"You know, maybe we shouldn't go on that picnic." Said Sora, frowning.

"Why not? We've been planning it for so long!" Whined Mimi.

"Mimi, I highly doubt that four days is a long time." Said Izzy as he typed something out on his computer.

"Yeah, besides. I think we deserve a break. Don't you?" Asked Kari, looking over to T.K. T.K. nodded his head in acknowledgment. "And why aren't the others coming with us is what I'd like to know." Said Joe.

"More importantly, I'd like to know why Tai isn't here yet." Said Matt.

"I can answer all both of those question for you." Came Tai's voice from the door.

He walked in, "One, the others aren't coming with us because, of something to do with school. The reason I was late was because Soccer practice went late." Tai sat down on the couch beside Sora.

"I don't think we should go." She said.

"why not?" Tai asked.

"Because, well, I don't know, I just got this really weird feeling!" Tai nodded. Sora had gotten a weird vibe right before Cody had been attacked by a Ice Meramon. But that was all in the past......

"Listen Sora, there's nothing to worry about. We already defeated all the evil, remember? Everything's alright now."

"Not quite." Said Izzy before standing up.

Everyone looked over to him.

"We don't have any food."

Tai let out a sigh of relief. 'I thought he was going to say something like there was more evil Digimon out there.' Tai said to himself.

"Well, then. We have to go shopping!" Said Mimi enthusiastically.


"Seriously Mimi, I don't see why we had to come here. It's not even a grocery story!" Said Joe in a whiney voice. The group had been waiting for Mimi to stop shopping an hour ago. "Just hang on a few more minutes guys! I wanna try this on!" She said holding up a pink tube top. Several sigh of annoyance came from the group. 'Seriously, I don't see what the big deal is, all it is is a tube top.' Mimi said to herself. "Do you have this is a baby blue blue by any chance? It's my favourite colour." Said a familiar voice. "Hmmm?" Mimi looked up from the tube top to see a girl holding up the exact same tube top except blue. She wore a white skirt with baby blue blue stripes going down each side and a tye-dye baby blue tank top that tied up in the back. She had sky blue hair, done exactly like Mimi's. Down to every detail. Even the clip in stars.

'No, it couldn't be.....' Mimi told herself, shaking her heaad of the thoughts. 'Ohhhhh. But I just have to find out. The curiousity is killing me.' She said. 'I know, I'll just see if this girl has the same locket as-' Mimi let out a scream. Everyone in the department store looked over to her.

"Go, figure. Just like Mimi to make a scene." Whispered Matt.

"Yeah." Agreed Tai.

"Skye?" She asked the girl.

"Mimi?" She asked back.

The two girls ran for each other.

"Oh my god. You didn't tell me you were coming to Japan!" Mimi said excitedly.

"Well, you didn't tell me you lived around here! Oh my god Mimi! It's so good to see you!" Skye said smiling. "So what are you doing here?" Mimi asked. While the girls continued their discussion T.K. whispered to Mimi.

"I take they know each other."

"Yeah, apparently so....." Kari agreed.

"Another Mimi? What's this world comming to?" Joe asked.

Mimi had walked over to the group, with Skye following. "Guys, I'd like you to meet Skye. She's my bestfriend. You know, the one from Hawaii." Matt and Tai stood dumbfounded while Kari, T.K., Izzy,Joe and Sora shook her hand. 'Come on Matt.' Matt's conscience told himself. 'Pull youself together.' 'I can't! She's hot!' Matt told his conscience. Out of the corner of his eye, Matt could see Tai was thinking the exact same thing to.

When Skye came to Matt and Tai she frowned then said "Are they always like that?" She asked.

"Mentally yes." Said Izzy laughing.

Skye smiled then said. "Nice to meet ya, um. What's your name anyways, goggles guy?" She asked tapping on Tai's goggles.

"Um, my-my-my name-name's T-t-Tai-Tai!" Tai managed to stammer.

Mimi, Sora and Kari giggled. "Oh, yeah. And this must be Matt," She asked. Tai nodded.

"How'd you know?" Matt asked curiously, but still trying to maintain a cool persona.

"Oh, Mimi told me everything."


It had turned out, that Mimi hadn't told Skye everything, espcially not about the DigiWorld. "So, you live in Hawaii?" T.K. asked.

Skye nodded, playing with her gold, star locket. "Yeah, on a small island. My dad and Mimi's dad are buissiness partners."

"Cool." T.K. commented.

T.K. and Skye were sitting on a giant rock in a park. They were waiting for the others to come back with some food. Coincidently, the park was right infront of a fast food place.

"Hey Skye!" Tai yelled, waiving his hands like a maniac. The group rejoined T.K. and Skye, and handed out food. T.K. sat down with Kari. Mimi sat down beside Skye on her right then whispered. "You won't believe the ruckus the guys made on carrying the food. It was hillarious." Skye smiled. Then, to Sora's surprise, Tai sat down beside Skye.

'He usually sits with me.' Sora told herself jealously. 'You're just jealous Sora. Chill out. He's probably just trying to be friendly.' Sora's conscience explained. 'yeah, well. I just hope he doesn't get to friendly.'


"I should get going." Said Skye standing up.

