, now that she doesn’t have Zack and Togelizardmon her power will be weakened over the DigiWorld.” Said Izzy.

“You think so?” Asked Yolei.

He nodded, “Yes. I’m almost certain of it. From what I understand it was The crest of Rebirth and Taboo working together that help create the dark keys and all the other things they’ve been using to control Digimon.”

“So we can take a break then?” Asked Chokomon.

“I doubt it.” Said Skye. The group looked to her. “Gwen’s probably more angry with us now than ever. We haven’t seen her in a while, which means she’s probably got something up her sleeve. We should be on our toes all the time.”

“Well,” Said Jennifer. “I think a picnic would be a great idea. Who cares if that weirdo Gwen is out there? We haven’t seen her in over a month! And if Izzy’s theory is right we could knock down some more of those dark towers.”

“I’m not sure about that Jenn.” Said Matt, he looked to Skye. “You’re probably right Skye, we should be ready to fight her.” Jennifer felt her blood boil but then tried to relax.

“Fine.” She said through her gritted teeth. No one noticed, or atleast they didn’t comment.

“C’mon you guys!!” Said Lunamon who sat on Erik’s head. “Let’s go!”

“What’s the hurry? We’ve got all day.” Said Vixiemon.

“Well my tummy doesn’t!!” Lunamon replied.

“I wouldn’t think you’d have a stomach.” Said Chelsey, “You look like a fluffy head with wings.” Erik took Lunamon off his head, looked at her. “Yeah, I guess she does.”

“Hey!!!” Lunamon protested.

“Well you do.” Said Erik shrugging.

“Ahhh….Young Tommy, how good to see you.” Said the owner of the temple approaching them. He was and elder man, in his 60’s almost all his hair was gone.

“Mister Kerukuku, I’m very happy to be here.”

“And who is this lovely lady beside you?” Mr. Kerukuku asked, gesturing to Zoe. Both Tommy and Zoe blushed. “Mr. Kerukuku, this is my friend Zoe Allsburg. She goes to Infini high with me.”

“Please to make your accquaintace Miss Allsburg.”

“Like wise Mr. Kerukuku.” Said Zoe politely.

“Well, you children go and have fun. I must find Himoko . She’s developing quite a knack for reading the fire.” Mr. Kerukuku walked away.

“So who’s Himoko?” asked Davis.

“Mr. Kerukuku’s god-daughter.” Replied Zoe quickly.

“You know her?” TK asked, surprised.

Zoe nodded, “Yeah, I’ve met her.” She leaned over to Skye. “She was the long dark haired girl in the small shirt who was cheering Tommy on at the swim meet last week.” She said in a low whisper to Skye.

“You mean……Mr. Kerukuku’s god-daughter is that…..that thing from the pool?” Skye said, not believing.


“And this makes you feel…….?” Said Skye pretending a Freudian accent.

“Shut up!” Zoe squacked. The group glanced over at them. “What?” Said Skye frowning. They turned back around.

“Angry?” Skye teased. “Upset? Startled? Enraged? Psychotic?” She let out some of the giggles she’d worked so hard to contain.

“Shut up!” Zoe elbowed her sharply.

“Ow! Geezes bloody-” Skye mumbled loudly.

“Tommy!” Himoko squealed as she ran over to the group. Her long dark hair waiving in the wind as she made her way towards them, wearing her temple robes. When she stopped in front of the group, her green eyes immediately looked to Zoe loathingly.

“Hi!” She said, smiling cutely to Tommy. “Daddy told me you were having a picnic!” She looked at the others. “But I didn’t know you were bringing such a big group.” She glared at Zoe, but Tommy didn’t seem to notice. “But anyways, you know where to go. If you need anything, by all means…..I’m here.”

Tommy blushed a shade of crimson. “Uhhh….. Thanks Himoko.” He ran his hand through his hair nervously. A trait of his Vixiemon had noticed early on when they’d first met. It was amazing how humans tried to hide what they felt by doing something with their appearance. As the group continued along they’re way Himoko followed beside Tommy. “That’s a cute stuffed animal.” She commented looking at Vixiemon. Tommy blushed more deeply. “Where’d you get it?”

