Got up this morning

On the right side of my bed

With all these crazy thoughts

Screaming through my head

I can't wait to see

What this world holds for me

Oh, it's a new day

Oh, it's a new day

And when I see you

Any time or any place

You are the reason

For the smile on my face

'Cause you make me feel

All my dreams can be real

Oh, it's a new day

Oh, it's a new day

It feels so good to be alive

Even if a little rain should fall

'Cause every moment

Brings a new surprise to us all

Oh, it's a new day

Oh, it's a new day

Oh, it's a new day

Oh, it's a new day

Here in you I found a friend

You'll be with me till the end

oh, it's a new day

“TK!!!!! You’d better hurry up, or you’ll be late for the first day of school!” TK’s mother hollered. She knocked loudly on her son’s bedroom door. “Takeru Takaisha! You better be up, and getting dressed because if your not-“ She opened the door, and let out a gasp. The bed was empty, and neatly folded at that! Unfortunately, dirty gym socks surrounded the bed, along with atleast 4 inches of clothing on the ground. “Boys,” She commented simply, then closed the door.

~~Meanwhile at Odaiba Elem.~~

“You look beat.” Commented Kari, after looking TK over.

“I am.” He replied. “I went with the Basketball team to go see the new High School.”

“Infinitralite?” She asked.

TK nodded. “Yeah, but everyone just calls it Infini. Because it’s unfinished.”

“Then why not just call it Unfini?” Davis asked.

“Because in french infini means unfinished. This is a really classy school we’re talking about Davis. It’s filled with famous atheletes from around Japan!” Explained TK.


“Yeah. There’s 8 basketball courts, 2 soccer fields, 2 tracks, 4 olympic sized pools, and 6 inside gyms. Along with a HUGE concert hall. For the school’s orchestra.”

“I guess Matt’s band will be playing there soon, at the rate they’re going that is.” Commented Kari.


“Sooo.. .. .. ..” Began Davis. “Maybe they’ve got room for an ace soccer player huhn?”

“I doubt it.” Said Kari.

“Oh thanks for your support!” Said Davis.

“What I mean is, you probably wouldn’t be able to get it. I hear they’re jamb packed.”

“That’s right.” Agreed TK. “Originally they’d planned to have 4 dorm towers. Earth, Fire, Water and Air. But they got so many students that they’re still working on another one. In the center of the whole entire campus, which they call Infini, just like the school.” He explained.

“Whoah, pretty popular.. .. .. . . . . .” Commented Davis.

“Yeah.” Agreed Kari.

Remembering his room, TK said, “I wonder what mom will say when she finds out I left early for school today?” He twirled his pencil in the air.

“Probably something like, that silly TK, leaving his gym socks everywhere.” Teased Kari.

TK blushed, “Well where else am I supposed to put them?”

“How bout’ in the dirty clothes hamper?” Suggested Davis.

“I thought about that, but I just don’t know where it is.......... Hmm..” TK thought. No use, the noise coming from the class was way too much for even his mind.

“Class, if you would, please. Settle down. please.” The teacher pleaded.

“Ahhh......” Said Davis leaning back in his chair. “New teacher, New pranks, New-“ But he stopped in mid sentence.

“What?” Kari asked, only slightly interested. Davis was staring at the door, a blank, embaressed look on his face. “New girls...... “ He said his mouth watering.

TK and Kari followed Davis’s gaze to see a young girl just like them standing at the door way. She had brown hair, tied up in two little sprouts of pig tails and wore a blue pair of goggles. Two long strands of her hair, which TK assumed were her bangs swayed as she walked into the room. She wore a blue v-neck, with a orange star on each arm. Underneath another t-shirt, this time a yellow showed off at the sleeves and at the waist. She wore blue, cargo, track pants with a yellow stripe going down each side, even on the pockets down at her ankles. She carried a matching blue packsack on her back. Was that a skateboard Kari saw in the bag? Did they let skateboarders at this school? Sure it was a public school, but she and TK had only seen skateboarders in New York when they’d gone to visit Mimi! The team watched as the girl approached the teacher, and handed him a peice of paper. The teacher read it for a moment then smiled. “Ohh.. .. .. I see. Class, we have a new student.” Immeadiately everyone shut up, and gave their attention to the teacher.

“Her name is Chelsey Conrad, and she’s in a new kind of exchange program with a far away country.” Said the teacher. “Is there anything you’d like to tell us about yourself?”

Chelsey shook her head. “No, thank you.”

The teacher seemed a little taken back by the new girl’s manners, but none the less continued.

“A new kid. Well that’ll work out great! You can go sit next to Davis. Davis, raise your hand so Chelsey will know where to sit.”

Davis sat dumbfounded, staring at the girl. “She’s sooooo pretty.. .. .. .. .. ..” He mumbled. He raised his hand.

The girl walked over to the empty chair and sat down quietly. She didn’t even look at Davis, just kept her eyes straight ahead.

“As I’m sure you all know, Infinitralite High, the new high school has started up a new program with our school. They’ll be sending 3 students to each of our mature classrooms to help with the Teacher’s things, and to work with a new program we’ve been chosen to sample. Three students from five of the different dorm towers will be with us. I believe it’s two from Water and one from Air.”

“Mr. Tenka, is it true that Infini is filled with famous kids?” Asked a student.

“Yes, talented students from all around Japan.” The teacher replied.

“Is it true one of the students is the swimmer Tommy Cordelle?” Asked another student.

“I’m not aware of that name.. . .. .. ..” Said the teacher, while the students began to chatter.

“He’s so cute!” Said one girl student.

“I’d love to go out with him!” Said another.

“I hear he’s going out with some girl swimmer.” Said one.

“Hmmph! What do girl’s see in a guy in a speedo?!!” Asked one jealous guy student.

“Hey Mr. Tenka! What about the famous artist Erik Von?”

“He is way dreamy.. . .. .” Said one of the girls.

“Yeah, and so handsome, he’s got some muscles!” Added another.

“Do you have any idea who they’re talking about?” Kari asked TK. He nodded.

“Yeah, one of them. Erik Von is an artist, photographer and the best teenager to ever play basket ball. That’ll be so cool if he were being a TA in our class.”

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. The teacher calmly walked over and answered it.

In the doorway stood two students, each dressed in the same school colors. The boy, had short blond hair, which reminded Davis of Willis. He wore a dark blue blazer with a white shirt underneath, along with gray pants.

“That’s him!” TK heard someone say. “That’s Tommy Cordelle!”

The girl had long blond hair, tied up in a pony tail. She wore the normal school uniform for girl’s but with different colors. The sash was dark blue, with a white line going on the edge. With a red bow going down the sides on the front. The shirt was white. She also wore a pleated dark blue skirt.

“Who’s that babe?” Asked one of the guy students.

“It couldn’t be.” TK commented, watching in surprise.

The two students said something to the teacher. But TK couldn’t decipher it. Then, the teacher asked a question. The girl replied.

“Class, I’d like you to meet two of our students from Infini, Tommy Cordelle. And Zoe Allsburg.”


“I can’t believe our Zoe, is a famous swimmer!” Said TK, before throwing his things in his locker.

“I know what you mean. It brings back memories. Yet it’s sooo weird seeing her in the real world. She looks so grown up.” Agreed Kari.

“Well, you better get used to it.” Said Zoe’s voice.

“Hey you guys!” Called Yolei. She, Davis, Ken and Cody run to them.

“Who’s your friend?” Asked Ken.

“I’m Zoe Allsburg. I’m a student at Infinitralite.” Zoe replied.

“Wow. Really? That’s so cool? Isn’t that the rich kids school?” Asked Yolei.

“Actually it’s the talented kids school Yolei.” Corrected Ken.

“Close enough.”

“So you’re really going to Infini?” Kari asked.

Zoe nodded. “Yeah, along with Tommy.”

“Who’s Tommy? A cute guy?” Yolei asked.

TK noted Ken seemed slightly angry by Yolei’s comment. They'd been going out for a couple of weeks now. Ken took the realationship seriously, and Yolei, well, not so seriously.

“So how do you guys know each other?” Asked Ken.

“We met in the Viti World.” Explained TK.

“What’s that?” Asked Davis.

“Kids these days.” Commented Zoe. “Don’t know nothin’!”


“So she left?” Cody asked, watching Davis kick a rock along the path. They were all walking down one of the side walks at Infini, looking around. “And hasn’t called since?”

Kari, TK and Zoe nodded. “Yeah, it was a really big thing.” Said Zoe.

“Well that answers why Tai didn’t come to Soccer camp this summer. He must’ve been totally bummed.” Said Davis.

Kari nodded. “Yeah, but he got over-“ Suddenly there was a familiar beeping.

Everyone grabbed their d3. “It’s an email from.. .. .. .. .. Waturmon! Something’s happening at the gate!” Said Zoe. “I gotta go!”

And with that, she ran off. “Wait, let us help you!” Called Davis.

“That’s okay! Besides, this is Guardian of Time business not Digi Destined! See you guys later!” She called back.

“Well, we should probably get going.“ Said Ken, looking at his watch. He turned to face Yolei completely. “If your coming over for dinner, we’re gonna have to run.”

“Okay.” She agreed.

“We should all leave.” Agreed Kari.

They began to leave, but suddenly, Davis heard something. Or felt something, he wasn’t sure. He looked around. No one.

“But I was sure.” He mumbled then kept on walking.


You can’t take nothin’ for granted

You gotta live life today!

I turn around I can see what’s behind me.. .. .. .. .. ..

Matt’s voice echoed through out the concert hall. Jennifer Takenouchi faked a smile, passing by a small group of the band’s flunkies. She tossed back her short red hair and laughed at a passing joke. She’d been at the hall since 4:00 pm with the band, help setting up. Her twin sister Sora and her friend Tai had arrived not long afterwards. Then came the gutless groupies. Jennifer smiled, she’d been one of those groupies, but now was famous with all of Matt’s female fans. She was the envy of every last one of them. She was, his bestfriend. But it wasn’t all fun. She had to put up with a bunch of annoiying flunkies who all thought she was his girl friend. She sighed. ‘That would be nice.’ She thought to herself.

“Hey Jennnnnniiiferrrrr!” Called a voice.

“Oh please, not her. This night was so perfect.” Jennifer pleaded silently.

“Hey Jennifer! How’s it going? Matt’s doing great out there.” Said Jun Motomiya.

‘No such luck tonight.’ Jennifer told herself. She faked a smile. “Yeah. As always.”

Jun was Matt’s self acclaimed girlfriend, and that’s all she was, self acclaimed. For some bizzare reason, for which Jennifer didn’t understand, Jun was constantly throwing herself at Matt and saying they were going out. That really pissed Jennifer off, but she didn’t show it. She was silently planning the perfect plan to kill Jun with and axe, but of course would never actually use it. She’d leave that to Jun’s younger brother, and Tai-Wannabe, Davis. Who wasn’t so bad, once you took away the stupid goggles, dorky voice, and no sense of fashion. After all, he was pretty good at soccer.

“Oh yeah, I was talking to Cynthia, you know.. .. .. Of that group, Synchromotion.”

Jennifer shook her head. “No I don’t think I do.”

“Oh well, anyways, I was talking to her. And she said they’re thinking about finding another member to join their group. Don’t you think that’s great?! Of course I’ll land the job and me and Matt can be super stars together!”

“That’s nice-“ She began but stopped when she saw some people walk through the door.

Tai and Sora. ‘Poor Sora.’ She thought silently, remembering her Sister's short relationship with Matt and how Tai had asked her out that one night..... ‘I don’t understand why she doesn’t ask Tai out.. .. ..’

Then, a few minutes later after listening to Jun go on and on about something Jennifer watched as Matt’s younger brother TK, his friend Kari and Zoe. Jennifer didn’t know much about Zoe, except that she and Matt had been going out. Matt had explained how they had both been camp counsellors at the same summer camp. He had repeated told Jennifer it was over between him and Zoe but Jennifer never got that feeling.

They each carried a small stack of papers with them.

“Excuse me Jun. I gotta go talk to Kari.” She said then walked off, right in the middle of Jun’s sentence.

“Hey TK, Kari, Zoe.” She said walking over to them.

TK sat down on a couch. “I am beat. I never realized Matt’s fans were so obssesed. It’s freaky.”

He commented.

“What were you guys doing?” Jennifer asked.

Kari handed her a flyer.

“Your handing out concert posters for some body from The Infini school? why?” Jennifer asked confused.

“Old friend of ours.” Kari replied.

“Is it gonna be any good?” She asked.

Zoe nodded. “Yeah, she’s got a great voice.”

Jennifer faked a smile. “Great. I’ll have to come see this.” She said, then walked off.


“So what did you think of the Show, Jenn?” Matt asked before handing Jennifer a glass of water. She sat down on the living room couch.

“It was good, but it always is.” She replied.

“That’s good to know.” He said.

“So, where’s your dad?” She asked, looking around.

“Oh, he’s working late at the station. That and he’s gotta get the filming crew for some concert tomorrow.” He replied casually.

“At The Infini Concert Hall?” Jenn asked curiously.

“Yeah, how’d you know?” He asked surprised.

Jennifer pulled out the folded poster. “It says here there’s some girl opening for Synchromotion, who ever that is.”

“Synchromotion is a pop group made out of Infini High Students.” He explained.

“Are they any good?” Jennifer asked.

“Yeah. They’ve been getting our fans left and right.” He replied.

“So are you gonna go?” She asked.

He nodded, “Yeah…… If they’ve got an opening act, she’s gotta be good. And anyone good is worth checking out. You wanna come?”

“Yeah sure.” She glanced at her watch. “7:00. I gotta go.” she stood up. “Listen, all talk to you tomorrow at school okay?” She said.

Matt nodded, “Yeah. Okay. See you later.”

Jennifer left, and moments later Matt heard a familiar beeping noise. He rushed to the counter and picked up his digivice.


~~At Odaiba Elem.~~

“Matt! You got the signal too?” Asked Sora as Matt walked into the room.

“He nodded, then looking around the room said. “I take it you guys did too.”

“Hey guys, what’s up?” Asked Yolei, walking in. Along with Ken, Cody and Davis.

“Didn’t you get a distress call from your Digimon?” Asked Joe.

“No, we got emails from Izzy.” Replied Cody.

As if on queue, Izzy walked in.

“I got a message on my laptop from Zoe. She said we needed to get to The Digital World right away. She said Veemon, Wormmon, Hawkmon and Armodillomon have been kidnapped!”

“Kidnapped? By who?!” Asked Yolei.

“I don’t know, Zoe didn’t have time to explain.”

“Then let’s get going!” said Ken.

“Right!” Agreed Davis.

“Digi Port…….. OPEN!”

Suddenly, the group was in a big cave.

“Where are we?” Asked Kari.

“It looks like the place we first found The Digi Egg of Courage.” Commented Tai.

“Tai!” Said Agumon happily.

After The Digimon were united with their humans, Mimi, Palmon, Zoe and Seerumon appeared.

“Good, you guys are here. Quick, we don’t have much time.”

“What happened to our Digimon?” Asked Cody.

“Remember when I left you guys earlier today? How something had happened at the gate? Well I was right.” Zoe paused.

“I just found out that ever since the middle of the summer the fire wall between The Virtual World and The Digital World has been collasping.”

“But that means that-“ Began Sora.

“That Magimon was freed from The Viti World.” Finished Tai.

Zoe nodded. “Yeah, and so was the virus in there.”

“Virus?” Asked Yolei.

“When Izzy put up The Fire Wall to separate The two worlds, we hadn’t totally defeated the darkness. Apparently Milleniumon sent 2 digivices to 2 digi destined.”

“That can’t be good.” Said Joe.

“No.” Zoe bent down and pushed a button on a hollogram producer. An image appeared of two kids, who looked around the older Digi Destined’s age.

“They’re called The Dark Destined. But they call themselves, The Digi Prince and Digi Empress.”

“How original.” Said Ken sarcastically.

“They both have a dark digivices. The Digi Prince’s Digimon is Fernimon.”

The Digi Prince's crest is The Crest of Rebirth.

“A cross between a plant Digimon and a Lizard Digimon. The Digi Empress’s Digimon is Kysukamon.”

Kysukamon is a happy, mystical Digimon who’s supposed to be loud is quiet.”

The Digi Empress's crest is The Crest of Taboo.

“The Dark Digi Destined created these things called Dark Keys which are a lot like The Digimon Emperor’s Dark Rings.” Said Seerumon.

“And they also made things called Dark Towers which were made off of a proto type of Dark Spirals.”

“Did they capture our Digimon?” Asked Davis.

“Yeah. But luckily they didn’t get Gatomon and Patomon.” Said Seerumon.

“Why? Our Digimon are just as important as Gatomon and Patomon!” Said Davis angrily.

“Because we’ll need to unite the supreme crests.” Said Zoe.

“But what about….. Skye?” Asked TK.

“She doesn’t know.” Said Mimi. “She’s still in Hawaii.”

“Well she should get her butt down her and help us!” Said Yolei.

“She can’t.” Said Tai sadly.

“Why not?”

“Because for as long as The Fire wall is still logged on, she can’t return to either The Digi World or The Viti World.”

“But I thought it fell down.” said Yolei.

“It may have fallen down, but that doesn’t mean it won’t still say it’s on.” Explained Ken.

“So we take down the fire wall.” Said Davis.

“We can’t.” Explained Izzy. “I put a special code on the program. I can maybe overwrite it but, then there’s still the matter of, the powers that be.”

