"We’re back home!" Waturmon cried happily. Zoe nodded. "Yeah, it must mean that the next supreme crest is nearby!" She agreed, then turning to the others she said. "Come on you guys! Let’s go pick some berries, and get some fish and we can have dinner!"

"Right! Let’s go!" Agreed Patamon.

"Sounds good to me." Said Tai. "We can eat….and…."

Matt lunged to catch Tai as he fainted, but to late. His worried face spun out of view as Tai toppled backwards, the last thing he saw was a blue pinprick of sky through the canopy of the trees before darkness rushed in and swallowed it.

~~Later on~~

Skye sat attentively at Tai’s bed, wringing out the cloth, dipping it in cold, fresh water then back onto Tai’s forehead.

"Well Joe?" She asked, awaiting Joe’s review of Tai’s condition.

"He’ll be okay." Joe concluded. "It’s most likely exhaustion." He said.

Skye nodded understanding, she quickly looked around at the others, but her eyes returned to Tai just as quickly as they had left. Over at the table the others sat quietly eating. They’d tried to be happy but it was hard. "Maybe we should go for a swim." Gomamon suggested.

"Get our minds off of….you know…." Agreed Waturmon.

"Yeah. Let’s go." Said Mimi. They rose from their seats, and as the others left Matt turned towards Skye.

"Go on, have some fun. Hey, who knows, we might even join you later!" She said hopefully. Matt tried a smile, then walked away.

"Come on Tai, pull through this." Skye mumbled. "Joe says it’s exhaustion, but why does it feel like there’s something wrong?"


"Hey Tai! Wait up!" Called a voice. Tai turned on his heels. Running towards him was a girl, wearing a school uniform. Her hair was blue, and tied up in two buns. Skye!

"Hey!" She said, catching up to him.

"Hey yourself. So how was school?" He asked.

Skye sighed. "Boring, as usual. So how was….. whatever you do during school hours?" She asked.

Tai smiled, being part of the council of 16 was hard work, he and the others didn’t go to school like Skye, but they did have to go to Training.

"Uhh, it was good. I guess." He replied.

"So……." said Skye, "Are we still on for tonight? Skating?"

"Yeah. You got it." He said.


"So what did you learn today?" Tai asked.

"Ummm….. A bunch of boring stuff actually. How when our Digimon digivolve to Supreme it’s different from when Digimon digivolve together…….. Stuff I already knew." She smiled. "What about you?"

Skye wasn’t allowed to know what goes on during Training sessions, no one but the trainees are supposed to know.

"You know I can’t tell you." He replied.

"Yeah well, I was hoping I could catch you off guard." She said. "How come you can’t tell me?"

"Rules." He replied.

"Rules are so boring. Just like school. I wish I could be in the Council like you and the others. But Magimon keeps telling me that I can’t because I’m the Child of Faith and all I’m supposed to do is learn."

"Quite a smart thing to say, coming from a cat who loves to play with a ball of yarn." He said teasingly.

"Hey, atleast I don’t have a dinosaur digimon who fried my shorts!" She defending jokingly. They both laughed.


"Tai……" The voice called.

Tai looked around. Then, soon a figure appeared, but he couldn’t see them very well in the darkness. "Who are you?" He asked.

"I’m you." Said a voice, then the figure stepped forward. It was him! "Oh that makes a lot of sense." Said Tai sarcastically.

"Who are you talking to?" Asked a sleepy voice from the shadows. Tai sat up in his bed, had that been a dream?

"That you me? You sound different." He asked.

"It’s Matt….."

In orange candlelight, Tai saw a movement down the small hill, a slim figure walked toward them.

"Sorry, I went to refill-" Said the voice.

"Skye! Hey Skye! This is better than the first dream."

"Shhhh……" She whispered kneeling beside him. "You’re not dreaming."

Tai shook his head, "No, Skye trust me. Look at the blood on the ground, oh god, why’s there blood on the ground?"

Skye looked around, then back to Tai.

"The blood is from your head Tai."


"You hurt it when you fell."


"Shh…. The other’s are sleeping."

Tai lay back feeling puzzled, and Skye rested her hand on his forehead.

"You still have a temperature. Do you think you can go back to sleep?"

"I don’t know….."

"Will you try?" "Okay….."

She pulled the sheet over his shoulders, smiling slightly. "Now, close your eyes."

His eyelids slid shut. The pillow shifted as she leaned over, and kissed him gently on the cheek.

"I am dreaming…." He murmured as he heard her lay down on her cot next to him. "I knew it."

Then, slowly, the other Tai appeared, floating over him again.

"I knew you were here somewhere." Tai said.

"Yeah well, I’m you, so technically I’m always here." He replied.

"Man is it ever hot."

"It’s only hot because of the fever. And you should put the covers back."

"Now it’s too cold……"

"Too hot, too cold just put the covers back." Said the second Tai.

"Mmm…..Too hot…. Too…..cold…." Tai wiped his mouth with his hand. "Am I going crazy?"

"No. Just exhausted." The other replied.

"Why didn’t Matt, Skye or the others get it?"

"They weren’t as nervous as you, your mind was on everything at once. And Skye, well she’s working her hardest to not get sick. High antibodies I would think…… She’s been very attentive to you. Stayed by you will you slept."

"I am asleep."

"Sure. Fast asleep….."

~~The next Day~~

Tai woke up, filled with energy. The others, were happy to see it, along with a weary Skye. But something was wrong with her, she was almost…. Ignoring him. As if he’d said something to piss her off, or scare her away. Immediately his mind rushed to what he might’ve said……… He loved her! At one point or another he’d said he’d loved her, but was it when he was dreaming? Or awake? Or, a bit of both? He had to find out. So after a big breakfast he pulled her aside.

"Skye." He said, trying to find the right balance between firm and casual.

"Is there something funny going on?" He asked.

"Funny? Not really." She replied.

"Between us." He clarified. Immediately he began to blush, and pointed his head at the ground.

"Well…… when I was sick, maybe I said something that….."

"Oh." She looked at him. "You’re afraid you said something?" She asked.

"Nothing. I’m not afraid I said anything." He replied.


"Never mind." He said, turning to walk away.


Tai stopped, then turned around to face her. She stared right at him, then he sighed.

"Yeah, that’s what I was worried about." He admitted.

For a minute he thought he saw a sad, forlorn, look on Skye’s face, but if he had, it had quickly vanished.

"It doesn’t matter Tai. You had a fever, and in a fever people don’t know what they say. Thing they don’t mean. They don’t mean anything." She sucked in air. "I understand."

"You aren’t angry?"

"Of course not."

"Oh…… okay."


Skye turned, and began to leave.

"Hey Skye?"

She didn’t even bother turning, but said. "Yeah Tai?"

"Whatever I said-" He began.

"It’s forgotten. Okay?"

"Okay." He said sadly. She walked away. "I was just going to tell you, anything I said, I meant." He said quietly, almost so quietly he couldn’t hear.


The group sat at the table, doing they’re own thing. Izzy, Tentomon, Zoe, Waturmon, Joe and Gomamon were over some things on Izzy’s computer. TK, Patamon, Kari and Gatomon sat off just taking, laughing occasionally at a joke TK would make, usually about Davis. Mimi and Palmon were gossiping, leaving Skye and Matt talking, along with Agumon, Magimon, Gabumon and Biyomon looking for food.

Sora watched Tai, as Tai sadly looked over at Skye. She laughed, smiling at Matt’s joke. Flirting, definitely flirting. Tai didn’t understand, one moment he would think he loved her, the next he wasn’t sure. And if he had said it, then he could understand why Skye was acting the way she was. But if he hadn’t, then he didn’t know why she was acting that way. "I must’ve said it." He mumbled running his hand through his hair.

Skye giggled as Matt teased her. "You are sooo silly." She said, flashing her cute smile.

Yep, definitely flirting. "Why did I ever ask her………. I am such an idiot."


They’d all gone to the beach. TK and Kari were making a sand casltle along with their digimon, Joe, Zoe, Sora, Biyomon, Agumon, Mimi and Palmon. Gomamon and Waturmon dove along the beachside, playing a game. Zoe looked over to Matt, who was smiling and splashing Skye. She laughed, then splashed him back. She looked over to Tai, who was sitting on the big rock, watching them sadly.

"At least Sora’s not depressed. But… I wonder what happened?" Said Zoe quietly.

"What did you say?" Sora asked. "I thought you said my name."

"Oh nothing." Zoe smiled.

"Hey Tai." Said Magimon, sitting over beside Tai. It was rare for Magimon to sit with him so he asked.

"Why aren’t you enjoying the sea?"

"My fur smells bad if it’s salt water."

"Oh." Neither spoke. Then Magimon broke the silence by saying.

"She’s worried."

"What do you mean?" Tai asked.

"She’s been worried about something. Waking up at all times of night, her eyes look darker. She looks up at the stars. She’s worried what’s to come next."

"Yeah. I would think so." Tai said uncomfortably.

"You upset her didn’t you?" "How’d you know?"

"I can tell when my humans upset thank you. Besides, she kept looking at you during breakfast when you weren’t looking. She looked like a puppy kicked in the gut. What did you say?"

"I….oh…. Well. I think I told her I love her." He said uneasily.

"And that didn’t make her happy?"

"No…… Well, I wasn’t sure or not wether I’d said it so I asked her if I said anything, and she said that when people are sick they say things they don’t mean. And that she understood."

"Skye will often tell you it’s okay even if it’s okay."

"But why would she-" Tai began.

"Because she doesn’t want any fights. She use to hate it when her parents would fight. And she hated it when she’d have fights with her dad. She’s a good arguer but is still well… A sensitive girl. If you did tell her you loved her, then you took it back, she must really be hurting." Magimon explained. Tai looked over to Skye.

"But she looks so happy." He said.

"That’s her fake smile. I’ve seen her use it before. When we were at her dad’s bussiness parties. She hated those too……. She’s probably flirting with Matt just so she can take her mind off of you."

"Oh." Tai was about to say something else suddenly the ground began to shake.

"Oh man, not again!" Mimi whined.

"The island! It’s seperating!" Said Zoe. "Quick! Everyone get out of the water!" Gabumon instructed.

Skye and Matt rushed towards the others. They were almost there when suddenly, Skye tripped. She rose quickly back to her feet.


"Hang on Skye!"

Magimon jumped off of the rock and over to Skye. She jumped up into Skye’s arms. Then……. It happened. A light appeared, shining on Skye and Magimon. Another one, on Tai! Then Agumon! They began to float in the air. "Agumon! What’s happening?" Tai asked.

"I’m not sure." Agumon answered.

"Skye!" Matt called, running to her.

"Matt! What’s going on?!!" She asked.

"I don’t know. Hang on Skye!" Matt outstretched his hands, Skye tried to reach but he was to far away. IT was too late, with that, they dissapeared.

"Tai! Where are we?" Skye asked. They were surrounded in darkness.

"I don’t know." He replied. "Definitely not back home." He replied.

Skye put her hand to her head. "Not again. Not now." She said.

Suddenly they began to fall, faster and faster. Before Tai knew it Agumon was flying away. Along with Magimon. "Agumon!" He yelled out.


But it was no use, they kept on falling. ‘This is the end.’ Tai thought silently, shutting his eyes closed. ‘This is how it all ends.’

Suddenly, a light shone out of his tag, from the crest of courage. It wrapped around him, then Skye, they began floating down slowly. There was a fierce wind, and something kept blowing up against him. He caught some in his hand. It was cold. He looked at it. "Snow?" He asked confused.

"Tai! What’s going on?" Skye asked.

"I’m….I’m not sure…." But before he could say anymore the orange light around them stopped glowing. And they began to fall again.

"TAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!" Skye screamed reaching out for him.

He tried to reach, but it was to far! Suddenly he landed on the ground. Not the ground, water, he began to be carried away by the current. So was Skye. The water was freezing cold, as the two struggled to stay above water Tai called out to Skye.

No reply. He looked around, where was she? "Skye? Skye?!!!" He called out frantically. He turned back and to his horror saw the end of the river. A cliff. Before he could do anything he began to fall. He splashed deep into the cold water, twisting and struggling, trying to get back up to the surface. He saw something not to far away. A bright, yellow light, shining from a star. Skye’s amulet! He swam toward the bright light, then saw Skye swimming towards him! Her blue hair swaying in the current. She grabbed out for his hand, clutching it tightly he pulled her towards him and they swam upwards. When the reached the surface they both gasped for air. After catching they’re breath they look at each other, Skye smiled then hugged him.