“Uhhh….” Tommy’s voice trailed off nervously.

“We won them at The fair.” Said Skye, trying to fluently lie. It was obviously not her strong suit. “Oh really?” Himoko asked, one eye brow raised in suspicion.

“I didn’t know there was a fair going on.” She glanced at the still bumbling Tommy. “It was….in…..Kyo…Kyo….” Skye said, trying to remember the name of a city she, Mimi, Tai and Izzy had visited when they’d sent some Digimon back to their rightful world. For some reason all that came to her was the blue and white turtleneck she’d bought. ‘Note to self,’ She thought silently. ‘Curb shopping addiction.’

“Kyoto?” Himoko said, slightly surprised. Skye nodded repeatedly in a fast motion. “Yup! That’s the one! Gosh how’d you guess?” She said in mock surprise.

“Oh, just a hunch.” Himoko turned her head and faked a smile. Then, leaning to Tommy’s ear, she said quietly. “Not the brightest crayon in the box, is she?” She let out a little snicker. The group crossed a small wooden bridge that led over a little creak. On the other side, was a grassy area surrounded by trees and bushes, so no one would find it.

“Wow,” Jennifer breathed as she looked around the little ‘hideaway’. “This is incredible! The sun shines down here so we won’t get cold! And these bushes protect us from the wind!”

Himoko nodded, “Yeah, this has been my special place ever since I was little.” She paused, as if debating wether or not to tell the group something. “Well, I’d better go.” And before Tommy could even say thank you, she was gone.

“She seems nice.” Commented Ken with a shrug.

“I’m so sure her niceness was what you were gwacking at.” Said Yolei, obviously she didn’t care for Himoko to much either. The group began to set up their picnic, rushed by their hungry little digimon.

Skye looked around suspiciously, something in her body was telling her to be on guard. But she let it fall, ‘Today,’ she told herself. ‘Is a day to relax.’

As the children and their digimon ate their food, talking about all sorts of things. Actually being normal kids for once. Lunamon had been so hungry she’d even ventured so far as to try some of Tai’s cooking. All was going well until or it looked as so. But for some reason, Skye could not shake the weird feeling. Right before taking a bite out of her sushi, she felt an unbelievably cold waive of air fly past her that made the hairs on the back of her neck stick up. She looked around, Jennifer had said the trees blocked all wind…………

“Something’s………..not right.” She said, examining the area with her blue eyes.

“What,” Said TK. “Don’t tell me you ate some of Tai’s cooking.”

“Hey!” Tai said as he let his fork drop to the plate loudly, he was getting tired of having to defend himself.

“No,” Said Skye, her voice lowering. “Something’s not right…………in the DigiWorld.”

“What?!” asked Chelsey alarmed. She looked nervously to Chokomon who sat watching her, his piece of sushi half way in his mouth.

“I’m getting a really weird feeling…..At first I wasn’t sure what it was….but now, I know it’s the-“ She was cut off by the loud crack from above in the sky. They looked up in shock as in the sky, dark clouds began to appear out of nowhere. Then a downpour of hard rain fell, covering everything. The group rushed to get up and run towards the temple but by the time they got to the door, they were soaked to the bone.

“Quick!” Said Tommy as he ran towards the nearest door. “This should be to the fire room!” He threw back the door, clutching Vixiemon tightly. As they entered the brightly lit room, one after the other they shook themselves off.

“Someone’s-“ Skye began as she wrung out her hair but was once more interrupted. “DEMON!!!!!” A old woman screeched as she ran towards Skye, thrusting a piece of paper at her forehead. Skye, in shock stumbled backwards to the floor. “Get out of my temple Demon! You do not belong here!” The old woman said, standing over top of her. “Mrs. Kerukuku!” Said Tommy, his face was both surprised and frightened. “That’s not a demon!” He waived his arms frantically in the air, then rushed to help Skye.

“Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…………” Said Skye dazed, she rubbed the side of her head. “Ouch.”

“You’re not a demon?!” Asked the old woman astounded, looking down at the girl.

