"Skye! Skye! Are you okay?" I asked. GoldDevimon laughed. "Foolish child, how dare you think you could defeat me!" I could hear Skye’s panting, as she got to her feet.

"TK! Run, go get Magimon and Patamon." She said, the pushed me down the hill. I tumbled at full speed.

"Child of Faith, give me the emperial amulet."

"No! I won’t let you have it!" I heard Skye scream.

"No, matter. I am not here for your amulet, however, Lordess would be very pleased with that. Tell me! Where is the Digi Egg?"

"What makes you think I’m going to tell you?" Skye asked defiantly.

"Magimon! Patamon! Help! GoldDevimon’s attacking!" I screamed as I ran through the village. Millions of Diggermon emerged from their huts. Lord Diggermon hollered,

"to the capsule! Hurry!" Then Patamon emerged, along with Magimon.

"Quick! GoldDevimon attacked us! He found a way into the village!" I explained.

Magimon looked up to where Skye was, dodging GoldDevimon’s attacks, risking her life.

"Quick! We have to get there as soon as possible!" Said Magimon, then began in a full out run. We followed.

"You are foolish, do you not fear me?" GoldDevimon asked Skye, as she stood, never taking her eyes off GoldDevimon. She wiped the blood from the cut on her face, a long scar, that dragged from her right eye down to her chin. "Why should I?" She asked. Then, suddenly, GoldDevimon began to change. His body morphed, into a bigger, stronger, meaner looking digimon, with long fangs, his hair was snakes, and he had 12 legs. "Satinmon!" She cried. The Digimon laughed. "Skye! It’s not Satinmon! It’s GoldDevimon, he changed himself into that to scare you, don’t be afraid!" Said Maigmon. Skye, began to tremble.

"That’s it. Face the truth Child of Faith, you will not, you cannot defeat the darkness. You cannot ignore the evil that surges through your blood. You’re thirst for revenge, for death." Skye collasped onto the ground. "He’s right. I can’t do it." She said crying.

"Don’t worry Skye, I’m coming!" Said Magimon.

"Magimon digivolved to……….ATHENAMON!"

"Patamon digivolved to…….Patamon!" Patamon hadn’t digivolved.

"TK! Why can’t I digivolve to Champion?" Patamon asked. Satinmon laughed. "The dark mark controls this area." He said. While he wasn’t watching, Athenamon flew over to Skye, grabbed her by the back of her shirt and tossed her in the air, landing right on Athenamon’s back.

"Hang on Skye!" She said, then flew by me and Patamon. "Hang on you two." She said, I jumped on, Athenamon turned around.

"Cosmic Blade!" But her attacked only grazed him. But, it was enough to take some of his power, and he turned back into GoldDevimon.

"It’s no use, we need more power." said Skye as she pulled out of her trance. We headed off, running away from GoldDevimon. No, not running away, going to the Digi Egg. We flew through the sky of the village at top speed, then through the tunnels, I could hear GoldDevimon laughing evilily. "Surge of Darkness!" And Athenamon rocked, she dropped to the ground, at a slow speed, but landed on her feet.

"Face it Child of Faith, evil surges through you, you cannot defeat it! You must join it!" Said GoldDevimon, then spotting the Digi Egg he smiled.

"Thank you, for leading me right to what I was looking for."

"The darkness will consume you Child of Faith, you will join out side. Mark my words."

"NEVER! As long as there’s hope!" Said Skye, then suddenly I felt a warmth. My crest was glowing, and I knew, now was the time. "Skye!" I called. She must have had the same feeling because she dived for the Digi Egg, and prepared to lift it. Her arms stretched, she grasped a hold on the egg.


"Magimon armour digivolved to…………. GOLDSTARMON!">

We stared in amazement as the light out of the Digi egg, shot to Athenamon, then circled her, then she changed, she digivolved to Co-Ultimate.

"GoldDevimon, how do you justify your means, you have tortued and murdered many innocent digimon, and for that, you shall be punished!" Said GoldStarmon.

"Who-who are you?" GoldDevimon asked.

"I am GoldStarmon. I stand for all that is good and pure, and I punish those who aren’t!" Starmon turned to Skye.

"Skye, you’re faith in hope is just what the digi egg of Faith needed to be opened. Along with TK’s hope you brought me here." She looked over to me.

"Patamon, try to digivolve." She said. I pulled out my digivice, it had changed! It was a d3 now!


"Patamon armour digivolved to-Pegasmon!"

"Pegasmon, let’s do this together!" Said Starmon.


"Aqua beam!"

"Cosmic Cannon!"

Change into power

We got the power

We got the strenght within and

we always find ya winning,

Change into power,

we got the power we got power ,

Together you and me will, win the victory!

When I need someone to guide me, to stand right beside me, I know who to choose,

And if we stick together, for now and for forever, there’s no way we can loose

Change into power

We got the power

We got the strenght within and

we always find ya winning,

Change into power,

we got the power we got power ,

Together you and me will, win the victory!

To all the boys and the girls, in the digital world,

from near or far,

we’ll be your ultimate friends,

And until the end,

wherever you are!

Change into power

We got the power

We got the strenght within and

we always find ya winning,

Change into power,

we got the power we got power ,

Together you and me will, win the victory!

Digimon we fight to win,

we fight to win!

Digimon we fight to win,

we fight to win!

Digimon we fight to win,

we fight to win!

Digimon we fight to win,

we fight to win!

Change into power

We got the power

We got the strenght within and

we always find ya winning,

Change into power,

we got the power we got power ,

Together you and me will, win the victory!

Change into power

We got the power

We got the strenght within and

we always find ya winning,

Change into power,

we got the power we got power ,

Together you and me will, win the victory!

"Mark my words Child of Faith! You will succumb to the dark side!" And with that, he disappeared into nothingness. "Yeah! We did it!" Said Skye happily.

"Way to go!" Starmon changed back into Athenamon.

"Now what?" Skye asked turning to me.