"Come on. Let’s get out." Said Tai happily. They both clambered out of the water. Skye shivered. "We…we need to find shelter or something." She looked around. "There!" She pointed to a cave.

They ran over to the cave, falling into the snow. But they made it. Panting Skye sat down against the wall of the cave. "You okay?" He asked. She nodded. "Yeah. A little cold though." She replied.

Tai noticed that’s Skye’s hair was plastered to her face. Frozen. She was shivering, her lips had lost their pinkness. "You’re frozen." He commented, sitting down beside her. "I’ll be okay. I just need to warm up. But you should talk." She said. "Bed head." She said pointing to Tai’s mop of frozen brown hair. He grinned sheepishly. "Hey, what can I say."

"You’re a popsicle." Skye said happily.

~~Later on~~

As the hours had pass Skye and Tai sat silently, shivering together. Unfortunately, Skye’s condition had gone from okay to horrible. She could still talk but in a feverish dreamy way. Her cheeks were burning up.

"Tai….." she said, but Tai hear the rest of what she said.

"I’m fine." He replied, taking a guess at what she’s said. She sighed. "I’m sorry."

"For what?" He asked.

"For earlier……."

"Shhh.. It’s okay. I shouldn’t have taken it back what I said…." Tai gathered up his courage. "Because it’s true."

Her head twitched, to look at him. She smiled lazily. "I love you." She muttered drowsily. Tai blinked, then smiling he said, "I love you too."

He stroked her hair which was dethawing, her hand reached up and closed around his. He gently kissed her on her forehead. Her other hand reached up and landed on his cheek. She stared dreamily up into his eyes. He stared back, gazing into her mystical blue eyes. They leaned closer, and kissed. A deep, passionate kiss.

"I always will." He said soothingly. She smiled. "Until the end of time." She replied, then they kissed again.


"I hope they’re okay." Said Agumon.

"Tai’s a big boy." Said Magimon. "A fairly stupid boy, with big hair mind you but he can take care of himself. And so can Skye. They’ll be fine, as long as they stick together."

"All we can do now is wait out this storm and hope it let’s out soon." She said, staring deep into the fire.

Agumon sat down beside her. "We just had to get winter weather didn’t we?" He mumbled.

~~With the others~~

Sora and Matt sat alone at the table thinking, the others had gone gathering things for the trip.

"I should’ve never left her." Said Matt scoldingly.

"Matt, there was nothing you could do." Said Sora helpfully.

"I should’ve stayed with her."

"And what would that have done? What difference would that have made? Haven’t you noticed it’s always Skye and Tai? No matter what happens?" Sora snapped.

"Sora…. I-"

"Save it Matt. For when pretty girl Skye comes back." Said Sora coldly.

"Just because your jealous of her doesn’t mean you have to take it out on me!" Matt argued.

"So what if I am? Can’t I be jealous of some skanky, slut coming in and stealing my boyfriend?!"

"He wasn’t your boyfriend."

"What do you mean?"

"You never went out with him after you guys broke up. Yet you were always fixated on him! You never noticed if someone else was….was…"

"Matt?" Sora asked confused.

"You never even noticed me! It’s the same with Skye! Even Mimi! Always second to ‘The Great Tai Kamiya!’"

"Matt!" Sora tried to interrupt him.

"Always him, never-"

"MATT!" Sora screamed.

"What? Can’t a guy even voice his-"

But he was interrupted by Sora, who kissed him forcefully on the lips.

Sweet Kisses,

All I really need is,

Sweet Kisses,

That’s what moves me,

His lips are pure emotion,

He smiles because he knows,

How much I love way he makes me feel inside,

He answers all my questions

Who could ask for more?

He doesn’t have to say I love you,

All I need he tells me with his sweet kisses.

Sweet Kisses,

All I really need is,

Sweet Kisses,

That’s what moves me,

He heals me,

He touches me down to my soul,

My heart’s beating out of control,

I just need a little time with you…

Sweet Kisses,

All I really need is,

Sweet Kisses,

That’s what moves me,

Sweet Kisses.......


~~In Skye's Dream~~

"Skye....." A voice called out. Skye looked around worried. Where was she? The room was surrounded in darkness, where were the others? The last thing she remember was being in the cave with Tai........

"TAI!" She screamed. "MAGIMON! AGUMON! Where are you guys??!!!"

"Skye....." The voice called again.

Suddenly Skye realized what was happening, a and she felt sick to her stomach.

"No! LEAVE ME ALONE!" She screamed clutching her head.

"It's coming...... The moment of Destruction. The Darkness will swallow the three worlds......... Everyone will become slaves...." The voice paused.

"Unless they oppose, then comes worse." An image of Tai, laying on the ground, cuts and bruises covering his body. Tears began to stream down Skye's face uncontrollably.

"Please. Stop." She pleaded, crumbling to her knees.

"The three talisman are needed, the ring of the princess, the eye of the past, present, and future, and The Crest of Faith."

"Stop it! Stop it Now!" She whimpered.

"Skye, are you okay?" Asked Tai's sleepy voice.

Skye's eyes shot open, she lay on the ground, staring at the entrance of the cave. It had happened again, the same dream as before.

"Skye, are you okay?" Tai repeated, she could feel his eyes staring at her intently. She flipped sides, to face him.

"Oh Tai." She said. "I was so scared. And they kept on talking about how to find The Digi Princess I needed these three talisman. And-" She sighed.

"You had another dream?" Tai clarified. She nodded.


Tai sat up, "C'mere." He said.

Skye got closer, sitting half up. Tai wrapped her in a hug.

"Everything's gonna be okay." Skye placed her head on his chest. "Just take a deep breath, and start over again."

~~With The Others~~

"All of the Island still intact, but I still can't figure out why it shook the way it did." Said Waturmon.

"Chemicals rising from the depths of the earth's soil?" Izzy suggested, not even taking his eyes off of his laptop screen.

"Friction of some kind?" Suggested Zoe.

"Evil Digimon?" Added Gomamon.

"The Darkness?" Pipped Patamon.

Sora sat quietly, not speaking. Minding her own business, ever since she had kissed Matt the night before things had been out of whack. They just didn't feel right. She looked over to him. Obviously he felt the same way, seeing as he hadn't been able to look either Sora, or Zoe in the eye. It was apparent now how much he felt for Zoe, but the question was, did she feel the same way?

After breakfast while everyone was clearing the table, Matt walked over to Sora. Nodding, they walked off, just until they were out of hearing distance.

"Matt." She began. "Last night..."

"Was a big mistake." Finished Matt. Sora nodded.

"It didn't really mean anything. Did it?" She asked. Matt shook his head.

"No. And besides, I've got Zoe right now, and if she ever found out-"

"And Skye." Sora added coldly.

"You stay out of my Skye business and I'll stay out of yours." He replied.

Sora nodded. "Sounds-" But before she could finish there was a loud thundering noise, screams, and then a loud THUNK! They both looked over to the others, only to see Tai, Agumon, Skye and Magimon sitting on the ground. they all scrambled to they're feet.

"Tai! Skye!" Said Kari happily. "You guys are back!"

"Agumon! Magimon! What happened?" Asked Gomamon.

"We went on a little vacation to Winter-Not-So-Wonderland." Was Magimon's simple reply.

~~Later on~~

"Hmmm..... The eye of The Past, Present and Future, you say?" Zoe asked, nibbling on a peice of a kiwi.

Skye nodded. "Yeah. That's what the voice keeps telling me."

"If you ask me, listening to any voices in our head is not a very good sign." Tai teasing. Skye elbowed him.

"What? I was teasing!" He protested. Skye grinned. "Try to stay serious, okay?" She said.


"Waturmon, do you think the person was talking about The Gate?" Zoe asked.

"It's possible. Should we go and check it out?" He suggested.

"Probably." She agreed, raising from the table.

"Whoah. Hold up, What's 'The Gate'?" Matt asked.

"The Gate of Time, that's what I guard. The gate to time traveling." Zoe explained.

"But Time travel is still being researched, it'll be a long while before it's discovered!" Izzy protested.

"In our world maybe. But not in this one." Zoe replied.

"So, with this gate thing..... We could travel back in time, to the time of The Princess. And maybe even stop The Darkness from ever attacking?" Skye suggested. Zoe shook her head.

"No way. You're allowed to travel though time, and watch what happens. But if you did something, you could cause major damage to our worlds as we know it." She replied.

"It's the same with meeting your past or future you. Such consequences are really deep. If your two souls meet, seeing each other, you could get trapped in that time frame." Added Waturmon.

"But if you meet you past you, you have the same soul don't you?" Asked Sora.

"Yes and No. If you met up with you past self, your past soul would start to compile your new data. Your bodies and souls will combine and you'll be stuck in there because The Gate won't let you through if you have another soul in you." Explained Zoe.

"So, there's no way you can change what happened because for you know it could kill you." Added Waturmon.

"Kill you?" Kari asked frightened.


"Oh great. Just another way for us all to get killed." Whined Joe.

"Joe." Said Gomamon.


"I mean this in the nicest way possible,"


"Shut up."

Skye ignoring the conversation between Joe and Gomamon said. "So Zoe." She paused. "Are you up to a little time traveling?" She asked, a mischievous smile played on her lips.

~~Later on~~

"You guys have to remember to hold hands. Really tight. Whatever you do, don't let go." Zoe instructed. They stood before a cave, Skye grabbed a hold of Tai's hand. He looked at her nervous face, smiled warmly and squeezed her hand once, as if to say 'Don't worry. It'll be okay."

Before they even stepped inside the cave they looked nervously at eachother, "Let's do this." Said Skye.

"Right, it's now or never." Agreed Mimi. And with that, they all stepped inside.

Imeadiately colours, symbols, and numbers swirled around them, twisting and turning. Tai felt the grip on his hand tighten just a bit. He looked over to her, smiled, and winked. She smiled back.

Beside him Kari and TK held hands tightly. Then, to everyone's surprise they the colours and symbols slowed down.

"We're here." Said Zoe's voice. Two white doors appeared, Tai noticed the intrequit design in the doors.

"This is it?" Gomamon asked.

"What, you were expecting a white picket fence?" Zoe asked sarcastically, pulling out the chain on her locket. She undid the clasp, the turned back to them.

"You guys ready?"

"As ready as we'll ever be." Skye replied.

"Here we go." Said Zoe, placing the locket into the design in the door. There was a brilliant flash of light, then the doors opened. Revealing an elegant looking palace, with a pool infront of it, surrounded by tall fountains.

"That's it." Skye murmured, and then as if on queue, They were sucked in.


"Whoah, talk about rich." Commented Matt.

"This is the place." Commented Izzy.

"This is the Palace." Said Skye. "Tai, do you recognize it?"

Tai squinted, trying to picture the images of the old palace onto this one. He nodded. "Yeah. This is it." He said. Then, all of a sudden he heard voices. Two voices. A guy and a girl. Then footsteps, coming closer!

"Someone’s coming!" Said Mimi.

"Quick! Hide!" Zoe said in a loud whisper. They all ducked into the bushes.

Tai peered through the leaves, staring at the two as they walked by. A girl, in a school uniform. She had blue hair! Obviously Skye saw this too because she gasped.

Then he saw it, a guy wearing his clothes, who had brown hair…….. It was him!

"So……." said The Skye. "Are we still on for tonight? Skating?"

"Yeah. You got it." He said.


"So what did you learn today?" The Tai asked.

"Ummm….. A bunch of boring stuff actually. How when our Digimon digivolve to Supreme it’s different from when Digimon digivolve together…….. Stuff I already knew." She smiled. "What about you?"

"You know I can’t tell you." He replied.

"Yeah well, I was hoping I could catch you off guard." She said. "How come you can’t tell me?"

"Rules." He replied.

"Rules are so boring. Just like school. I wish I could be in the Council like you and the others. But Magimon keeps telling me that I can’t because I’m the Child of Faith and all I’m supposed to do is learn."

"Quite a smart thing to say, coming from a cat who loves to play with a ball of yarn." He said teasingly.

"Hey, at least I don’t have a dinosaur digimon who fried my shorts!" She defending jokingly. They both laughed, walking away.