“No, but I’m beginning to think you are.” She replied as she rubbed her head repeatedly.

“So, you’re not a demon.” Said Mrs. Kerukuku watching the girl intently as she got up. She shook her head. “No, but I’m glad we’re getting over this.”

Suddenly Mr. Kerukuku and Himoko appeared at the doorway. “What is going on here?” Asked Mr. Kerukuku confused.

“Mrs. Kerukuku just mistaked Skye for a demon!” Yolei exclaimed waiving her arms frantically.

“Oh,” Said Mr. Kerukuku suspiciously. He eyed Skye specutivley, she glowered back as Erik helped her up. Mrs. Kerukuku stilled didn’t looked convinced, and she leaned over to her husband whispering something in his ear while never taking her eye off of Skye. Moments later Himoko entered the room, looked around then rushed over to her elderly god-mother’s side. The Kerukuku family spoke amongst themselves for a few minutes when Tommy spoke up.

“Umm…..We should…uhh….. probably going.”

“No, that’s okay!” Said Himoko quickly. “You just scared Muma, that’s all.”

“No,” Said Zoe firmly, grabbing Tommy arm. “We really need to be going,” The two girls glared at each, and Skye could have sworn she heard Himoko hiss. Finally Joe broke the silence.

“Okay then, come on guys. We should go.” Reluctantly Himoko looked away and the group left.


“Alright Skye,” Said Jennifer rubbing her arms and looking around the snow and ice covered land. ‘Of course she’d pick the North flippin’ Digi Pole,’ thought Jennifer grudgingly. “Where’s the trouble?”

Skye shivered, trying to keep warm. “I….” Her voice trailed off. She turned to Chelsey, “Can’t you feel it?” She asked. Chelsey scrunched up her nose and frowned.

“Not really…….All I feel is my stomach’s grumbling.”

Skye let out a sigh of disbelief. “There’s something….I know there is.”

“Are you sure you’re feeling okay Skye?” Asked Tai, meaning for it to sound concerned but more it was more of a joke. Skye whirled around to face him, one eyebrow raised, as if to say don’t-you-dare-try-to-contradict-me. She began to walk around, surveying the area.

“I know there’s something…….It…….feels like……Well…. I’ve got this really icey, cold feeling in the pit of my stomach, and a cold pain in the back of my head…..Like when you know you’ve forgotten something? Except this is worse.” She struggled to put the words together.

“Are you sure there’s even something wrong?” Said Jennifer getting annoyed.

“Excuse me?” Said Skye turning to face her.

“You heard me,” Replied Jennifer. “Are you sure there’s actually something wrong here………or were you just faking it?”

“Jenn!” Matt breathed surprised.

“What?” Asked Jennifer. “Isn’t possible she’s wrong?”

“I can’t believe you’d stoop so low-“ Skye began.

“To what Skye? I’m not stooping to do anything. It’s not like your completely perfect! Even you admitted your genes are perfect!”

“You wanna go?” Skye asked challengingly.

“No,” Jennifer replied coolily. “Your trans-genetic ass isn’t worth my whooping.”

“Jenn! Cool it!” Said Sora. “Before you do something stupid.”

“Oh really?” Said Skye, ignoring the others.

“Yeah really,” Jennifer replied.

Then, suddenly, before Skye could say anything else there came from above, a loud rumbling noise. They each looked up, only to see a heavy cloud of snow fall from the cliff above them. After a few minutes the group began to dig themselves out of the large snow pile.

“Okay,” Said Davis. “Who did that?”

There was a laugh, and looking up they spotted Gwen at the top of the cliff, with Ichigomon standing next to her.

“We meet again,” She called to them. “It appears you’re all snowed in.”

“Gwen,” Replied Tommy, knowing exactly what Gwen was thinking. “You don’t wanna do this. And you know it.”

“Oh? Don’t I?” Gwen replied. “I’ve thought long and hard about this. Digimon!” She called. “Attack!”

Out of nowhere, groups of different digimon all under Gwen’s control appeared. Monochromon and Fridgimon appeared on the ground, as Icedramons appeared in the air.