“What do you mean Izzy?” Asked Cody.

“Well the peo… I mean things that run the Digi and Viti Worlds added a special code on.”

“So we get them to take it off.” Replied Davis.

“We can’t. Only the new chosen ones can.”

“Who’s that?” asked Yolei.

But the older Digi destined knew right away.

“What it means is, a new team of Digi Destined are the only ones that can lift the fire wall.” Explained Tai.

“New…. New Digi Destined? So we’ve been replaced?” Asked Davis.

“So….. who are they?”

“I’m not sure.”

“I can tell you who they are.” Said a voice. Everyone turned around.

“Magimon!” Said TK.

“You should be resting Magimon. After the attack-“ Said Seerumon.

“I’m fine. But I never got to tell you the reason I was sent through the fire wall.”

“you mean it’s not because you couldn’t guard it?” Asked Davis.

Magimon gave him a weird look. “No. It’s because it’s my job to assemble and join the new team of Digi Destined.”

“So that means Skye is one of the Destined?” Asked Tai.

Magimon nodded. “Along with The Guardians of Loyalty, Curiousity, Trust and Belief.”

“So Zoe’s a new destined?” Asked Matt.

“Yeah.” Replied Magimon. She hobbled over to the hologram projector.

“This is the crest of Trust.”

“It belongs to The Digimon Protector.”

“The Digimon Protector? Who’s that?” Asked Yolei.

“The Digimon Protector is the one who’s been trying to stop The Dark Destined from the start. He and his Digimon Vixiemon are trying to rescue Veemon, Wormmon, Hawkmon and Armodillomon now.”

“The next crest is The Crest of Belief. It belongs to the leader of The New Team of Digi Destined.”

“After that is the crest of Curiousity.”

“And of course, there’s the crest of Faith.”

“So there’s 4 new Digi Destined?” Asked Davis.

“Good for you, and you counted that high without using your fingers. I’m impressed.” Said a voice.

“Hey! I know that voice! It’s Chelsey!” Said Davis.

Suddenly Chelsey emerged from the darkness of the cave, where Magimon had been. Beside her was a blue Digimon.

“You got that one right.” She said.

“Who’s that Digimon with her though?” Asked Mimi.

“That’s Chokomon. A sometimes hyper Dragon digimon.

Watch out for his Lighting Dragon Punch, it’ll knock you right out of the ring!” Said Palmon.

“What are you doing here? How’d you get here?” Asked Davis.

“I’m the New Leader of The Digi Destined.” She replied. She held out her tag. Inside was The Crest of Belief.

“Wow….. I mean, cool. So was I, last year.” said Davis, stumbling over his words.

“Whatever.” She said, then turned to Tai.

“I say we hit them with a full force attack. That way they won’t know what hit them. We get in, we get out. Simple as that.”

But Tai wasn’t listening. ‘There’s something about that girl…….. She’s so familiar……….’ He told himself. ‘It’s the goggles Tai.’ his mind told him. ‘She’s got goggles like your’s! Well, Davis’s actually.’

“I uh….. Well I don’t know. They could be holding some Digimon hostage, using them as a shield.”

“So then what do we do?” She asked. “We can’t go in with no plan of attack.”

“She’s right! I agree with her! Let’s charge em’!” Said Davis.

“We can all guess who he likes can’t we?” Whispered TK to Kari. She giggled.

Chelsey turned to Magimon. “There’s only one thing you’re wrong about.”

“What’s that?”

“There’s 6 new Digi Destined. The Sixth is The Guardian of Fate. She’s the one who will release The Guardian of Rebirth.”

“How do you know this?” asked Magimon curiously.

“It’s part of The new prophecy.” She explained.

“There’s a new one?” Asked Izzy.

“Yeah, but just like the first one, parts of it aren’t known yet.”

“Really? And I thought I was updated when I downloaded a program that could tell me about each crest.” He commented.

“Enough sitting around. Let’s go save our Digimon!” Said Davis.

“I hate to agree with Davis but he’s right. The Digimon Protector can’t handle it all alone!” said Chelsey.

“Yeah! I want some of the action!” Said Chokomon, boxing into the air.

“Besides, they’re in Santa Angeles right now. Not at their fortress.” Said Magimon.

“Where’s Santa Angeles?” Asked Cody.

“If you’re walking, about 2 hours. But if your flying, 15 minutes.” Said Chelsey.

“Right then, let’s go!” Said Davis.

“Right, Chokomon! Do your stuff!”

“Chokomon digivolved to…….. EXDRAMON!”

“This is Exdramon. The Champion form of Chokomon. Watch out for his extreme ice beam, it’s colder than a sub zero ice punch!” Said Chelsey.

“Wow cool! My Digimon is a Dragon digimon to! His champion form is EvVeemon.” Said Davis.

“That’s nice.” Chelsey said airly.


“They’re in there.” Said Exdramon, using one of his massive paws to point towards a building.

“Are you ready?” Asked Chelsey.

“Yeah. Let’s do this!” Said Davis, from a top Greymon.

“WAIT!” Called a voice. Suddenly an orange Digimon appeared.

“Who’s that?” Asked Joe.

“That’s Vixiemon.” Said Chelsey. “A flying cross between a fox and a dog. Watch out for his tail swing, it’ll send ya flying!”

“It’s The Digimon Protector.” Said Chelsey.

Davis watched as a boy, around Tai’s age walked out from behind the bushes. He wore yellow cargo pants, with a white long sleeved shirt and a yellow vest. His hair reminded Davis of…….. Tommy!

“Tommy man, you’re the Digimon Protector?” He said surprised.

“Davis?” He asked. He looked to the others. “Yolei? Cody? Kari? TK?” What are you guys doing here?”

“They’re the older Digi Destined. The one’s we’re replacing.” Said Chelsey, taking a step forward.

Davis noticed the tag hanging from Tommy’s neck. A yellow crest was inside.

“You’ve got the crest of Trust?” He asked.

Tommy nodded. “Yeah.”

“Hey Zoe.” Said Yolei. “Can the new Digimon armour digivolve?”

“Yes we can!” Said Seerumon.

“But how can you also have your crests then?” Ken asked.

“They’re copies.” Zoe explained. “The Digi Armour egg has a copy in it. The supreme crest is added on the back of a tag, it’s used to supreme digivolve. And the real crest is used to Mega Digivolve. But the new destined will need to find their digi eggs before they can digivolve to co-ultimate.” She explained.


“So are we gonna do this or not?” Asked Chelsey impatiently.

“What are we going to do?” Asked Vixiemon confused.

“Hit them straight on.” Said Chelsey.

“No! We can’t!” Said Tommy.

“Why not?” Asked Davis. “I think it’s a great idea. Perfect idea!”

“Fighting should only be our last resort.” Said Tommy.

“This is our last resort!” Said Chelsey loudly.

“No it’s not!” Tommy protested louder.

“Then what should we do?!” Chelsey yelling.

“Well first off, stop yelling at me!” He replied.

“Oh.” Chelsey blushed. “Sorry.”

“I say we wait until they come out. The nearest tv is out in the forest, they have to leave at some point and time.”

“No they don’t.” said Izzy.

“What do you mean?” Tommy asked.

“They can travel through computers. Just like we can.” Izzy explained.

“So then what do we do?” Tommy asked.

“We charge in there and get our Digimon back!” Said Davis.

“Yeah! I’m tired of standing around doing nothing!” Agreed Yolei.

“I won’t fight.” Said Tommy.

“Why not?” Chelsey asked.

“Fighting won’t solve this problem. It should only be our last resort.”

“Alright! That’s enough. I’m not going through this again. Let’s go!” Said Chelsey jumping back onto Exdramon’s back.

“EXTREME ICE BEAM!” A blue beam of ice shot out and hit the wall of the building.

“Way to go Exdramon! You’re a one mon wreckin’ crew!” Said Chelsey happily.

But suddenly, a ton of Meramon stepped in front of the massive hole.

“Uh oh. This isn’t good.” Commented Exdramon.

“You can say that again.” Agreed Nefertitimon.

“Okay. This isn’t-“ Exdramon began.

“It’s a figure of speech Exdramon.” Explained Chelsey.


“Look! They’re wearing dark keys! Aim for those!” Said Magimon.

“Togemon, Ikkakumon, Kabuterimon, Greymon, Garurumon, Moltermon and Birdramon! You guys take care of the meramon while Exdramon, Pegusmon and Nefertitimon get the digimon back!” Said Zoe.

“Alright! It’s time to save some Digimon!” Said Chelsey. “Go for it Exdramon!”

Exdramon jumped to the front of the pack.

“Hear Meramon, have some Icicle stone!” A bunch of sharp diamond shape icicles flew for the meramon. Then Exdramon jumped past them, while Nefertitimon and Pegusmon followed quickly behind.

“We gotta find em’ quick. Before they call for more help!” Said Chelsey.

They ran through the halls for a matter of moments when they found the Digimon. They were changed to a wall.

“Nefertitimon! You came to my rescue!” Said Veemon, with hearts in his eyes.

“And you brought an Exdramon!” Said Hawkmon.

TK, Kari and Chelsey jumped off of their Digimon and ran to help the others.

“The lock’s won’t budge!” Said Kari.

“Here.” said Chelsey taking a step back from Wormmon. “Don’t move.” And within a split second she did a kick and the lock broke.

“Wow. That was close.” Commented Wormmon. Chelsey picked him up and placed him of Exdramon’s back.

“Dont’ worry. I never miss.” She said. Then broke off Veemon’s.

“I hope not.” Said Hawkmon before she broke the lock on him.

“Yeah, I’d hate to be smushed Digimon.” Added Armadillomon after she broke his lock.

Veemon climbed onto Exdramon, while Armadillomon climbed onto Pegusmon and Hawkmon onto Nefertitimon.

“Right let’s jet before the wannabe evil dudes show up.” said Chelsey.

“To late for that.” said a male voice.

“Because we’ve already show up!” said a girl’s.

“It’s them!” Said Veemon. “The Dark Digi Destined!”

They both laughed. “You dropped by without an invitation little girl.” Said The girl tossing back her long blond hair.

“Like I’d ever wanna be invited to a prison. Come on Exdramon, let’s toast these two!” She said jumping onto Exdramon’s back.

“Not so fast. You haven’t met our friends yet.” Said The boy, he rang a bell.

Then, to their surprise, a bunch of Monochromone’s appeared.

“Woah.” Said Chelsey then turned to TK and Kari.

“You take Wormmon and Veemon. We’ll handle these guys!”

“Not on your own! There’s too many of them!” Said TK.

“Get out of here! We need the Digimon to get back safe!” Said Chelsey.

“No! I don’t know how you do things where you come from, but we don’t leave anyone behind!” Said TK.

“Alright then, aim for The Dark Keys around their tail!” She instructed.

“Cat’s eye beam!”

“Star shower!”

“Icicle Stone!”

But only a few of the monochromon returned to normal.

“There’s to many! We need to regroup!” Said Kari.

Nefertitimon and Pegusmon de-digivolved into Gatomon and Patomon.

“You guys better digivolve!”

“Right!” Gatomon and Patomon agreed.

“Patamon digivolved to………. Angemon!”

“Gatomon digivolved to…….Gatomon.”>

“There’s no go for Gato!” Said Gatomon.

The Dark Destined laughed.

“It’s because of our dark digivices, see?” They both held out digivices. “And because of our Dark Towers, you can’t digivolve past champion.”

“Haven’t you ever heard of copyright infrigment?” Asked Ken, appearing behind them.

The others ran up behind him too.

“Ken!” said Wormmon.

“Wormmon, it’s time to digivolve!”


“Wormmon digivolved to……. Stingmon!”

Then, Yolei, Cody and Davis all yelled, “DIGI ARMOUR, ENERGIZE!”

“Veemon armour digivolved to…….. Flamedramon!”

“Hawkmon armour digivolved to….. Shurimon!”

“Armodillomon digivolved to….. Digmon!”

“Right! Let’s kick some Digi Destined Reject Butt!” Said Chelsey.

“Extreme Ice Beam!”

“Fire Rocket!”

“Lightning strike!”

“Twin Star!”

“Rock, crackin’!”

“Hand of Fate!”

“Lightning Paw!”

A few more Monochromon turned back to normal.

“It’s not working! We need more power! Where are the other Digimon?” Asked Chelsey.

“They’re still fighting!” Replied Ken.

But then, they heard it. “TELEKENETIC TELEPORT!”

And everyone watched in amazement as The last of the dark keys lifted off of the Monochromon’s tails and exploded. They all looked over to see Magimon standing behind of all them, glowing a fierce shade of blue.

“Magimon!” Said TK.

“What? No! It’s impossible!” Said The girl.

“Face it Girlie, you won’t get no where as long as we’re here!” said Chelsey.

“Well then.” Said The girl. “Perhaps we’ll leave!”

And before anyone could do anything, they dissapeared.

“Hey, where’d they go?” Asked Chelsey, looking around.

“Home?” Suggested Exdramon.


“So what know?” Asked Koromon.

“We fight The Dark Destined. But first we get the rest of The new Digi Destined.” Said Babybunnimon.

“right. And we get those freaky people’s butt!” Agreed Chelsey, almost dropping Chibidramon.

“Hmph.” Was all Tommy said, then walked off, carrying Villiemon with him.

“I still can’t believe I’m being replaced.” Said DemiVeemon, looking at Chibidramon.

“By only the better.” said Chibidramon.

“Yeah! What’s that mean?” DemiVeemon asked angrily.

“Only what you want it to.” Replied Chibidramon.

Zoe looked at her watch. “We better all go, it’s 9:45. Our parents will be wondering where we are.”

“You can stay the night with us Babybunnimon.” Said Kari, picking her up.

“Okay!” said Babybunnimon smiling happily.

“Well we better go.” Said Tai.

“Hey, are you guys going to that concert at Infini High tomorrow?” Asked Matt.

“I was thinking about it, yeah. Why?” Asked Tai.

“we should all go together.” suggested Tsunomon.

“I don’t know if they’ll let little stuffed monsters in but it’s worth a shot.” Said Matt.

They all laughed.


“Stupid Digi Destined. Think they’re so much better than us.” said The Digital Empress staring at her computer screen.

“Well technically-“ Began The Digi Prince who was standing at the door to the room. The Empress glared at him.

“Fine, I’m going.” He said, and walked off.

“Don’t worry Empress, you can defeat them tomorrow.” Said a quivering voice. The Digital Empress’s gaze went to underneath her bed. A small yellow digimon appeared. “You’re right Mikanmon, I can.” She said smiling evilly. “I can.”


Izzy tapped quickly on his keyboard, rushing his fingers to move faster. “Come on, Come on! Faster! I told Dad I’d need a faster modem!” He whined quietly.

“AHA!” He said triumphantly. “Izzy, plans are going according to schedual. We should be on an airplane by the time you read this. yadda yadda yadda yadda.. .. .. .. Why does Mimi always write such long emails? Everything’s fine, she should be back @ Infini by school time.”


Zoe ran up into the class room with Tommy sauntering behind.

“Hey guys!” She said happily.

“Hey Zoe.” Replied Davis. He looked over to Tommy standing at the door way.

“He still angry?” Davis asked.

Zoe nodded. “Yeah.” She looked around the room. “Where’s Chelsey?”

Of course Davis had already noticed Chelsey wasn’t in the room. He’d noticed it the second he’d walked in.

“I don’t know I think she’s-“ But Daivs couldn’t finish his sentence because at that moment a girl walked stepped into the doorway. She wore the same uniform as Zoe, but her blue hair had the slightest bit of a reflection because of the sun light. TK who had been standing next to Davis the whole time let out a gasp of surprise.

“Skye!” He said happily running over to the girl.

“Little Takeru!” She said, equally happy.

Davis stared in shock as Kari walked over to her too. What suprised Davis more was that they didn’t hug.

“Kari.” Said Skye.

“Skye.” Returned Kari.

“How’s your brother?” Skye asked.

‘Is this Skye?’ Davis asked himself. ‘The same Skye that left Tai?’ ‘Well she’s sure got the looks to be.’ His mind replied.

“He’s good.” Kari replied, she paused. “Mimi told you about Magimon?”

Skye nodded. “Yeah. I heard.”

“So you’re back for good?” TK asked.

“Yeah. I think I got the hang of the…….. ah…..” She made an elaborate hand gesture.

They both nodded. As Davis began to approach them he was stampeded over by a bunch of his classmates.

“Aren’t you Skye Galbraith?! The Violinist?” Asked a voice.

“Well yeah. I am.” She admitted nervously.

Suddenly there was completely surrounded by a bunch of students all holding out their autograph books. “Can I have you autograph?” They all chorused.


“Well, this certainly has been interesting.” Commented Skye, tossing back her hair.

“Yeah. Interesting.” Agreed Davis almost drooling.

“Is he always like this?” She asked, turning to Yolei.

“Either that or he’s arguing with me. Personally I like this one better.” Yolei replied with a smile.

“So what are you guys doing tonight?” Asked Zoe.

“We’re all going to the concert at Infini.” Replied Davis. He turned to Skye. “Are you gonna be there?”

Skye shrugged her shoulders. “I suppose so.” She replied.

Davis’s face light up. “I’ll sit with you.” He offered.

She looked to TK then Kari then back to Davis. “Sure.”

She glanced at her watch. “I gotta go….. I’ll see you guys later!” She said.