"So that did actually happen….." said Tai.

"That was close." Commented Mimi.

"Too close." Added Palmon.

"Whoah, that was weird." Commented Gabumon. Skye looked around, "Some one’s here…." She said.

"What are you talking about?" Magimon asked.

"Someone’s here. I can feel it." She looked around. "Something’s different…" Her gaze landed on Kari. She smiled, then said.

"You’re correct Child of Faith."

"Kari?" TK asked approaching her.

"That’s not Kari TK, I’d stay back." Said Skye.

"No need to worry. I pose no threat to you or your friends."

"I’ll believe that when I see it." Skye scoffed.

"I am a digimon, unable to take shape."

"Oh great. Not again." Said Joe.

"What? What’s happened?" Zoe asked confused.

"Kari’s be abducted by a non-visible digimon again." Said TK.

"Deep." Commented Zoe.

"So what is it this time?" Tai asked. "Cos’ I’m getting pretty tired of my little sister getting possessed by you guys."

"I did not posses her. I’m just using her body to help you. You need to see what I’m about to tell you. come with me." Kari began to walk towards the palace.

"What are you doing?! There people in there. We can’t just walk in." Zoe protested.

"We’re not walking in." Kari replied, and with that, they was a big flash of light. Tai closed his eyes, the light was blinding.

"There, that wasn’t so hard was it?" Came Kari’s voice.

They all opened they’re eyes to see the scenery around them had changed. They were now in a room, with shelves and shelves filled with books.

"My English teacher would love this." Commented Izzy.

Kari kept on walking, the others looked to Skye for instructions. Skye shrugged her shoulders and followed. They walked down an aisle until they came to the end. Then, on the wall was a picture. A girl wearing a long gown, sat. Her hair tied up in two buns, her bangs just a little bit over her eyes.

"Who’s that?" TK asked.

"That’s her." Skye murmured, her eyes examining the picture. "The Digi Princess."

"Skye’s right. That is The Princess. This drawing was done 2 years before the attack. She became ruler when she was 10 years old because of the death of her parents."

"So she was 12 in this drawing…." Commented Skye.

"She looks like Skye." Commented Gomamon.

"But look at those eyes, Zoe’s eyes." Said Waturmon.

"But those buns in the hair."

"Those bangs, those are like Sora’s." Added Bioymon.

"That face is like Mimi’s." Said Palmon.

Kari began walking again, the others followed until they reached the next drawing.

Sora gasped. Inside the frame was a picture of Tai and Skye, but The Tai and The Skye from earlier!

"Whoah. Dude….." Commented Matt.

"That’s Tai!" Said Agumon.

"And Skye!" Added Magimon.

"But they look different." Commented Gabumon.

Kari nodded. "Gabumon’s right. This is Tai and Skye, but it’s they’re past selves."

"Wow." Was all Tai could say.

"This was done the year of the attack. It was titled: The Guardian of Courage and The Child of Faith." Kari paused. "They were in love."

Tai and Skye both blushed profusely, Skye looked to the ground, she knew that Matt was staring at her.

"Well that blows Magimon’s theory." Commented TK.

"What do you mean?" Patamon asked.

"Remember when Matt and Tai got into that fight when Skye was sick? And they started acting all funny? She said that their past lives were trying to reach them, and that the princess’s was using Skye because of the situation." TK explained.

"You’re right." Agreed Joe.

"There’s also something else you should know." Said Kari. "To find The Digi Princess in the present." Skye looked up from the carpet, at Kari.

"A peice of the prophecy. To help you find the crest of Faith. The one who reveals the crest’s secrets is the one who’s heart is as pure as faith but as soiled as destruction, only tears of destruction will find the princess and her crest."

"That doesn’t make any sense." Said Izzy.

"Do prophecy’s ever?" Skye asked sarcastically looking over to Izzy. "Wait a minute." She looked back over to Kari. "The presence……… it’s gone."

"What are you talking about?" Tentomon asked.

"She’s right. The Digimon’s gone." Said Kari.

"But how will we ever find out what the prophecy means?" Mimi asked.

"We go back." Said Zoe. "And think."

~~Later on, back in The Present~~

"The one who reveals the crest’s secrets….." said Izzy. "So what are the crest’s secrets?" He asked.

"Where it is." Said Joe.

"How to find it." Added TK.

"Okay….." Izzy typed the answers on his computer. "Next, the one who’s heart is as pure as faith….. hmmm…."

"The Digi Princess!" Said Agumon.

"What do you mean?" Asked Gabumon.

"When we were fighting Apocalymon, remember how we were broken up into little bits of data? Well the kids had to figure out that they’re crest are inside them. In their hearts!" Agumon explained.

"He’s right!" Agreed Tentomon. Izzy typed out the answer.

"But as soiled as destruction……. What’s that mean…….Hmmmm…"

"I got it!" Said Skye.


"Soiled is another word for evil right? Only as evil as destruction! A heart that’s a GOOD as faith, but as EVIL as destruction!"

"So a bad guy gone good? Like Gatomon, or Magimon?" Suggested Waturmon.

"That’s my guess." Skye replied.

"But the last part makes no sense," Said Izzy. "Only tears of destruction will help find the princess and her crest?"

"Does that mean one of the bad guys has to cry?" Kari asked.

"Or maybe the one with the heart has to cry." Suggested TK.

"No….. because it needs to be a bad guy gone good, so there’s no why they could cry tears of destruction." She explained.

"Oh…yeah….Sorry, Davis moment." TK joked. They all laughed.



"So it’s settled then, tomorrow night we get on the move again." Said Skye, before taking a sip of her water. We all sat at the table eating dinner, fish and fruit.

"Right." Agreed the others. I was amazed by the way the all followed her, her orders, how they all liked her. I was needless to say a little envious. I looked over to Tai who was smiling and talking with her, I’d of course known about Skye and Tai in the past, how many times I’d traveled back to that time frame to watch Matt, well I lost track a long time ago. And what I’d come to notice was that he acted the same in both times. He’d always go back to her, all she had to do was wag her little finger and he’d come running. They’d all come running. Just because she was The Child of Faith.

I looked over to Matt, who sat beside me. He just sat there staring at her, my blood boiled, why was it always her? The question kept on racing through my mind, but I never could come up with the right answer, so I left it simply as, She’s The Child of Faith.

~~Later on~~

As I was on my way to the hot springs, I decided to take a short cut through my favourite garden, well, it wasn’t really a garden, it was where a bunch of my favourite flower, the Casablanca lily grew. I was not expecting what I heard next.

"Sora, why are we here?" Matt’s voice asked.

"Matt, we need to talk." Came Sora’s reply.

"Again? Sora, I thought we agreed we wouldn’t talk about it. Remember?" Matt said.

‘Talk about what?’ My mind asked. Though I usually was against eavesdropping, I would make an exception, after all, Matt was my boyfriend.

"Matt, about what happened." Sora began.

"It meant nothing." Matt replied coldly.

"Matt listen! It meant something to me!!" Sora said.

Matt’s eyes widened, my guess in shock.

"What?" He asked.

"That kiss….. Matt that kiss was like no other kiss……" Said Sora.

A kiss? They’d kisses? When? Why? How could Matt do this? Were only a few of the questions blazing through my mind.

"Sora, I was angry that night. I didn’t think it was fair Tai got to go with Skye, I was pissed, I wanted to know why it couldn’t have been me instead!" Matt explained.

So, Matt had kissed Sora when that light had sucked Tai and Skye up……….

"And besides…." Added Matt. "You kissed me."

"What?" Sora asked shocked.

"Don’t deny it Sora, you kissed me." Said Matt.

"You friggin’ kissed me back Matt! I think that counts as a kiss!!" Said Sora, her voice raising.

"Forget it Sora. It never happened." He said. "Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going back to the others." He began to walk off in the other direction.

"Matt! That kiss meant something! I know it!" Sora pleaded.

"It’s over Sora. Whatever you think we started, it’s over." Matt said bitterly, not even looking at her. And with that, he walked off. Sora sat down on the ground, her shoulders shaking. She was crying. ‘Serves her right,’ Said a voice in my head. ‘For trying to steal you man.’

‘You’re right.’ I agreed, I turned back to the main trail, heading to the hot springs.

~~Meanwhile at the beach~~

Skye sat on the sand, staring out at the stars.

"Hey." Came a voice. She looked around, to see Tai standing behind her.

"Oh hey……. What are you doing here? I thought every one was heading to bed." She said. Tai sat down beside her.

"I wasn’t tired." He replied.

"Yeah, sure." She said teasingly. "You know what I just that about?" Skye asked.

"Me?" Tai asked smiling.

"You are so conceited sometimes." She said returning the smile.

"That’s why you love me." He replied.

"You’re right." She said.

"So….. What were you thinking about?" He asked.

"About the day we met." She said.

"Ahhhh…… The good Ol’ days….." He said teasingly.

"You’re soooooo funny." Skye said dryly.

"Sorry. So what about when we met?" He asked.

"When I met you, you had those funny goggles on your head, but TK was telling me that you gave Davis your old ones." She tapped the goggles on his head. "The ones you’re wearing now."

"Ahhh…. I see. And you’re wondering how I had a pair then?" He asked.


"Kari gave me another pair for my birthday." He replied.

"Ahhhhh…. I see." She said, mimicking what he had said earlier.

"Are you mocking me?" He asked. "Are you mocking me? Cos’ I don’t see any body else around." He said, his best imitation of a mob guy. Skye laughed.

"Yeah, I’m mocking you, you got a problem with it?" She asked teasingly.

He leaned in close and kissed her. "Well I don’t know……" He said playing along.

"Ohhh… Well, let me help you choose." She said smiling, giving him a deep kiss. He pulled back.

"Absolutely not." He replied, then kissing her again.

~~Back with me~~

‘I wonder if he was ever going to even tell you.’ Said a voice.

‘Yeah, that’s right, I mean he didn’t stop the kiss did he? Talk about loyalty….’ Agreed the other.

"It wasn’t supposed to be like this." I told them.

‘How? As long as he’s under Skye’s spell there’s nothing you can do.’ Said one of the voices.

"Skye’s spell?" I asked, getting into the hot spring.

‘How else do you think she could get everyone to like her. She’s got them all under her spell.’ Said one of the voices.

‘It’s that locket you know…’ Said the other.

"The Imperial Amulet?" I suggested.

"That’s the one." Said the voice.

"So she uses it to control them?" I asked.

‘Yes. It’s the source of her power, didn’t you know that?’ Asked one of the voices.

"Yeah. I knew about the locket, I just didn’t know it was magical." I replied.

‘Oh it’s filled with magic. Notice how she never takes it off?’

"Yeah…." I said.

‘That’s because if she takes it off the power hold on them is looser. They could go back to normal. This way they’re always under her control………’

"So what can I do?" I asked.

‘Well…… You could take it from her.’ Suggested one.

"Like steal it?" I asked. I looked over to Waturmon. He’d said he’d do whatever I chose…….

‘You’d be saving the others from her. You’d be their hero. And Matt, well of course, if you had the locket…..’ The voice began.

"He’d always be loyal to me." I said.

"Zoe! Don’t listen to them!" Came Waturmon’s voice.

"Waturmon?" I asked.

"Zoe, don’t listen to them, remember your duties as the guardian of time? Of Loyalty?" Waturmon said. ‘You have the crest of Loyalty, but do you actually believe in such a thing?’ Asked one of the voices.

‘Loyalty, Trust, Faith, you don’t even believe in those things.’ Said the other. ‘All they are is words, meaningless words.’

"Zoe?! Is this true?" Waturmon asked.

I looked into the water, I was partly ashamed, but I wasn’t sure anymore….. Ever since I met Matt things had been different for me……

"I…..I’m not sure….."

"Zoe." Said Waturmon. I looked over to him, "If you don’t actually believe in Loyalty, let me prove it exists."

"How?" I asked.

"I’m your Digimon aren’t I? I’m supposed to be loyal to you? So……What ever you choose, I’m with you."

"Really?" I asked, surprised.

Waturmon nodded. "We’re friends aren’t we?"

I smiled.

"And you’d be the leader of the group. That’s what you’ve always wanted isn’t it? To leave The Gate of Time and be the leader?" Asked one.

"That’s true." I said.