"Well, I don’t-" I began but was interrupted, on the spot where GoldDevimon had last been, something had risen from the ground, and was glowing. The Supreme Crest of Hope! I suddenly had a strong compulsion to walk into the light, the others must have had the same feeling, because that’s exactly what we did.

I felt like I was going through a waterfall, something was rushing by me. I opened my eyes and saw symbols swirling past me. Then, I saw people, walking into the light. Tai! Matt! Izzy! Mimi! Then another group, Zoe, Joe and KARI! Then I saw Sora, standing there, waiting for us. Then, finally, I saw us, flying into the light. Then, everything went black. When I opened my eyes I was staring directly and Lord Diggermon, who’s big brown eyes were staring straight at me. He smiled. "Welcome back!"


A loud cry of frustration hollered out, then a loud smashing sound.

"That cursid child!" Screamed a female voice. "She has triumphed over me for the last time!"

The voice paused.


"Yes Lordess?" Said LayPiedmon, who then emerged from the shadows of the room.

"Go collect the bones that GoldBakemon had gotten. We will need them, to, find that cursid Princess. Tell the twins to work harder, or they will suffer the consequences. Then make sure, GoldVademon gives those wretched children what they deserve!" LadyPiedmon turned to leave, but stopped when the voice said. "Oh and LadyPiedmon, bring both Magimon and The Child of Faith to me. I have plans, much worse then death for them."

LadyPiedmon bowed, smiling evily. "Yes, it would be my pleasure, Lordessmon."



Once we had traveled through the light, we miraculously, were transported to another area. It was incredible, we were probably the first humans ever to be virtually downloaded! I tried to express my joy, and curiousity to the others, but they could care less. A funny looking Digimon by the name of Lord Diggermon led us to his village, saying that, the village next to it, had defeated one of the Mighty Ten, known as GoldDevimon, no one knew how exactly though. And that, "the human of the patamon", and "the starred one" were on their way to get "the yoko’s human". Immeadiatly we realized it was Sora. And ran over to see her………

"How you hanging in there?" Mimi asked, sitting next to Sora. "I’m fine really. I was up earlier…… But they brought me back here and said I have to rest." Sora replied.

"Did you hear about TK and Skye? They defeated one of the Mighty Ten." Said Mimi happily.

"Yeah, Gennai told me about that…….. Has anyone else?" Sora asked.

"Well, Tai got the supreme crest of Courage….. But that’s it so far…. As we know….."

At this point, I wandered over to Sora’s Hut, to see Tai sitting on the porch, easvedropping. He had a rather complex look on his face, none the less, I had to speak with him.

"Tai," I began.

"huhn? Oh hey Izzy."

I sat down beside him.

"Have you gone in, to see Sora?"

"No, how bout you?" Tai replied.

"Well, I only got to speak with her for a few minutes because that’s when Mimi barged in and started talking to her….." My voice trailed off.

"Athenamon digivolved." Tai replied almost coldly. I was shocked, how could he know? Lord Diggermon had just found out merely moments ago, and I had been there, and I’d rushed right over……

"How’d you know?" I asked.

Tai shrugged his shoulders. "I dunno, I just had this feeling…" He replied.

"Do you want to know the details?" I asked, hoping he’d say yes, so that I could share my opinions with him, and wonder if he had any speculations.

"No…. Not really." He replied absently.

"well-okay." I replied.

Tai stood, "I’m going to go have a bath." He said, then silently walked off.

"Okay then." I said to myself. "Then I’ll go find Motimon."


As I wandered through out the village, my curiousity got the best of me. ‘Athenamon digivolved to co-ultimate. With the help of the Digi Armour egg of Faith. Obviously, the princess’s power, was used to help them out.’

"Hey Izzy! Wait up!" I heard Motimon call from behind me.

"Oh hey Motimon." I replied.

"So, where are you going?" He asked.

"I’m not quite sure. Just observing I suppose." I replied.

"Oh." Said Motimon, trying to keep up to my walking pace.

"So, who do you think will find the next supreme crest?" He asked.

"That’s quite interesting….. I’m not sure. It’s like, every time something happens, it’s like another peice gets added to the puzzle."

"Well you should have much trouble with that. You’re good at puzzles." Said Motimon.

"Thanx Motimon. You’re not bad yourself." I replied.

Motimon smiled. It was time like these I wish I could implant in my mind forever, and never, ever forget. But suddenly, my attention was drawn back to where we were. We were wondering through a long tunnel, as I looked back through the tunnel, I couldn’t see the end.

"Strange." I mumbled, in deep thought.

"What?" Asked Motimon.

"Well, look. Just moments ago, we were in the village, and now it’s no where in sight!" I said.

"You’re right! We’d better head back." Agreed motimon.

"Hang on though. I may have just found something!" I said. My gaze had landed on some symbols in the wall. I walked closer.

"What’s that?" Motimon asked.

"Beats me, let’s take a look." I said, stepping closer.

As I examined the wall, I noticed something very peculiar. The number 5, ingraved among the symbols with a circle surrounding it. I pulled out my laptop and began typing. Looking for some idea of what this symbol would mean.

After 15 minutes of reasearch and with nothing getting done, Motimon said. "Well…."

"Well what?" I asked.

"Aren’t you going to touch it?"

"Why would I?" I asked. "I have no clue what it is. Or what it can do, and you want me to touch it?" I asked incredously.

Motimon shrugged his shoulders. "I dunno. Curiousity killed the cat, not the digi destined." He replied.

"Fine." I replied, and held out my hand to the number. Then, to my surprise, a light shone out, and we were transported!

"Wow." I murmured, looking at myself, to make sure I was still all there. "Incredible."

"Izzy look!" Said Motimon.

I looked over to where he was directing. We were in a room, which was decorated a purplish colour. There was a bed, a window with a balcony, a bed, a closet, a laptop, and a wide variety of books. "Incredible." I murmured again.