“I think now would be the time to split up.” Said Erik as he clambered out of the snow pile.

“No!” Said Chelsey pulling out Chokomon. “We stand our ground.”

“We can’t!” Zoe said. “There’s way too many! We’ll all meet back at Odiaba Elementary once we get out of here!”

"Agreed!" Skye said with a nod. She and Magimon took off towards the trees the snow covered trees, Jennifer and Foximon following behind. Hearing several screams of fear from her friends Skye turned around. She watched in horror as they were each picked up by the evil digimon, leaving herself, Magimon, Jennifer and Foximon alone in the woods. As she watched Jennifer and Foximon run frantically towards them, she began to feel dizzy, and saw the world sway in front of her. She blinked, trying to regain her focus.

"Skye! We've got to keep going!" Magimon instructed grabbing at her hand.

"There's no one we can out run them!" Jennifer said panting as she caught up. Skye looked around worried, then turned to Magimon. "There's no dark towers around this area is there?" She asked. Magimon shook her head then smiled.

"Magimon digivolved to..........Athenamon!"

Skye hopped onto Athenamon in an easy glide, then turned back to Jennifer. "Come on." She said, clearly giving up their fight for now. "Get on before I change my mind." Jennifer nodded and picking up Foximon, climbed on. Turning around for one last glance, Skye bit her bottom lip, then Athenamon took off.


So dark…….And cold……I feel numb….Where am I?

……It’s coming………

What’s coming?

It……and when it gets here……

But…I don’t understand!

It…is your worst fear…

My….my worst fear? ….That’s not possible……

It will invade your world……


And……destroy……everything…you hold dear……

No! Can’t…Can’t I stop it?!

No……It…is coming……Little Princess………

But I don’t understand! Please! Explain this to me! I need to know!

It’s……coming……Little Princess……It’s coming for you…

“I…..I need to know….” Skye cried from her sleep. Her body was covered in sweat…..or was it tears? She felt heavy….like when waking from a morphine induced sleep.

“Skye!” Magimon called rushing to her partners side. “Are you okay?” She asked helping her sit up. Skye stared blankly at the ground, no sound reaching her ears. “Skye,” Magimon repeated. She looked over to her Digimon, a dazed look spread all over her face.

“It’s coming……” She said.

“What?” Asked Foximon concerned. Skye looked to where the voice had come from. Jennifer stood a few feet away, leaning up against a wall while Foximon stood beside her. A wall? Skye looked around utterly confused…… They’d just barely escaped Gwen and her evil Digimon henchmon.

“Tai….” She murmured. “Chelsey…… Erik…… Tommy…..Zoe…….” Images of her friends passed through her mind as she continued saying all of their names. “All of them…..They’re all gone….” She bit her bottom lip as more tears trickled down her hot pink cheeks. “All…………..It……..It came for them……… And I…. I couldn’t stop it….No…..I didn’t TRY to stop it……I ran…….I ran away…..” Her voice cracked as she broke down into sobs, covering her face in her lap. Rocking back and forth in a rhythmic motion uttering words no one could hear.

Magimon shook her head, rubbing Skye’s swaying back soothingly. She had a sad but deep in thought look of concentration on her face.

“I ran away.” Jennifer heard Skye say in desolation. As Jennifer watched the blue haired girl sway and choke on her words she felt a rush of discouraging emotion rush through her.

“Jenn,” Whispered Foximon, sounding distressed a bit herself. “What’s wrong with her?”

Jennifer frowned, not knowing quite what to say. “I think… Well, I’m guessing… that her guilt about splitting up with the others has put her into some sort of…I don’t know…weird state.”

“A temporary skitsophrenic state.” Corrected Magimon, never taking her eyes off of Skye. “It’s a side effect. She’s only experienced it one other time….”

“When?” Asked Jennifer.

“When her mother died.”

“Her mom died?” Jennifer repeated surprised.

“When she was little.” Said Magimon. “So young….It’s such a sad story, but she tells it like it happened to someone else and not to herself.” Magimon seemed to be remembering things in her mind.