“Hey Skye Wait!” Called Cody. She turned. “Yeah?”

“What Dorm are you in?”

“I’m the pent house suite, on the top. In Dorm Tower Air. Makes sense doesn’t it?” She asked with a grin. “Gotta go! See you later!”

With that she took off in a slow jog, her hair swaying as she ran.

Davis let out an exaggerated sigh. “Isn’t she great?”


Skye sat on her balcony, over looking the students who wanted to show up extra early for the concert. Her mind twisted back to Hawaii, the tall leafy palm trees, pure sand and the wild waves………… She sighed quietly. She lifted a glass of chilled water and took a small sip. She then reached for her violing off of the table. She played a slow, sad tune, imagining the accompaniment of a grand piano.

When she was done she turned to the doorway knowingly. Kari stood silently at the door across the room.

“I let myself in.” She said. Skye stepped inside to greet her, gently cradling her violin.

“I know.” She replied, making sure not to make eye contact.

“Your super senses……..” Kari’s voice trailed. “I take it you’ve learned to control them.”

“Pretty much.” Skye replied simply.

There was a long silence, but Kari soon broke it.

“How could you?” She asked.

“Kari, I…….I couldn’t handle it. You know that.” Skye replied.

“No. You knew that. We didn’t. You left us. You left Tai, and now, all of a sudden you’re back.”


“Is your Digimon more important than my brother’s suffering and loneliness?” Kari asked her temper rising.

“No!…………. No one is more important to me than Tai!” Skye replied.

“Then why’d you leave?” Kari demanded.

“I needed time! Finding out you’re a clone of your bestfriend, your two ex-rivals and the younger sister of your future husband is pretty tough!”

“That’s not a good enough excuse!” Retorted Kari.

“You left Tai heartbroken and TK hasn’t been the same since you left!”

“Kari, I’m sorry………”

“No you’re not!”

“YES! I am! I hurt me just as much to go back to Hawaii but that’s where things make the most sense to me at times!”


“Kari, I’m sorry. I may be a genetically engineered human, but I'm human! And humans make mistakes.”

They were both silent, thinking about each other’s words.

“Have you told him?” Skye finally asked, swallowing her fear.

“No. But he’s going to the concert…………….. Are you? Now that you know he’s going?”

“Yeah. Of course. I’m going to have to see him at some point and time.”

“You gonna pick up Babybunnimon?”

“Yeah. Where is she?”

“Recovering at our house. You might wanna pick her up tomorrow morning instead of tonight. She seemed pretty beat when I left.”

Skye nodded understandingly. “Okay. You should probably go…… They’ll be meeting you at the Concert hall soon.”

“You’re not coming?” Kari asked inquisitively.

“No. Not right now. I’ll be down later.”

“Okay.” Kari replied, then turned to leave. But she stopped to face Skye again.

“Oh and Skye?”


“Good to have you back.” She said, accepting Skye’s explanation.


As Davis walked quietly towards Yolei’s Family Store he made no sounds whatsoever. Which was unusual, and DemiVeemon commented.

“You’re really quiet.”

“Yeah………. I’ve been thinking a lot.”

“About what?”


“Like Chelsey?”

Davis felt embarrassment and shock flow over him. “Errr…… Yeah. How’d you know?”

“I dunno. Just a lucky guess.” He replied, then continued. “Why were you thinking about her?”

“I’m not sure……..” He replied.

“Is it because your sad about being replaced by a strong minded girl who probably fights better than you?”

“WHAT? No! Strong minded maybe but fights better than me? Yeah right.”

“Oh.” Said DemiVeemon.

“How bout you,” Asked Davis. “You sad about being replaced by a better looking dragon Digimon?”

“Better looking?! What are you talking about?!” DemiVeemon asked.

“Whoah. Chill out DemiVeemon, it’s only a joke!” Said Davis.

“Oh.” He said understanding. “Hey Davis! Where are you going?” Called Yolei.

“Hmmmm?” Davis turned. He’d walked straight past the store. ‘Deep thinking does that dude.’ Said his mind.

“Sorry.” He replied.

“Where are the others?” DemiVeemon asked.

“Well,” Began Upamon.

“Tai, Sora, Matt and Joe are already there.” Said Leafmon.

“The same with Mimi and Izzy. But Mimi’s there as editor of Odaiba High’s Newspaper.” Added Patamon.

“Where’s Kari and Gatomon?” Asked Davis.

“Kari went on ahead.” Said TK. “And Gatomon is at home guarding Babybunnimon.”

“Zoe and Tommy have been there setting up. They’re both on junior set up crew.” Said Ken.

Yolei glanced at her watch. “And if we don’t get there soon. We won’t see it at all!”


“Hey Jennifer.” Said Davis, walking up to the others as they all tried to seat themselves according to their proper ticket numbers.

“No Zoe, you go over there. Beside Tommy……….. Oh hey guys.” She replied.

As the others frantically tried to switch seats Davis heard a bit of what they were saying.

“Who’s stepping on my foot?” Asked Matt.

“Oops! Sorry!” Came Izzy’s reply.

“Hey watch it!” Said ChibiDramon.

“Sorry ChibiDramon. ” Replied Seerumon.

“Ooops! Sorry Matt, didn’t mean to push your leg.” Said Mimi.

“Mimi, that wasn’t my leg.”

But Davis didn’t hear the rest. He’d spotted Jun, grasping tightly to Matt’s arm.

“JUN??! What are you doing here?” He asked.

“I was invited.” Jun replied smugly, looking at Matt.

“Don’t look at me.” Said Matt. “Why would I want too?” He said to Davis.

The others took their seats, creating more confusion.

“Wow. The views incredible.” Said Poromon. He was right, they were in center wing!

“Yeah. We must have the best seats in the house!” Said Yolei.

“But Yolei……. This isn’t a house.” Said Poromon confused.

“I believe it’s a form of expression.” said Leafmon.


“But I do agree. The views incredible.” Said Joe. “Imagine falling from here-“

“Ugh…………. Don’t’ even go there Joe.” Said Izzy who looked like he was going to be sick.

The lights dimmed and the millions of different conversations stopped as a hush fell over the hall.

“Does anyone know who the opening act is?” Asked Koromon.

But no one replied.

Ooh hey, yeah

Hush, just stop

There's nothing you can do or say, baby

I've had enough

I'm not your property as from today, baby

You might think that I won't make it on my own

But now I'm........

Stronger than yesterday

Now it's nothing but my way

My loneliness ain't killing me no more

I'm stronger

That I ever thought that I could be, baby

I used to go with the flow

Didn't really care 'bout me

You might think that I can't take it, but you're wrong

'Cause now I'm...

Stronger than yesterday

Now it's nothing but my way

My loneliness ain't killing me no more

I'm stronger

Come on, now

Oh, yeah

Here I go, on my own

I don't need nobody, better off alone

Here I go, on my own now

I don't need nobody, not anybody

Here I go, all right, here I go

Stronger than yesterday

Now it's nothing but my way

My loneliness ain't killing me no more

I'm stronger

The crowd cheered wildly as the girl on stage finished the song. She smiled and waved.

“Thank you.” She said in the mic.

Tai, Davis, Yolei, Ken, Cody, Matt and their Digimon stared in shock. Davis’s jaw dropped.

Tai felt a dry, tightness in his throat. “Skye……” Was all he managed to choke out.


The doorbell ran, and Mrs. Kamiya rushed to answer it, “Who would be stopping by at this time?” She asked herself.

“Hi, is Tai here?” Asked a familiar voice.

Mrs. Kamiya stood in shock for a short moment but quickly recovered. “Uhh….. Yes. Hey Tai…… You’ve got company.”

“I’m not here.” Came Tai’s voice through his door.

Mrs. Kamiya tried to smile then lead Skye into the room to Tai’s door. She left, Skye took a deep breath then knocked.

“I said-” Tai swung the door open. He stared in surprise, then quickly pulled her inside.

He pulled her close and wrapped her in a deep long awaited kiss.

“Wow.” Skye breathed.

“Yeah.” He panted.

“I missed you.” She said hugging him.

“I missed you more.” He replied savoring the moment. He took a deep smell of her hair, still smelling like bubble gum. Just like the first day they had met.

“Tai……… I’m……… I’m sorry.” Skye apologized.

Tai said nothing, his mind reflected on his lonely nights, wishing that Skye would show up at his windowsill.

“I just needed time.” She continued.

He sighed. “I know……… Kari told me……. After the concert.”

“I was going to call.” Skye said.

“Really? I would’ve never guessed.” Said Tai bitterly. He didn’t want to hear a lie, he wanted to truth, he wanted to forgive her, he wanted her back. He looked into her blue eyes, and saw the same sad, frightened expression he’d seen when they’d first gone to the Virtual World.

“Tai….” She said, trying to put the words together.

“It hurt Skye.” Said Tai. “It really hurt.”

“Tai….. I……”

“And at times I wondered if you’d ever come back.”

“You knew I would come back.” She said. “Stop feeling sorry for yourself Tai. You’re not the only one who was hurting. Do you know how hard it was to leave?”

“Skye…..” It was now Tai’s turn for loss of words.

“Did you ever stop to think about anyone or anything besides you and your feelings?”

“I……I…….” Tai stumbled.

Skye suddenly smiled, a warm, forgiving smile. “I’ve been trying to write a song……” She said then said the next things with a small tune to them.

“It’s up to you,

You’ve got to choose.

Are you gonna win?

Or are you gonna lose?

You’ve got to never give up.

Never give in.

And when you fall down,

You’ve got to get back up again.

You know you’ve got to be a fighter

If you’re ever gonna win.

You’ve got to never give up.

Never give in.”

She stared up into Tai’s eyes, trying hard no to cry.

“It’s about our fighting The Darkness. About us.” She said as a few tears began to trickle down her face, but Tai’s eyes still seemed emotionless.

“Skye-” He began as the emotion returned to his eyes. “I never meant for this. There were so many times……. So many times I just wished that you were with me. Just having you in my arms……..”

“I know how you felt.” She replied. Then leaned her face forward again, kissing him, as if the past month and a half had never happened.


"Quick! Run!" Zoe screamed. 'Why did we decided to seperate from the others?' She asked herself. 'Especially since our Digimon can't digivolve past Champion.'

"Why do they always use Meramon!" Said Kari almost whinning.

Zoe passed another tree, and another. They all looked the same. Where were they anyways? Clutching Waturmon, she heard Kari's running footsteps behind her. Further behind they could hear the herd of Meramon's footsteps.

"That's it." Said Skye. "Enough just running away from those evil Digi Destined. It's time to fight!"

"I'd love to agree, but I don't think 2 champions and one rookie are enough to beat 10 Meramon." Said Kari.

"But what if that Rookie digivolved?" Suggested Skye, looking towards Zoe and Waturmon.

They nodded, "Right!"

"Waturmon digivolved to................Moltermon!"

"Lightning Claw!"

"Sea blast!"

"Lightning Shocker!"

The three attacks each hit a Meramon. "We need some reinforcements." Said Skye. She pulled out her D3. "We've got a Meramon problem in the flower forest..." She said as she typed out the message.

"Send!" She said pressing the button and then turned to the others. "How long can we hold them off?" She asked.

"5 minutes at the most." Said Zoe. "At the most."

Gatomon flew backwards, and slammed into a rock. "Gatomon!" Kari cried rushing over to her Digimon.

"This isn't good." Said Skye, looking to Zoe. She nodded. "What can we do?"

"How should I know?!!" Skye replied as their two Digimon fought on.

"There's no way you can-" Skye shook her head. "I may have powers but I'm not that strong."

Zoe nodded, acknowledging. Skye watched nervously as Magimon used her Lighting Shocker again. "Where in the world are the others?" She asked.

Magimon flew backwards, as Gatomon had, and de-digivolved to her In-training. Skye quickly scooped her up.

"We can't hold out much longer!" Said Kari.

"Tornado Wolf Shot!"

Suddenly a bright orange light shot out from behind Zoe, and hit 4 of the Meramon.

"Who in the-" The three girls turned, there stood Tommy next to strange looking Garurumon.

"That's Pupfoxmon! Vixiemon's Champion form, watch yourself cos' his Tornado Wolf Shot will knock you from here to The Real World!" Said Waturmon.

Skye turned, when had Waturmon de-digivolved she asked herself, but quickly let it go.

"Tommy!" She said happily. "You got here just in time!"

He smiled, then turned to PupFoxmon. "Ok, let them have it." He said quietly, almost to the point they couldn't hear him.

"Rrr.... Okay Tommy." Pupfoxmon replied. "TORNADO.............WOLF SHOT!"

"Icicle Stone!" Came another Digimon's cry.

"Exdramon!" said Waturmon.

"With the others!" Said Zoe equally releaved.

"Skye!" Said Tai running over, he noticed the bruise on her knee. The couple hugged, then he said. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. So are the others." She looked to Kari and Zoe. "Thanks to Tommy we're fine."

Chelsey looked over to Tommy cautiously, forgetting her intent to break of Tai and Skye's moment, but forgot when she couldn't find him.

"Where'd they go?"

"Oh well, who cares. Let's go home!" Said Chelsey, ignoring the fact that Tommy had saved the other's lives.

"Something's not right" Said Babybunnimon. Skye nodded, "She's right, there's a weird vibe around here."

"It's probably that Dark Tower over there." Commented Ken.

"I agree." Said Skye, but Tai could tell she wasn't completely sure of herself. "Let's get rid of it."

"Nova Blast!"

"Howling Blaster!"

"Meteor Wing!"

"Electro Shocker!"

"Needle Spray!"

"Harpoon Torpedo!"

"Hand of Fate!"

"Vee Laser!"

"Spiking Strike!"

"Blast Rings!"

"Tail Hammer!"

"Extreme Ice Beam!"

The Dark Tower exploded as the attacks hit it, shattering it into millions of peices. ~~LATER AT A LOCAL RESTAURANT~~

Tai sat silently watching Skye's every move. They sat in a booth, where she looked towards the entrace watching the people come in to the restaurant.

Had they spoken since they'd come in, Tai wasn't to sure. If they had, he didn't remember.

"Sitting there, staring at me like I'm a painting doesn't do much Tai." She said, not even looking at him. How had she known?

"Sorry." He replied.

"You've been saying that ever since we got back from The Digital World." She said, turning to face him.

"Yeah I'm-" But he stopped himself.

Skye raised one eyebrow in confusion but quickly let the situation drop because she knew she wasn't going to get an answer.

"Are you coming to the concert tomorrow? Since I've become so popular in the music area, the girls of Synchromotion gave me some of their time slots. Not that I'm bragging or anything." Skye blushed slightly, it's wasn't like her to brag and she felt embarressed by it.

Tai smiled warmly, watching her facial features. He realized just how breath taking she was, her high cheek bones, her creamy white skin and her flashing dark blue eyes.

He leaned over and gently touched her cheek, then leaned in to kiss her-

"Hey Guys!" Came Chelsey's voice from the entrance. They both looked over, Chelsey stood waving her arm frantically, the other clutching Chibidramon. Davis, Kari, TK, Yolei and Ken all stood with her holding their Digimon.

Chelsey rushed over to the booth and promptly hipchecked Skye out of Tai's way.

"Why you little-" Skye began.

"Hi Tai!" she said cheerily. "How've you been?"

"Uhh...." Tai back off of the table and sat down back in his seat. "Okay. You just saw me 2 hours ago."

The others sat down with them, as the waiter brought over a big plate of Nachos. "See here's what I think." Said Chelsey grabbing a Nacho.

"Those Dark Towers are what's stopping our Digimon from digivolving right?" Tai nodded. "And the towers belong to The Dark Digi Destined right?" She paused, "So then why won't Tommy help us destroy the towers of The Dark Destined?"

"It's his choice." Said Skye.

"What do you mean?" Asked TK.

"It's Tommy's choice if he doesn't want to fight The Dark Destined."

"And what if he's one of them? One of The Dark Destined?" Asked Chelsey.

"He isn't." Said Skye.

"How would you know?"

"Why would he save us if he was?" Replied Skye.

"She's right." Said Kari. "If Tommy was a Dark Digi Destined he wouldn't have saved us. Especially Skye."

"Why?" Asked Chelsey curiously.

"She's The symbol for all that's good and pure in the three worlds. Being The Digital Princess she's the one who controls everything." Explained TK.

Chelsey seemed abit taken by this comment, but she pressed on. "It's some trick. I know it is........."


"Those stupid Digi Destined, always getting in the way." Said The Digital Empress, tossing back her long blond hair.

"They destroyed another Dark Tower." Said the Digital Prince, as they walked through the forest. He turned to his Digimon, Fernimon.


"Well you see master, The Meramon drove them right to it and-" The Digi Empress's whip made a cracking sound as it hit the Digimon. The Blond boy flinched, not wanting to watch his Digimon get hurt.

"You know you shouldn't be doing this." Said a voice. They all turned.

"Tommy, how nice to see you. Oh and thank you ever so much for saving those three Destined from being destroyed." Said The Empress sarcastically.

"I told you I'm not one of your servants."

"You saved them!" Said The Empress angrily.

"Because it was the right thing to do." Tommy paused, "I've told you both that this is the wrong thing to be doing. You're Digi Destined-"

"We ARE NOT DIGI DESTINED!" Said The Empress. "We are not like those quivering little brats."

"Gwe-" Tommy began.