"Ohhhh. Really?" Mimi asked.

Skye nodded. "Yeah. I got some, uh bussiness I have to attend to."

'Oh boo hoo.' Sora said in her mind.

During the course of the one hour the group had been at the park, Sora had come to hate Skye. She has perfect in every little way, and that, annoiyed Sora to beyond belief.

'But I shouldn't be angry with her, I should be angry with Tai.' She told herself. 'oh well.'

"Well okay, but where do you live?" Mimi asked. "Do you know where Highten View Terrace is?" Skye asked.

"You live in Highten view terrace?" Joe asked surprised.

"Mmmhhmmm." Skye nodded.

No one spoke a word. "What? Did I say something wrong?" She asked, looking around.

"uh, no. Not really. It's just that-oh never mind." Izzy said.

Skye rose one eyebrow curiously then let it go. "Here Mimi, I think I have it written down already somewhere." Skye said searching through herside bag. "Aha! Here it is." She said triumphantly. She pulled out a peice of paper and handed it to Mimi. "Okay. What's your telephone number?" Mimi asked.

"I don't know. But, you know my cellphone number right?" Skye asked.

"Yeah. 555-1024 right?" Mimi clarified.

"You got it!" Skye said. The two girls hugged then Skye said, "It was nice to meet all of you."

The others said their goodbyes and with that, she walked away.

"Do we still wanna go for a picnic in the DigiWorld?" Matt asked.

"Yeah. We still have plenty of food. Not to metion the groceries we bought." Said Izzy.