"Where are we?" Asked Tentomon. It was then I noticed that Motimon had changed into Tentomon. Without even digivolving…… ‘This day is getting curiousier and curiousier.’ I told myself.

I stepped out, into the balcony, and was amazed. There was a pool, with fountains outside. Flowers and bushes everywhere. It was incredible.

"I recognize this place." I said to Tentomon.

I know what you mean. It’s strangely familiar. But why?" He asked, then flew back into the room.

"Hey Izzy, take a look at this!" He said, then picked up a leather covered journal off of the desk. He handed it to me.

"What do you think it is?" He asked.

"A diary or an agenda of some sort?" I suggested, then cracked the lock, with total ease.

I opened it to the first page, to see who it belonged to…. There was no name. "Interesting." I mumbled. Then went and sat down on the bed, and began to read.

October 31

Something peculiar happened today, something so strange I am beginning to worry. The Princess is beginning to separate from us, more and more each day. It’s as if she knows something terrible, but can’t tell us. Perhaps Tai or Matt have done something, I’m not quite sure.

The night before last, I saw her, sitting on the edge of the pool, grasping at the reflection of the moon. As if she was trying to grab it. She’s also been a lot more up tight then usually, more discreet. Even Tai is beginning to notice a difference in her.

I have asked her many times to tell me what is wrong, but she simply smiles and tells me that nothing is wrong. But I can tell something is troubling her deeply. Even at the skating rink, she doesn’t seem right. It’s as if, she is constently troubled by something terrible, which is nagging at her brain. Usually, she skates with ease, floating over the ice as if it were the clouds, but, lately, she barely even goes onto the ice. I have also noticed she’s been having troubles sleeping. Joe has told me that the princess has to much stress and should drink some herbs, but she refuses to admit there is something troubling her.

Last night, I caught her sleep walking. She kept on saying something about Jealousy and Hate, and that….. well, I didn’t hear the rest. But I am really beginning to worry, and my curiosity is going to get the best of me soon. I should go, Princess is going to call a meeting and I shouldn’t be late. See you later.

Izzy Izumi,

Guardian of Knowledge

I sat there, in shock, with Tentomon reading over my shoulder. He slowly glided down onto the bed.

"Izzy, when did you write that?" He asked.

"I’m…I’m not sure. I don’t remember ever writing this….. But, look here! It talks about Tai, Matt, Joe and the PRINCESS. Tentomon, where exactly do you think we are?" I asked.

Suddenly there was a bursting sound at the door, I look over and saw Vademon standing there. But not the same Vademon from before, he looked different, more powerful, more evil…..

"Izzy, it’s Vademon!" Said Tentomon. Vademon laughed. "I am not Vademon." He said.

"Then who are you?" Tentomon asked. "His cousin?"

"I am GoldVademon, member of the mighty ten, and personal favourite of Lordess. And I have come for you, Digi Destined. It is my duty to punish you. I don’t know how you got here, into the past, but I’ll make sure you don’t get back!"

‘So that’s where we are.’ I told myself. ‘In the past! It all makes sense now! The time of the princess! It’s in the past!’ I turned to Tentomon.

"Tentomon, we’re in the Digi Palace!" I said.

"Really Izzy? You think so?" Tentomon asked.

I nodded. "And I think it’s time for you to digivolve!"

"Tentomon digivolved to…..Kabuterimon!"

"Electro Shocker!" The attacked missed Vademon but made a hole in the wall behind him. "Kabuterimon! We need to get out of here! It’s to small!" I ran over to the balcony, and spotted the maze, of flowers. "Kabuterimon! Down there! We need to get down there!" I said pointing. I jumped on his back and we flew down.

"Come back here! Come back here I say!" I heard Vademon say.

I turned back, and saw him making a giant leap towards us! "Faster Kabuterimon!" I screamed. "I can’t go any faster Izzy." He replied. And then, GoldVademon landed on us. He wrapped his webbed hands around my throat. I jammed my elbow back, into GoldVademon. I heard him groan, and he released my throat, and as I turned around, I saw him falling. "We did it!" I said.

"where to now Izzy?" Kabuterimon asked.

"How bout we land. Before someone sees us." I suggested.

"Right!" He said, then began his descent.

"If we’re in the past, that means that the princess is somewhere around here." I said, after we’d landed.

"So, are you thinking we should look for her?"

"Positive. Maybe we can talk with her." I said, climbing off of Kabuterimon. But no sooner had I climbed off, that I was tackled. There was an evil laugh and I realized it was GoldVademon!

"Kabuterimon! Help me!"

"Hang on Izzy! I can’t get a clear shot, if I miss….." I heard Kabuterimon say.

GoldVademon laughed, "You will not escape me again! I will have your curiosity!" He said.

He grabbed a hold of my throat for the second time, while we still rolled down the grassy hill. Soon, I felt my head feel lighter, and things in my vision began to fade. I felt a comforting warmth, the kind that comes with sleep.

"That’s it Izzy. Relax, let your cares run free. You don’t need your curiousity anymore……" I heard a soothing voice say.

"Yesssss. Relax, let your worries fade away…… No need for those any more….." Said another calming voice.

"Yes, so soothing……." I mumured.

"Now be a good little boy and let go." Said the first voice.

"Let go….." I mumbled.

Then, to my surprise, came another voice. This one had panic in the tone, but still defiant. And ever so familiar. "No! Izzy don’t! Don’t let go! Don’t let them have your curiosity! Your curiosity’s what makes you, you! Don’t you remember?"

"Remember……" I whispered.

I tried to focus my brain, but it wouldn’t work, but slowly it came back…… Memories of my family, my friends, our victories, Tentomon……..

"That’s it Izzy, come on. Don’t give up. Not now, not when your so close!" The voice said.

"NO! DON’T LISTEN! STAY HERE IZZY! IN THE WARMTH!" Said the first voice, but now it was different, it has changed somehow, and now sounded more raspier, more evil…..