"SILENCE!" She screamed her nostrils flared. "You go on talking about what is good, what is bad, you can do whatever you want. But if you are truly as pure as you say you are, you will never, NEVER say our name's in this world! We are The Dark Digi Destined. And that is all we are!"

Tommy said nothing, then turned to The Digi Prince, "If you know what's truly right, you'll stop this." Then he jumped atop Pupfoxmon and flew off.

"He is becoming an annoiyance." Commented The Digital Empress, looking to her quivering, digimon Kysukamon, "Very annoying indeed...."


White clouds passed by Skye, the wind blowing slightly in her hair.

"Where am I?" She mumbled quietly.

She looked all around her, it wasn't the clouds that were moving, it was her! "What the....." she looked down at herself. A smooth, white, long flowing gown. She knew who she was. "The Digital Princess." She said. A sudden cold rush went by her, she clutched her pale, almost see through shawl. Slowly, a few clouds moved out of her way reavealing a palace.

Skye let out a small gasp, she reconized it........But from where? She needed to find out more.......As she reached out to touch it, it changed.

"No!" She screamed as the darkness crept closer, revealing another vision. An image of Tai, laying on the ground lifelessly.

"No! Tai! No!" She screamed.

The darkness crept closer, and closer, swallowing everything in it's path.

"Stay back!"

Skye's heart hammered in her chest. Her breathing grew faster until she was gasping for air. She tried to scream, but no noise came out. "Nooo!"

Skye screamed and bolted up right. She placed her hand to her head, "It was only a dream." She told hersel. She shook her head, "No a nightmare."

She clutched the sheets, gasping as her room began to take shape again. The desk, the computer. The beside table. She looked to her alarm clock, Saturday.

Skye's heart still hammered against her chest. Her long blue hair matted and damp from the sweat. She pushed it away and took a shuddering breath.

'Another.' She thought, 'Another nightmare.' She paced her thoughts. 'The worst one yet.........A new one..........Why do these dreams haunt me?' She asked herself. Still shaking, Skye drew her knees up and wrapped her arms around them.

A faint sound caught her senses.

Across the shadowy dim bedroom the door began to glide open, whispering almost soundless over the carpeting. An ghostly figure floated into Skye's bedroom.

Skye froze. Her heart raced again, hammering in her head and chest.

'This can't be hapenning!' She thought. 'I'm awake. It only happens in my nightmares!'

The ghostly figure frather into the room. Closer to Skye's bed.

Skye gasped in panic and shoved herself backwards. She scrambled for the blanket to untangle her ankles.

"!" She cried out. "Get away from me!"

"Skye?" Asked a voice. She reconized the voice. It was Tai's! "It's only me." His voice declared.

Skye froze again, "Tai?"

"Yeah." He drew closer to the bed an peered down at Skye with a worried expression. "Are you okay? Sorry if I scared you."

In a rush of emotions she hugged him, not caring about anything else in the world. "Oh Tai." She managed to choke out. He patted her on the head gently. "Shh....It'll be okay...Don't worry...."

When Skye did finally pull herself away, Tai explained, "We have to meet the others in an hour, since you gave me a key I figured I'd drop by." He paused to look at her. "Are you okay? You look like you saw a ghost or something."

"Pretty damn near close." She mumbled.


After a quick shower Skye got dressed and walked into the kitchen where Tai sat at the counter drinking a glass of orange juice.

"There, that's better." She said tugging at her white socks. "Morning."

"Morning." Tai replied. Skye went to the fridge and poured herself a glass of lemonade, then sat down on another of the stools next to Tai.

"You ready to tell me what you saw in your vision?" He asked.

"It was nothing."

"You didn't look like you'd just seen nothing to me." He replied coolily.

Skye bit her bottom lip, she knew she couldn't tell Tai. She couldn't tell anyone. She and Tai both knew any vision Skye got was a preminission of something that was to happen. She couldn't tell Tai what she saw..........

"It wasn't as bad as I thought it was." She lied.

"Fine." Said Tai, "If you don't want to tell me what you saw it's your business." He waited a moment then changed the subject.

"Magimon's been out on the balcony since I got here. She's looking at something."

Skye rose to her feet and walked over to the glass door, pausing a moment to look back at Tai. She pulled the glass door open and stepped onto the balcony.

"You know what I've noticed." Said Magimon.

"What?" Asked Skye.

"Those Dorm towers over there......" Magimon pointed into the direction of Dorm Tower Fire, Water and Earth.

"Yeah.....What about them?"

"Don't they look a little bit like Dark Towers?" Skye was surprised by the comment, but looked harder.

"I guess, but they look alot more like Dark Spirals."

"But you admit there's a strange familarity to them?" Asked Magimon.

"Yeah." Puzzled by her own thoughts, Skye replied.


"Okay, this is how it's gonna go." Said Chelsey pacing around on the Rain forest ground. "We're going to divide up into groups. Even though it didn't work so well last time, we'll be closer together this time so it won't be so hard to get to each other." She paused, then continued. "Okay, TK, Kari and Davis you guys are one group, you take this area."

"But-" Davis began.

Chelsey ignored him and continued, "Yolei, Ken and Cody you're another. you guys take the Koromon village, we know for a fact there's a tower there. Joe, Izzy, Mimi you're all in a group, you guys take the beach side. Skye, Zoe, and me will take the ait. If we see any Dark towers try to destroy them without getting to close. And Matt, Sora and Tai take the forest."

"Izzy updated all of our d3s, and can bow be set to find Dark Towers too. That way we'll know where they all are and how far away we are." Chelsey explained after pulling out her d3.

Skye glanced to Tai, then remembering her vision, turned back nodded. "Right, you heard her. Let's go. This is where we destroyed a Dark Tower so everyone should be able to digivolve to Ultimate."

"Time to let the cat out of the bag!" Said Magimon.

"Magimon digivolved to.........Athenamon!"

"Waturmon digivolved to........Moltermon!"

"Chokomon digivovled to........Exdramon!"

Skye hopped on top of Athenamon. Zoe climbed onto Moltermon's back, and Chelsey threw her self ontop of Exdramon. "Let's go!" She said, and with that, they were off into the sky.


"Everything's pretty calm around here." Commented Zoe, coming up to Skye and Athenamon.

"Yeah, weird." Commented Chelsey. "Not weird......" Said Skye, "something's not quite right....."

Suddenly there was a big explosion of bright green light, and it the three Digimon back. Skye tightened her grip on Athenamon, bracing herself for another.

"What the hell was that?!!" Cried Zoe.

"I think I's-" Began Chelsey.

"The Dark Digi Destined!" Added Skye. "We've gotta move fast."

A big red insect Digimon appeared out of no where. "It's Kwagamon!" Said Zoe.

Then 5 more appeared. "Correction!" Said Skye. "It's 6 Kwagamon!"

"Where are the Dark Keys?" Asked Chelsey squinting.

"It doesn't look like there are any!" Said Exdramon.

"Then we'll have to destroy them!" Said Zoe, fear in her throat.

Skye nodded,"Right."

Suddenly the three d3s began to beep. Zoe pulled her's out. "There's a dark Tower about 2 miles away. Each Tower only controls 1 and a half miles. Let's try to lead them towards it!"

"It's worth a shot." Agreed Chelsey.

"Let's go!" Said Skye, and Athenamon sped off, with Moltermon and Esdramon following quickly.

"Zoe!" Said Skye. "You and Chelsey will have to lead them once we get in the Dark Towers rang, Athenamon will have to go back to Champion then."

"Okay!" Agreed Zoe.

"Almost there............" Skye's adrenaline ran high, and a smile crept on her lips.

"Just a bit more......" But suddenly Athenamon screamed and began to fall. So did Moltermon and Exdramon. The three Digimon dedigivolved and began to fall away from their destined.

They all screamed and reached for their Digimon, but they were all to far away. Skye landed slightly and she fell on to her one ankle.

She cried out in pain, though it probably would hurt a normal person much more. 'Because of my dna I'll heal quickly' She told herself. It still stung though. She looked around dazzed, she felt a presence. Who was it? More importantly where was she? The Rain Forest!

"Skye!" Came Chelsey's frightened cry from behind a tree.

"Skye are you there?!" Came Zoe's voice.

"Zoe! Chelsey! I'm over here!" Skye replied. Chelsey and Zoe emerged from the trees.

"Where are the Digimon?" Skye asked.

"We don't know, we all got seperated." Explained Chelsey as Zoe helped her up.

Frantically Skye looked around. "Babybunnimon!" She called out. No reply.

"Seerumon!" Called Zoe.

"Chibidramon! Where are you?!"


"Oh would you shut up?!" Said a voice.

"Who's there?" Skye called.

"Who else?" Retorted the voice. Suddenly two people appeared.

"You!" Said Skye. "You're The Dark Digi Destined!"

"No!" Said The Digi Empress. "We are The Digital Empress and Prince! Bow to use slaves or face the consequences!"

"Listen girlie." Said Skye. "I'm nobody's slave."

"Yeah! Me neither!" Agreed Chelsey.

The girl brought out a whip a whipped it at them. Both Chelsey and Skye caught on to the wipe and held it, The empress, frightened let go.

"Go, Ichigomon!" Said the girl.

"You too Togelizardmon!"

Two Digimon appeared out of the darkness.

"Meet Ichigomon." said The Empress. "The Champion and much more powerful form of Kysukamon. Beware her Darkness Rocket attack, when she moves at the speed of almost light!"

"And meet Togelizardmon." Said The Digi Princes. "He's the Champion form of Fernimon, and king of The Forest. Watch out for his Ivy whip, it'll wrap you up and throw you out like yesterday's trash!"

"This isn't good." Commented Chelsey.

"You think so?!" Asked Skye sarcastically.

"Guys, if we spilt up, we can find our Digimon and take these guys." Zoe whispered. "Skye, you can walk right?"

Skye nodded, actually her whole ankle was numb. So if it hurt or not didn't really matter.

"Then let's go!"

The three girls ran off in different direction, and The Empress laughed. "Go get them." She commanded.

~~With Chelsey~~

Chelsey ran as fast as she'd always, training with her mother had helped her to acquire a very fast speed, the same way she'd been able to break the locks holding the other digimon a few days earlier. She panted for breath, then stopped to write an email to everyone.

"Damn it!" She cursed as the d3 repeated flashed out of range. "Damn these stupid Dark Towers!"

'Chelsey.........' Said a voice.

"Mom?" Chelsey asked.

'Chelsey..........Trusting is the only way to learn.............' Said the voice.

"Mom?" Chelsey repeated, her face now wet from tears.

'Trust in him Chelsey.........He is the one.........'

Suddenly, she understood, then shaking her head she replied, "No way."

'He's the only one who can help.' Said the voice.

"No!" Chelsey argued. "No he's not!"

'You know he is..........Ask for his help.'

"No! I won't!"

'He is the only one who can save Skye......The one that can garuntee our safety for now.....'

Chelsey nodded, "Fine."

Skye ran as fast as she could, her sneakers pounding on the grass. She stopped to catch her breath behind a tree. But then she heard an evil, menacing laugh.

"Peekaboo!" Said Ichigomon. "Darkness Rocket!" And Skye watched as the tree disentegrated to nothing.

She let out a gasp of shock. Ichigomon smiled, then got ready to attack again.


She said as Skye felt some push her out of the way. They landed on the grass, Skye looked up in to a set of bright blue eyes.

"Tommy?" She gasped.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

Skye nodded. "Yeah, I think so....Where's Pupfoxmon?"

"With the others." Tommy replied getting off of her.

"then you saved me......on your own?" She got up.


"Oh Tommy!" She said and hugged him.

"Enough mushy stuff!" Said The Digital Empress.

They both turned, "Finish them off Ichigomon."

Ichigomon nodded slowly, Skye noted something in the Digimon's face. Fear?

"Yes Mistress."

"Quick!" Said Tommy and he pushed her away.

"Skye Run!" She heard Tommy yell.

"Oh God!" Skye screamed frozen in fright, as Ichigomon's Darkness rocket came right at her.

"REVOLOUTION BOOM!" Screamed a voice.

The blue streak of light crashed into Ichigomon's attack. Skye turned to see Babybunnimon.

"What?!!" Screamed The Empress. "You've won this battle." She said. "But you haven't won the war. We will be back!"

And they dissapeared.

Skye rushed over to Babybunnimon, picking her up.

"Skye!" Tai yelled and ran over to her.

"Are you okay?" She nodded. "Just a major case of deja vu." She replied.

Chelsey walked over to Tommy, where Pupfoxmon had appeared.

"I.........I'm sorry." She said.

"For what?" Tommy asked.

"For doubting you. For not trusting."

Tommy smiled, "Don't worry. I admit it must've looked strange."


"The reason." Said Tommy, "That I didn't want to fight them-"

"Is your own business." Interrupted Chelsey.

Tommy thought for a moment then nodded, "Yeah."

"We should get back. It's 8:00." Said Izzy.

"How's her ankle Joe?" Asked Tommy, walking over to Joe who had been examing Skye's ankle.

"It'll be okay. It was a major sprain from what I can tell, but her bones heal quickly so it might've been a break..........." But Tommy wasn't really listening. After Joe was done Skye rose to her feet again and hugged Tommy.

"Thank you." She whispered in his ear.

"You're welcome." He replied.


The weather was nice, a cool breeze passing by. The sun beated down on Erik Von, giving his body a warm glow. He was average height for a boy of 16 and was well built. He ran his hand through his brown mushroom-cut hair. Raising his paintbrush to his pallet once more to mix the colors, the girl with the blue hair sighed.

"Erik this is silly." Said Skye.

"You've been saying that every 5 minutes." He replied.

"That's because it's true."

"Come on admit it Skye." He said, looking at the canvas while he spoke. "You love having painted pictures of you."

"That may be true, but I'm not to fond of it when I've had to sit in the same position for 2 hours."

"Well my project is very captivating." He said smiling.

"Stop talking, Casa Nova," Said Skye. "Or you might not have a canvas to captivate me with because it'll be smashed through your head."

Erik chuckled, then dabbed is paint brush into the blue he'd just finished mixing.

"Thanks again for helping me out with this project." He said.

"Well when you told me you had to have a portrait done by tomorrow I figured I could help you out. You still procrastinate alot though."

"And you're still as stubborn as ever." He commented.

"Of course I am. I'm Skye. I never change." She replied.


Skye walked in quickly to the apartment building where TK, Yolei and Cody lived. "Where've you been?! You're two hours late!" Said Chelsey.

"My appointment ran late. I'm sorry." Said Skye.

"You okay?" Tommy asked.

Skye nodded. "Sure. Why not? Sorry I'm late." She looked around. "Where's Tai?"

"Skye!" Came Tai's voice, he ran over to her. "Where've you been?" But he didn't give her time to answer. "Are you okay? Why didn't you call? I've been trying to call you for hours!"

"Tai, I told you, I had an appointment. I'm only a little late. ." She paused realizing what she'd said. "Ok, I'm more than a little. But do you know what they call what you're doing?" She asked. "Smothering-your-girlfriend-to-death. Lighten up a bit." She said.

"Skye," Said Tai seriously. "Now that those Dark Digi Destined have met you, it won't take them long to realize who you are."

"So let them realize." said Skye, "But right now, we've got to get to The Digital World to destroy som of those Dark Towers!"


"So why didn't you tell Tai the truth?" Asked Tommy, keeping his eyes the little village of Yokomon they'd found. They'd spilt up again, but into bigger groups. Zoe,Tommy,Skye,Sora, Matt, Yolei and Ken. The other group, Mimi, Izzy, Joe, Davis, because he stuck Chelsey like glue, and Tai because Chelsey stuck to him like glue. The others where repairing the village while Tommy, Vixiemon, Skye and Magimon kept watch.

"What do you mean?" Skye asked, pretending not to understand.

"Why didn't you tell Tai the truth about where you were earlier."

"I didn't think it mattered that much." She replied.

Tommy sighed, giving up. "Are they going through with giving him his own gallery section at school?"

"It's still in the paperwork status."

For a few minutes they said nothing, then Tommy broke the silence.

"You really think it won't bother him?"

Skye shook her head, "What's to be bothered about?"


"Those brats have just destroyed another one of my beautiful towers." Said The Empress.

"So what else is new?" Retorted The Princes.

"I should whip you for that insult," Said The Empress. The boy braced himself, it wouldn't be the first time she'd done it. "But I'm not going to."


"I'm in to good of a mood."

"To good of a mood?"

"That's right." She said. "You heard me, to good of a mood."

"Is it an insane mood?" The boy joked.

The Empress chuckled, "I've found out the identity of our little friends." She walked over to the giant monitor where Ksysukamon handed her a remote.

"The little brat leader is Chelsey Conrad,"

"Strangely, there wasn't much about her in her government file. But I did manage t find out she's an exchange student from North American who's attending Odaiba Elementary."

"From North American, huh?" Commented the boy.

"Her mother must be Japanese and her Father North American, look at her eyes, slightly like our's aren't they?" She paused for The Prince to notice.

"I see."

"Good. Next is Zoe Allsburg, you may reconize her name."

"She attends our School, Infini and lives in Dorm Tower Water. Her sport is Speed swimming."

"I think I reconize her." Said The Prince.

"Yes," Said The Empress, "I believe you met her and Tommy at the opening of The School."

"As you know, Tommy has joined The Team of DigiDestined, and has now agreed to fight against us." She quickly changed to analyzer so that The Prince would not comment. "Next, is our lovely Digital Princess, Skye Galbraith." She said with a sneer.