"Okay, then. We'll meet at my place, at 4." Said Tai standing up.

~~~~Later on, in the Digi World~~~~

Sora looked out onto the ocean. The waves moving, not slowly, but not extreamly fast either. She let out a sigh of frustration. 'That girl, Skye, she's so pretty, I don't stand a chance at Tai with her around.' She told herself. 'Well,' Began her conscience. 'You've had 4 years to tell him you like him. But do you? Noooooo.' 'Yeah but, what if he doesn't like me the same way?......I mean, I kinda trashed him when I started going out with Matt......Then when we broke up-' she asked her conscience.

'How do you know he doesn't like you the same way?' Her conscience replied.

"Hey, Sora! Wassup?" Tai called from behind her.

Sora looked back to see Tai running towards her. She smiled.

"Nothing much." She replied once he got to her.

"You looked like you were concentrating to hard for nothing much." He said, before sitting down beside her.

"I was just thinking,"


"About Biyomon."

"Oh. Yeah."

"It's not fair, I mean. Why'd they all have to dissapear?" They were silent.


"Yeah Sora?"

"Do you ever miss them?"

"Yeah. Alot of the time." Tai sighed. The two sat quietly, staring out at the ocean.

'Now, this is nice.' Sora told herself. 'This is how it should always be.'

"Hey you guys! Come on over! Food's ready!" Called Matt.

"I guess we better go." said Tai.

"Yeah." Sora agreed.

They got up and walked over to the group, who was now sitting down on a beach blanket, chowing down on hotdogs, hamburgers, sushi, smoked fish, and whatever else Matt had been able to cook up on the minature barbeque.

"Mmmmm. This is great Matt. My compliments." Said Izzy, after taking a bite of his smoked fish.

"mmmhhhmmm." Agreed Mimi. "It's great!"

"Oh my god! Look!" Joe screamed pointing off into the ocean.

"What?" Sora asked.

"Tidal Wave!"

Sora looked back, behind her. Joe was right! It was a giant tidal waive! Heading straight for them! Sora quickly climbed to her feet, as the other did too then ran towards the forest where they would be safe. To late! Sora could hear the water rushing towards her, at full speed. Then she felt it, the cold water splashed down on her full force. It grabbed her body, and pulled her under. Swirling, and swirling and swirling around underneath the water. Sora tried to swim but it was useless. In a few seconds, everything went black.


When Tai finally woke up he was laying in a comfortable bed, staring up at the ceiling. "mmmmm." He moaned once the light had hit his eyes. he quickly closed his eyes again. Then turned his head. "Come here! I think the one with the funny hair is waking up!" Said a femal voice.

"That's great. It's about time one of the woke up." Said another female voice, this one was more familiar. "Which one is this?" The first voice asked.

"this one is Tai. The leader of the group." Said the second voice. 'That voice.' Tai told himself. 'that voice is so familiar!'

He cracked his eyes open to see a cat digimon, with blue eyes staring at it intently. "Ahhhh!" He screamed.

Someone giggled. "Don't be afraid Tai, this is only Magimon. A digimon."

Tai looked over to see a girl with blue hair, that was tied up in two buns sitting on a chair beside his bed. Two longs strands of her hair landed on her smooth pale face. Her blue eyes sparkled.

"Skye?" He asked confused.

"It's about time you woke up sleepy head." She said smiling.

"I must be dreaming. The last thing I remember we were having a picnic in the Digiworld and-Wait a minute, you said your cat was a digimon! And it talked right?"

"uhn huhn." Skye said.

"That means we're still in the Digiworld!"

"Great concluded Sherlock." she said, then stood up.

"So what are you doing here?"

"It's a long story." She said.

Tai got out of bed. "Well, I obviously I got the time for it. See as everyone else is asleep." "Okay. But you must be hungry, your guys's dinner was interrupted by that tidal wave." Tai followed her into the kitchen. "Here, have a glass of water. You're probably starting to dehigrate." She said, before handing him a glass of water.

"So how long was I asleep for?" Tai asked.

"Oh, about one hour." She said, opened a jar. "Here, have a cookie." she said handing it over to him. "Thanx." He said, then sat down at the table. "Now, why are you here?"

"Okay, do you know about the Digi Princess?"

"The Digi what?"

"okay, I'll have to start from the very biggining."

"Ohhh. Where am I?" Came Kari's voice, from the beds room.

Skye and Tai rushed over to the other room.

"Hey Kari, how you doing?" Skye asked.

"Skye?" Kari asked.

"That's the name don't wear it out." She replied.

"What are you doing here?"

"More importantly where are we?" Asked Joe.

"that's a plausable question." said Izzy.

"Ditto, whatever that means." said Mimi.

"I'd like to know the answer to that too." Said Matt sitting up in his bed.

"You're in the digiworld." Skye replied.

"What are you doing here?" Sora asked, after just waking up.

"Skye! Why are you here?" T.K. asked, after rubbing the sleep dust from his eyes. "Okay, now that everyone's awake I can explain. First off, guys, I'd like you to meet Magimon, my digimon." Magimon jumped on to the top of Kari's bed then took a bow. "Amazing, it's almost identicle to Gatomon." Izzy commented. "We're cousins." Magimon replied. "Okay, now on to the long part. Do any of you know what the Digi Princess is?" Several different ways of saying no emrged from the group. "Okay, then, I'll have to tell you the story. "A long time ago, before anyone can remember, the DigiWorld, VitiWorld and the Real World lived in peace. The Real World, the VitiWorld and The DigiWorld where all the same size. The DigiWorld was the main World, where everything important went on. On Paladin Island, the biggest island in any of the worlds, was the Digi Palace. There, The Digi Princess, her Council and their digimon lived and ruled over all three worlds. The Council, was known as the council of 16. Each Member of the Council, including the Princess had magical crests that symbloized that they stood for. In the Council Hall, they met to discuss digimon, vitimon and