Suddenly, things began to come back, but at a more rapid pace. Soon I was staring straight at a confused GoldVademon. I smiled. "Not this time." I said, then with all my strenght I pushed him away from me.

"IZZY! You’re back!" Said Kabuterimon.

"Back, and better." I said. Then realizing something, I got an idea. "Kabuterimon! Since were in the past, you can digivolve to MegaKabuterimon!" I said.

"Can I?" He asked.

I nodded. "You ready?"

"Kabuterimon digivolved to………MegaKabuterimon!"

"No! This can’t be! No! It’s not possible!" Said GoldVademon, raising to his feet.

"Horn buster!" GoldVademon dodged the attack.

"Is that the best you’ve got?" He asked then said. "Brain Blizzard!" Suddenly, out of no where it began to snow. "Izzy where are you?" I heard MegaKabuterimon asked.

"I’m over here!" I said.

But before MegaKabuterimon could reach me, I heard him let out a yell of pain.

"MEGAKABUTERIMON!" I cried out. Then, all of a sudden, I felt a deep pain, smack into me, I flew backwards, and slammed into a rock. "Izzy?!!" I heard Motimon’s voice say, calling out to me.

I heard GoldVademon’s cold, emotionless laugh. I was trying to open my eyes, then, all of a sudden I heard it. Another voice.

"GoldVademon, you have no right to travel back to the past, and to attack the Guardian of Knowledge." It was a female voice, but not of any of the girls.

"Who’s-who’s there?" I heard GoldVademon asked, I detected a slight bit of fear in his voice. I tried to open my eyes, but could only crack them open.

"That’s for me to know, and you to find out." Said the female voice, then it said. "Celestial Faith!" I saw a blur of blue light shoot across through the fog, then I heard GoldVademon screaming. "Nooo! I’m sorry Lordess! I have failed you…….."

Then, suddenly someone rushed over to me. "Izzy, are you okay?" I heard a voice say. Another girl voice, I felt a pair of hands reach out for me. I stared into the eyes of the person, deep blue, mystifying eyes, with swirls of what looked like silver. "It’ll be okay, don’t worry." She said. I felt as someone placed Motimon on me. The girl, then raised her palm to me, there was something glowing, a purplish colour.

"Here is your supreme crest of Knowledge, Izzy. Guard it carefully, as if you would guard your on curiosity." She said, then placed it on top of my tag. I felt my tag absorb the light. Then all of a sudden she was gone, and I was laying down on a bed. Some one staring at me.

"Hey Izzy. Bout’ time." Said the person. Finally everything came into focus.

"Mimi?" I asked.

"Got that right!" She said, then smiled.

"You’ve been asleep for a pretty long time." She said.

"Asleep?" I asked, confused.

"Yeah, we found you sleeping in that tunnel. Motimon was there too. You didn’t wake up until now." She paused, probably noticing the confused look on my face.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"Uh, yeah. I think so." I replied.

"That’s good. I’m gonna go now. The others should be here soon. You might wanna have a bath or something." She said, then left.

"Was it all a dream?" I murmured softly. It couldn’t have been, it was so real, so, so, incredible. That girl, those eyes, I lifted my tag and looked closely at it. Nothing seemed different. Not until I looked on the back of the tag, ingraved in the tag, was a symbol. The symbol of Faith!



After we had walked into the light, it was like we were being transported. Lights swished around, swirling, and different colours. I saw TK and Skye, along with Pegasmon and Athenamon! They were flying into the light! TK must have gotten his supreme crest! Then I saw 6 different beams of colours shooting around. One pink, yellow, baby blue, dark blue, silver, orange and purple. Then, we landed on the ground.

"Where are we?" I asked, looking around. We were in a dark, damp, cave. There was a dripping sound, and further on, there was the noise of the ocean, splashing.

"Never mind where we are! Look at my tag!" Said Joe excitedly.

"What?" Asked Gomamon.

"There’s an ingravation in the back of my tag! It looks like……" Joe voice trailed.

"It looks like the symbol for FAITH!" Said Zoe excitedly.

"Is that your supreme crest Joe?" Salamon asked.

Joe pushed up the rim of his glasses.

"I’m not sure. I think so. But, maybe it’s a darkness implant, put in here to track us down, and kill us!" He said.

I rolled my eyes, "get a life joe. It probably is your supreme crest."

Joe looked over to me, probably shocked by my bluntness.

"What?" I asked. But before he could reply Waturmon said. "Look! Over there!" I followed her gaze to a pair of glowing red lights.

"Who’s there?" I asked.

There was a wheezing noise in the air. Like someone was trying to breath.

"I am Squealymon." The voice said. "I’m a small digimon who was taken prisoner by GoldMyostismon. Who are you?" Asked the voice.

"I’m Kari. This is Gatomon, Joe, Gomamon, Zoe and Waturmon." I said.

"Come closer. I can’t see you in this light." Said the voice.

"What light?" Asked Zoe, with a tone of sarcasm in her voice.

I walked closer, cautiously, I needed to keep on my toes. Last time I met something in a place like this they were evil, and tried to make me there queen.

‘If Tai was here he’d know what to do.’ I told myself, but kept on walking.

"Oh yes. I’ve seen you before, you helped the Scubamon! I knew it had to be you." Said the voice.

"Well, I wouldn’t necessarily call it helping them." I mumbled, my mind replaying the scenario.

"Oh but you did, they told me so." The voice paused. "Perhaps you could- could help me. I seem to have this sort of cuff thing around my arm. Could you help me pry it off?"

"Kari, if I was you I wouldn’t go any closer." Gatomon warned.

I turned to her. "It’s fine Gatomon."

I turned back to Squealymon, all I could still see was his glowing red eyes. How could I tell if we was telling the truth? How could I know for sure that we could trust him? Why couldn’t Tai be doing this? Not me? He’d always known what to do in this kind of situation. Where was he? Obviously, Squealymon could see my mind struggles and said. "Please…… Help me…… I’ll give you whatever you want….. Just help me………" He stretched out my arm, grasping towards me, I could see the silver, metal cuff latched onto his arm.