It was, I’d always dreamed of being one of the Digi Destined, One of the Council. But instead, I got stuck guarding the gate. It had never seemed fair to me.

And now I realized it wasn’t. I climbed out of the water.

"That’s all about to change." I said.


As I walked up to the camp, I realized how jealous I actually was of Skye. She had everything I wanted, but that was about to change. I was filled with anger, jealously and hate and I was about to teach them a lesson they wouldn’t ever forget.

I walked past TK, Patamon, Gabumon, Gatomon and Kari, past Joe, Gomamon, Izzy, Tentomon, Mimi and Palmon. Over to where Skye usually slept. There she was, sleeping soundlessly, right next to Tai. She faced him, her hand on his chest. Magimon slept at her feet, if I was careful not to wake her up, this would be easy picking.

‘Do it…..’ Said one of the voices.

I spotted the locket, it was right next to the clasp on the string. All I had to do was unhook the clasp. I reached closer, my adrenaline pumped wildly. It unclasped easily, and I picked it up in my hands. Smiling to myself, for only a minute. Then I ran outside the camp. No more unfairness for me, No more having to fight for anything I wanted, no more having to worry about Loyalty. Because now, I had the locket, and there was nothing she could do about it.

"Zoe! Stop!" I heard some one yell. It was Matt! I hadn’t notice Matt wasn’t sleeping with the others!

"You guys! Get up!"

I swore under my breath, and began to run.

"My locket! It’s gone!" I heard Skye say.

"Zoe’s got it!" Said Matt.

"We’ve got to stop her!" Said Skye.

"Right! Let’s go!" I heard Gabumon say.

I ran through the forest with ease, I could go through the place with my eyes closed. I heard the other’s thundering of feet behind me. They were catching up. But I was almost there……… And then, something hit me. Pushing me to the ground.

"Ooof!" Escaped my mouth. I turned around quickly. I saw Skye rising to her feet.

"So…" I said. "You wanna play?" I asked challengingly. I dove for her but she rolled out of the way.

"You think you can handle this?" I asked standing up.

She rose to her feet. "If I have to." She replied. I charged at her, she tried to dodge but I’d anticipated her move and tackled her.

"Face it Skye, you’re nothing without your amulet." I said, grabbing a hold of her throat.

"you think so?" She asked, then pushed me off of her. Her strength was amazing, I flew backwards, slamming against a tree.

"Skye!!" I heard Tai say. "How’d you do that?"

Skye looked at her hands, as if mystified by her strength. ‘Now!’ I told myself, and I charged her again. She jumped, to my amazement, above me. She landed behind me, I turned. Her fist made contact with my cheek. I doubled backwards. What was this girl? A super hero?

"I don’t want to do this Zoe but-" She began.

"RIVER BEAM!" I heard a voice say, then a powerful shot of water appeared, attacking Skye. She was blown aside.

"What the hell?" I heard her ask. Then she spotted him. Splashmon.

"Izzy, who the hell is that?" Skye asked scrambling to her feet. I laughed.

"That’s Splashmon. The Armour Digivolved form of Waturmon. He’s just as powerful as an Ultimate Digimon and his devastating attack is Sea Surge." I said.

"He looks a lot like Angemon!" Said TK.

It was true, Splashmon did look a lot like Angemon. They both had wings, long blond hair, a helmet and a stick. But Splashmon was more powerful, having the strength of an Ultimate Digimon in a co-Champion.

"Magimon, I suggest you digivolve to Athenamon if you want to live." He said.

"What?" Magimon asked.

"This is a fight." I said looking at Skye.

"Your Digimon against Mine. The winner gets the amulet."

"This is stupid. This isn’t worth it Zoe!" Said TK.

"It’s not stupid TK." Said Skye, never taking her eyes off of me. "It’s fair."

"What are you talking about Skye? Waturmon can just digivolve to her Mega and be done with Athenamon in a matter of seconds!" Said Mimi.

"Waturmon can’t digivolve to Mega." Said Skye a knowing grin on her face. "Because Zoe doesn’t believe in Loyalty."

"Come on. I don’t have all day." I said, covering the fact Skye had just pointed out.

"Digivolve to Athenamon before it’s too late!" Said Gomamon.

Magimon looked over to Skye, she nodded an almost regretful look on her face.

"Right!" Said Magimon.

"Magimon digivolved to……….. ATHENAMON!"

"Skye, hop on." Said Athenamon.

"No." said Skye.

"What?" Athenamon asked confused.

Skye looked over to me. "I’ve got my own battle to fight." She said.

"If you say so." Agreed Athenamon, she flew up into the sky to fight Splashmon.

"Face it Zoe, you can’t win." Said Skye.

"Says who?" I asked, I was starting to feel nervous. If Wonder Girl here was going to fight me I was going to need some reinforcements. But I had none!

‘Fight her.’ Came a voice.

‘You can win." Said the other.

"Who’s that talking? Show yourself!" Demanded Skye.

"If you want." They said simultaneously.

Suddenly to Digimon appeared beside me. They reminded me a lot of LadyDevimon, the style of the clothes. They each had one long ponytail on one side of they’re head.

"Who are you?" Skye asked.

"We’re Twinmon. Twin digimon with fashion style. Watch out for our main attack Twin Strike, it’ll leave you all tied up!"

"So Zoe, you’re so pathetic you had to find other Digimon to protect you besides Waturmon?" Skye asked. "You’re definitely not one of us."

My anger level broke.

"And you should talk!" I said. "At least I don’t use magic to get everyone to like me!"

"Is that what they told you? Man, do you ever got a lot to learn." She said.

"Oh yeah?" I asked, then leaped for her, I tackled her to the ground sitting on top of her I swung a punch, but some how, her hand stopped me, I was tossed right over top of her, landing on my back.

"This is too weird." I commented as I stood on all fours.

"You think this is weird? You ain’t seen nothing yet." Skye replied, then kicked me.

I crumbled to the ground.

I clutched my eyes closed, preparing for the final blow. How could this have happened? How could I have lost?

"DOUBLE FIRE STRIKE!" I heard the Twinmon say. Suddenly I heard Skye scream. A horrible, blood curling scream. I looked over to where she had been standing.

"Skye!" Tai yelled.

Skye lay on the ground, she was covered in cuts and bruises. Tai ran over to her.

"Skye! Skye, are you okay?" He asked. Skye rose to her feet, with his help.

"Whoah. I-" But she was interrupted by to other screams, coming from the sky. I looked up, and saw Splashmon de-digivolve into Waturmon, and was falling.

"WATURMON!" I screamed.

"MAGIMON!" Skye screamed. We both dived to catch our Digimon as they fell.

"What…. What happened?" Waturmon asked.

Someone laughed from above us. A female voice.

"LadyPiedmon." I heard Skye say.

"Leaves us alone LadyPiedmon!" Tai said.

"Hello Child of Faith, Tai. Good to see your still alive." Replied LadyPiedmon.

"Yeah. Right. And I’m the future queen of England." Skye said sarcastically.

"Don’t believe me? That’s too bad."

"Crimson Blade!"

There was no way Skye could dodged the attack, even with her, whatever made her powerfull. It hit her full on.

"Lordessmon wishes your presence on Devi Fire." Said LadyPiedmon. "So come along."

Suddenly Skye began to float in the air.

"Skye!!!" Tai yelled, he ran over to her, and tried to reach her. With one hand she held onto Magimon, her other hand dangled in the air, he jumped but missed.

"Jealousmon, Hatemon! Finish them off!" She said, and dissapeared.

Jealousmon and Hatemon? I thought they’re names were Twinmon. They were on the side of the Darkness? I’d been tricked!

"Gabumon, you’d better digivolve." Said Matt.

I felt sad, even Matt was against me now. I’d been tricked, Skye hadn’t been using magic to get everyone to like her, to be loyal to her, she didn’t need to! And when Magimon had waited until Skye nodded to Digivolve and fight Waturmon, Magimon was being loyal to Skye by waiting to make sure! I understood now.

"I get it!" I said. "I stole the imperial amulet so that I wouldn’t have to worry about Matt being disloyal to me. I was angry when I found out he’d kissed Sora, and I was looking for someone to blame. I blamed it on Skye because she’s so popular, and everyone does everything she says. Because she’s the leader! And even when Waturmon tried to prove to me that Loyalty does exist I didn’t understand. I was so worried about everyone being loyal to me, I forgot to be loyal to them, and my duties."

Suddenly, a light began to glow beneath me. I looked down, I was standing on top of the symbol for Loyalty! I lifted my tag into the air and watched as the symbol for faith floated up, onto the back of my tag.

"No! It’s impossible! She’s got my crest!" Screamed Jealousmon. "I hid it well! How could she find it?!!"

"Waturmon Amour Digivolved to……….. Splashmon!"

"Splashmon! Stop Jealousmon!" I said.

"You got it Zoe." Agreed Splashmon.


Jealousmon disintegrated to nothing.

"Jealousmon! My twin!" Hatemon said. "Why you little brat!" Screamed Hatemon. "I’ll be back trust my words, I WILL BE BACK!"

With that she disappeared. Splashmon de-digivolved back into Waturmon and I looked over to the others. Then to Tai.

Tai knelt on his knees, his shoulders were heaving. I could tell he was crying. I walked slowly over to him.

"It’s all my fault." I heard him say. "I promised I would protect her, and I didn’t. It’s all my fault……"

I knelt down beside him, feeling something jab into my leg, I dug my hand in and pulled it out. The Star Locket! I had put it in my pocket and forgotten about it. I bit my lip then, put my other hand on his shoulder, he looked over to me.

"It’s all my fault." He said, tears rolling down his face.

I handed him the locket, he looked shocked, then for a second I thought I saw a smile. He slowly got up. He looked up to the sky, clutching the locket I barely heard him whisper.

"I’ll get you back Skye. Don’t worry."

~~Later On Devi Fire~~

Lordessmon sat at her throne, listening to Hatemon’s pathetic excuses.

"You didn’t get it?!!" Lordessmon shrieked angrily.

"My Lordess, I couldn’t. The girl never handed it over, or even dropped!" Hatemon protested.

"So you’re telling me you failed." Said Lordessmon. Hatemon’s head dropped.

"Lordess, it was accidentally! And LadyPeidmon showed up to early!" Hatemon accused. "The girl realized what she’d done and got Jealousmon’s supreme crest!"

"Don’t blame your failures on Me, Hatemon. I’m not the one who failed to retrieve the imperial amulet." LadyPiedmon stepped into the light.

"Myself on the other hand, I was successful."

"Hatemon, you are dismissed until further notice." Said Lordessmon.

"But!" Hatemon protested.

"But nothing. Go!" Lordessmon pointed her long finger at the door. Hatemon bowed. "As you wish Lordessmon." She said, then walked out.

"Is the potion almost ready?" Lordessmon asked.

"Yes Lordessmon, but we still need the three talisman." LadyPiedmon pointed out.

"On the contrary LadyPiedmon, we only need two of the Talisman now." Corrected Lordessmon.

"But those children, what if they find the two before we do? They’ll find The Princess before we do." LadyPiedmon asked. Lordessmon laughed.

"They don’t stand a chance without their precious Child of Faith." She paused. "By the way, how are our guests?" She asked.

"I had quite a difficulty with them. But once we got the charm onto her, and the dark ring on Magimon they were completely subdued."

"Are they stable?" Lordessmon asked.

LadyPiedmon nodded. "Yes, would you like to see them?"

"Yes, I would actually. Bring them to me."

LadyPiedmon walked off, then moments later returned with Skye and Magimon.

"Leave us." Said Lordessmon.

"But-" LadyPiedmon protested.

"LEAVE US!" Lordessmon commanded.

LadyPiedmon bowed, "As you command." And walked away.

"Come here," Instructed Lordessmon.

"You are no longer The Child of Faith, You don’t even know that name, you are now, and have always been, The Mistress of Destruction. Do you understand me?" Lordessmon asked.

Skye nodded. "As you wish, Lordessmon."


~~In Tai’s Dream~~

"Look." Skye whispered, keeping her voice low, as if not to wake someone up. "Do you see it?"

Tai followed the path of her arm, past her delicate wrist, up her finger to the million of flecks of light.

"I don’t." He whispered back. "Where?"

"There…..moving. Can you see the bright one?"

"Uh huhn."

"No look down, then left and……"

"Got it. Amazing."