human affairs. They each had a throne, and sat at a recangular table, with the Princess at the head. The Princess wore a white flowing gown, and carried a magical ring which allowed her to travel through time. One day, when they had all gathered outside for a picnic in the royal garden, suddenly the three protectors of the gates and their digimon fell to their feet, telling of a horrible darkness that had swept through the gates and was heading for the castle. Imeadiately the council and the princess rushed back to the palace, but it was to late. The sky had taken on a dark colour and clouds eclisped the sun. A darkness was swallowing the hole entire island. The digimon tried to defend their friends but the darkness was to strong. The humans carried their digimon, and ran to the council hall. All hysteria had broken loose over the kingdom. As the evil crept towards the castle, the Princess decided that the only way to save her council and her kingdom was to use all the power the council's digivice's had left to contain the darkness and then to use her magical ring to make everyone reborn. With no memory whatsoever of their past. After she did that, the Viti world was deleted." Skye paused, looked at the groups reaction. Everyone was stunned. "Anyways, the reason I'm here is to protect the Digi Princess, from the evil darkness that is screwing up the weather in the real world." "What weird weather?" Matt asked. "You mean you guys don't know about it?" The group shook their heads. "We've been getting snow in Hawaii and unbelievably hot weather in the Tundra." Skye explained.

"That could very well be the reason for that tidal wave." Izzy said. "Skye, do you have a computer here?" "Over in the corner, but why?" Skye asked. Izzy got up and out of bed then walked over to the blue laptop. "I'm going to axcess the internet and check something out. If that's alright with you." "Knock yourself out." She said. As Izzy typed away on the laptop Matt asked. "So where did the darkness come from?" "I'm not sure.....Magimon, do you know?" Skye turned to the cat digimon, who was sitting on Kari's lap being petted. "Not for sure, but it was suspected to come from the viti world." "But how can it still be here? I mean, why did it come out now?" Tai asked.

"The Vitiworld was remade, while you all were fighting, what it did was basically make a copy of the digiworld." Skye explained.

"I don't know if this will help. But did you know that Kari was a queen?" T.K. asked.

Kari blushed. "When we were defeating the dark masters-hey wait a minute, how did you even know we were the digi destined?" Kari asked.

Skye smiled. "I was wondering when someone would ask that. Well, I watched your whole entire journey on the net. And then, when Mimi visted Hawaii, then later on moved, I saw her digivice." Skye explained.

"Oh." Said Kari.

"I thought about the fact of Kari being the princess but I'm not sure."

"Why?" Joe asked.

"Well, for starters, she had no reaction to Magimon. There was a prophecy that, when the princess meets Magimon, the ring on Magimon's tail will transform the princess into her proper clothing. Which would be the white gown. And plus, Kari doesn't wear any rings."

"oh, I get it now." Said Tai.

"And that's why I need your help." She said looking to each of them.

"Why us?" Joe asked.

"Well, Magimon can't digivolve any further, because we haven't found the princess yet. Magimon, needs to be exposed to the princess's ring before she can digivolve anymore. So, I figured we could go to the VitiWorld, find the princess," Skye began. "because she's trapped somewhere in there." Added Magimon.

"and after you find her?" Matt asked.

"Well, there was another prophecy that I would need the 8 digidestin to defeat the darkness." Skye said.

"So who is this darkness?" Izzy asked, still not looking up from the computer.

"Well, no one knows for sure, at first it was Satinmon and his deciples. But we defeated them, and then Gennai said-" Magimon began.

"You know Gennai?" Izzy asked turning around.

"Of course we do. Who do you think brought me to the Digi world?" Skye asked. "I'll be right back." Skye said walking back into the kitchen.

"should we help her?" Joe asked.

"I think we should." Said Tai quickly. 'almost to quickly.' Sora said to herself.

"I'm all for it, but how can we? The time is exactly the same as it is in the real world." Joe pointed out.

Skye returned carrying a tray, which held 7 glass filled with cold water in them. She handed them out one, to each of them.

"Say, we did help you. How could we, with the issue of time. If the vitiworld is a copy of the digiworld, then the same amount of time spent in the vitiworld would be equivalant to the time in the real world." Said Izzy. "No, because it started copying when you entered the digiworld for the first time. It copied practically everything but, the time change at the end of your adventure. So every 100 days is 1 day." Skye explained.

"You have mail." Said an electronic voice from the computer.

Skye walked over to the computer.

"Greetings Skye." said Gennai.

Everyone crowded over to the computer.

"I see you have the digi destined with you, have you told them about the the princess?"

Static crowded over Gennai.

"Yeah. But Gennai, you breaking up. Where is the princess?" Skye asked.

"oops. Gotta go. I guess I should've put in more quarters. See you later Skye, and see you later digi destined." And with that, the message was terminated.

"So, are you guys going to help?" Skye asked.


"Hang on guys, we're almost there!" Skye hollered.

"How much further? My feet are killing me." Whined Mimi.

"Just a couple more minutes guys! We're almost to the top of Mount Cheruchii." Magimon replied.

"It just occured to me. How are we going to help you, when we have no digimon?" Izzy asked.

"Okay, we're here." Skye said. "Now everyone grab hands." Skye said. Tai grabbed onto Skye's hand. As Sora watched, a pang of jealously flowed through her. Magimon stepped into the middle then said.