“Oh.” Said both Jennifer and Foximon awkwardly. They all noticed how Skye had stopped shaking. She sat now, her palms on her forehead, holding herself steady.

“It…..It happened so long ago……” She struggled to put words together. “I wasn’t even 5 years old…..”


In a pale blue room with yellow stars, on Cheruchii Island a young Skye Galbraith slept in her over sized bed. Her mother sat on the edge of the bed, watching her child’s body rise and fall as she breathed. The scent of her mother’s shampoo, Casablancas drifted through the room.

“Wake up sunshine.” Elizabeth Galbraith’s soft voice called to her sleeping child. The girl had looked so serene she hadn’t wanted to wake her.

“Muma?” The girl mumbled sleepily not opening her eyes.

“Time to get up.” Elizabeth replied. Skye opened her eyes, looking at her mother who’s pale blond hair shone brightly like an angel’s.

“I wanna sleep more.” Said Skye pretending to go back to sleep.

“It’s time to get up sleepy head. You’ve got your first surfing lesson today.” Elizabeth stroked her child’s blue hair.

“Will I get to surf the big waves like you do Muma?”

“Only when you’re older sweetie.” She paused thinking of something. “But for now, you’ll do some small. And I mean VERY small waves. Okay?”

Skye nodded smiling then climbed out of the bed, hopping on to the floor. “Okay! I ready now!”

Her mother laughed quietly. “No, you get into your proper clothes. I’ve got to go pick up a few things on Ekaika. Daddy is in a business meeting so don’t disturb him okay?”

“Okay,” The girl repeated. Her mother walked towards the doorway but stopped when Skye called her. “Hey Muma?”

She turned. “Yes?”

“I’m gonna go to the flower field! I wanna make a special lei for this. So I’ll always remember today. Cos when I’m grow up I’m gonna be a really super good surfer, just like you are!”

Elizabeth smiled warmly at the thoughts of her daughters future. “I know you will sunshine.” And with that she left the room, the scent of casablancas lingering in the room……


“That was the last time I…….I saw her alive…..” Skye said quietly, her tears had stopped. As if she’d wept so much she’d cried all she could.

“I didn’t know….” Said Jennifer uneasily. Skye looked up at her with an odd look in her eyes. Something she’d never seen before that sent chills up her spine. It fade in a moment, but was ingraved in her mind.

“Of course you didn’t. The only people I’ve told the story to so…..so much like a story is Tai……… I told TK a summary of it, but I rarely tell it like that.” She looked around the room. Everything had come back into focus now that the tears had disappeared. They all stood, on the inside of a cave while hot waves flew in from the entrance.

“Where are we?” She asked rising.

“The fire section.” Replied Magimon, understanding her every move. She rose and followed Skye as she walked towards the opening. Only once she’d reached the mouth of the cave did she look back to Jennifer and Foximon.

“Well,” She said. “What are we waiting for?”


“This place is crawling with Gwen’s controllers.” Commented Jennifer looking out on the volcanic digi land. It was flat, and covered in hard dark soil. There was a constant sizzling noise of the lava near by.

“Well then, we’d better get down to business then.” Said Skye placidly. She merely nodded to Magimon, who replied with a nod.

“Digi Armour…..Energize!”

“Magimon armour digivolved to……GoldStarmon!”

“Wow,” Said GoldStarmon. “Does it ever feel good to get off the ground!” She flew around in a circle, doing a few tricks in the air. She aimed up her cannon towards the closest Dark Tower.

“Cosmic Cannon!”

The Dark Tower disintegrated revealing a colony of them.

GoldStarmon turned to Foximon. “You’d better digivolve too, Foximon,” Foximon nodded. “Right!”

“Foximon Digivolved to……Glorymon!”

“Come Jenn!” Glorymon said gesturing to a near by Dark Tower.

Suddenly filled with a new sense of hope she smiled for the first time since their last encounter with Gwen. As Skye had said, there was nothing to do with the others gone except draw Gwen out.