A satelite reflecting what-the moon? Or maybe the earth. Sliding quickly and smoothly through the stars, tonight it’s orbit passing over them, in Hawaii.

"I’m so glad you agreed to come visit." Said Skye.

"Yeah, me too. I really missed you." He replied.

It was true, though they had talked over the phone for hours over the past 4 years, it wasn’t the same. They’d both grown up a lot. There was a big difference in both of them, being now, 18 years old.

"Yeah, I know what you mean."

They both became silent, not knowing what to say. Tai would suggest Skye move back to Japan, and she’d say she can’t. And they’d get into a bad argument. ‘Not tonight.’ Tai thought silently, then said,

"Hey." He whispered, propping himself up on his elbows. "Do you want to know something funny?"

"What about?"

"Infinity. But it isn’t complicated. I mean you don’t need a degree in-"

Skye waved her hand in the air.

"Is that a yes?"


"Okay. He coughed quietly. "If you accept that the universe is infinite, then that means there’s an infinite amount of chances for things to happen, right?"

She nodded. "Why yes, mister philospher." She grinned.

"Well, if there’s an infinite amount of chances for something to happen, then eventually it will happen, no-matter how small of the likelyhood."


"That means somewhere, in space there’s another planet that. by an incredible series of coincidence, developed exactly like this one. Except for the palm tree over there." He pointed to the left.

"Is two more feet away."

"The exact same? Down to the smallest detail?"


"That’s deep." She commented.

"But get this, there’s more. On that world, at this very moment, another you, is watching you. The same way your watching them."

"Very philosophical." She said. "But you know…." She began, shifting.


"the only time guys are ever philosophical in front of a girl, is because they’re trying to get the girl to make out with her."

"Oh… You’re accusing me of trying to seduce ya?" He asked teasingly.

"What if I am? What are you gonna do about it, sexy?"

"How about this?" He suggested before leaning over and kissing her. She closed her eyes and kissed him back.


Tai awoke in a cold sweat, to the pitter patter of rain knocking on the shelter’s roof. All night he’d been having different dreams about Skye. Just when he would think he could have a dreamless sleep, another would start up. His heart was pounding, his breathing fast. He looked around, everyone was still asleep. He wiped his forehead with his hand.

"Go back to sleep Tai." He told himself, mumbling. "Yeah, and have another dream of Skye." He replied.

~~Later on~~


I woke up to the noise of the rain on the shelter’s roof. This was tropical storm, more powerful than any I’d ever seen. We all huddled around the shelter, looking out at the trees. The canopy ceiling was channeling the water into thick streams that dropped like lasers and cut muddy holes in the ground.

"So what do we do?" Agumon asked.

"Well…. We need some fruit to eat for breakfast, and some fish for lunch and dinner." Said Waturmon.

"Well I can cover the fish part." Said Gomamon. "I just need to go down to the beach."

"I can shock the fish." Said Tentomon.

"I’ll help him carry them." Said Gabumon.

"I can fly up high and get some fruit." Said Patamon.

"I’ll have to show you where it is though." Said Waturmon.

"Me three!" Agreed Palmon. "My poison ivy will come in handy."

"And I can climb the high trees." Said Gatomon.

"I can use my pepper breath to cook the fish!" Added Agumon.

"And I’ll keep the fire going!" Agreed Biyomon.

"Okay, all people go with your Digimon, and we should have food in no time!" Said Zoe.

She turned to Tai, "Oh and there’s a wood box next to the cooler."

Everyone headed off, leaving Sora, Biyomon, Tai and Agumon at the camp. Tai pulled our the wood box and started building a fire. Meanwhile I folded up her sleeping bag. But, there was something in her bag.

"What’s this?" I mumbled, digging through her sleeping bag. Inside was the mirror from Pixiemon!

‘How did it get here?’ I asked myself. I pulled it out of the bag, and for some reason, stared into it. I couldn’t believe it! Inside the mirror I saw Tai and Skye! From the past! I watched as they walked down a path, the wind blowing the flowers off of the Cherry Trees. One got caught in Skye’s hair. Tai pulled it out, then after showing it to her, leaned closer and kissed her.

I dropped the mirror, but Tai didn’t notice. I quickly retrieved it, never taking my eye off of him. He had a sad, dark look on his face. I knew immediately it was because he was thinking of Skye. He kept on saying how he had promised to protect, but then let her get captured. And how it was all his fault. He was really sad about it, and during the night, I’d woken up a few times, only to hear him calling her name. I was beginning to wonder if whatever I had felt for him was actually love.

~~Meanwhile on Devi Fire~~

The Mistress of Destruction stood in front of a length size mirror, examining her long blue hair. It was growing at and excessively fast rate, a side effect of the body’s exposure to The Charm of Destruction. Also known as The Crest of Destruction. She reached over to her bedside table, and snatched up a pair of scissors. She gazed at them for only a moment. SNIP!

"This hair hasn’t stopped growing….. It’s beginning to bug me." She examined her hands, then the rest of her body, staring at it from different angles in the mirror.

"Not horrible……. This Human body….." She commented. Suddenly Lordessmon appeared in the mirror.

"Mistress of Destruction, come visit me." She commanded.

"Yes Lordessmon." She nodded, then left the room. Minutes later she entered the throne room. Lordessmon stood above her cauldron, known as The pool of Darkness. Passing by the rocks that widely encircled the center of the room, The Mistress walked over to the center.

"You called on me, Lordess?"

Lordessmon looked up from her cauldron, she smiled evilly.

"Yes." She walked over to her throne, and sat down. LadyPiedmon stood beside her.

"In effect…. It’s been a long time since my faithful servant Satinmon implanted your dna strand into the body you now occupy." Lordessmon looked over the body. "When Satinmon battled with the girl, Skye was her name, he drew blood and inserted the strand. Unfortunately, Satinmon died in the battle. Over the years a scar developed on the shoulder, where the dna had been inserted. I was beginning to wonder if we had succeeded, until LadyPiedmon told me of the scar on the shoulder. That, told me you would arrive, due to the fact, it was a magical scar."

So….. That’s how it happened…….’ Said a voice inside The Mistress’ head. Shocked, she placed her hand to her head.

"I thought for sure the experiment would fail." Said LadyPiedmon under her breath. But the Mistress of Darkness heard, and knowing of the fact LadyPiedmon would love to be in The Mistress’ position, she smiled.

"LadyPiedmon…… I thank you for your long mission….. But now, me, partner to our master, am back. You are no longer needed."

LadyPiedmon growled quietly. Scowling.

"But for now, you must complete a very important mission. You must eliminate anything posing a threat to our revoloution. This is the wish of our Master. I won’t except anything less of you."

LadyPiedmon bowed. "Don’t worry. I’m on it." She said through her gritted teeth. Then said in her mind,

‘Not even my own state of mind will let me abandon now.’

~~Later on, still on Devi Fire~~

The Mistress of Destruction walked through the long dark hall way. The appeared empty, but was far from it. Evil flowed through it.

"Ohhh…. Hello…. Mistress…." Said a voice.

"Master….." Replied The Mistress. "What is this energy I sense around you?" She asked.

"I am getting stronger….. The potion is almost ready….. Now, it is my turn to ask a question…… Where does this power I send off of you come from? I’ve never felt anything like it before….."

"It’s the power of the Charm, it senses another of the Talisman near by."

"It’s true…. I have sensed another of the talismen, but I am to weak to locate it…… But, I have a task for you…. One of the Digi Destined…… poses a great threat to our safety."

"I have told LadyPiedmon of your orders, as you instructed. Yet I am not completely sure she will follow through……" The Mistress of Destruction’s voice trailed away.

"Tai Kamiya….. The Leader…… Poses the threat….."

"Shall I attack him Master?" Mistress asked.

‘No!’But The Mistress ignored the voice.

"He is powerful…. Very powerful…… The twins tried to manipulate him, but somehow someone else intervined….."

"The princess?" Mistress suggested.

"It is unlikely….. But still possible……."

"So what do you suggest?"

"He is powerful….. But….. He has a weakness……. The girl who’s body you occupy…… He loved her, still does….. If you can get him to join our side, he would be a powerful weapon. ….. Get him to touch the charm……."

"As you command Master."

~~Later on, Back with us~~

The rain stopped around 11:00, and night soon came, and I had spent the whole day analyzing my situation with Tai. Time and flew by, when I wasn’t having fun. But it also came to my attention that if we didn’t act soon, The Darkness would.

"Tomorrow, we go back on searching for the talismen and the Supreme Crests." Said Matt, taking charge of the group. Tai was in no condition to be lead the group, seeing as he wasn’t really even talking.

"But until then, we sleep."

As we all climbed into our sleeping bags, I watched as Tai headed off in the direction of the hot springs. I sighed, then returned my attention to what Mimi was saying.

~~Later on, At the Hot Springs~~

Tai sighed, climbing into the hot tub, his shorts immediately soaking up some water. He looked around in the darkness, "It’s all my fault." He mumbled.

"No, it’s no." Said A voice. Immediately he recognized it.

"Skye?" She asked, holding the candle out to see. He heard the quiet splash of someone walking towards him in the water. A girl, with blue hair. She approached him.

"Tai…." She said.

"Skye? Is that really you? Or am I dreaming again?" He asked in disbelief. Something looked different about her. But he couldn’t place his finger on it.

She nodded. "Yeah. Is that really you?"

"Yeah." he placed the candle on a rock near them, then walked over to her.

"Oh my god," He said, pulling back a strand of her hair, then placing a hand on her cheek. "It is you."

"It’s really you!" Overcome with emotion he wrapped his arms around her. It took him a moment to realize her back was bare.

"Uhhh… Um…..Skye……" He said embarrassed.


"Um….. you’re not….. ahh….um… You’re not wearing anything are you?"

"Do you really want to know that answer?" She replied, he pulled away.

"Not really." He said uneasily.

"Are you?" She asked.

"My shorts yeah."

She smiled, then daintily placed her arms on top of his shoulders. "Mhhhm….." she commented, then deeply kissed him.

"But-" Tai said between kisses. "I-thought you-were-gone-for-good." She stopped kissing him.

"Tai." She said, almost sounding annoiyed. Then grabbed his hand and placed it on her hip. Clothes, she was wearing a skirt! Before he could take it away she kissed him on his neck. Moments later he ran his other hand through her hair.

"Hey Tai?"

"Yeah." He asked, his eyes closed.

"You love me, right?"


"And you would do anything for me, right?"


"No matter what, right?"


"The give me your hand." Tai frowned but did as he was told. She took his hand and with her other hand under water, grabbed a hold of her charm.

‘Don’t you Dare!’ The voice inside The Mistress’s head screamed. She pulled away, clutching her head. Tai looked around.

At the same time, in Tai’s head he heard someone say. ‘Tai! That’s not me! It’s a trap!’ He could have sworn it was Skye’s voice, but it sounded different.

Suddenly Tai clued in. "You’re not Skye!" He said. The Mistress smiled, then to his amazement she began to float above him! Into the air! She wore black boots, a low, backless tube top with a tight black skirt, all made out of pleather.

"You’re right on that one." She replied.

Tai’s eye were immediately attached to the charm around her neck.

"What’s that symbol? Where have I seen it?" He mumbled.


"And Skye totally freaked when she saw this funny looking symbol in the ground." Said TK.

"What did it look like?? Tai asked.

TK took a stick and drew onto the ground.


"You work for the darkness!"

She laughed, "I don’t work for the darkness. I AM THE DARKNESS!"

"Pepper Breath!" She dodged the attack. Tai looked over to see us standing behind him.

"Tai! Are you okay?" Agumon asked. Tai jumped out of the hot spring. "I am now, How did you guys find me?"

"Sora followed you here earlier." Biyomon explained. Tai looked over to me, I guess in shock. (And relief he hadn’t gone totally free….)

I smiled, not sure what to do, or say, I just smiled.

"who’s that? Is that Skye?" TK asked.

"That’s not Skye." Said Tai. "She’s a smart clone made by the Darkness."

"Then who am I?" Asked Another voice.

Suddenly a bird looking digimon appeared, actually she looked a lot like a human.

"Who’s that?" Mimi asked.

"That’s DarkMagickmon. And evil, bird, co-ultimate digimon. Watch out for her Crimson Wing. She’s the dark digivolved for of…. I don’t believe it." Said Izzy shocked.