"Please…..help me….." He said, his voice getting quieter, weaker.

But then it occured to me, if I could only see his arm, in the somewhat darkness. How could he have seen me when I was further away? It was a trick! And I had almost given in.

I pulled back, was I doing the right thing?

I reached out for his arm, but then to my surprise he grabbed a strong hold on me.

"What are you doing?" I asked. Squealymon then said. "You must use your crest of light! Hold it out to the cave walls, it will heal everything in the cave!"

I did as he told me, pulling out my crest and holding it to the air. The room began to light, and I could see ingravings in the wall, and I could now see Squealymon, who looked, almost exactly like a Scubamon. I watched as the cuff broke off and he began to change, he got bigger, taller, and his eyes changed, they no longer glowed red, but green!

"Salamon digivolved to….. Gatomon!"

He rose to his webbed-feet. "Thank you, your majesty." He said bowing.

I felt confusion flow through me. Your majesty? What in the world was that all about? And why had Salamon digivolved?

"Why did you call me that?" I asked.

"Do you not know?" Squealymon asked, a frown on his face.

I shook my head. "What don’t we know?" Gatomon asked.

"The power of the crests of the five are very powerful in this cave. It can cause any Digimon, who’s entitled there to, to digivolve with the power of a crest! Obviously you are one of the five! And since you have the crest of Light, your crest has an incredible resemblance to the crest of Faith!"

"So what is this place?" Zoe asked, looking around.

"This is the Cave of Doom. Many tortued Digimon have died here. GoldMyostismon uses this room to get information from those he are suspected of betraying him!"

"What’s this?" Bukumon asked, pointing to some ingravations on the ground.

"Don’t touch that!" Said Squealymon. Bukumon pulled back his fin.

"That’s the darkness mark. It controls the area, and stops any Digimon from Digivolving past Champion, because that’s all GoldMyotismon is, a Champion."

"Is GoldMyotismon like how GoldBakemon was? More powerful than Bakemon? Is GoldMyotismon more powerful than Myotismon?" I asked.

Squealymon nodded slowly, then said. "Yes, his attack Megna Crimson Wing is very powerful, and is derived from Myotismon’s Crimson Wing Blade and MegnaAngemon."

"A good guy and a bad guy in one? This is just getting freaky." Said Waturmon.

"Everyone is afraid of GoldMyotismon, because he has one of the Supreme Crests, and can use it to digivolve." Squealymon paused. "But he doesn’t. Personally, I think he can’t. You can’t use a supreme crest unless your from the Council of 16. Or you have special pardon from the princess." Squealymon hung his head. "He says he wants to wait, to use the crest, because Lordessmon told him to use it to destroy the members of the council. But I have a secret, and he’s not going to find it out until I’m long gone." He blinked then said. "You’re not the council are you?"

None of us knew what exactly to say, Magimon had said that we might be the council, but it wasn’t sure. But Squealymon answered the question for himself. "Well obviously you are! You have a tag and crest!"

I was scared now, what was Squealymon going to do to us? Why couldn’t Tk be here? He would know what to do. He always knows what to do. Or Tai, Tai with WarGreymon. Why did it have to be me? Why did it always have to be me?

"But-since you helped me. I won’t tell GoldMyostismon. Besides, I wanna live to see the other Squeallies again."

"There’s more of you?" Waturmon asked.

Squeallymon nodded. "A whole village full. We’re incharge of finding out about the prophecy."

"The prophecy?" Zoe asked.

"The tale that predicts the future." Said Squealymon.

"And do you know this prophecy?" Gatomon asked.

Squealymon beamed happily. "We Squeallymon live by the prophecy, every day, awaiting more news." He paused. "We only have peices of the prophecy though."

"A darkness will plague the Virtual world, turning good digimon into bad digimon. The Mighty 10 will appear and take over all the areas of the VitiWorld, controlling the digimon. Then, the starred one and the one how has fought on both sides will battle the darkness. Get the aid of the Digital Destined to find the Digi Princess, who will defeat the darkness. But the power of the princess is not enough alone, The Power of Five, and The Three Tailsmen. One , the eye of the past, present, and future. The next, the crest of Faith, and finally the ring of Faith. To find the crest, one must unlock the secrets it holds. The One who’s heart is a pure as faith, but as tainted as destruction will do so."

No one spoke. So that was the prophecy. Or at least part of it. "Three tailsmen….." I murmured. "The crest of Faith, well that’s the princess’s crest. The ring of Faith, well, ummm….. Guys, any ideas?" I asked. Zoe and the others shook their heads. "And the eye of the past, present and future…….. Zoe, you got some magical eye your not telling us about?" Zoe shook her head. "No, there isn’t even any record that I know of as the ‘eye of the past, present and future’."

"The Power of Five………." I said thinking. "What about what Zapmon said. ‘Separate the five’ Could that have something to do with it?" Joe suggested.

"That’s right!" said Gomamon. "Squealymon, what’s the five?" He asked.

Squealymon shrugged his shoulders. "It could be almost anything. I am not sure…." His voice trailed off.

"To find the crest, one must unlock the secrets it holds." I said. "That’s different from what the princess told Skye. I wonder which one is the truth." I said. I skipped that part and went onto the next. "The one who’s heart is as pure as faith, but as tainted as destruction will do that. Who in the world writes this stuff? Shakespeare?" I asked incrediously.

Suddenly there was a rumbling noise, and the ground began to shake. "What’s going on?" I asked.

"I’m not sure." I heard Zoe say.

"Kari!" I heard Gatomon say then she jumped onto me. There was an evil laugh, that thundered through out the cave. I reconized it immeadiately. So did Gatomon. "Myotismon." We both said, under our breath. The ground stopped shaking. "Who?" Zoe asked. "Myotismon, he fought him a few years ago." I told Zoe. "So what? He’s back for a second round?" She asked.