"You mean the Daughter of Howard Galbraith, who bought Mircrosoft from Bill Gates?" Asked The Prince astonished. The Empress didn't reply. "The Violinist?"

"The one and only," She replied.

"She's the Digital Princess? Well not a bad match if I do say-"

The Empress laughed. "So sorry dear sibling, she's already taken. By The Captain of The Odaiba High Soccer Team, Tai Kamiya."

"An Odaiba student? You've got to be kidding me, she's like royalty. Literally! She should be going out with some one of social status, like myself."

The Empress laughed again, "Maybe you haven't noticed, the only guy she'd go with from Infini would be our dear Friend Tommy."


"There are two others to their team. The Guardian of Curiosity, and The 6th Digi Destined."

"The Sixth Digi Destined?" The Prince inquired.

"The Digi Destined of Fate, The-" But the Empress stopped herself. "Never mind."

"So what do we do?" He asked, still curious about what she had stopped herself from saying.

"I have a plan."

"So spill."

"Well, as you know Skye has recently become a popular music character. Ever since she had her premiere as the opener for Synchromotion." The Prince nodded. "And you know that her friend Matt Ishida is the lead guitarist in Teenage Werewolves. As editor of The Infini High news paper, I'm allowed to post whatever I please." The prince saw the evil grin on The Empress's face and understood immeadiately. He smiled to, his green eyes flashing with evil.


"So Skye," Said Davis, he'd watch Skye and Tommy talk almost the whole time they were in the Digital World, and when she wasn't with Tommy she was with Tai. Though Davis knew Tai would probably pound him into the ground for asking, Davis went ahead anyways. "I was thinking, you know to stop the Dark Digi Destined we should have a plan right?"

Skye nodded slowly, "yeah."

"Well I was thinking maybe, you'd like to come over to my place and we could think of strategies...........and stuff."

Skye blushed, "Davis, I'm flattered but.......... I have plans."

"Huh?" Davis hadn't been expecting this and was completely dumb founded.

Tai stepped up to behind Skye, and wrapping his arms around her waist protectively, he said, "She means with me." Tai was looking Davis right in the eye, 'probably trying to figure why I'm hitting on his girl...' he told himself.

Davis heard someone stiffle a giggle behind them, but he wasn't sure who it was.

"Oh, I didn't-I mean-I...well,"

"It's okay Tai," Skye said. "He's just trying to think how to help the team."

"And himself," Chelsey said as she faked a cough.

The other group members glared at Chelsey, Tai looked at Davis for a moment, then looking back to Skye, "Whatever." He replied.

Suddenly, someone called out to them, "Hey Skye!" They all turned. Erik Von ran up the walk way, his two front blond highlights swaying in his eyes.

"Erik what's wrong?" Skye asked worriedly, unwrapping herself from Tai's clutch. Tai, obviously surprised by this watched with a gwaking fascination. Erik panted, leaning his hands on his knees to catch his breath.

"Nothing." He mananged, "Except The Executive Board loved the paintings of you I did!"

"What?!!" Everyone chorused at once.

"He did paintings of you?" Davis asked.

TK took a step forward infront of Skye, which Davis found odd. Almost as a protective brother.

"Who are you, and why we're you painting pictures of Skye?" He demanded.

"TK," Said Skye putting a hand on his shoulder, "Chill out. This is my friend Erik."

"Erik Von?" TK asked surprised.

Erik nodded, "That would be me."

"I still don't get why he was painting a picture of you," Said Yolei.

"Erik was painting a picture of me earlier today for The Excutive Board to see if they'd actually let him have his own art gallery here."

"Oh my god, Erik! This is fantastic!" Said Skye happily.

"I know. Come on, let's go celebrate!" Said Erik.

"Yeah, that would be-" But Skye stopped, "Oh, sorry Erik, I've got plans tonight."


"I'm..... going on a picnic tonight."

"A picnic at night, but don't mosqitoes come out at night?"

"'s a special place."

"That doesn't have mosquitoes?"


"Interesting place."

"Uh... yeah."

"Well we should get going, Skye." Said Tai grabbing her and pulling her towards him.

"You're going on a picnic with him?"

Skye nodded slowly, "Yeah."

Erik seemed confused for a minute, then said casually, "Okay then," then looked directly to Skye, "I'll see you later."

"Yeah, see ya later Erik."

Erik turned and walked away, but Tai was to angry to notice. "What was that?"

"What was what?" Skye replied.

Tai groaned in confusion and replied, "Never mind."

Skye smiled, releaved. "Okay," She said.


Skye hummed, swaying the picnic basket slightly as she walked. She watched as the green pine trees swayed lightly in the wind, the calm, serene, peacefulness of the area soothed her mind. 'This' She told herself, 'Is what we fight to protect,' Even if at the moment she couldn't help but get the feeling they were being followed. They'd left both they're Digimon at home, watching some tv program.

"This looks like a good spot." Said Tai, interrupting her thoughts.

Skye looked, "Yeah. Perfect."

Tai rolled out the blanket and they sat down on it. Skye opened the picnic basket and handed Tai his cutlery.

"You've been quiet since we got here." He said.

"I haven't had much to say."

"Why not?"

"I don't know."

"Yes you do."

"No, not really."

"You're lying." Tai accused coolily.

'That's it,' Skye decided. 'Enough of this.' "The hell I am." She replied.

Tai seemed taken back by her comment. "Why won't you tell me?"

"It's nothing. And yet you think there is something! Just because I'm quiet for awhile doesn't mean anything!"

"Chill out."

"Why don't you first?"

"Fine." Tai paused. "Listen, I'm sorry, I guess I'm juston edge because of That Erik Guy..."


"You know why."

"Of course I know why. But I want to hear you say why."

"Because your so centered on him."

"I talk to him for five minutes and you call me centered on him?"

"You totally ignored me."

"I did not."

"Did to."

"Oh come on Tai, you just want something to argue about."

"Yeah, what if I do?"

"Then you'll be forced to eat my cooking."

Tai laughed. "Well then, I'll shut up right away."

"Well aren't you two the sweetest things?" Said a voice.

They both stood up and looked around.

"Don't you guys ever take a break?" Asked Skye.

"We don't need to." Said The Empress.

"I highly doubt that girlie."

"Insolent, little brat-" The Empress took her belt, then remembered what had happened last time she'd tried to whip Skye.

"Who do you think you are?" Said The Prince, "Walking into our private forest?"

"One," Said Tai. "It's not private."

"Two," Added Skye, "It's not your's."

"You dare defy me, foolish girl?!" Said The Empress.

"You bet I do, girlie." Skye replied challengingly.

The Empress smiled, than rang a bell. Before they knew it, there were Gardromon everywhere.

"Skye," Said Tai looking to her, "This would be a good time to go."

"Right." Agreed Skye, "I'll clear the path."

Tai nodded, then Skye quickly jumped ontop of one of The Gardromon, hitting it's off button. "I love this kinds." She said jokingly to Tai, then went to another, and another.

"Okay!" Said Tai, "Let's go!"

And the two took off deep into the forest. "After them!" They heard The Empress scream, and they began to hear the pounding of the Gardromon's feet.

"Tai!" Said Skye as she ran.


"I just thought of something." she paused, as she jumped over a small rock. "Those are Gardromon."

"Good observation." Said Tai, teasing.

"Well where you can find Gardromon," she said as she stopped infront of a cliff, "You can find a power house!"

There, infront of them, below the cliff was a big power plant. "Perfect!" Commented Tai. The two slid down the cliff quickly and ran towards the door.

Once in, they stopped, and caught they're breath.

"You think....." Began Tai. "You think we lost them?"

"I..I doubt it."

And they began to run again, "Tai," Said Skye, "You know this place?"

"It reminds me of the power place where we first met Andromon."

"So you think there's an Andromon around here that could help us?"

"If it wasn't controlled by The Dark Digi Destined."

"Well I didn't see a Dark Tower anywhere around here."

"Well, there's hope then."

Then, suddenly there was a guy scream. "What was that?" Tai asked.

And a boy, wearing a black beater and baggy blue jeans emerged. His hair swaying as he ran away from the yellow, fluffly Digimon.

"Erik?" Skye asked surprised.

"Skye?" He asked as he came to a halt.

"What are you doing here?" Skye asked.

Erik blushed deeply, "Well when you told me you had plans at a place with no mosquitoes at night I was a little suspiscious, so I followed you guys here."

"But how'd-" Tai began. Erik held up a lime green d3.

"Where'd you get that?" Tai asked.

"I got it during the summer.... Why?"


"Perhaps, you just have to hold onto it for the princess." Suggested Magimon. Skye frowned, bit her bottom lip, TK could tell she was having troubles choosing. "okay." She finally replied. She walked over to the egg nervously. "Well, here goes." She said, and tried to lift it. The egg didn’t budge either. "Oh, well, to bad." Skye said quickly backing away from the egg. Then suddenly something happened. Five different coloured lights shot out of the egg. A lime green, an orangish yellow, a purple, a dark blue and a another purple. The baby blue one shot towards Skye, while the others dissapeared through the ground, Skye’s digivice started glowing, she pulled it off her skirt and held it against the light. Then suddenly the light swallowed up the digivice and the digivice changed. The light died out and we all still stood there shocked. Skye’s digivice had changed, now into a D3!


"Tai, He's one of us." Said Skye.

"What?" Both Tai and Erik asked.

"When I lifted The Digi Egg of Faith during the summer a bunch of lights shot out of it. One was lime green, just like Erik's D3."

"So this thing is called a d3, huh?" Asked Erik, "And here I thought it was some sort of video game."

"That's what I've been trying to tell you Erik," Said The Yellow puff ball.

"Who's that?" Asked Tai.

"Mon's the name, Lunamon." Erik frowned.

"This female flying ball of fur, is Lunamon. A Digi-whatever, or something like that. She said her attack is boom puff bubbles, whatever that is."

"Oh, boy, do we ever got alot of explaining to do." Said Tai.

"Hi Lunamon." Said Skye, "I'm Skye. And this is Tai."

"I know who you are." Said Lunamon hovering around Skye. "Your The Digi Princess!"

"The Digi what?!!" Asked Erik confused.


"So that's the whole story." Said Skye.

"Wow......How come you never told me?" Erik asked.

"It never came up." Replied Skye.

"We've got to find a computer and get out of here." Said Tai.

"Tai's right. The sooner we get out of here, the less I'll get lost." Agreed Skye.

"Andromon would be the only one who knows where the computers are." Said Lunamon.

"Well let's ask him then." Said Erik.

"Well, you see, there's a little problem...."

The group walked into another room and saw Andromon laying on the floor, face down.

"What happened to him?" Tai asked, probbing the Digimon.

"Would you please stop poking the deranged android?" Said Erik.

"When The Dark Digi Destined came up here yesterday, Ichigomon used her Sleep powder attack to put Andromon to sleep." Explained Lunamon.

"How do we wake him up?" Asked Erik.

"How should I know?" Replied Lunamon.

"Hey guys!" Said Tai, looking at a computer screen.

"What is it Tai?"

"It says here on the computer, 'To wake the sleeping Digimon, one must of curiousity above all the others.' What's the supposed to mean?"

"Go figure." Muttered Skye, "Where's Izzy when you need him...... Hang on! I might just have it!"


"Erik, hand me your D3."

Erik obeyed and Skye inserted it into the slot on the computer. "What are you doing Skye?" Asked Tai.

"Izzy showed me a new program on the DigiWorld Database....... It can analyze any digivice and tell you what crest goes with it. If I'm right, all we need to do is analyze Erik's D3."

"So you think when they were talking curiousity they meant a crest? That might belong to me?" Asked Erik.


"Couldn't we just look for it on our Digivices?" Asked Tai.

"It wouldn't work." Explained Skye, "There's to many computerized stuff around here."

They waited a minute. "Hurry up Skye, those freaks could be here any minute." Said Erik.

"There! It says that.........Erik's D3 is a match for The Crest of Curiosity!"

"Does it say where we can find it?" Asked Erik.

"At the discovery of the Lunar Digimon." She turned to Lunamon. "Lunamon, your a Lunar Digimon right?"


"Then take us where Erik first found you."

"Okay, let's go!" And the group took off, running for a couple of minutes until they took a final turn and walked into what looked like a laboratory. Lunamon and Erik led them to an empty whole in the ground. There laying in the middle of the whole was a green crest, and next to it a tag.

Erik picked up the tag, and looked at it, then reaching for the crest it began to glow and float towards the Tag. It melted itself in and then stopped glowing.

"Come on, let's get back to-"

"Not so fast." Said The Empress, as The Prince and both Ichigomon and Togelizardmon stood behind them.

"You again?!" Asked Skye. "Now we're ready for you, and your not getting away."

"Erik, you've got to make Lunamon digivolve." Said Skye.

"How?" Erik asked. "Ivy Whip!" "you've got to put all your strength into believing in her!" Said Skye as she dodged Togelizardmon's attack.

"Okay then...." Said Erik.

"Lunamon digivolved to...........Lunamon!"

"Why didn't it work?" Asked Erik.

"I'm not sure, but we need to make a break." Said Skye.

"Right, on the count of three."

"1,2,3!" And they ran off, back to the control room where Andromon lay.

Erik held out his tag, panting for breath, while the green ligth shone brightly and opened Andromon's eyes.

"Andromon!" Said Lunamon.


"You've got to open the portal!"

"The portal? To the real world?"

"Yeah, and you've got to do it quick." Said Skye.

"Princess?" Asked Andromon.

Skey nodded, "As you command my princess." Said Andromon as he connected himself to the computer.

"Quick!" Said Tai.

"I will close the gate once you've gone!" Said Andromon.

"But you'll be....." Lunamon began, but then slowly nodded. "Okay."

They traveled back to the real world, and the last thing Lunamon heard Andromon say was, "Good luck Lunamon! Let curiousity be your guide!"


It took six whole hours

And five long days

For all your lies to come undone

And those three small words

Were way to late

Cos' you can't see that I'm the one?

Skye finished of the song, the crowd cheered. "Thank," She said into the mic. They cheered louder, "Thanks. You guys have been a great crowd. Let's give it up one more time for my new lead guitarist....... Erik Von!"

Erik played a scale on his electric guitar, and waved to the audience. The girls in the room all screeched. Skye let out a laugh, then said, "And see you all next time!" She waved, then walked off stage with the band.

"Great concert Skye." Said Miki Kamoto as she walked up to them.

"Thanks Miki." Said Skye, reaching for a waterbottle. She felt someone watching her, but couldn't see who.

"You too Erik," Miki added.

Erik blushed, "Uh.... yeah, thanks." He managed to stammer. 'He still isn't used to be popular.' Skye laughed inside, 'He's more famous than me and still get's fan fright.'

"Hey Erik!" Called Jun Motomiya as she ran towards them.

"Oh man," Skye murmured under her breath.

"Hi!" Said Jun.

"Uh, hi." Said Erik awkwardly.

"I'm Jun Motomiya. And I'm sooooo totally your biggest fan!"

"Gee... thanks."

"Could you sign my shirt?"

"Could I what?"

"Could you sign my shirt." Jun repeated.

"Uhh... sure I guess."

"Great!" Jun said as she thrusted a black marker into Erik's hand.

"There's alot of signatures." He commented.

"I know, I get all the cute boys to sign it."

"I noticed." Said Skye, dryly.

"What are you being an ice queen about Skye, you don't see Tai's name on my shirt do you?" Ask Jun.

"For your sake and his, he better not be on there."

"Hey," Said Tommy walking over to them with the others. "What are we talking about?"

"Nothing much." Said Skye, still trying to shake the feeling that she was being watched.

"Are you all going to Matt's concert tomorrow?" Asked Miki.

"Yeah, pretty much." Said Sora.

"Cool. So I'll see you guys there. I gotta go." Miki grabbed her bag off of the couch.

"Okay, see ya." Said Jennifer.

"Oh and Mimi," Said Miki. "Congratulations on making editor." And with that she was gone.

"Editor?" Asked Erik confused.

"I'm now the official editor of The Odaiba High News daily." Said Mimi.

"Oh Meems, that's way cool!" Said Skye.

"And my first article is gonna be about your concert!" Said Mimi going with the enthusiasm.

"Wha....what?!!" Asked Skye surprised.

"It's gonna be a couple of articles about you on the front page. And of course Erik and the rest of the band too."

"That'll be cool." Said Erik.

"Yeah.... I guess so." Said Skye.

'Now who's got fan fright?' Asked her mind.


"So what's this new plan?" Asked the Digital Prince walking into The Empresse's room.

"It's perfect, it's brilliant, it's........ me."

"And modest at that." The boy said sarcastically.

The Empress glared, then continued, "Well, as you saw earlier tonight at that concert, Mimi Tachikawa announced that for her first publication she was going to post a few articles about Skye and her band."

The Prince nodded, "Yeah, so?"

"Well, seeing as I am the Editor of The Infini student paper, I can post whatever I want."


"So what if I was to post an article, saying how Skye's dear friend Matt Ishida is taking the new rivalary."

"That's perfect!" Said The Prince.

"Of course it is." Said The Empress, "I thought of it."


"Would you look at this?!" Said Matt, slamming a copy of Infinitralite's student paper onto the table where his friends sat.

"What?" Asked Sora, and picked up the magazine.

"Is Matt Jealous?" Sora read surprised.