"Oh master of dimensions, send us safely to the vitiworld unharmed." Suddenly, a light shone down on the group, of all different colours. 'It feels so nice and comforting.' Sora told herself. She closed her eyes, and the next thing she knew she was standing on a wooden floor. "Sora!" Yokomon cried. "Yokomon?" Sora asked. There, standing infront of her was Yokomon! And all the others digimon in trainee form! She let go of T.K. and Joe's hands and ran to Yokomon. The others did the same with their Digimon. Magimon and Skye stepped back and watched.

"It's incredible." Said Izzy examining Motimon.

"It's not incerdible izzy! It's me!" Motimon replied.

"You know what is incredible." Said Mimi. "Look at yourselves in a mirror."

Sora looked into the giant mirror. When she looked into it she didn't see herself, but a younger her! From when they had first landed in the Digiworld. Everyone had been changed into what they had looked like 4 years ago! Even Skye had changed. She wasn't wearing her blue tye-die tank top and white, baggy jeans with the blue stripe down the side. Now she was wearing a blue tank top that tied up in the back and white, cargo shorts with blue stripes going down the side. She her attention to Yokomon. "I knew Skye would find you!" She said happily.

"Why are we like this Skye?" T.K. asked. Skye frowned then turned Magimon. "Magimon," She said. "You're the only one who hasn't changed. Do you have an explination?" "Well, because I'm a viti-mon I didn't change into my trainee form. As for everyone else being transformed to their younger-selfs it's, because the Vitiworld copied the younger you. Even in Kari and T.K.'s case, where they returned the the digiworld when they were older several times. You still have the same level of intellect and personality as now, but your personality also includes the younger you."

"Talk about reliving your youth." Said Mimi.

They laughed then Magimon walked over to a small wooden box, opened it and pulled out 8 crests and tags. She handed them out. "Our crests!" Kari exclaimed. "In the Vitiworld your crest is what helps your digimon to digivolve." Tsunomon explained. "What I don't get is, if the Vitiworld copied the Digiworld, how come our digimon are still digimon? Wouldn't they be Vitimon?" Izzy asked.

"Yes and no," replied Magimon. "When the digiworld was copied, it got messed up and now, it takes more energy to digivolve." Magimon explained.

"How come Skye doesn't get a crest?" Mimi asked.

"I'm not a digidestin, just the Princesse's protector." Skye explained. "so how does Magimon digivolve?" Izzy asked. "The ring on my tale, is what ables me to digivolve." Magimon explained.

"You guys, must be hungry. Koromon, I trust that dinner's ready." Skye said turning to Koromon.

"Yup." The pink blob replied.

"and everything's set too! I helped!" Motimon pipped in. "Me too!" Bukkumon added.

"Well, of course you did. You two are the only ones with arms!" Tanemon replied. The group followed the trainee digimon into the kitchen. As the group ate Skye and Magimon sat on the back porch of the hut eating their food. "Do you think we did the right thing?" Skye asked, never taking her eyes off the ever moving ocean. The sun was gently setting, the sky had turned to a reddish orange colour.

"What do you mean?" Magimon asked.

"well, bringing them here. Exposing them to the darkness."

"Skye, you know you had to. To find the princess-" "I know, I know, to find the princess I need the Digidestin." Skye replied then let out a sigh.

Mimi walked onto the porch. "hey." She said softly then sat down beside Skye.

"I'm going to go get seconds, I'll be back." Said Magimon, and walked back into the house.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier Mimi." Skye apologized. "It's just that, ever since I first learned about the digi princess, I've wanted a friend I could trust. And-" She paused. "and when I met you, I wanted to tell you but I wasn't allowed. I'm sorry Meems." Skye apologized.

"Oh come, you don't have anythign to be sorry about. We had fun, I mean remember thoes cute guys at the beach?" Skye and Mimi laughed. "Thanx Meems. Friends forever?" She asked. Looking straight at her for the first time since they began their discussion. "you got it!" Mimi replied smiling. They did their secret handshake then Mimi said. "Come on, let's go back inside." The two girls got back up then walked inside. "I'm stuffed." Said T.K. rubbing his stomach.

"Me too. Now I'm ready to go to sleep." Agreed Kari.

"Okay then, follow me." Said Skye, everyone got up and followed Skye into another room, that looked exactly like the bedroom in the DigiWorld. 8 wooden beds with each of the digidestin's crest logo on the head of the bed and blue blankets stood in line, 4 beds on each side of the long walls and on bed without a crest logo on it at the very back of the room. T.K., Kari, Izzy, Mimi, Sora, Tai and Joe crawled into their beds, with their digimon following them. Skye walked out of the room, Magimon following her, they walked into the kitchen and started cleaning up the mess. "I'm tired Skye. Do you mind if I go to sleep tonight?" Magimon asked. "Sure, sweet dreams magimon." Skye said, before washing the plates. As soon as Magimon left Matt stepped into the room.

"Need some help?" He asked smiling.

"Thanx. But I got it."

"I noticed you didn't eat dinner with us? Why is that?"

"I needed time to think."

"About what exactly?"

"Oh, just what the next move should be."


"well, I think the next move should be to start making our way to Piximon's."

"Piximon? I thought he was deleted." Matt asked confused.

"I mean the Viti Piximon. He requested that I bring you there for training."

"oh, so. How do we get there?" Matt asked before putting a few dishes away.

"Second draw to your right. We walk." She said. "Oh." Matt replied.

"You should get to bed. We've got to leave early tomorrow morning."

"Okay," Matt said then before he turned the corner for the bed's room he said. "You know Skye, you don't have to be the mom."

~~Later on that night~~

Skye sat at the table sipping her lemonade and thinking about what they would do. "We have no strategy, we don't know where we're going, we're unprepared, and worst off, we don't even know what we're fighting. We're so screwed." She mumbled.