"It’s not Myotismon." Said Squealymon. "It is GoldMyotismon. Run for it! If he catches you here, he’ll kill you for sure!"

"It’s to late for that." I heard a voice said. Then, a figure began to emerge form the ground. First the head, then the rest of the body. It was Myotismon….. But not the same Myotismon we’d fought, he was different, something about him……. I couldn’t tell what….. Until I saw what it was. His hair, was snakes! And he had a long stick. "That’s GoldMyotismon. He’s one of the Mighty Ten. Suing his Glaive, he uses his attack Glaive of Silence to make his oppenent De-Digivolve into Rookie." Said Squealymon.

"SQUEALYMON! You have disobayed me. You have told these children part of the prophecy, the prophecy you would not tell me. And you have stolen my supreme crest!" GoldMyotismon paused.

Squealymon had the supreme crest? It wasn’t possible!! Was it? Squealymon has said he had a secret, and that GoldMyotismon wouldn’t find out until he was long gone. But the dark cuff had slowed him down.

"No matter. I will retake it, and I now know the prophecy. And I shall make sure it does not come true. Lordessmon knows of the prophecy also, and she will change it! It will never happen!"

"Lightning Claw!"

GoldMyotismon dodged the attacks with ease. He laughed. "Is that all you’ve got?" He asked.

"Fang Fury!"

Millions of sharp fangs flew from the inside of his cape, aiming straight for me. Suddenly I had a flashback.


We were fighting Myotismon. Wizardmon was there, and then, Myotismon attack us. Wizardmon jumped infront of us. He saved us. He had sacreficed his life for the better of our worlds. Wizardmon had paid the ulitmate price so that we could live out our destiny. He fell, my mind played it all in slow motion, he lay on the ground, to weak to move. …..


Squealymon jumped infront of me, he took the full account of the attack. I heard him scream, but no voice would come out of my throat. Once again, my mind played in slow motion, Squealymon began to fall, falling, sacreficing himself for us. "Squealymon!" I managed to choke out as I ran to his side. I watched his green eyes flicker. "I was glad to be your friend Kari. I was glad to have met you and Gatomon. It means very much to me. All my life, I’ve been a learner, but my knowledge didn’t help me at all when GoldMyotismon captured me. But then I met you, and the others….. These past for moments have been my favourite in my life. I am, dying for a greater good. For light." Squealymon’s webbed had reached out for mine. "Do not be afraid little Kari. For I will be with you. and so will you friends. Let in the Light." He said. He dropped something into my hand, then he dropped his arm, his eyes closed.

"let in the Light." I heard his voice say. "Do not be afraid."

"Let in the Light!"

Tears began to trickle down my face. "I Let in the Light." I said, then suddenly my hand began to burn, I let go, to watch a symbol covered in blue light float out of my hand. My tag and crest also floated up, and then the symbol shot into my tag. I look on the back of it. On the back of my tag, ingraved has the symbol. The symbol of Faith.

"NOOOOOO!!!! IT CANNOT BE!" GoldMyotismon howled.

"Celestial Arrow!"

The arrow shot right through GoldMyotismon. "AHHHHHHH!!!!" He screamed. Then he began to desentegrate. "My death means nothing to me, The Darkness Will Suceed!" He said, then dissapeared completely. A pink light emerged from the ashes of GoldMyotismon and the symbol for light shone brightly as it swerved around in the circle. "Let’s go." I said happily. As we walked into the light I understood completely what Squealymon had meant. I had realized that I didn’t need TK or Tai to be my own person, to act the way I should. I had let in the light.



Sora was up and moving, along with Izzy. It turned out he had been to the past, and some one had saved him and Tentomon from GoldVademon. And had given him his crest of Knowledge. We had received word that Skye and TK were on they’re way through the tunnels with another Lord Diggermon. And Zoe, Joe, and Kari were all fine because we had received word from them through Izzy’s computer. And after that we told Skye and TK.

"They’re gonna be here in awhile." Said Tai, for what seemed like the billionth time.

"I know that Tai." I said annoiyed.

"So now we have a better count. Tai’s got his supreme crest, Joe’s got his, TK’s got his and Kari’s got her’s. That’s 4 out of 10." Matt said.

"Almost at the half way point said Gabumon."

Lord Diggermon emerged then turning to Tai he said. "Will you be leaving soon? When the starred on arrives will you leave?" He asked. Tai nodded.

"Yeah. We should keep on moving. Any suggestions where to go next?"

"I would suggest the musicmon’s village." He said.

"What’s that?" I asked. "A Music Shop?" I said hopefully.

Lord Diggermon Frowned. "I do not know what a music Shop is but, the musicmon’s village is the home of the cursed microphone."

"Hey Guys! How’s it going?" I heard a voice ask. We all turned to see TK on Pegusmon with another Lord Diggermon and Skye on Athenamon. I noticed a bandage going down Skye’s cheek. Obviously Tai noticed it too.

"Skye are you okay?" He asked rushing over to her.

"I’ll be fine Tai." She said.

"What happened?" Matt asked, still keeping his distance.

"I had a little rumble with GoldDevimon." She said holding up her fist.

"Really?" I asked. Skye had told me that before I had met her she had, had a bit of a fighting past but I never thought she’d go back.

"I’ll be fine. Really. I just need to soak up. I must have gotten enough dirt in my hair while I was flying to fill the whole Sahara Desert." She said. She turned to face everyone. "Lord Diggermon told me about the musicmon’s village. And about the cursed microphone. I think that should be our next step." She said.

"What’s the cursed microphone?" Palmon asked.

"The cursed microphone is the microphone that use to belong to GoldShogunmon when he was a good digimon. But then, when he lost his voice, he put a curse on it, that anyone who should sing from it, will sing a song straight from they’re heart. To have the same amount of embarressment he’d gone through." Said Skye. "Yeah, and now he’s had this contest going for years that, the person who can bring his supreme crest out of hiding would win it." Added TK.