The others gathered around it, "Wow," commented Izzy.

"Matt, this is horrible." Said Sora.

"I know."

"Can you imagine what this is going to do to your career too?" She pointed out.

"She's right." Said Tai, "It's been a neck and neck tye since Skye gave that concert, this might be the little edge she needs to beat Matt's band."

"Am I jealous? What kind of crap do these people write!" Said Matt outraged.

"Matt, chill out." Said Mimi, walking over to them. "Here, read my first publication." She said as she handed him a copy of their school's newspaper.

"Bah!" Said Matt and smacked it away. "This is her doing. I'm gonna get her back for this." Then stormed off. "Matt!" Called Jennifer. "Matt, come on Matt...." As she ran after him.

"What's his problem?" Asked Mimi. Sora handed her the Infini high newspaper.

"This is horrible." She commented.

"And it's only going to get worse." Said Tai.


"Have you see what our school has published for a newspaper lately?" Said Zoe, walking into the room.

Skye shook her head, "Nope, anything interesting?"

"I'll say," Zoe handed the newspaper.

Skye read quickly. "This is not good." She commented.

"You got that right." Said Tommy.

"Well atleast Mimi did a nice article." Said Zoe handing her a copy of Odaiba High's newspaper.

"yeah, this is good." Said Skye, then picked up the other, "But this is not."

"So what do we do?" Asked Chelsey.

"Let it go, Matt won't be bothered by it. So why should we?"


"Stop your whining Matt, it's just one article." Said Skye.



"So? So? Skye, you don't seem to grasp how bad this is gonna reflect on my band." He paused. "Or maybe, that's what you want."

"What?" Skye asked confused.

"Yeah, that's it." Said Matt, "You want The Teenage Werewolves to look bad, that way you and your pathetic band get all the credit."

"Matt, that's crazy." Said Erik.

"You stay out of this painter boy." Said Matt. Suddenly everyone began to talk at once.


"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Screamed Chelsey. Everyone shut up.

"This is crazy!" She said, "We're ready to rip eachother's heads off! Now what we have to do, is chill out and talk this over." She waited for someone to say something, but nothing happened so she continued. "Personally, I've got a hunch someone's trying to get under our skin. To get us against eachother. I mean how obvious can you get?"

Skye thought for a minute, "I hate to agree with her, but it does seem kinda right."

“Whatever.” Said Matt grudgingly.

“Come on!” Said Chokomon. “If you guys can’t get along in the digital world, how are we ever going to beat the Dark Digi Destined?”

Matt said nothing, and neither did Skye. “Listen.” Said Chelsey. “I think the best thing right now is for everyone to cool off.” Several people chorused in agreement. “So let’s split up for now, Tai, Matt, Sora, Mimi, Joe, Izzy, Cody, TK and Kari in one group. Davis, Yolei, Ken, Tommy, Zoe, Skye and me in another. There’s safety in big numbers.”

“Okay.” Said Yolei. "Let's Go."


"I'm tired!" Whined Lunamon, hovering down to rest against a tree.

"I agree." Added Erik.

"Me too." Said Magimon.

"Yeah, I'm a little tired too." Skye said taking a seat.

"We should probably rest." Said Zoe slowly.

"Yeah, we don't want to zap up all of out Digimon's engery." Agreed Tommy with a tired grin.

"I'm soooooooo thirsty..." Panted Davis.

"And hungry...." Agreed Yolei.

"Yeah........" said Davis, "sooooooo hungry...."

"Speaking of hungry." Said Tommy. "I must be dreaming, because I smell food." The others sniffed, catching a whiff of the wonderful smell.

"Mmhmmmm.... smells like roast beef...." Said Davis.

"And rice balls!" Added Veemon.

"Taco salad!" Said Skye happily.

"Come on!" Said Skye, pointing towards the smell, then began to run. The others followed in quick pursuit until suddenly, Skye stopped infront of a lake.

"Look!" Said Magimon pointing. "That's Digitamamon Restaurant!"

"FOOD!" Chelsey said excitedly then ran off towards the restaurant, waiving her arms in the air frantically.

"Well." Said Tommy, "That's certainly one way to get there faster." And followed.


"Mhhmm." Said Erik, patting his lips with his napkin. "That was good."

"I agree." Added Lunamon.

"How would you know?" Erik asked, "You inhaled more food than Skye and Chelsey together!"

Skye and Chelsey, who were both still pigging out on food looked up from their plates, "Hey!" They both protested, then went back to eating. "See what I mean?" Said Erik as the others laughed. Digitamamon approached the table, and placed a peice of paper on the tables. "Here's your bill."

"But weren't not finished eating yet!" Said Chelsey, a peice of lettuce sticking out of her mouth.

"Yes you are." Replied Digitamamon, then walked away.

"Well," Said Tommy pulling out his wallet, "Oops."

"What?" Zoe asked.

"I'm all out of money."

"Well that's no problem-" Said Erik pulling out his wallet, but Lunamon stopped him. "Here we use Digi-Dollars." She explained.

"Digi-Dollars?" Erik repeated, confused.

"It's like normal money, except Digimon money." Explained Skye, "I thought this place took normal money now though."

Waturmon shook his head, "Nope, Digitamamon changed it back to Digi-Dollars."

"Well," Said Magimon. "Anyone got any Digi-Dollars?"

"I do," Said Chelsey pulling out her wallet. But there was nothing there. "What the-" She mumbled confused.

"That's sure alot of money there Chels," Said Chokomon.

"Ha, ha." Said Chelsey dryly, "When we left home we had plenty of Digi-money...." Her voice trailed off.

"So what now?" Vixiemon said.

"We ask nicely?" Suggested Erik. Chelsey shook her head, "No. Digitamamon made Joe work at this restaurant to make his bill. Him and Matt ended working here for a week."

"But what can we do?" Asked Zoe.

"Fear not!" Said a voice. They all turned, "I'll pay the bill!!!" Said the boy with wavy blond hair. "Micheal!" Said Yolei happily.

Another boy appeared beside Micheal, his pale blue eyes shinning, "And I'll stand a watch!" "Willis!!" Skye squealed.




Skye jumped from her seat in the booth and hugged Willis.

“Oh my gosh, what are you doing here?” She asked excitedly.

“Well, Terriermon told me about The Dark DigiDestined so I called up Micheal and we came here to see if you needed any help leading the troops.”

“hey!” Said Chelsey, “They’re my group! I’m the leader!”

Willis shrugged his shoulder then turned back to Skye, “Anyways, how bout Micheal pay your guys’s bill then we go bash some Dark Towers?”

“Sounds good,”

The group walked over to the cashier where Micheal payed for the groups meal, they walked towards the door, Chelsey grabbed the door handle and was suddenly flung backwards.

“What in the-“

There, standing at the doorway were two figures and Digimon. “Hey watch it buddy!” Chelsey said and rose to her feet.



Chelsey stood face to face with The Digital Empress, “Okay, that’s it.” Said Chelsey.

“We’re gonna settle this once and for all,” She paused, “even if my food isn’t.”

Everyone moved outside, “Prepare to get your evil digi-butt’s kicked!” Said Chokomon.

“Chokomon digivolved to……EXDRAMON!”

“Vixiemon digivolved to…..PUPFOXMON!”

“Waturmon digivolved to….SILVERMOLTERMON!”

“Veemon digivolved to…..EXVEEMON!”

“Wormmon digivolved to……STINGMON!”

“Hawkmon digivolved to….AQUILLAMON!”

“Betamon digivolved to….SEADRAMON!”

“Terriermon digivolved to….GARGOMON!”

“Hey!” Said Skye, “He’s got pants now! Cool!”

“Lightning Shocker!”

“Icicile Stone!”

“Millenium Ocean!”

Each attack barely hit The Dark DigiDestined. “Za-Digi Prince! I think it’s time we take our leave!” Said The Digital Empress.

“But I haven’t eaten yet!” The Boy whined.

“And neither have our Digimon.” She retorted.

“Oh.” Said The Prince.

“We’ll see you next time then DigiDestined, and trust me, we’ll win next time!” Then, our of nowhere, an airdramon appeared and they hoped on it, and flew away into the distance.

“Oh man,” Said Chelsey, “We almost had them!”


“Skye! Hurry up, or you’ll be late for rehearsal!” Magimon hollered through Skye’s door.

“Hmmmm? What? Who? Why? Oh shut up and let me sleeeeeeep!” Came her sleepy reply.

“No way, I already let you sleep in an extra 2 hours. What are you doing, hibernating?” Magimon asked. “Not even Frigimon sleep as much as you!”

“EXTRA 2 HOURS?!!!!!!” Skye screamed in shock. “YOU LET ME SLEEP IN AN EXTRA 2 HOURS!!???? Are you psycho?!!!” She asked climbing out of bed. “Not really, just to lenient obviously. I thought since Odaiba Elementary canceled classes to day you’d get up early but no…..” She replied.

“Soooo incredibly funny.” Skye drolled. “I’m jumping into my shower, I’ll be out in five minutes!” She hollered before running into her bathroom.

“And she’s the ruler of the Digimon?” Commented Magimon, then walked away.


“Sorry I’m late Zoe,” Skye said running into the backstage room.

“That’s okay,” Said Zoe, “We’ve got a problem anyways.”

“Like what?” Skye asked.

“Hey, okay. They’re ready to talk to us.” Said Tommy as he walked over to Zoe. “You left Magimon at home right?” Tommy asked.

Skye nodded, “Yeah, but what’s this all about a problem?”

Tommy took a breath, “Well that girl group, Synchromotion says they had the hall booked today for something or other.”

“But we have it booked today!” Said Skye.

“Exactly,” Said Tommy. “And in the books, it says no one’s got it booked.”

“That’s impossible!” Said Skye. “I called the place myself, I checked with the class music master…. Oh what was her name….” Skye frowned, “Anyways, I did call a book it.”

“No you didn’t.” Said A girl over by the curtains. They turned. The girl had wavy bleach blond hair, a pair of red sunshades on top of her head. She wore a matching Chinese style shirt and a short, short black skirt.

“I called personally.” She said walking over to them. She looked at Skye, who wore her hair up in a lazy ponytail, a dark blue tank top with an orange star on the front and a pair of dark blue track pants. ‘Oh great,’ Skye thought cringingly. ‘I’m being judged.’ The girl was about to say something, but another showed up. Her hair was light brown, though you could barely tell because of the red baseball cap she wore backwards. If it weren’t for the two strands at the front Skye would’ve thought she was bald. She wore a blue v-neck shirt with green trim. Her blue jeans were three sizes to big, but it looked good.

“Hey,” She said, and stuck out her hand to shake Skye’s. “I’m Serena,”

“Hi,” Said Skye, “I don’t think I met any of you, when I did the opening.”

“That’s because,” Said The other girl, “We don’t meet amatures,”

“Cynthia!” Said another girl, she had short dirty blond hair and mysterious blue eyes. She wore a normal green tshirt with blue and white stripes. “Hi, I’m Star. I don’t think we met, but I stuck around for your show and you kicked major.” Skye blushed a little and smiled, “Thanks.”

“What we all talking about?” Asked another girl as she walked over to them. This one had dark black hair, tied up into to pigtails. The strands of her hair swung on her face as she walked. She wore a dark red tube top and black track pants. “Hi,” She said, “The name’s Natalie.”

“Can we please get back on topic!!” Said Cynthia, Skye had already assumed her as the leader. And she’d been right.

“We’ve got a matter to discuss. And personally, I think we should get the hall because we’re more important.”

Skye tried to remain calm, “That may be the case, you but you don’t have a concert tonight, and I do. Therefore I need to practice.”

“Yeah you need practice alright,” Cynthia scoffed.

“CYNTHIA!” The other girls all snapped at once.

“Sorry about that.” Said Serena.

“No problem,” Replied Skye, “I’ve heard worse.” She smirked. “So why do you guys need the hall today?”

“We’re having auditions.” Natalie replied.

“Auditions?” Zoe asked confused.

“For our fifth member.” Said Star.

“Oh… I see.” Said Tommy.

“Well,” Said Skye. “We can cut my rehersal down to half an hour. Then you can start you auditions.”

“Hmm…” Said Natalie. “Group meeting.” The four girls huddled around in a circle. They all whispered a bit then turned to face the group again. “deal.” Said Serena smiling.


“This oughta be interesting.” Said Jennifer, taking a seat in the balcony. She was the only girl in the whole audience, almost all the boys from Odaiba had come to watch the auditions. She sat down beside Joe.

“JOE?!” She asked surprised.

“Jennifer?” Joe asked.

“You’re the last guy I would think to see here.” She commented.

Joe blushed, ‘What can I say?’ He asked himself. ‘I can’t tell her the truth about Skye’s condition.’ ‘You can’t call it a condition,’ His conscience said. ‘You still can’t figure out why she fainted last night….’

“I couldn’t help myself.” He finally said.

“Excuse me,” Said a voice on the microphone. It was Serena, a girl from Synchromotion. ‘But why is she here?’ Joe asked himself. “We’ve had a little situation. We’ve accidentally double booked the hall today with our old opening act, Skye. So she’s gonna do her rehersal for her concert tonight. You guys are welcome to watch and wait, or leave for now and come back in around half an hour.” No one moved, then all the girls sat down to watch. “Okay then,” Said Serena and walked off stage.

The stage’s background black, then slowly, strands of blue, purplish colour, appeared, wavering gently, looking like the northern lights. Slowly the music started. And Skye appeared walking slowly on stage with her background dancers.




















































“That was great Skye!” Said Zoe as Skye walked back stage. “You were giving it your all, just like at a concert!”

Joe walked towards them, “Hey,” he said. “Are you okay?” Zoe walked away, confused.

Skye nodded and sat down on a couch, “Yeah,” She took a big sip of her water. “Just a little tired.”

“Skye, as your doctor consultant you need to tell me what’s going on.”

“I…. I know Joe. It’s just that…..”


DarkMagickmon, NOW!" Instructed The Mistress.

"Twirling Twister!" Suddenly a rope shot out and wrapped itself around Tai. He was pulled over to the other side of the Hot Spring.

"Tai!" Called Agumon.

The Mistress of Destruction laughed evilly.

"There’s nothing you can do to stop me. Don’t even bother trying!"

"Tai! Should I digivolve?" Agumon asked.

"No." Tai managed to choke out as the rope tightened around his neck. "Don’t!" He preyed at the rope.

"WHAT?" We all asked in surprise.

"I know Skye’s in there. I saw her."

"Nonsense! Skye no longer exists in this body!"

"You know it’s true! You may have her body but I can still feel her. I know it!"

"your willing to die for your belief?" She asked surprised, she was staring him right in the eye now.

"Yeah, I love Skye. I trust her with my life."

The Mistress of Destruction’s expression softened.

"Tai?" She asked, her tone changed. It was softer, more soothing.


"Tai, what’s happening to me? I can’t control myself I-" She let out a terrifying scream of agony and clutched her head. I noticed the charm around her neck was glow a dark black.

"Please! No! Leave him alone! Don’t hurt him!" She pleaded, then let out another scream. With that, she and DarkMagickmon disappeared. Tai fell to the ground.


“I just need to catch up on my sleep.” She said trying to smile.

“If you say so,” Said Joe, even though he knew she was lying.

“Hey.” Said Serena, “You did great out there.”

“Thanks,” Said Skye. “Serena, this is my friend Joe. Joe this is Serena.” Joe’s face flushed, and Serena smiled coyly. “Hi.”

“Listen,” Said Serena, sitting down beside Skye. “I know you didn’t actually audition and all. But if no applicants work out, do you want to be in the band?”

Skye smiled and tried not to scream in excitement. “Yes!” She exclaimed excitedly. Then calmed down, “Uh, yeah. That would so cool.”

“Great. You should stick around you know. There are some really good applicants.”

“Ok, Thanks.” Said Skye, and Serena walked back to the curtain.

“Joe!” Said Skye, “She just-ah! My god! Eeee!!!” Skye couldn’t contain her excitement. “Yeah, I was there.” Joe replied. They made there way back to Jennifer.

“Hi,” Said Skye as she sat down beside her.

“Hi.” Replied Jennifer.

“Okay,” Said Serena taking the microphone. “Next is, Gwen Tsukata.” A girl stepped onto the stage, her blond hair tied up in a bun. She had wide frame glasses which she pushed up with her finger then nodded to the people in the sound booth.

Demons come from every side

(in the darkness is the light)

Pulling me on a downwards slide

(in the darkness is the light)

Getting hot he deeper I go

(in the darkness is the light)

Into the darkness down below

In the darkness is the light!

I live my life in one straight line,

The Future ahead and the past behind

Don't wanna go back to yesterday

But I don't know how long I can run this way

Jungle heart with tangled vines,

(in the darkness is the light)

I'm tangled up in my own lies,

(in the darkness is the light)

A creature there in darkness lies

(in the darkness is the light)

Why is it that he has my eyes?

In the darkness is the light!

I live my life in one straight line,

The Future ahead and the past behind

Now I can walk like a never knew

And they tell me the only way out is through

They say the truth will set me free,

Treating me down here on my knees,

But just when I thought I lost my sight,

I catch a glimpse of that beautiful light!

I live my life in one straight line,

The Future ahead and the past behind

Don't wanna go back to yesterday

But I don't know how long I can run this way

This girl's walked on fire and ice,

But I come out on the other side of Paradise.

In the darkness is the light!