She felt her hopes rise with each tower they destroyed. Then, she had the sudden urge to run to the next, and took off towards it, with Glorymon at her side, while Skye and GoldStarmon took their time, talking about something.

It was then it happened. They didn’t even see it coming.

There was a loud cry and the sound of thunder as GoldStarmon was attacked. She feel to the ground, and Skye rushed to her side as she de-digivolved back to Magimon. Skye picked her up in her arms and ran towards Jennifer and Glorymon. But she stopped in her tracks as she saw Ichigomon appear with Gwen.

“Give back our friends Tsukata!” She yelled.

“Ha! Not likely.” Gwen replied scoffing.

“What did you do to them you sick mental freak?” Asked Jennifer.

“I had quite a good time.” She replied easily. “The Digimon are now my slaves, and your friends are my servants. They obey my every word.”

Jennifer let out a gasp, but Skye didn’t believe her. “You’re bluffing.”

Gwen seemed shocked, but covered it in a moment. “Am I? Can you really take that chance?” She taunted.

“You pretend to control all evil,” Said Skye stepping forward. “You claim you’re the almighty of wickedness. But I can see right through you.” Her voice was calm and even. This obviously made Gwen nervous and Jennifer wondered what in the world Skye was doing.

“Oh….Can you?” Gwen replied, trying to appear braver than she looked.

Skye stopped no more than 2 meters away from Gwen and Ichigomon. “Yes.” She answered. “And you’re nothing but a pathetically twisted excuse for a DigiDestined.”

Gwen let out a cry then charged towards Skye furiously. She avoided the collision by jumping high into the air. Jennifer watched amazed, as Gwen stumbled to the ground.

Skye laughed coldly, quite unlike her natural laugh. She had a stern, terrifying look on her face that sent the hairs on the back of Jennifer’s neck standing up. “Is that the best you’ve got?” She called in a voice all but her own. “Come on, try me.”

“Skye!” Jennifer called. “What the hell is your problem?! Back off!”

“Yes Skye,” Said Gwen climbing to her feet. “Listen to your friend.”

“My problem is you, Gwen.” Said Skye. “You pretend to understand everything in the digi world and know everything but in truth you know absolutely nothing about it at all. You couldn’t stand your life without Michitaru so you created a new one as The Digimon Empress, but wherever you go everything is still stained by her death.”

“Skye!” Jennifer tried again. “What are you talking about?!”

“Shut up Jennifer.” She replied. Jennifer gaped for a moment, then realized whatever truce they’d had before. It was broken now.

“No! I won’t shut up! I’m not like everyone else! I won’t do everything as you ‘command’ it.”

“Then go away.” Replied Skye. “If you don’t want to die.”

“No! I want my friends back!”

“Mind your own business!” Skye growled at her. But Jennifer stood her ground. “No! I’m not leaving until the others are freed!”

Unnoticed to them, while the two argued Gwen smiled clutching something in her hand. At this point she laughed loudly.

“You fools!” She called to them. “Can’t you see? I planned this. For weeks you saw nothing of me, and assumed I was defeated! But I’ve been watching you. Studying each of you.”

“You what?!” The two girls said in sync.

“I saw how you two hated each other more than anything. That creates a magnificiant power in your crests and Digimon. You fight constantly, and this time your fighting has cost you your power!”

She thrust her hand into the air revealing her dark gray D3. It began to glow a strangely thick dark gray. The light surrounded the three digimon, Jennifer and Skye watched in horror as both Glorymon and Magimon disappeared.

“Ichigomon digivolved to…...EXICHIGOMON!”

They watched as Ichigomon transformed from an Digimon of almost 6 feet tall to an enormous yellow dragon almost two times their size. Gwen jumped until ExIchigomon and smiled, one eyebrow lifted. “Now who’s more powerful?”

Jennifer stumbled back in fear as Skye stood stunned, her mouth dropped open in shock. “Goodbye, DigiDestined!” Said Gwen.

“Magna Silence!” ExIchigomon growled. A large dark gray ball of energy formed in her open mouth, growing larger and larger.

Gwen’s laugh amongst their screams echoed in Jennifer’s ears as the energy charged them, and swallowed them whole.