"The dark digivolved for of WHO, Izzy?" Tai demanded.

"Of Magimon."

"You mean Magimon’s in there?" Kari asked.

"Then Skye’s in there!" Added Gatomon.

"Skye was a pathetic mortal, but when she battled with Satinmon my dna was inserted into her blood, so that I, The Mistress of Destruction, could have a body." I noticed the scar on her shoulder. The fight with Satinmon……. Weird…..

"The Mistress of Destruction? What are you talking about? You’re the Child of Faith!" Said Mimi.

"The Child of Faith is dead. I am the Mistress of Destruction! Feel the wrath of The Darkness!"

"Crimson Wing!"

We were all blown back by a sudden rush of heat. I was to first to climb to my feet.

"Is everyone okay?" I asked.

"Yeah." They replied.

"Not for long." Said Another voice, it was Hatemon!

"Betrayal Blaster!" I stumbled backwards.

"Hatemon’s Back!" Said Zoe.

"Well, duh." Replied Hatemon.

"DarkMagickmon, NOW!" Instructed The Mistress.

"Twirling Twister!" Suddenly a rope shot out and wrapped itself around Tai. He was pulled over to the other side of the Hot Spring.

"Tai!" Called Agumon.

The Mistress of Destruction laughed evilly.

"There’s nothing you can do to stop me. Don’t even bother trying!"

"Tai! Should I digivolve?" Agumon asked.

"No." Tai managed to choke out as the rope tightened around his neck. "Don’t!" He preyed at the rope.

"WHAT?" We all asked in surprise.

"I know Skye’s in there. I saw her."

"Nonsense! Skye no longer exists in this body!"

"You know it’s true! You may have her body but I can still feel her. I know it!"

"your willing to die for your belief?" She asked surprised, she was staring him right in the eye now.

"Yeah, I love Skye. I trust her with my life."

The Mistress of Destruction’s expression softened.

"Tai?" She asked, her tone changed. It was softer, more soothing.


"Tai, what’s happening to me? I can’t control myself I-" She let out a terrifying scream of agony and clutched her head. I noticed the charm around her neck was glow a dark black.

"Please! No! Leave him alone! Don’t hurt him!" She pleaded, then let out another scream. With that, she and DarkMagickmon disappeared. Tai fell to the ground.

"Tai! Are you okay?!" I asked. He got up, "Yeah." He replied.

I couldn’t believe it, Tai had risked his like, knowing he could die, he stood up to the Mistress of Destruction. He actually believed Skye was in there. And he had been right! It was amazing.

Then, to my surprise I felt a weird warmth inside of me, and outside too! I looked down at myself and watched as my tag floated in the air, the symbol for faith went in and I stopped glowing.

"Noooooo! My crest……" Screamed Hatemon.

"Sora got the supreme crest of Love!" Said Izzy. "How?"

I turned to him, "When I realized that Tai was willing to die for Skye it all clicked. He trusted her soul because he loved her." I explained.

"Biyomon digivolved to…..Birdramon!"

"Meteor Wing!"

Hatemon couldn’t dodge the attack, and she dissolved into nothing.

"But there’s no one to avenge me!" Was the last thing I heard.

The symbol of love appeared from where she had been, swirling and turning. Birdramon de-digivolved into Biyomon.

"Looks like we’re back on the road." Commented Gabumon. I smiled, and walked into the light.

~~Meanwhile on Devi Fire~~

"How many times can you fail at something LadyPiedmon?" Lordessmon asked angrily.

"I apologize Lordess, but the fault did not lay in my actions." LadyPiedmon glared over to Magimon and The Mistress of Destruction.

"Oh please, we were only following orders." Said Magimon droning.

"We were only doing what The Master asked of us, unlike you LadyPiedmon." Said The Mistress.

"Enough! Your bickering get’s us no closer to finding The Princess and those Children can only get closer!" Demanded Lordessmon.

"Please accept our apologies." They all said simultenously.

"As you know," Began Lordessmon. "The ninth supreme crest is The Crest of Friendship, a very powerful crest. It holds the key for those Digi Destined to receive the tenth supreme crest, which cannot be allowed."

The Mistress of Destruction nodded. "Well, I’ve decided who shall defend the ninth crest."

LadyPiedmon took a sharp intake of breath, ‘It has to be me.’ She told herself. ‘I will not lose to that villian reject.’

"I have decided that the ninth supreme crest shall be guarded by……"

Everyone waited in anticipation, holding their breath.

"None other than GoldStarmon."



I landed on the ground with a loud thump, along with the others. When I stood back up, I looked around. The room were now in was like a hallway made a bricks....... or something like that. The air was cold and damp, and every few meters or so there was a torch lit, and attached to the wall.

"My guess is they don't have a high electricity bill." Commented Joe.

"Where are we?" I asked.

"Beats me. In a castle of some sort would be my guess." Said Gabumon.

"Or maybe a dungeon...." Suggested Waturmon.

"Oh great. Of all the places, we had to get the dungeon!" Whined Joe.

"Aww, Cheer up Joe. It could be worse." Said Gomamon.

"How?" Asked Joe, but I wasn’t listening not to them at least. Footsteps!


Did you guys here that?" I asked.

Tai shook his head. "No, what?"

"Footsteps!" Said Zoe frantically.

"Someone’s coming!" Mimi whispered loudly. "Quick! Hide!"

But where to hide? I looked around nervously, if we didn’t find somewhere to hide we’d be dead meat. We could go up the stair...... No, what if there were people over there too. There! A camouflaged door! Perfect! I twisted the handle and to my surprise, it opened!

"Hey! Over here!" I said.

We all rushed through into the other room. I left the door open just a crack so I could see what was going on outside. I waited nervously for the person to pass by.

"Being the Guardian of the Ninth Supreme crest will be difficult Magimon. But did you see the look on LadyPiedmon’s face when she found out. Was she ever angry." said a girl’s voice. Skye.

"I realize it will be a tough duty but I’m up to the challenge." Replied another. Magimon.

"The ceremony is when?"

I peeked closer through the crack, Skye wore the same clothes as before. The charm around her neck swayed as she walked. Magimon walked beside her. She looked pretty much the same, until I noticed her tail ring was different. Instead of the gold one I was used to, this one was black. They continued walking, not even noticing us.

"I’m pretty sure it’s in a few hours." Came Magimon’s reply as they headed up the stairs.

"Magimon’s the keeper of the Ninth Supreme Crest? Does that mean we have to fight her?" TK asked. I didn’t know, but I hoped not.


"We’ll have to fight her." Said Gomamon.

"I hadn’t wanted to admit it aloud, but it was true. If we were going to save our worlds, we’d have to fight her. The fate of our Worlds depended on us, and I wasn’t going to let everyone down. There was a beeping noise, and Zoe pulled out her locket.

"Gennai!" She said happily.

"I heard about Skye. Where are you now?"

"I think we’re on Devi Fire." She said.

"Really? How’d you manage that?"

"Sora got the Supreme Crest of Love, we walked into the light and were brought her." Kari explained.

"Hmm....." Gennai thought. Then said, "Do you still have her locket?"

Tai nodded. "Yeah, why?"

"Don’t let the darkness get a hold of it, whatever you do." He instructed.

"But why?" Asked Zoe, but before Gennai could reply static started crowding the image.

"Oopps! I got a call on the other line! It’s all up to you now Digi Destined!" And with that, he dissapeared.

"Ohhhh Man.." Mimi whined. She sat down. "What are you gonna do now?" She plunked her bag onto her lap, and I heard a clinging noise.

"What was that?" She asked then started rummaging through her bag.

"AHA!" She said triumphantly.

"Mimi, keep it down a few decibles." Said Izzy, who was looking something up on his computer.

Mimi pulled something out of her bag. The mirror from Pixiemon! What was it doing here?

"Mimi! Why do you have the mirror?" Sora asked curiously.

"Oh...... Well I was doing my hair and needed to see how it looked." She explained.

"You can have it you want." She handed it to Sora. She looked into it, and gasped.

"What?" I asked.

I looked into it, along with the others. Inside was Tai dressed up in a tux, but he looked older, more mature........ He was probably 20 years old or so.

"That’s me!" Tai exclaimed shocked. Next to him was Skye, she too looked older. She was wearing a big, poofy white dress and a crown in her hair. They smiled at each other, then leaned slower and kissed. Suddenly I clued in. They were getting married! How could this be happening though? My world was spinning a million miles a minute.

"That’s Skye." Said Sora.

"They were getting married!" Pointed out Gabumon.

"Oh my god." Said Sora.

"What?" Zoe asked.

"I got it!" She exclaimed.

"Mind explaining it to us then?" I asked confused.

"Okay, remember when Tai and Skye went to their training? I saw them kissing in this mirror. I figure this must be the present. Next time, I saw them kissing again, but this time they weren’t at the actually kissing at the time I saw them, The past. And Now we’ve just seen them kissing in the Future! I solved a peice of the prophecy! The mirror, it shows you what you see right. The eye of the past, present and future? The mirror is one of the t alismen!"

It made perfect send. "You’re right!" I agreed.

"Why didn’t I think of it before?" Sora asked. She smiled. "Remember what Pixiemon said, we have to find it before the darkness does? It all fits like a jig saw puzzle!"

But then something flashed through my mind. Skye.

"But, we still have to fight Skye." I said.

"No. There’s got to be another way." Argued Tai shaking his head.

"Face it Tai. there’s a line between good and bad and she’s crossed that line." I blurted out. After I said it, I realized it was the truth, no matter how I tried to look at it.

"You saw her Matt! You know she’s still in there somewhere! No way. I won’t."

"The fate of our Worlds depends on us Tai, to make sure the sun comes up tomorrow!" I explained.

"We can’t fight her! We’ll kill her! How can you even consider that?" Tai demanded.

I swallowed the feelings in my throat, fear, sadness, regret, maybe even guilt. "We’ve got no choice." I replied.


"Come on...... Let’s go!" Said Tai, leading the way. We sneaked around another corner.

"Do you have any idea where we’re going?" Agumon asked.

"Not a clue." He replied.

"Well that obvious." Said a voice behind us. I turned around, horrified I saw LadayPiedmon, with a satisfied grin on her face.


"Come on! Move it! Keep it moving!" She said, pulling at our chains. She had chained us all together, and was now leading the way. She pushed open the doors to a room and walked in.

"Lordessmon, look what I brought you." She said, pulling us with her. I followed her into the room. It was huge, there were rocks all around, forming a circle around the center of the room. Behind that was a throne. But my eyes were on the center. GoldStarmon and a funny looking Digimon stood around a cauldron. It wore a black hat that almost covered all of her eyes. She had long gray hair, and pale skin. She wore a black dress with shoes. She smiled evilly at us.

"Guests, how appropriate." She commented.

"Who are you?" I asked, but I already had a guess.

"I am Lordessmon, assistant to our almighty Master of Darkness. My devastating attack is Night Mare of Darkness which can kill a Digimon in a single shot." She replied with a wave of her hand, I noticed there was something in it, but I couldn’t see it well enough.

"I see you brought me another of the talismen. Thank you." She made a eelaborate gesture with her hands and suddenly the mirror that Sora had been holding flew past me and into Lordessmon's other hand. I gasped. 'She must be a magical Digimon.' I told myself. 'An EVIL magic Digimon.'

"What did you do to Skye?!" Tai asked.

Lordessmon chuckled. "You mean The Mistress of Darkness?"

"Call her whatever you want, she's still got Skye's soul!" Said Zoe.

"You are incorrect. The Child of Faith's soul has died. The mistress of Darkness now controls her body." Said Lordessmon.

"No! Your Wrong! If Skye were really dead I would know it!" Said Tai.

"It's been a long time since her spirit was killed. It's been such a long time since she's been, herself. If that's what you want to call it. Before the battle with Satinmon."

"What are you talking about?" Tai asked.

"You mean you do't know? You hadn't noticed the scar on her shoulder?" Lordessmon said smiling.

"What's that got to do with it?" TK asked.

"Oh everything. When Skye fought with Satinmon he drew blood." Lordessmon explained. "While doing this my dna was inserted into her blood stream, therefore guranteeing my rebirth in her body." Said a voice. Skye! She stepped forward from behind the darkness of the room. She joined Lordessmon at the cauldron.