"Hey," Came Tai's voice from the entrance. She looked over to see Tai standing. "Hey." Skye replied before taking another sip. "I couldn't sleep. How bout you?" He asked, pouring himself a glass of lemonade, then sitting down at the table. "What's bothering you?" He asked. "Hmmm? Oh nothing. I'm just thinking." There was complete silence.



"Do you think we can do it? Do you think we can defeat the darkness?"

Tai looked into Skye's eyes and saw what he'd never seen before, the innonce and fear that was troubling her mind. "I dunno Skye. I don't know." He replied.

~~The next morning~~

"Morning Matt!" Said T.K. as he bounced into the room. He sat down at the table and joined the other as they were munching down on bacon, eggs and orange juice. "Where's Skye?" Izzy asked. "I have to ask her about her laptop." "Oh, she went down to the beach, really early this morning, we spent th whole night talking. She said she needed to ride the wave, whatever that means." Said Tai before serving T.K. his eggs and bacon. "oooo. That means she went surfing! Magimon does she have her surf board here?" Mimi asked turning to magimon who was devouring the food. "mmmmhhhhmmm." Was all the cat digimon said. "Two eggs or three?"Tai asked. "Two please." T.K. replied. The group quickly finished their breakfast and headed down to the beach. But when they got their, Skye was no where to be found. "Do you think she was pulled under?" Joe asked. "No, Skye's to good of a surfer to be pulled under, in these calm waters." Mimi replied. "How do you know so much about surfing Mimi?" Kari asked. "Oh, well. After Skye and I tied for the Princess of the Island contest she tought me some really helpfull pointers." Mimi replied. "Wait! There she is!" Said Nyaromon. Sora squinted for as far as she could see. There! In the distance was a giant waive. Not nearly as big as the tidal waive but still fairly high. And there! She could see Skye riding her surf board. When she got 5 meters away she waived then road in slowly. "Hey guys, you ready to go?" She asked. "Yup. WE even cleaned everything up." Said Tokomon. "Great. I assume Tai told you the plan." "Yes, we go to Piximon's place for training." Said Motimon. "Okay then let's get going!"


"It's soooo hot out here." Mimi whined.

"Yeah, I can feel the heat come up through my socks!" Agreed T.K.

"Maybe you should put you shoes back on t.k." Matt suggested.

"I have to agree. It is really hot out here." Said Joe.

Skye turned around to face the group, she and Tai had been leading them to Pixiemon's place. "Guys, we've only been walking for 10 minutes!" She pointed out. "We're almost there! C'mere!" Skye said walking over to a steep edge. "See! Look! Do you see that? That's where we gotta be." She said pointing the giant hut off in the distance. "Wow, that one's alot bigger than the other!" T.K. exclaimed. "Now, all we need to do is to through the little forests there and walk across to it. So let's get going!" Said Tai enthusiactically. The group was about the walk into the forest when motimon said. "Wait! I hear something!" The other digimon listened while the kids just shrugged their shoulders and waited. "You know I think he's right." Said Koromon. "yes, it's like a buzzing sound?" Yokomon said.

"A BUZZING SOUND?" The whole entire group asked in panic.

As if on cue, Kwagagmon came charging through the trees and grabbed Mimi. "Ewwww. This is gross! Wait aminute! LET ME GO!" She screamed.

"Tanemon digivolved to- Palmon!"

"Tokomon digivolved to- Patamon!"

"Yokomon digivolved to-Biyomon!"

"Bukumon digivolved to-Gomamon!"

"Nyaromon digivolved to-Salamon!"

"Koromon digivolved to-Agumon!"

"Tsunomon digivolved to-Gabumon!"

"Motimon digivolved to-Tentomon!"

"Pepper breath!" Agumon shot a little ball of fire out of his mouth.

"Boom bubble! Patamon shot out a bubble.

"Poision Ivy!" Palmon shouted.

"Spiral twister!"Biyomon cried.

""it's not doing any good! We need a stronger Digmon!" Izzy said. Suddenly Magimon cried "Lighting Shocker!" A stream of light shot out of the ring on her tail and hit Kwagamon! With that he disentegrated. "Wow! That was incredible." Said Izzy. "AHHHH! Somebody help me!" Mimi scream who was dropping to ground like a sac of patatoes. Which wasn't good considering she was headed a full speed to the ground. "Telekinetic Teleport!" Magimon cried, and a lightshone on Mimi slowly guided her down to the ground. "prodigious!" Izzy exclaimed.


"Ah Skye, it's good to see you, know tell me are they ready?" Pixiemon asked. Skye nodded confidently. "I see you all are very tired huhn?" Pixiemon said. The group chorused many different was of grunting yes. "Well then follow me. I have the perfect rememdy for that." "It's not scrubbing floors is it?" Mimi asked. Pixiemon laughed. "Now, not at all." He replied. He walked up a long flight of stairs, with the group trailing behind. When they reached the top all it was, was a small room with a sky light window. Pixiemon pushed it open and then waited for them on the roof. 10 minutes later they were there. "Wow, this is incredible." Kari murmered. The roof had been converted into a a geiizer/hot tub, divided into two sections by a wooden wall, with and hole in it. The whole entire hot tub was surrounded by rocks, to give it the geiizer look. "Girls on one said, boys on the other. Now, I have to prepare dinner so why don't you all relax hmmm?" Pixiemon said, then left.


"This is sooooo relaxing." said Mimi.

"mmhhhhmm." agreed Palmon.

"I could stay here forever." Said Skye,playing with her blue hair that was just hanging.

"Come on in Salamon, the water's fine." Said Kari.

"We cats tend to prefer dry land to water." Replied Salamon.

"Really?" Kari asked, then looked over to Magimon who was sitting next to Skye, relaxing.

"Fine, I'll come in, but only for a few minutes." Salamon said taking off her golves.

Gatomon gingerly climbed into the water.

~~Meanwhile on the guys's side....~~

"Well, this certainly is interesting." Said Joe. "I know what you mean. It's like, continuing what we started." Said T.K. "I'm just glad, you decided to come back Tai." Said Agumon, who was sitting on a rock with Gabumon.