"Okay, so then, our next stop is the musicmon’s Village!" Said Tai encouragling.


Tai and Agumon had hopped on Athenamon with Skye and Matt and Gabumon with TK. Izzy has flown on Kabuterimon by himself, but using his computer so that it took up the space of someone. That left me and Palmon to fly on Birdramon with Sora. We flew through the tunnels and soon found a village, in the same surroundings as the diggermon’s. A valley type of hole was where the village sat, with a big Theater at the very far end.

"Check it out." Skye said.

"looks like we made it in time for dinner. I wonder what musicmon eat." Said TK.

"Beats me, but I really need a bath now." Said Skye.

"So let’s go!" Said Tai.

"Wait. Shouldn’t we scope the area around first? Make sure there’s no evil digimon around?" Matt suggested.

"I think it’ll be okay Matt. Besides, we’ve got Metal Greymon and GoldStarmon, we can take on anything!" Said Skye smiling. Tai grinned, with a look on his face that said ‘that’s right, my digimon and her’s. It’s too bad your’s can’t digivolve.’


We had met up with the Musicmon, who were a peaceful bunch. They offered us rice and eggs, which for some reason was really appetizing to our digimon. But now to us. Personally, I would’ve wanted chocolate covered rice balls but oh well, I’m always having to rough it.

Skye had gone off, and hadn’t been seen for a couple of hours. Matt and Tai began to worry, and of course, got in a fight over who would go save her. But then Sora, pretty annoiyed with the situation said to save Skye from whatever evil might attack her, they’d have to find her first. So the guys ran off.

~~With Matt and Tai~~

Tai and Matt both ran around the whole village looking for Skye. But they couldn’t find her, until Tai ran into one of the bath houses. Matt followed close behind him. "look! There’s Skye’s shoes!" Tai said pointing to Skye’s runners that lay across the floor."

"And there’s her skirt!" Said Matt.

"And there’s her top!" they both said at the same time.

Matt ran one way and Tai wen the other. Matt checked all the rooms. Nope, not there. So then he ran to Tai’s side. Then he saw Tai standing up, straight against the wall, sweating, and panting fiercly.

"What?" Matt asked.

"Do-do not go in there!" He said pointing to the curtain which covered the front of the room. Curiously Matt pulled back the curtain. There, in the water was….Skye! With nothing on!

She let out a scream. "Maaaaattttt! What in the world are you doing here? No! Close the curtain! I don’t wanna even hear your lame excuse. What are you, a pervert?!!!!! GET OUT!"

Matt dropped the curtain, and turned around. "I warned you." Said Tai.


After our meal, we decided to go take a look at the cursed microphone. When Tai suggested he sing, we all asked him not to. Skye pulled him aside and said that it would be better if it was only the girls who tried to sing, because we had the better voices.

"Hey! I take offense to that you know!" Said Matt.

"I don’t mean it in an insulting way Matt. Besides, your body probably hasn’t hit puberty yet. You won’t have the same voice you do in the real world.

"oh yeah." He replied.

We walked into the theater. There were rows of seats, and sections of red carpet leading down to the stage. We wandered over, and stepped onto the stage.

"Doesn’t look cursed to me." Said TK.

"Sometimes you have to judge things by how the evidence shows." Said Izzy. Once again he was tappering away on that stupid pineapple laptop.

"Aha! It says here that there is high ecto plasmic ratings, which are conduction pyschic waves, which enable the curse." He said, in a matter of factly tone.

"In english please Izzy." Said Tai.

"It’s cursed." Izzy replied.

"Okay then, there’s nothing left to do but try it out. Who goes first?" Asked Magimon.

"How Skye? She seems like the first to do everything around here." Said Sora, I could tell there was a hint of grudge in her voice. Obviously, she was still angry about Tai. I looked over to Skye, who was blushing.

"yeah. Okay, fine. Umm… So what do I do? Just sing into it?" She asked looking around at us.

"Sounds about right to me." Said Sora, walking off the stage, and over to the seats. Izzy, Tai, Matt, TK and me all followed.

"Just don’t think." I suggested.

"Be your usual self." I heard Sora snicker.

"Um. Okay." Skye replied.

"An we’ll do your light and sound. Don’t worry about a thing, it comes naturally for us." Said on of the Musicmon who had followed us to the theater.

"Okay…. Here goes…." She said nervously. As she began to sing, I looked over to Tai, who seemed totally mezmerized by her song. So do did Matt.

"Loving you is not just luck or illusion,

It's in the make-up of our DNA,

It's not by chance we make the perfect solution,

Don't fight it baby, you know that it's just destiny's way,

Baby lovin' you

Comes easily to me

It's what I'm living for

It's all in the chemistry

Baby lovin' you

Is how it's meant to be,

It's something that is oh so natural to me


We got the answers but there's no explanation (no explanation),

We got each other baby come what may (come what may),

It's in the science, it's genetically proven (genetically proven),

Cos when you touch the reaction it just blows me away,

Baby lovin' you

Comes easily to me

It's what I'm living for

It's all in the chemistry

Baby lovin' you

Is how it's meant to be,

It's something that is oh so natural to me


Baby lovin' you

Comes easily to me

It's what I'm living for

It's all in the chemistry

Baby lovin' you

Is how it's meant to be,

It's something that is oh so natural to me


Turn off the light, lay your head next to mine,

Take it slowly, a step at a time,

C'mon get close, closer to me,

It's oh so natural, it's oh so easy to see,

Baby lovin' you

Comes easily to me

It's what I'm living for

It's all in the chemistry

Baby lovin' you

Is how it's meant to be,

It's something that is oh so natural to me


When she finished the song she looked down, nervously. I wondered who the song had been for. Tai? Or Maybe Matt? "I-I guess it’s not me." She said. She muttered something then walked off. She stationed herself in the chair next to Matt who said. "That was great." Skye blushed and I didn’t feel anything, whatever feelings I had once had for Matt, I didn’t have anymore. "Sora, you go next." Said TK. "Uh okay." Said Sora, stepping onto the stage. Tai has sat down on the other side of Skye, smiled and draped his arm around the back of her chair. She titled her head onto his arm and smiled. I looked to Sora who seemed like she was ready to blow up. But instead she grabbed the mike and began singing.