"Skye!" Said Tai. "Skye! I know you're in there!"

The Mistress of Darkness didn't even flinch. Obviously Lordessmon had put a more power into the thing controlling her. Then, I noticed it, gleaming in the light of the cauldron. Hanging around her neck was a weird sort of charm.

"Do you like my charm, Matt?" She asked, walking towards me.

"It's interesting." I commented looking away from her.

"Would you like to touch it?" She asked.

"No." I replied, trying not to look into her eyes.

"Why not?" she asked, almost sounding innocent.

"It's evil."

"Am I evil?" She asked, sounding almost normal.

"No, you're just destruction happy." I said sarcastically.

"Do you think I'm evil Matt?" She asked.

I didn't answer. I wasn't really sure. Though I knew we had to fight her because she was being controlled by evil, that didn't really mean she was evil. I knew, somewhere in there, Skye was alone and scared.

"Interesting, how you can't even look me in the eye." She commented. "Is it because you failed Skye?"

I looked right into her eyes. I was filled with rage. I could choke her.......... but it was true. I'd expected to see Skye in those eyes. but I didn't. Not a sparkle. She was gone for good. The Mistress walked away.

"The time has come, once I reunite the power of the two talismen, I will be all powerful." said Lordessmon.

"You need all three talismen." said Sora.

Lordessmon smiled. "Once I reunite the power of the two talismen, the third will be revealed. It will bring forth my master."

"The third talismen is The Crest of Faith!" Exclaimed Kari.

"How observant of you." Commented Lordessmon.

"But that's cheating!" Said Kari.

"I'm evil, what do you expect me to do? Play by the rules?" Lordessmon asked with a grin.

"Unchain them LadyPiedmon." She commanded, never taking her eyes off of Kari.


"I said, unchain them. Let them watch as their three worlds are destroyed before their very eyes. Because they failed."

LadyPiedmon snapped her fingers and the chains around us dissapeared. She walked by us, over to Lordessmon. I was too scared to move.

"Gabumon digivolved to........ Garurumon!"

"Matt, why did I digivolve?" Garururmon asked me.

"I want my supreme crest GoldStarmon." I said looking to her.

"So, you know GoldStarmon is the ninth guardian. You are willing to fight your friend, for a hopeless cause?" Lordessmon asked.

"You just finished telling me she was dead." I said.

"Howling blaster!"

"Cosmic Cannon!"

The two attacks cancelled each other out. GoldStarmon maybe have been a Co-Ultimate Digimon but co-anythings are weaker than the natural thing. And of course Lordessmon's hold on her would be weaker in one of GoldStarmon's good minded forms.

"Skye, if you're in there. I'm only doing this out of friendship." I said.

"She's not." Replied The Mistress of Darkness.

"No matter where she is, where any of my friends are, no matter what happens, friendship is forever!" I said.

Suddenly GoldStarmon began to glow a blue light. She de-digivolved into Babybunnimon. Then another blue light shot out from her chest and towards my crest. I pulled out my tag from underneath my shirt and held it up. It went into the tag, I flipped it over, the symbol of faith was ingraved in the back.

"I don't believe it." said Lordessmon.

"The Friendship I share with my friends is unbreakable Lordessmon. I might not be able to breakyour spell, but it's enough to get my supreme crest."

"You still don't have a chance." Said Lordessmon.

"Oh yeah? We're The Digi Destined Lady! Maybe you haven't heard of us but we've kicked major digi-butt before and now won't be any different!" Said Tai, jumping over a rock, entering the circle.

"Agumon digivolved to....... Greymon!"

"You think champion digimon can defeat us? We are Megas!" Said Lordessmon.

"We've got stuff you don't have!" Said Mimi.

"Palmon digivolved to.... Togemon!"

"We're the Digi Destined. Chosen to protect our worlds!" Said Izzy.

"Tentomon digivolved to..... Kabuterimon!"

"No matter what the cost!" Added Zoe.

"Waturmon digivolved to...... Moltermon!"

"Yeah, even if we're on a suicide mission!" Agreed Joe.

"Gomamon digiolved to........ Ikkakumon!"

"We share a special bond!" Said Sora.

"Biyomon digivolved to....... Birdramon!"

"The fate of our Worlds...." said TK.

"Patamon digivolved to...... Angemon!"

"Depends on us!" Said Kari.

"Gatomon armour digivolved to....... Nefertimon!"

"And we'll fight to the end!" Said Tai. "Grrr..... That's right..... You tell em' Tai!" Growled Greymon.

"Oh really? Asked Lordessmon.

Tai took a step forward. "Yeah!"

She handed the mirror and a gold ring to LadyPiedmon. Magimon's tail ring!

"Tai! they've got Magimon's tail ring!" I said.

Tai looked back at me, and in that instant Lordessmon cried, "NIGHTMARE OF DARKNESS!"

I watched, as if in slow motion as the red light shot out of her hands and headed straight for Tai.


"No!" Zoe screamed. "It can't be happening!"

'This is the end! We're all going to die!' Thought Matt, clutching his eeys closed.

"STOP!" Screamed Zoe, she held up her locket.

"Oh Time, suspend yourself!"

Matt waited, but nothing happened. No sounds, nothing.

'What?' he opened his eyes. "Nothing's happening......"

"Time's frozen?" He looked over to Zoe, holding up her locket high in the air. A gentle sparkling dust lingered with it.

"Zoe..... You stopped time?...."

The sparkles floated over top of them, sprinkling gently. But no sparkles landed on Tai, or Greymon.

"Wh......What's happening?" Asked Mimi.

"I think......... I think Zoe stopped time." Said Matt.

"Can she do that?" Asked Kari.


Suddenly Tai flew backwards,slamming into a rock, then sliding down on to the ground.

"Tai?!!" Sora Screamed.

Matt looked over to Lordessmon, she was still frozen, he turned back in time to see Greymon dedigivolved into Koromon. they all rushed to their side.

"Tai! Speak to me!" Said Sora.

"Hurry. I don't think Zoe can hold time much longer..... Hurry Matt....... Get the two talismen from LadyPiedmon."

"Tai...." Matt began.

"Do it fast." He said sternly. I looked at him, then walked over to LadyPiedmon. She had an evil smile on her face, staring down at the mirror and the tail ring. He grabbed them, The Mistress of Darkness fell to her knees, watching them.

'I cannot move.' She told herself.

"Look Tai, I got the talismen back." Said Matt.

"That's good...." He replied.

"It's because of you Tai." Matt said.

"I'm happy. The forces of good will always triumph over evil........"

"Tai." Said Kari, tears starting trickling down her face. Tai tried not to look her in the eye.

"Please Matt......." He looked over to The Mistress of Darkness. "Save The Child of Faith."

"Hang on Tai, if you can hold out just a little longer-" Said Matt.

"Don't worry about me. I'm paying for my mistake. I promised I would protect her........" Said Tai.

"Don't say that..........you tried your best." Replied Matt.

"That wasn't good enough........ But hey, it looks like you won after all."

"Don't say that." Said Matt. "You knew you were the one she loved."

"I'm.......I'm....... sorry. I didn't protect her well enough. I failed." Tai looked over to The Mistress of Darkness.

"Child of Faith....." He held out his hand. inside Skye's locket. then, Tai's arm fell to the ground. The locket fell out, laying face up.

"Tai! No! Please!" Sora pleaded. "Tai!"

"Child of Faith....." The Mistress of Darkness heard Tai's voice call.

'I am..... The Mistress of Darkness...... I have no family....... No friends........... I am alone in all worlds........' She told herself, she looked over at the locket.

'There's the imperial amulet. It's so precious, yet so mysterious........'


"What's this?" Skey asked curiously, examing the locket in her hands.

"It's a locket." Said Gennia. "Called the imperial amulet."

"It's so pretty......." Skye's voice trailed off.

"But it carries a high price."


"Danger." Gennai replied.

"How?" Skye asked.

"It's a powerful weapon against all thing evil. It holds many secrets, only known by a few people."

"What are it's secrets?" Magimon asked.

"Who should I know, I told you they're only known by a few people."



"Do you think we did the right think? Bringing them here, exposing them to the darkness?" Skye asked looking out.

"I'm not sure....... but it was the only thing we could do. Your job is to find The Digital Princess, not to question your actions." Replied Magimon wisely.


'What is this emotion......... that fills my heart?' The Mistress of Destruction asked herself. Tears began to trickle down her face. She lifted her hands to her face.

Zoe unfroze.

"Why.......... these tears?" She asked aloud.

"Mistress of Destruction?" Sora sked, noticing her tears.

'My Love.... Always there for me.......' The Mistress told herself.

"Tai." She murmured quietly. She clenched her eyes closed, and let screamed, "TAI!"

Suddenly the charm of darkness shattered. Skye's clothes changed back to normal, she rose to her feet and ran over to Tai. Babybunnimon hopped along. Skye scooped up the locket and draped it on her. Teh others backed away, watching silently.

"Tai........" She managed to choke out through her tears.

"Oh Tai, please, wake up........ Oh god........ What have I done? Tai............ please..........."

"Oh Tai......... I didn't mean for this to happen.......... Tai, please......" She said.

"You had faith in me......... Your faith in me......... It's what kept my soul alive....... Oh Tai. It was your faith in me......" She confessed.

A ligth began to shine out of the mirror, along with the tail ring Matt still held. Suddenly, they all heard a little melody playing. From the locket.

Skye took it off, and examined it.

It opened slowly, then to everyone's surprise, The symbol of Faith shot out of it. It flew around Tai, then flew into his chest. It then flew out, and his eyes opened, just as it lifted Skye into the air. It wrapped around her like a ribbon.

"That light......." said TK.

Oh When I see you there

I’m so aware

Of how lucky I am baby

Cuz I don’t deserve

I don’t come close

To understanding baby

The logic of your kind of trust

It amazes me

That someone like you

Would care enough

To just believe

Your faith in me

It pulls me through

When there’s nothin around

To hold onto

When I fall

When I’m weak

All the strength that I need

Is your faith baby

Your faith in me, oh

Even when we fight

I get along

Cuz our love is real baby

It’s like salvation to my soul

Cuz that’s how it feels baby

It’s a sacred thing

That I keep close

To carry on

And I know that I will be alright

And you’ll heal it all

Your faith in me

It pulls me through

When there’s nothin around

To hold onto

When I fall

When I’m weak

All the strength that I need

Is your faith baby

Your faith in me, oh

You make me feel I can walk on water

I can reach the farthest star

And nothin comes against me

Safe within your arms

Your faith in me

It pulls me through

When there’s nothin around

To hold onto

When I fall

When I’m weak

All the strength that I need

Is your faith baby

Your faith in me

When I fall baby (oh) When I’m weak baby All I need baby

All I need is your faith in me

Is your faith in me

When I fall baby

When I’m weak baby

All I need baby

All I need is your faith in me

Your faith in me……..

Her hair tied itself it it's usual two buns. Then the ribbon shattered, just as The charm of Darkness had. A long flowing gown appeared on Skye, flapping in the wind. All of a sudden, Magimon's tail ring flew out of Matt's hand and slid itself onto Skye' s finger.

"Skye's.........." Zoe began.

"The......." Mimi tried to add.

"Digi........" Said Sora amazed.

"Princess........" Finished Kari.

"How ironic." Commented Izzy.

"It's unbelievable." Said Joe pushing up the rim of his glasses.

They watched as the locket floated above Skye then gently landed in place. It then shattered, and a tag appeared in it place. The crest of Faith was inside.

Suddenly The Evil Digimon unfroze.

"Where are the talismen?" LadyPiedmon asked in shock.

Skye floated back onto the ground. She ran over to Tai, her dress flapping.

"Oh Tai. I'm......." They kissed.

"I knew it! I knew it!" Said Lordessmon as Skye helped Tai to his feet.

"It all makes sense now!" Said Izzy. "Only one who's heart is as pure as Faith, but as tainted as Destruction." Izzy explained.

"Skye's heart was as pure as Faith because she's The Digi Princess. And As tainted as Destruction because she's The Mistress of Destruction! Other wise known as Tears of Faith!"

The Digi Princess turned to Lordessmon.

"Lordessmon, you have been unfair and your acts were pure evil. How do you justify your means?" She asked.

"I don't have too! Once my master is returns-"

"That's not going to happen." said Skye, then she turned to Babybunnimon.