"Me too." said Tai.

"I don't see why you guys don't come in." Said Matt turning to them.

"We don't like water." The two digimon said simulteanously.

"Gomamon what are you doing?" Joe asked.

"Oh, just swimming, wanna this is probably the nicest water I've ever swam in." He said, floating on to his back. "So why do you think we were brought here?" T.K. asked.

"well, Pixiemon said it was for training, but I have my doubts." said Izzy. "Why else would he let us relax in his hot tub?"

"good point." said Joe. Gomamon dove down below the water's surface a happily swam around until.........WACK! He hit a wall, he resurfaced stomach up, relaxing as he had been before. But whe nhe arose he didn't hear the guys's voices anymore but a loud, high pitched scream!

Gomamon turned around to see Kari, Salamon, Magimon, Skye, Palmon, Mimi,Biyomon and Sora staring at him in shock. "Gomamon!" Sora cried angrily. They heard a thundering of feet then turned around and saw Tai, Agumon, Matt, Gabumon, Izzy, Tentomon, T.K, Patamon and Joe standing there, dripping wet and wearing towels.

"AHHHHHH!!!!" Everyone screamed at once. The guys ran back to their place, with Gomamon swimming back quickly. When the guys got back to their place they through their towels in a pile over by the entrance and then ran as fast as they could then jumped in the water tub. "That was close." said Tai. Over back on the girls side however, things weren't the same. "I think we should get them back." Said Kari, looking to the group. "defenitly." the others agreed.

~~Even More Later On~~

"Well, guys, I think it's time we got out." said Tai.

"yeah, my fingers have gone all prunny." said T.K. holding up his hands.

"T.K. what's prunny?" Patamon asked. "Is it something you can eat?"

"It sounds delicious." Said Tentomon. The group laughed. "Agumon, Gabumon, Tentomon can you grab our towels for us?" Matt asked. The three digimon looked over to where the towels were, and then said. "They're gone!"

"What?" Matt asked.

"The towels! They're gone!" Said Tentomon.

"Impossible!" said Izzy.

Matt heard giggling from what he thought was the second floor.

"Listen." He whispered. "Do you hear that?" He asked, looking to the others. The others nodded. "The girls." Tai whispered back. "they're the ones that stole our towels." Said Joe. "It must one of Kari's practical jokes." Said T.K. "Yeah, and the others just went along with it." Said Izzy sarcastically. "Luckily, there's spares here!" Said Tentomon, and handed each other the guys a towel. Matt grabbed the giant bowl, that had contained grapes earlier. Filled it up with water then wrapped his towel around his waist and slowly walked over to the edge, Gabumon following behind him. Then, he dumped the water on the girls!

"Hey! What's the big deal?" Mimi cried, looking up at Matt. "You stole our towels!" He yelled back.

Each of the girls were wearing different coloured house coats. Mimi was in a lime green, Kari in a pink, Sora in red and Skye in baby blue.

"Oh come on Matt, it was just a joke." Said Skye smiling.

"Yeah, besides, we were getting back at you guys for barging in on us!" Cried Palmon. "That was an accident." Said Gabumon. "Oh yeah. Sure." Said Salamon sarcastically.

~~Later on~~

The group sat at the table eating their dinner. "You notice how last time we barely got any nourishment and this time we're getting to much?" Pointed out Izzy. "Yeah. Weird...." Said Joe. "Where's Pixiemon?" Kari asked. "Oh, he said he had to go find something to give to us." Said Mimi. Sora looked over to Tai. Once again, he was sitting next to Skye. Suddenly Pixiemon emerged from one of the doors. His voice brought Sora back to reality. "Okay, all done? Great!" He didn't even wait for anyone's response. "Tai, Agumon, Skye and Magimon, your training time has come." Said Pixiemon. "Follow me." "See ya later guys." Said Skye with a waive, and with that they left. Sora looked over to Matt, who seemed equally angry.

Skye, Magimon, Tai and Agumon followed silently as Pixiemon led them to a door. When he stopped Tai said. "This is it?" Pixiemon nodded. "I'm not one to judge someone's sanity Pixiemon, but I'd say you've lost your marbles." Pixiemon laughed. "Not at all kiddies. The door is a portal to your training. Once you step through this door you'll be taken to your training." Said Pixiemon. "If I can," Said Skye. "Why did you, pick me and Tai?" She asked. Pixiemon smiled and then said. "You'll find out. Now go. And hurry back!" Pixiemon pulled open the door and pushed them in. Suddenly they were falling, falling through the dark, then different swirls of colours then they hit the ground. "oohhhh. My head." Said Skye rubbing the side of her head. "My feelings exactly." Tai replied. "No pun intended." Skye smiled. "Tai! Skye! Are you okay?" said Agumon and Magimon running over to them. "I could feel better, with a thing of aspirin." Said Skye. "Is that some kind of joke?" Agumon asked. "Never mind. So where are we?" She asked climbing to her feet and looking around. "It looks like Cheruchii island but it's not." said Magimon. "Where's Cheruchii island?" Asked Tai. "It's where Mimi and I used to live. My dad and her dad own it." Skye explained. "It's some sort of island. While we were exploring we found an old crumbling building. Maybe you guys should come take a look." Said Agumon. "While you were exploring?" Tai asked confused. "Yeah. You guys have been asleep for a couple of hours, so we took turns exploring." Explained Agumon. They started walking, with the two digimon leading the way. "well, it's at least nice to know, if we ever fall asleep we cansafely know they'll take turns wandering off." Said Skye. The walked for a few minutes until they reached what looked like an old garden. "Wow, look at some of these flowers, they're incredible looking!" Said Skye bending down to smell some starfighters. "Some one must of really loved these things, they're everywhere." said Tai. He was right. They were everywhere. "This is my kind of person. I love these flowers." Said Skye. "Come on, it's just getting good." Said Agumon. They kept on walking until the stood infront of a magnificiant building with what looked like an empty pool infront of it. "It's like something out of a fairy tale." Said Tai. Skye felt a pain in her head. Then suddenly she saw the building, but differently. This time the pool was filled. water poured out of fountains. Flowers were everywhere.