‘What’s happening?’ Jennifer asked herself. She looked around, she was surrounded in light. ‘Where am I?’

Suddenly, a figure appeared, walking towards her.


“Jenn, what’s happening?”

“I’m not sure. I figured you’d know. Being the princess and all.” She replied snarkily.

“Listen, just because I’m the Digital Princess doesn’t mean I get all the perks of what goes on.” Skye replied, playing with her gloves.

‘She’s embarrassed.’ Jennifer noted. ‘But why? Because she doesn’t know what’s happening? Is that why?’

“I am not embarrassed!” Skye protested.


“You just said I was embarrassed. I’m not.” Skye corrected.

“I…… I didn’t say that.” Jennifer protested.

“Yes you did. I’m positive. I know I heard you.”

Suddenly, Jennifer heard a voice inside her head. Not her own, but Skye’s.

‘Maybe I am going crazy. It seems more logical than anything else……….’

“You’re not going crazy.” She said.

A surprise look of shock appeared on Skye’s face.

“How’d you know I was thinking that?” She asked.

Jennifer shrugged her shoulders. “I dunno……. Hey, do you think maybe we’re reading each other’s thoughts?” She suggested.

“Maybe…….. “ Skye thought for a moment. “But why?”

“Beats me, you’re the almighty princess or whatever, why don’t you ask one of your servants?” Jennifer suggested.

“Oh would you give it up?” Skye asked. “And could you please be civilized for, 5 minutes at least?” She asked.

Jennifer said nothing.

“Listen, it doesn’t matter that I’m the Digi Princess, I still known the same amount of things as you do. I’m exactly the same as you.”

Jennifer sighed. “I know, it’s just that…… It’s hard, having to live up to your high levels when it comes to Matt.”

Skye smiled. “You’ve already gone way passed me.”

Jennifer began to hear a thud. Then more…. What was that noise?

“What’s that?” She asked.

“It sounds like a…. a heart beat….” Commented Skye. Then they both noticed it. They’re tags were both shining brightly. They each held their tags in their hands watching in amazement.

“My crest!” They both gasped together. Suddenly everything went black, and their Digimon appeared.



“Alright!” Said Jennifer excitedly.

“Yay! Way to go Magimon and-“ She stopped herself. “I mean Eclipsemon!”

“Let’s go kick some wannabe villain butt!” Said Jennifer.

“You got it!” Agreed Skye.

As they spoke the white mist around them faded and they appeared back in the real world. Gwen looked less than pleased.

“What?!! How is this possible?!” She cried astounded.

“We realized that are arguing got us nowhere. And that United we Stand…..” Began Jennifer.

“Divided we fall!” Skye finished. “Face it Gwen! Alone, you can’t beat us.”

Gwen stood in fright for a few moments, she looked as if she was going to cry, then her face returned to it’s usual anger. “This isn’t possible! The attack hit you-”

“Gosh Gwen,” Said Jennifer. “You should know by now. You can’t get rid of us!” She turned to Eclipsemon. “Do your stuff!”

“Light of Destiny!” Eclipsemon cried. A purplish blue light appeared from her swinging necklace and grew into a large ball that shot out of her hands.

The attack hit ExIchigomon, who stood in front of a large volcano. She de-digivolved back to Kyusukamon and suddenly the volcano began to crack. To their amazement, the others appeared from inside the fake volcano. “Tai! Chelsey!” Skye said excitedly and rushed over to them, hugging each of them tightly. Moments later, while the others were still talking excitedly Skye walked over to where Gwen lay on the ground, Kyusukamon shook her. “Gwen!” Kyusukamon said worried. “Please wake up Gwen!” But the yellow Digimon’s pleas stopped as she realized Skye stood by her. The others gathered around, awaiting what Skye would said.

“When she wakes up, tell her she’s free. But she’s not to return to the digital world until she decides to join us once and for all.” Said Skye with wisdom in her words. “She shall not be let in until that time.”

And with that they left, leaving Kyusukamon and an unconscious Gwen alone, in the solitude of the DigiWorld.