"Babybunnimon, do your stuff!"


"Babybunnimon digivovled to.......Bunnimon!"

"Bunnimon digivolved to......Magimon!"

"Magimon warp digivolved to......... MAGICKMON! Defender of Faith!"

"Magimon warp digivolved!" Said Garurumon.

"Wow. She looks good!" Commented Koromon.

"Lordessmon, Meet Magickmon. The Mega form of Magimon. Using The Crest of Faith to digivolve she becomes Magickmon, Defender of Faith. Watch out for her Celestial Faith Attack, it'll knock your socks off!" Said Skye.

"CELESTIAL........." Magickmon lifted her arms high in the air and began to spin, a ball of blue light appeared, getting bigger and bigger. "FAITH!"

The ball flew right for LadyPiedmon, and hit her dead on. She disentegrated.

"Your time's up Lordessmon." Said Magickmon.

"No.......no....... This can't be happening." Lordessmon said, her eyes wide with fright.

She stumbled over to her pool of Darkness. "Master! Please! Help me!" She pleaded.

"She's nuts." Commented Kabuterimon.

"No." Said Skye. "She's been gathering ingrediants for a potion. A potion to revive The True Ruler of The Darkness."

"That's why GoldBakemon wanted those bones wasn't it? For the potion?!" Said Zoe.

Skye nodded. 'That's right. And that's why they wanted the talismen too. To bring back their master."

"But she can't, we've used up the talismen!" Joe pointed out.

"No, they can tap into the power, now that it's been released."

"Your wise beyond your years princess, but you lack one thing." Said a voice.

While the others looked around, Skye asked. "Oh, and that is?"

"Power." The voice didn't wait for a reply.

"I killed your parents, and now, I will kill you and your council!"

"No way! I won't let you hurt anyone!" Said Skye defiantely.

"I'm sorry to tell you, you are powerless against me. You could not defeat me before and you cannot defeat me now. You are at my mercy." Suddenly the ground began to swirl, everything went black.

The voice laughed.

"You can't do anything. I can snapyou in two whenever I want to!"

"Let me Master, I will avenge you!" Said Lordessmon. "Death beam!"

"Skye!" Tai cried, and pushed her out of the way.

"Koromon digivolved to...... Agumon!"

"Agumon warp digivolved to......... WARGREYMON!"

"DOUBLE TEAM!" Magickmon and Wargreymon both cried at the same time. They're attacks combined and Lordessmon dissentegrated.

"We... We did it." Said Tai.

"Lordessmon, you were still so immature....... I had so much to teach you, it would take centuries........ to acquire supreme power. You were to impulsif." Said the voice.

"Space is deforming more and more!" Said Izzy.

Then out of the cauldron rose a tall figure. A woman, in a long dress. Her hair was made of snakes and she had wings like Devimon.

"I am Melleniumon! The True Ruler of The Darkness! My devastined attack is Blanket of Destruction, which will plunge all three worlds into eternal darkness. Having me as it's almighty!"

Kari gasped, and held onto TK in fear.

"I am made out of all feeling of sadness. And have been around since the beginning of time. I was, the first ruler of The Virtual World. But I failed, I was overthrown and banished to an eternal prison behind a fire wall seperating space from the three worlds. But I struck back, by killing The Digital King and Queen."

The others gasped. "Now I remember." Said Matt quietly.

"But I was defeated again, this time by their heir and her council. The Princess sealed me behind the most powerful fire wall she could make. but she wasn't powerful enough and she knew it. She arranged for her council and herself to be reborn once I attacked." She paused. "But there is nothing you can do. The Darkness will triumph!"

'She wants to conquer the worlds with the help of evil!' Thought Skye silently. 'But for as long as I live, there will be peace! We are their protectors!'

"These worlds belong to us Milleniumon!"



The two attacks cancelled each other out.

"I am almighty, you cannot defeat me!" Cried Milleniumon.

"Yes we can! We can do this! We're the chosen ones!" Replied Skye. Tai grabbed a hold of her hand.

"We can fight anything!" He added.

"No matter what!" Sora agreed, grabbing Tai's hand.

"We'll win!" Added Matt, grabbing Skye's hand.

"Because we are the forces of Good!" Agreed Izzy, and grabbed a hold.

"Good always wins!" Added Mimi.

"And WE are the almight!" Said Joe.

"We are the past." said Zoe.

"We are the present." Said TK.

"We are the future!" Agreed Kari.

"WE ARE THE CHOSEN ONES!" They all said.


"Gabumon warp digivolved to......... Weregarurumon!"

"Birdramon digivolved to........Garudamon!"

"Togemon digivolved to.......... Lillymon!"

"Kabuterimon digivolved to.......... MegaKabuterimon!"

"Ikkakumon digivolved to......... Zudomon!"

"Angemon digivolved to........ MegnaAngemon!"

"Gatomon digivolved to........ Angewomon!" "Moltermon digivolved to...........WereMoltermon!"

Milleniumon laughed. "I can defeat you all at once!" She said.

"Everyone lend your power to Angewomon!" Instructed Magickmon.

The other Digimon nodded.

"CELESTIAL................. ARROW!"

The arrow attacked Milleniumon right in the chest, and even though she began to disapear she laughed.

"See, I told oyu she was crazy." Said MegaKabuterimon.

But Milleniumon ingored the comment. "Digi Princess! You may think you have defeated me, but there will be more like me. And one will defeat you, for you are as unreal as a dream, and there for as easy to defeat!"

"What are you talking about Milleniumon?" Skye demanded.

"You will leanr soon enough." Was Milleniumon's reply, just before she dissapeared.

The swirling symbol of Faith appeared and they all walked into it.

"We...... We did it!" Said Mimi, trying to swallow the whole situation.

"We defeated the darkness!" Said Joe.

"But what did she mean by me not being real?" Skye asked.


"So you defeated the darkness, huhn?" Gennai asked before taking a bit of his sushi.

"Yeah." They all chorused as they sat down on the floor to eat.

"The Virtual World is assembling itself again." Said Skye.

"Skye, you're the digi princess?" Gennai asked surprised.

She nodded, 'Yeah, but I have a question-"

"How come we haven't gone home yet?" Asked Mimi.

Gennai shrugged his shoulders.

"Hey, I just thought of something…." said Matt. "Right before Zoe froze time, she said something this can’t be happening. What did you mean by that?"

Zoe blushed.

"Well, since I’ m the guardian of Time, I can go back and forth from the past. And the same’s the right with the future."

"So you knew I was going to die?" Tai asked.

"I thought maybe it wouldn’t happen. See, in the prophecy your not supposed to die."

"Oh." Said Tai.

"What did Milleniumon mean about being real?" Babybunnimon asked.

Gennai sighed. "There's something I didn't tell you." "The Digi Princess and Magimon, are well, not quite real."

"Excuse me?" Skye asked confused.

"The Digi Princess's dna was scientifically constructed."

Skue took a sharp breath of air.

"Her dna was mixed with that of The Digi Queen and Digi Kings. Along with 4 other. The Guardian of Loyalty, The Guardian of Love, The Guardian of Sincerity and The Guardian of Light."

"So, Skye's dna was mixed with Zoe's, Sora's, Mimi's and Kari's?" TK confirmed.

Gennai nodded. "It makes so much sense!" Said MAtt.

"Remember when we saw that drawing of The Digi Princess from the past? How we all said it looked like one of the girls?"

"Five....... Skye, Mimi, Sora, Zoe and Kari. The Darkness was trying to seperate the girls!" Said Izzy.

Skye just stared in shock. "I don't believe it." She mumbled. "I'm not real, I was genetically engeneered!"

"But there's still you in there." Protested Gennai.

"But I'm not real!" Countered Skye.

"Oh my god." Said Zoe.


"When I was fighting with Skye, remember how she got those weird powers? that must have be the dna!"

"The Digi Princess was engenired to be the perfect ruler. With all the best qualities."

"Sincerity for others." Said Mimi.

"A light for others." Said Kari.

"Loyalty to others."

"A love for others."

"And Faith, in others........." finished Skye.

She rose from the table and ran out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

"Skye!" Tai called out, rising from his spot. He chased after her.


Skye sat down on the grass crying. She rubbes her face with her hands.

"This isn't happening." She murmured. "It's not me he love............ it's her."

"Skye?" Tai sat down beside her.

"What do you want?" She asked bitterly.

"To talk with my girlfriend." He said.

"Go find Sora then." She replied.

"Skye......" Tai began.

"What?? It's the truth! The only reason you love me is because she's part of me!"

"That doesn't matter-"

"Yes it does Tai! Beofre I came along Sora and you had someting going. But I showed up with my, Mimi, Sora and Zoe genes, which made me look the way I do! Tai, I'm a clone!"

"Is that why you think you love me?" He asked.


"Do you think the only reason you love me is because Sora's in your dna?"

'No but-"

"No butts! I liked you before I knew I liked you before I knew you had a combined dna. And you did likewise. Now what's different?"

"I'M NOT REAL!" She said, tears trickling down her face.

"Yes you are. Gennai said there's parts of your real personality in there!"

"But I'm not all me! I'm someone totally different from who I thought I knew I was!" She paused. "It's like having your heart ripped out of you. Suddenly everything you've known is all fuzzy. You don't know if you can trust it."

"So, you're saying you can't trust your feelings?"


They were both silent.

"So what's the next step?" Tai asked.

"I'm leaving."

"The Virtual World?"


"Why?" Tai asked shocked.

"I don't know why, or who I am anymore." She tried to explain.

"When will you be back?"

"I'm not sure."

"So, you're leaving us, me?"

"Tai, you know that's not how it is."

"Do I? The way I see it, the love of my life is leaving me because she's scared."


"I, don't see that as too fair."

"Tai, I just need time."


Skye and Tai walked into the room.

"Uhhh.... Skye, we need to talk." said Babybunnimon.


"I......It's hard to say......" Babybunnimon struggled with the right words.

"Well we've got a long trip back to talk about it."

"See, that's the thing. I...... I'm staying here."


"I need to help everyone get back to normal. And make sure no new evil shows up."

"Then I'll help."

"You can't."

"Why not?"

"Being The Digital Princess, you can't be in The Virtual World while it's being fixed. It'll confuse your soul." Babybunnimon explained. "But I want you to know-"

"I know." She replied. She lifted Babybunnimon up.

"I'm going to miss you so much."


"This isn't fair."

"Life never is."

"I-" But Skye choked on the words. Babybunnimon nodded. "Me too." She said.

"Izzy's going to put up a fire wall between The Digital World and The Virtual World so that even if we didn't totally defeat the darkness, it'll seal it up in The Viti World." Babybunnimon explained.

"As for you guys." Said Gennai, turning to the others. "You can visit your Digimon anytime in The Digi World."

"So no need to said goodbye." Commented Joe.

"Not really." Said Gommamon.


"I still don't think you should go back to Hawaii." Said Mimi. Skye nodded, under standing her view.

"Yeah but I need time to think. To err...." She looked dow nat her hands, remembering her powers. "Experiment."

Mimi frowned.

"I'll be fine, really. I just...... yeah......" Skye's voice trailed away as she watched Tai.

"What did he say?" Mimi asked noticing Skye's gaze on Tai.

"Only that he'd wait. And what I'm doing is selfish."

"Well, he's commited."


"Hey Skye?" Asked TK. Skye wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Yeah TK?"

"I'm going to miss you." He said. She nodded.

"You too little Takeru. She said smiling.

TK began to cry.

"Hey....." Skye said, she knelt down at his level. She dried his tears. "Don't cry. You'll see me later." She looked over to Tai who was watching her.

"I'm only a memory away."

I hear the voice of my destiny call

And I know I must go find my way

The hardest part will be leaving you all

And I'll miss you much more than words can say

I'll be only a memory away

If you need me

You can call me any time of day

And I'll be there, it's OK

Only a memory away

I’m so confused, I don’t know what to do

I wish this had never happened

I’ll just have to go, I need to know what’s going on

I need to go away

We've been together through good times and bad

You've always been there for me

I'll always treasure the best friends I have


I'll be only a memory away

If you need me

You can call me any time of day

And I'll be there, it's OK

Only a memory away……

So what did you guys think? Pretty sad, huhn? Well, if you think so, or even if you don't, I'd love to hear your comments! skye_galbraith@yahoo.com