Her voice was nice, but no one clapped. “Deep song,” Commented Skye. Joe nodded, “Yeah, really deep.”


“Okay,” Said Cynthia into the microphone. “We’ve made our decision.” She paused, “I know you guys weren’t expecting this, and it doesn’t seem really fair, but we brought it down to two people. Skye Galbraith and Gwen Tsukata.” A bunch of girl just sighed and mumbled something about next time.

“Then, after much discussion we decided that……….Skye Galbraith will be the new member of Synchromotion!” Skye smiled and tried to keep her composure.

Blow in the seats Gwen Tsukata scowled angrily at Skye, a scowl that sent chills down her spine.


“That’s great Skye! I can’t believe it!” Said Tai, happily.

“Yeah, congratulations!” Said Davis.

“Now we’ll get to see you in concert more often!” Said Veemon.

“you got that right Veemon.” Said Skye, “A lot more.”

“Yeah,” Said Matt slowly. “Congratulations.”

“Thanks Matt,” She paused, “It means a lot to me coming from you.” Matt smiled, and Jennifer frowned at the situation.

“So,” Said Jennifer, “Let’s get to destroying those Dark Keys, shall we?”

“Right,” Agreed Skye. She didn’t see the glaring looks Jennifer gave her.


“List Skye,” Said Athenamon. “Are you sure this Synchromotion thing is a good idea?”

“Of course it is.” Said Skye, “It’s a great opportunity. Besides, people will get to know me more, rather than when I was playing the violin.”

“Your still famous for playing the violin Skye,” Said Athenamon, “I’m just wondering if exposing yourself to a whole bunch of people is gonna be okay.”

“I can handle it,” said Skye. “Trust me.”

“Hey Skye! Athenamon!” Davis called as Raidramon flew towards them, “Yolei spotted a Dark Tower about 50 miles ahead, come on.”

“Right behind you.” Said Skye.

“That’s really cool about you getting the gig with Synchromotion.” Said Davis.

“Yeah,” replied Skye, “It’s fantastic.”

“What’s your dad gonna say when he finds out?” Asked Davis.

“I don’t know. I don’t see my dad very often. Infinitralite High School is just another way for my dad to send me off somewhere.” She replied casually.

“Oh,” Said Davis surprised, “Bummer.”

“Hey look!” Said Athenamon! “Over there.”

“Okay then!” Said Skye, “Let’s do it!”

“Cosmic blade!” The attack hit the Dark Tower but nothing happened.

“What the-?” Skye mumbled confused. Suddenly a net flew up and over Skye. “Gotcha!” Said The Digi Empress. As Skye and Athenamon were pulled to the ground. “Skye!” Said Davis. “I’ll go get the others!” Davis flew off.

The Digi Empress laughed, “I’ve got you know, you little brat.”

“Let us go.” Skye said, trying to find her way out.

“Ha!” Said The DigiEmpress “Fat chance of that.”

“Digi Empress!” Called a voice. She turned, Tommy and Pupfoxmon stood behind them. “Tommy!” Sadi Skye.

“I’m sorry Master!” Said Kysukamon. “They got past me.”

“Worthless digimon.” The Empress muttered.

“Let them go.” Said Tommy.

“Like I said to her, Fat chance of that.” The Empress replied.

“Let them go, or face the consequences.” Said Pupfoxmon.

The Empress laughed, “Whatever happened to fighting is a last resort Tommy?” She said.

“This is-“

“Nova blast!”

“Hand of Fate!”

“Lightning claw!”

“Have no fear!” Said Davis, “The cavalry’s here!”

“No!” Said Gwen, “This can’t be happening! My plan, my plan was so perfect!” She gaped for a moment, then clapped her hands twice. Suddenly, and airdramon appeared and scooped her and Ksyukamon up and flew away.

“I’ll get you digi destined! And your little Digimon too!”


“Standing on a rocky cliff of Ireland, with a medieval castle in the distance, rising out of the morning mist.” Said Skye wistfully.

“Good once Skye.” Said Zoe, then closed her eyes and thought for a moment. “Maui,” She said rolling the word over her tongue to savour the exotic sound of it. They were sitting on a bench in one of Infini High’s courtyards, waiting for the others to show up, while playing the spring break version of ‘Anywhere-but-here’.

“Trust me, Maui isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.” Said Skye, “people everywhere.”

“Topless guys everywhere.” Zoe added.

“You’ve got me there.” Skye replied, “But you get to see that everyday at the pool don’t you?”

“Yeah,” Agreed Zoe, “But they’re all in speedos.”

“Ugh.” Skye replied.

Zoe nodded, “yeah.”

“Are they here yet?” Came Waturmon’s muffled voice from inside Zoe’s swim bag.

“No.” Zoe replied.

“But it’s hot in here!” Waturmon whined.

“Not as hot as it is out here.” Magimon said, laying in the shade of the bench.

“Hey!” Called Davis. Ken, Yolei, Kari, TK, Cody, Izzy, Joe and Tai walked over to them. “Hey.” Said Tai casually, and kissed Skye on the forehead. “What’s the what?”

“We were talking about spring break.” Said Skye. “The any-where-but-here thing, which makes money no object.”

“Fort Lauderdale or Daytona Beach,” Said Davis, his gaze drifting into the distance. “As Willis explained to me once. Hard to beat the classics.”

“And visions of bikini-clad supermodels danced in his head.” Remarked Skye. “A chinning example of the typical adolescent male’s one-track mind.”

“Who said anything about bikinis?” Said Davis, then quickly added, “But why day dream?”

Zoe shook her head. “I was assigned a term paper today, for A.P History. Lottery type topics. We lose a whole letter grade if we switch.”

“You get homework on Saturdays?” Asked Yolei, a petrified look on her face. Skye smirked, “The price you pay for living on school grounds my friend.”

“It’s no big, Zoe.” Said Joe. “You can ace any topic. Your almost as smart as Izzy.”

“That’s the problem.” Said Skye.

“What?” Asked Joe, puzzled. Zoe sighed, “My topic is history of Highton View Terrace.”

“Okay, as picks go that’s a little broad.” Said TK. “But Highton View Terrace is just a little burg. What’s the problem? Just avoid mention Digimon.”

“She’s undecided.” Skye said.


“Well,” Said Zoe, “Should I use the term ‘Digital Princess’ in my thesis statement or save it for the big conclusion?”

“I see your problem.” Said Izzy. “But everyone knows a little bit about Digimon.”

“But only a little,” replied Zoe. “And our new enemies could come show get their hands on my project like they did with The School Newpapers, we could all be sitting ducks. And even if they mananged not to, there’s still bystanders. Like Owikawa.”

“Somehow it’s a bad thing to know too much.” Said Kari. “Freaky.”

“If I were you Zoe. I’d take the B.” Said Davis. “It’s still a good mark.” He paused. “I’ve got just the thing to take your mind off your problem.” And he removed a flyer from his back pocket.

“Have you guys seen this? New band at the Concert Hall. Special thing.”

Skye pulled the flyer out of his hand, examining the black and white photocopied images of the band under the name of Gold Rush. “Davis, this is an all girl group wearing leather…… Well actually, not all that much leather.”

“So is Synchromotion.” Replied Davis.

“I disagree,” Said Izzy. “Their strips of leather are more strategically placed.”

“Hey,” Said Joe, “That’s not funny you know.”

“Oh come on Joe, you only agree because Serena’s in that group.” Said Bukumon. Joe’s face flushed, luckily for him Skye covered. “I resent that as I member of the strategically placed leather group I’m against that.” She smiled, “Besides, it’s only Cynthia who wears clothes like that.”

“And that’s why she’s got the largest portion of fans.” Said Izzy.

“Not for long.” Replied Skye.

“Oooo…. Jealous?” Teased Tai.

“No, just telling it as it is.”

“Hey guys!” Called Erik’s voice. Erik, Tommy and Chelsey walked up to them.

“Where’s Matt, Sora and Mimi?” Asked Kari.

“Mimi’s working on a new layout out for the school newspaper. Matt’s at band rehearsals. Sora’s got a phennis match.” Said Chibidramon. “Whatever that is.”

“That’s tennis Chibidramon!” Said Chelsey, “Tennis!”

“Same difference.” Replied Chibidramon.

Skye smiled. She knew things weren’t going good between Sora and Matt. She’s come to learn that they’d been going out, but then Sora still had a thing for Tai and that caused Matt to break it off right before Skye showed up, and the whole adventure began. Sora’s sister Jennifer was now the only one not in the loop. Jennifer had been on an exchange program both times the Digimon appeared in the real world.

“So,” Said Magimon jumping onto Skye’s lap. “Are we gonna get going or what?”


“So Izzy,” Said Yolei grabbing a pop from the cooler, “How are we doing on the destroying dark towers front?”

“Quite well actually,” Said Izzy, tapping away at his computer. “We’ve destroyed 10 dark towers in the past hour.”

“Of course we have.” Said Tai, “We kick major dark digidestined butt. Right Skye?” He turned to the beach where Skye sat with Ken, quietly sipping their pops. But the group was too fartway to hear what they were saying.

“So you’ve seen it too?” Skye asked.

Ken nodded. “Yesh, it was were Sam’s digivice turned into my D3.” He explained.

“Oh.” Said Skye disappointed.”


“No!” Skye screamed, trying to break free as LadyPiedmon pushed her into the water. So cold, so dark, so painful. Skye’s lungs choked and ached for air as the evil digimon held her under the dark water. Wearing a smile on her face, an evil smile.


“So, do you still see it?” Skye asked. “Or dream about it?”

Ken shook his head. “No. Ever since we defeated Malo-Myotismon.”

Skye swallowed her pop in embarrassment, “Oh.” She said, “I see.”

“Do you?” Ken asked.

“Excuse me?”

“Do you still see it?” Ken asked, but before Skye could reply Tai appeared. “Hey you guys. Come hang out with the rest of us.” He helped Skye up as Ken rose to his feet. Suddenly Skye turned, facing the ocean.

“What is it?” Ken asked.

“Magimon!” Skye called. “Something’s com-” Suddenly MetalSedramon appeared out of no where.

“whoah.” Said Tai. “Looks like it’s time to digivolve! Go Greymon!”

“Greymon digivolved to……Greymon!”

“Tai! There must be a dark tower near by we haven’t found!” Said Skye looking around. “MetalSeadramon’s a Mega! And with that dark key he’s probably more powerful! We can’t fight him with Champions!” Said Yolei.

“Magimon!” Called Skye. Magimon nodded. “Digi Armour…Energize!”

“Magimon armour digivolved to…… GOLDSTARMON!”

“Wow,” Said Yolei. “She’s so pretty!”

“Cosmic Cannon!”

MetalSeadramon dodged the attack, “River of Power!” GoldStarmon barely dodged the attack.

“This isn’t going to work!” Said Zoe. “We’re gonna need to take a run for it.”

“She’s right!” Said Tommy. “We need Mimi, Sora and Matt!”

“We don’t run!” Said Chelsey.

“River of power!” Exdramon scooped her up by the collar of her shirt just in time to avoid the attack. “Maybe running is the right thing.”

The group began to take off, “If my calculations are right.” Said Izzy flying atop Kabuterimon. “There should be a cave around here somewhere.”

“Can’t we just get out of here?” Asked Chelsey.

“No, the television is back with MetalSeadramon.” Replied Izzy.

“Great,” Chelsey muttered. “Just great.”


Matt played some chords on his guitar, alone, in the solitude of his mind he wondered about his life. ‘What do the dark digi destined have planned for the team of Viti Destined?’ He asked himself over, and over. “Whatcha thinking about?” A voice asked.

He turned, “Oh hey Jenn. Nothing much.”

“Looked like more than that to me.” She replied and sat down beside him.

“Oh, well.. .. .. If you gotta know, I’m thinking about how we’re gonna rock the house down tonight at the show.” He lied.

“Aren’t you the cocky one.” She commented with a smile. “So what were you REALLY thinking about?”

“My friends, Skye, Chelsey, Erik, Tommy and Zoe. Actually, they have this problem, and I’m just trying to help them fix it.” He explained.

“And so are the others too.” Added Jennifer.

“What do you mean?” He asked confused.

Jennifer sighed. “Everyone revolves around them. Davis is obsessed with Chelsey and Skye. Tai’s also crazy for her. They’ve got some weird old realationship. TK and her share some sort of special bond. Kari is always with TK, there fore always with Skye. Mimi’s her best friend. Sora positively hates her. Izzy and Yolei always comparing notes with Tommy about some science thing. Joe and Cody are talking 24/7 about everything. Especially prune juice, and I don’t think I want to understand that. And your always with Zoe. What is it with these people? And why do Skye, Chelsey, Tommy, Erik and Zoe all carry around those stupid stuffed animals??!!”

“Matt!” Sora ran into the room, Mimi behind her clutching Tanemon.

“We’ve gotta go to The DigiWorld right now!”

“See what I mean?” Said Jennifer.

“Jenn, whatever this is. I’m sure it can wait.” Said Sora sternly. “Matt, the other’s are in a cave in the DigiWorld! MetelSeadramon attacked them and they can’t get at the TV!”

“Skye,” Matt murmured, but only Jennifer heard him. “Is Skye okay?” He asked.

“For now, but we don’t know how long they’ll be okay.” Said Mimi.

“Let’s grab Tsunomon, he’s at my place.”

“Right!” Agreed both girls And with that they ran off, leaving Jennifer confused and annoyed.


“It’s about time you guys got here.” Said Chelsey.

“Cool your jets, oh cocky one.” Said Matt.

“Hey!” She protested.

“Okay, now that you guys are here, we can fight him.” Said Zoe.

“14 champions and 1 ultimate against a mega…. Still doesn’t seem like good odds.” Said Tommy.

Skye glanced around, and noticed something further down the way. “Check it out.” She commented and walked over to it. In the wall a symbol was engraved.

“It looks like a crest.” Said Kari.

“Yeah…..” Said Skye, “Chelsey, hold your d3 up to it.”

“Huhn?” Chelsey asked confused. “Try and activate it.”

“Oh.” Chelsey held her digivice up, but nothing happened. The other’s each tried, but to no avail. “then who is this meant for?” GoldStarmon asked.

“Maybe the dark digidestined.” Said Erik.

“Or maybe….” Said Skye, “For a new digi destined. The Guardian of Fate is the only one we don’t have right? The bringing of the light?”

“Yeah!” Agreed Matt, “The new digi destined!” Suddenly Skye turned, “You guys hear that?” She asked.

“Hear what?” Tai asked.

“Some one’s coming.” She replied and turned to the entrance of the cave. Everyone stood still in fright.

“You think it’s MetalSeadramon?” Asked Garurumon.

“No.” Said Skye confused, “It’s got two feet.

Suddenly, a figure appeared at the entrance of the cave. A girl, with short red hair, wearing a purple tank top and jean capris. Her eyes sparkled, “What’s going on here?” She asked.

“Jenn?!!” They all asked in disbelief.

“Yeah….” She said slowly, “Anyone care to explain what’s going on?”


“She couldn’t travel here unless she had a digivice.” Said Joe.

“Jenn,” Said Sora slowly. “Do you have something like this?” She held up her old Digivice.

Jennifer shook her head. “Nope.” She paused. “But I do have something like this.” And she pulled out a dark purple d3.

“She’s got a d3!” Yolei exclaimed. “That means she’s a digidestined!”

Jennifer looked confused, “You mean one of what you guys are?” She asked.

Matt nodded, “Yeah.”

“If I am I digi…a digi-whatever. How come I don’t have a monster thing like you guys do? Doesn’t this thing,” she held up her d3, “Make them turn into more powerful Digimon?”

Suddenly there was a bright purple light from the wall where the symbol was engraved. “I was right!” Said Skye. A brownish/orange fox looking digimon appeared and jumped into Jennifer’s arms. “Hiya!” It said. “I’m Foximon!”

“I may not look strong, but my hurricane blaster can send a shellmon flying!”

“Fox….Foximon?” Jennifer asked. The little digimon nodded, “Yup, Hi Jennifer! I’m your digi-partner!”

“Like that bird thing over there is to Sora?” Foximon nodded.

“But where’s my crest? Everyone else has a crest.”

“If my calculations are right,” Said Izzy, “And almost always are, when we find the crest of Fate, The guardian of Rebirth will be released.”

“Rebirth,” Said Jennifer, “Isn’t that the crest of one of the evil guys?”

Izzy nodded, “Yeah. And by release, I’m guessing one of them will turn into good. Like Ken did after being the Digimon Emperor.”

“Not in a long shot.” Said The Digital Empress’s voice, “We are forever evil as we always were!” The two dark digidestined appeared, with their two Digimon and a flock of Monochromon behind them.

“That’s them?” Jennifer asked, fear tinged in her voice.

“Yeah,” Replied Skye, “Alright, DigiDestined, let’s kick it up!”

“Harpoon Torpedo!” The Dark Digidestined quickly jumped atop to monochromon and moved further towards the entrance of the cave.

“Cosmic Cannon!”

“Nova Blast!”

“Needle Spray!”

But only a few of the monochromon’s dark keys disappeared. And they were getting closer.

“It’s too crowded!” Said Davis. “We won’t be able to make it out of here!”

“Icicle Stone!”

“Fire Rocket!”

“Star Shower!”

“Rosetta Stone!”

“We need more power.” Said Tai, “Everyone attack all at once!” Each Digimon attacked at the same time, but to now avail, more monochromon just appeared.