"You need to give it up,

I’ve had about enough,

It's not hard to see,

The boy is mine,

I'm sorry that you,

Seem to be confused,

He belongs to me,

The boy is mine.

I think it's time we got this straight,

Let's sit and talk face to face,

There is no way you could mistake,

Him for your man - are you insane,

You see I know that you may be,

Just a bit jealous of me,

But you're blind if you can't see,

That his love is all in me,

You see I tried to hesitate,

I didn't wanna say what he told me,

He said without me he couldn't make,

It through the day ain't that a shame,

Maybe you misunderstood,

Cause I can't see how he could,

Wanna change something that's so good,

Because my love is all it took.

You need to give it up,

I’ve had about enough,

It's not hard to see,

The boy is mine,

I'm sorry that you,

Seem to be confused,

He belongs to me,

The boy is mine.

Must you do the things you do,

Keep on acting like a fool,

You need to know it's me not you,

And if you didn't know it girl it's true,

I think that you should realize,

And try to understand why,

He is a part of my life,

I know it's killing you inside,

You can say what you wanna to say,

What we have you can't take,

From the truth you can't escape,

I can tell the real from the fake,

When will you get the picture,

You're the past, I'm the future.

Get away it's my time to shine.

And if you didn't know the boy is mine.

You need to give it up,

I’ve had about enough,

It's not hard to see,

The boy is mine,

I'm sorry that you,

Seem to be confused,

He belongs to me,

The boy is mine.

You can't destroy this love I found,

You're silly games I won't allow,

The boy is mine without a doubt,

You might as well throw in the towel,

What makes you think that he wants you?

When I'm the one that brought him to,

This special place in my heart,

Cause he was my love right from the start,

You need to give it up,

I’ve had about enough,

It's not hard to see,

The boy is mine,

I'm sorry that you,

Seem to be confused,

He belongs to me,

The boy is mine.

The boy is mine,

Not yours,

But mine,

Not yours,

But mine,

Not yours,

But mine,

I'm sorry that you,

Seem to be confused,

He belongs to me,

The boy is mine."

No one clapped or anything, Skye sat staring down at her lap while Tai just hung his head. It was obvious what was going on. And Matt looked onto them in what looked like sadness. But nothing happened.

"It’s not me." Sora said dully after looking around. She seemed disappointed.

"Mimi it’s your turn now." She said.

I rose to my feet. I looked to Matt, and then walked up on to the stage. I nodded to the Musicmon in the booth at the back of the theater in the lights room.

"When you love somebody, so deeply that they become your life,

It’s easy to succumb to the feelings inside,

Blindly, I imagined I could keep you under glass,

Now I understand,

to hold you I must open up my hands, and set you free.

Spread your wings and fly,

For you have become a butterfly.

Fly aboddonally in to the sun,

If you should return to me,

If we were truly meant to be,

I know you will return to me.

I have learned that beauty,

Has to flourish in the light.

Wild horses run unbridled,

or their spirits die.

You have given me the courage, to be all I can be.

And truly feel your heart will lead you back to me.

Spread your wings and fly,

For you have become a butterfly.

Fly aboddonally in to the sun,

If you should return to me,

If we were truly meant to be,

I know you will return to me.

As the words flowed out of my mouth, I knew that they were the truth. If Matt and I were destined to be, he would come back to me if I set him free. But suddenly there was a loud rumbling noise. And a Shogunmon appeared out of no where. He growled. ‘The voice who has awoken must fight me for the supreme crest." He said.

"That’s GoldShogunmon, he may look strong but he’s a big false note. But becareful for his Horn Blaster, it’ll really blow you away!" Said Izzy reading off of the computer.

"Magimon, I think it’s time we do our thing." Said Skye turning to Magimon. Magimon was about to reply when I said. "Wait!"

"What?" Skye asked.

"It’s my battle. He said so, I activated him, so it’s my job to fight him." I replied.

"But Mimi, Palmon can only digivolve to Togemon! Magimon can digivolve to GoldStarmon and we’d be out of this situation in a few seconds." Said Skye.

"We’ll do it." I said. "Palmon do your stuff!" I pulled out my digivice.

"Palmon digivolved to……Togemon!"

"Here, have some NEEDLE SPRAY!" Shogunmon was big, and couldn’t dodge the attack.

"Horn Blaster!"

Togemon flew back, and slammed into a wall. The walls around us began to shake, I looked over to the musicmon who were running away.

"Cactus Punch!" Said Togemon and swung at GoldShogunmon.

"Togemon doesn’t have that attack!? What’s going on here?" I asked.

"She’s reacting to the supreme crest, it must be giving her new powers!" Said Izzy.

"Go Togemon! Yeah!" I said, turning back to her. Suddenly I got a new idea.

"Togemon, when he uses his Horn Blaster attack, fill those horns with needles!" I said.

"right!" Agreed Togemon.

"Horn Blaster!"


My plan worked. Togemon’s needles cut right through GoldShogunmon’s attack, and got stuck in the horns!

"Now Togemon!"

"Cactus Punch!" Said Togemon, and punched GoldShogunmon so hard he went flying through the roof! She de-digivolved back into Palmon.

"Yeah to go Mimi!" Said Skye. Then, just as we expected, the symbol for sincerity rose from where GoldShogunmon had been last before Togemon had socked him.

"Let’s go!" I said happily. Togemon turned back into Palmon and we all walked into the light. Then, I mumbled under my breath, "Talk about a spectacular show of sincerity." And I smiled.

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