“Foximon.” Said Jennifer.


“Can you get bigger like they can? Digivolve?”

“If you let me,” Foximon replied.

“Well go for it!”

“Foximon digivolved to…..Glorymon!!”

“Wow, you look so cool!” Said Jennifer.

“That’s Glorymon!” Said Izzy reading off of his laptop. “She’s the champion form of Foximon. Her attack, raging cyclone can blow away a DarkKabuterimon!”

“Great job Foximon!” Said GoldStarmon, “Okay Gang! Let’s do this all at once!” Each Digimon combined their attacks and destroyed all of the dark keys on the monochromon.

“Not again!” The Digital Empress screeched. “Not again!” She turned to them, “Trust my word Digidestined, we will be back! And we will defeat you!” With that, they disappeared.

“Aww man, why does she always say that?” Said Chelsey, “It’s getting annoying.”


Skye stood on the stage with the other members of synchromotion, the backs facing the audience. “Okay,” Said Cynthia. “Here’s a new one!”

Dirty Pop... Yo!

Sick and tired of hearin' all these people talk about.

Whats the deal with this pop-life and when is it gonna fade out?

The thing you gotta realize,

What we doin' is not a trend.

We got the gift of melody,

We gonna bring it till the end.

C'mon now.

(It doesn' matter,)

'Bout the car I drive,

or what I wear around my neck.

(All that matters,)

Is that you recognize

That its just about respect.

(It doesn't matter,)

'Bout the clothes I wear,

And where i go and why.

(All that matters,)

Is that you get hype

And we'll do it to you everytime.

C'mon now.

Do you ever wonder why

This music gets you high

It takes you on a ride

You feel it when you’re

Body starts to rock, (Body starts to rock)

Baby you can't stop (Cant stop)

And the music's all you got (C'mon now)

This must be

Pop... Dirty Pop... Baby, baby, you can't stop.

I know you like this Dirty Pop

(This must be)

Now, why you wanna try to classify the type of thing we do?

Cuz were jus fine doin what we like,

Can we say the same for you.

Tired of feelin' all around me animosity

Just worry 'bout yours cuz Ima get mine

Now people can't you see?

(It doesn't matter,)

‘Bout the car I drive,

Or the ice around my neck.

(All that matters,)

Is that you recognize,

That its just about respect.

(It doesn’t matter)

'Bout the clothes I wear and where I go and why!

(All that matters,)

Is that you get hype

I'm take it to ya everytime.


Do you ever wonder why,(why)

This music gets you high(gets you high)

Takes you on a ride.

Feelin it when your

Body starts to rock,(body starts to rock)

Baby you can't stop,(you can't stop)

The music's all you got.(baby c'mon)

This must be (Ooo Ooo Ooo)

Did you ever wonder why, (ever wonder why)

This music gets you high (music gets you high)

Takes you on a ride.

Feel it when your

Body starts to rock, (when your body starts to rock)

Baby you can't stop,

The music's all you got.

This must be.

Pop! Pop!

“Thank you!” Said Serena. “And catch y’all on the flip side!”

The crowd cheered loudly, but Skye knew there was something wrong. She could feel it in her bones. And it wasn’t the prune juice Cody’s grandpa hade made her drink. “Soon or later,” She mumbled. “I’m gonna find out.”


The school bell loudly through the halls. Moments later students errupted from the rooms.

“Hey Chelsey! Wait up!” Called Davis through the crowd.

“Oh hey Davis. Trip over any new girls lately?” She replied with a grin, recalling this morning when he tripped over her.

“So funny.” He replied dryly.

“Acutally, it is.” She replied, tossing the computer room door open.

“Hey guys.” She said.

“Chelsey you’re here! You’re here! You’re here! You’re here! You’re here! You’re here!” Said Chibidramon happily.

“Yes I am. Yes I am!” Said Chelsey with mock enthusiasm.

“Sarcasm not needed.” Said Chibidramon.

“I’ll remember that.” Said Chelsey, before taking a bit out of her sandwhich.

“So,” Said Davis. “How you been?”

“Davis,” Said Chelsey, “I don’t do small talk.”

“Oh yeah,” Said Davis. “I forgot.”

“Hey guys.” Said Zoe walking into the room. “Ditto what she said!” Added Skye as she appeared at the door way.

“Oh Chelsey,” Said Tommy. “When you left the class you didn’t pick up one of the medical forms to get your shot taken.”

“oh,” She said. “Sorry.” But everyone could tell it hadn’t been an accident. Chelsey looked it over, “So ah…. I guess I need to get my mom to sign it, huhn?”

“That’s the routine.” Said Tommy.

“Well that’s gonna be kinda hard.”

“Then get your exchange parent to sign it.” Said Tommy, as he searched through his bag.

“My exchange parent.” Said Chelsey. “Right.”

“Guys!” Said Erik frantically as he ran into the room, followed by Yolei, TK, Kari and Ken.

“Erik, what is?” Skye asked.

Erik turned on a computer and logged onto the news channels website where the host person sat.

“Many of these giant mosters have appeared out of no where, and some say they are the same monsters that appeared all over the world last year. But this time they only seem to be in Japan.”

“Digimon!” Said Skye, “In the real world?”

“Again?!” Said Davis. “Aww man!”

“Look!” Said Erik, “They’re not normal Digimon. They’ve each got a silver band thing around their ankle or tail. It must be the Dark DigiDestined!”

Chelsey gasped, and took a step back, a look on her face, absolutely terrified.

“It’s them.” Said Chelsey.

“It’s who?” Asked Davis.

“They followed me!” She said hysterically. “This can’t be happening!”

“Chelsey, calm down!” Said Skye, “Take a breath.”

“I can’t!” She said worried, “I can’t. They followed me here! It’s all my fault, now I can’t save them…..” She began to cry.

“Chelsey, save who?” Zoe asked. “Who are you trying to save?”

“You wouldn’t understand.” She said.

“Chelsey, you have to tell us.”

“Please! I came here to get you guys to help.” She said.

“Help who?” Zoe asked.

“You have to come with me! We have to save the future!”


The others had shown up, and were just as surprised as the group had been earlier. “So let me get this straight,” Said Zoe. “you came The future.” Chelsey nodded. “Yes. I traveled through time to here, I like in The Digi Palace, in 30th century.”

“You took my traveling locket from the future me, when evil Digimon had attacked the future Japan and killed everyone except for you and Chokomon?” Chelsey nodded again. “And that’s why you came to the future? To get us to come with you and destroy the evil Digimon?” Chelsey nodded once more.

“That’s incredible!” Said Davis.

“She’s from the future…. Then the exchange program thing-” Said Tommy, “Was just a lie to get me into Odaiba Elementary.” Chelsey finished.

“Well,” Said Skye. “It’s obvious what we have to do.” Everyone stared at her shocked.

“We go to the future?” Asked Kari. Skye nodded, “If the evil Digimon attacking Japan are the same one’s that attack the Future Japan we have to go to the future and destroy them there.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier to destroy them here, in the past?” Asked TK.

“No,” Said Chelsey. “You can’t guarantee they’ll be destroyed here.”

“So it’s settled.” Said Skye, “we go the to future!”

“Right!” Said Tai. “Everyone call your parents, tell them you’re going to a… a…. a camping trip!”

“On this short of notice?” Yolei asked.

“Tell them it’s for a school project.” Said Tai.

“A school project on camping?” Cody said.

“Um… yeah.” Said Tai.

“And if they ask to speak with the person in charge, hand the phone over to Skye, Zoe or Tommy.” Added Izzy.

While everyone phoned the parents, Chelsey looked aimlessly around and sighed. “It’s all my fault.” She quietly.

Skye smiled warmly, “No. It’s not your fault.”

“yes it is. If I had told you guys the truth about my past we could’ve beaten the evil Digimon a long time ago.”

“But if you had, do you think we would’ve believed you?” Said Skye.

“I guess not.” Chelsey replied.

“There,” Said Skye, “So it’s not your fault.”


“Okay,” Said Zoe nervously after She, Tommy, Erik and Skye returned from Infini High with their stuff. She swallowed her fear. “Let’s do it.” Chelsey handed the locket to Zoe. She held it up the the computer screen.

“Digi-Time gate………Open!!!”

Everyone was sucked into the computer and transported to a place in the clouds. “Whoah.” Said Veemon, “Where are we?”

“The opening of the gates.” Zoe explained, “Where all three gates of the past, present, and future are.”

“Oh.” Said Davis. “That sure answers the question.”

“Here,” Said Zoe. “This is the door. Everyone grab hands.” She waited, the slowly opened the door and they were sucked through.

“I can’t believe it.” Skye mumbled, “It’s the place from my dreams!” But no one heard her.

“So,” Said Jennifer. “This is the 30th century.”

“The aura is strange.” Said Skye, “Almost too clam. We should go closer.” Chelsey stepped closer to Tai.

Everywhere they looked buildings were torn down, burnt. “Look!” Said Yolei, and she pointed to the ground, thousands of people lay on the ground with Digimon, all dead. Tai climbed a hill, and looked out. There, in the distance, was a Dark Tower.

‘Don’t’ go any closer!’ Said a voice in Tai’s head. He turned to the others, “We shouldn’t get to close. Stick together you guys.”

“Chelsey,” Said Ken. “What happened here?”

“There was a sudden extreme explosion, then ‘it’ appeared. A big light after the explosion made every building destroyed. Then came the burning. I don’t know why, but we were the only survivors.”

“Do you think it was the Dark DigiDestined?” Skye asked.

“I’m not sure, but I don’t think so. I didn’t seem them.” She paused. “I want you to meet my mom. Come on, let’s go to the palace!”

“The Digi Palace?”

They all walked towards the palace, and stepped up to it when suddenly they were transported inside.

“We’re already in the palace?” Joe asked confused. He looked around, it was completely empty.

“It’s empty.” Said Palmon.

“No!” Said Chelsey, “We’re not inside The Digi Palace!” Everyone looked around frantically.

“Where’s the exit?” Asked Tommy.

“Welcome to The Digital Palace Mirage.” Said a voice.

Two Digimon appeared out of nowhere. “We’re the two Digimon brother Ikumon and Ishimon of darkness.”

“The Darkness!” Said Tai.

“We thrilled to meet you all, and to destroy you all.” The group crowded together. Suddenly lots of Ikumon appeared, along with lots of Ishimon. They made a circle around the Digi Destined.

“Magimon!” Said Skye. “Lightning Shocker!” But nothing happened.

“Skye!” Said Magimon, “What’s happened?”

“And after we destroy you.” Said Ishimon, “We’ll blow up the palace!”

“They can’t!” Said Chelsey, “They can’t blow up the palace. My mom’s inside!” She turned to the others. “Chokomon’s the only one who can digivolve here,”

“Chokomon digivolved to….EXDRAMON!”

“Icicle stone!” The attack hit Ishimon and he disappeared.

“You killed my brother!” Said Ikumon. “For that, you shall die little princess!!!”

“Strike of Darkness!” The attack head straight for Chelsey. “Hang on!” Said Exdramon.

“Exdramon digivolved to…..Bravodramon!”

“Dragon slash!” Said Bravodramon, as he slashed at Ikumon. “Force Blast!” A fireball appeared from Bravodramon’s chest and shot out of Ikumon. He disintegrated. So did the mirage palace.

“Wow,” Said Yolei as she looked at the Digi Palace.

“It’s beautiful.” Said Kari.

“If this is The Digi Palace,” Said Davis. “Where’s the door.” Chelsey walked towards the giant set of Doors that had just appeared. They opened and the group walked inside.

“It’s magnificence.” Said Gomamon.

Chelsey walked towards a beautiful bed that was cased in crystal. A woman lay asleep inside. She wore a long white gown, with a pale pink scarf around her arms. Her blue hair shined which was tied up in two buns elegantly.

“Chelsey,” Said Skye. “Who’s that person, surrounded by the crystals?”

Chelsey turned, “That’s the New Digimon Queen.” She replied.

Suddenly someone appeared beside the bed, standing. He wore dark blue pants, and a matching shirt. He had startlingly brown eyes which looked right at Skye, he looked like a model with his somewhat big brown hair.

“Tai?” She mumbled, “It looks like Tai.”

Chelsey walked forward to hug the man, but her hands went right through him. “She went right through him!” Said Joe.

“Daddy! What happened?!!” Chelsey asked.

“I’m glad to see you’ve returned safe and sound. The trip into the past you took was very dangerous. But Chikara, I think you’ve aged well. Your mother chose your name well.”


“Welcome to The 30th Century. Welcome to The Digital Palace. I would’ve helped you when you were attacked by Ishimon and Ikumon, but I fear my appearance would alert our enemies.” He looked into a large mirror. “He’s got no reflection!!” Whispered Hawkmon.

“My body is in another bed.” He said, “Sleeping. Your are seeing my soul, escaped from my body.” He paused, “I’m am King Tai.”

“King Tai?!!” Kari said confused.

“No need to worry, it’s the truth,” Said King Tai. “I am the future you, Tai.”

“The future Tai?!!” Said Skye surprised.

“Come here Little Chikara.” He said, “Present yourself to your friends.”

Chelsey bowed, “Dear Friends, how are you? My name is Chikara, future Digi Princess, daughter of the King and Queen. I’m honored to make your acquaintance.”

“Very good.” Said King Tai.

“Good manners are essential for becoming a good ruler.”

“Chikara,” Said Chokomon. “Even sleeping your Dad tells you how to become like your mother.”

“You’ll have to excuse my daughter, she’s still young.” He paused, “My daughter, this child, is your daughter Skye, Tai.”

“Chelsey is Skye and Tai’s Daughter??!!” Everyone said.

“Uhh..” Said Erik, “Chelsey is their daughter?! Then the Digi Queen….”

“Yes,” Said King Tai. “She is the Digital Queen.” Her turned to Skye, “The New Queen, is you, Skye.”

“Why is she in that bed?” Asked Magimon. “What happened to her? Is she asleep or…?”

“I’m not sure,” Said King Tai. “If she is alive or dead.”

“The Queen was very busy that day,” Said Chokomon. “She went outside, and at that moment the explosion happened. One second later everything was ruined. The explosion didn’t touch the palace, but turned everything around it into a dead man’s land.”

“Some how,” Said King Tai. “My daughter and Chokomon managed to survive without a single cut. When I was living, I often told her about the temp when The Queen was still the Legendary Child of Faith. There’s no doubt that’s why she went to the past to find you all.”

“But King Tai,” Said Tai, “Explain to us how your able to look so young?”

“Skye sat at the throne at the age of 18. So her appearance stayed the same. With the power of the Crest of Faith, I was made forever young, when I joined the dynasty.”

“But then, The Darkness arrived. The destruction was catastrophic. Only the crest of Faith can save us. But The Queen was the only one who knew how to use it and she is in a deep sleep. I don’t see any solutions.”

“What about my crest?” Asked Skye, “It’s the crest of Faith, shouldn’t it always work?”

Chelsey shook her head, “No. It’s the Crest of Faith from the past, and it can’t be used in the future.”

“The attack started with some Digimon appearing in our city, they had silver bands around them.” Said King Tai.

“And that’s why Chelsey reacted to them when she saw them on the new report.” Said Joe.

“They’ve arrived in the present?!” King Tai asked surprised, “How. It’s impossible! Unless they could travel through time…..” Suddenly Skye felt weak and she took a deep breath and held her hand to her forehead to steady herself.

“Skye?” Joe asked.

“It’s okay. I’m just a little-”

“Skye! Look at your legs!” Said Agumon. Skye’s legs were beginning to disappear. Skye lifted her hands to her face, “I’m turning transparent. What’s happening?”

“Quickly!” Said King Tai. “The two co-existent individuals in the same time frame is impossible. You two are too close together. You must leave at once.”

“But-” Skye tried to protest.

“Chikara,” Said King Tai. “I’m counting on you to help them too.” Chelsey nodded slowly.

“Don’t worry.” Said Tai, “I’ll protect her with my life.”

“But I-” Skye tried again, but no words came out.

“Come on Skye,” Said Chelsey, taking her almost invisible hand. “Let’s go.”

As the group walked back to the entrance of the palace, Skye looked back then faced forward again and walked outside. Suddenly there was an explosion, everyone was thrown back.

“Not again! Chelsey cried.

Two people laughed, and everyone recognized their voices right away. “The dark Digi Destined!” Said Matt. “They followed us here!”

“Congratulations.” Said The Digi Prince, “You’ve won our grand prize!” He said laughing.

“Togelizardmon, tell them what they’ve won!”

“You too Ichigomon!” Said The Empress.

“Darkness Rocket!”

“Ivy whip!”

“Lightning dragon punch!” Chokomon punched out both of the attacks.

“Wow, that’s incredible!” Commented Ken.

“How’s this possible?!!” Demanded The Empress.

“You’re fighting in the future!” Said Chelsey, “Your power’s weakened because your from the present. Whereas Chokomon’s power if stronger here!”

“No matter.” Said The Empress, “We’re on a mission today, and nothing can get in our way!”

“Except us!” Said Skye stepping forward.

“Not even you!” Said The Prince. “Togelizardmon! Ichigomon! Now!”

“Darkness surge!!” Said The two digimon, and stands of black light shot out from them and hit Skye.

“Skye!!” Tai cried, but it was too late. Ichigomon swooped down and picked up the unconscious Skye and flew over to The Dark DigiDestined. With that, they disappeared.