Suddenly the images was gone, and the pool was empty once again, the fountains not shooting out their water. "Skye? Are you okay?" Magimon asked. Skye put her hand on her head, then shook her head of the thoughts. "Magimon, we've found it!" She said. "We've found the Digi Palace!!"


While Tai and Skye beginning their training the others begin to wonder.

"I don't know Biyo. I mean, Tai and I.....we just......." Sora trailed off. The two were having a relaxing soak in the hot tub while Izzy tapped away on his computer somewhere. Mimi was wandering around with Palmon waiting for Skye and Tai to return. Joe, was complaining to Gomamon about everything and anything in their room. T.K. and Kari were talking with Pixiemon. And Matt, well Sora honestly didn't know where he'd ran off to. After Skye and Tai left she could tell something had been bothering him. He had a weird look on his face and had just stormed off. "You're jealous of Skye aren't you?" Biyomon asked. "What??!! No way! I'm just saying that-that-that Tai's being awful nice to her. Almost to nice." Said Sora. "You're jealous of Skye because Tai's paying more attention to her, instead of you" Biyomon repeated. Sora sighed. "I guess-" She began. "And you have every right to be! After all, not only is Tai being extra nice to her but, in the long run of things, she's more important then you." Said Biyomon.

"Yeah...... Wait a minute! She's more important then me? Since when?" Sora asked shocked. "Well, you're just a digidestined, she's the digi princess's protector. Everyone in the Digi world will always remember her." Said Biyomon. Sora let out a sigh of frustration. "She's got me beaten on all odds." Sora muttered, pessimistically.


"Matt! Matt! Where are youuuuuu?" Mimi called out, walking through the forest. "Mimi, maybe he's not here." Said Palmon. "No way, I'm totally sure I saw him go this way." Sai Mimi pointing to the direction infront of them. "But you said that about that dead end we came to half an hour ago!" Palmon protested. "Mattt!" Mimi kept on calling out. Off in the distance, by a stream Matt sat on a rock with Gabumon. Skipping rocks into a little pond. 'It's no fair.' Thought Matt. 'why should Tai get to go with Skye? After all, I am the better destined.' Matt paused in his thoughts to hear Mimi call his name. He decided not to respond. He looked over to Gabumon, he'd decided to take a nap. 'But I shouldn't be thinking these things!' Matt screamed in his head. 'Tai and I got past these problems the last time we were in the digiworld!' Matt led out a sigh. "But still, it's not fair." He muttered. "Hey Matt, you whooo!" Mimi said, this time from right behind him. He turned around. And smiled. "Hey, why did you call back when I called?" She asked walking over to the other side of him. Palmon followed her obeidiantly, not saying a word. "I just needed some time to think. That's all." He said. "What were you thinking about?" Mimi asked. Matt looked Mimi straight in the eye, no matter how hard he concentrated, he couldn't stay focused on her. He used to be able to be consumed just by her present but now, now he couldn't help but think, how much Skye and Mimi looked alike. If Mimi died her hair the same shade of blue and put her hair up the way Skye did they could almost pass as twins. "Matt, why are you looking at me so funny?" Mimi asked curiously. 'I wish I could read his thoughts. Maybe he's thinking about me! Ooooooo! I really wish he was thinking about me and how good I look in pink!!' Mimi said to herself. "So when do you think Skye and Tai will get back?" Matt said, before thinking. "Um, I dunno. But knowing Skye she'll keep Tai moving until they find what they're looking for." Said Mimi. "oh." said Matt, not knowing what to say.

'so he was thinking about Skye,' Mimi said to herself. 'I wonder why?'


"Pixiemon, what do you know about the digiprincess?" Izzy asked. He'd finished his research, but to his dissapointment nothing new showed up, so he'd decided to talk to pixiemon, just like Kari and T.K. were doing. Pixiemon smiled. "Well, I know the basic story of the Digi Princess and the Council of 16. She had a crest just like the crest the you all have. She had the crest of Faith."

Pixiemon paused then said. "And that's all I know." He said. "What's it look like?" T.K. asked curiously. "That's the thing. No one knows for sure. But mind you there are so many rumours, about so many things that went on in the Digi Palace that the digi princess kept secret." Said Pixiemon.

"What rumours?" Izzy asked. "Well, it was rumored that two of the members of the council, both humans were in love with the princess." "well, that's what I call a history lesson." Said Kari.

"You know, that reminds me of something. I'll be right back." Pixiemon said. Pixiemon fluttered off. "When do you think Tai and Skye will get back, Izzy?" Kari asked. "I'm not sure, but I suspect it will be soon." Said Izzy.

~~Meanwhile, back with Mimi and Matt~~

Matt kicked a pebble out of his way. Mimi and Palmon had convinced him that they should go back to Pixiemon's house before they got lost.They had walked the whole way in silence until Mimi's curiousity had gotten the better of her and said. "You know what, I think Tai likes Skye." Matt huffed. "What was your first clue?" He asked sarcastically. "Well, when he was talking about her in his sleep. That was a pretty big clue." Mimi said. Matt looked at her shocked, but trying to hide his emotions. Matt had dreamt about Skye the night before, and he was known in his family as the one who talked in his sleep. "But, I'm not sure if that was him. It almost didn't sound like his voice. But it was coming from the side of the room that he was on, so I just assumed it was him." Matt didn't reply.

"Do you think Skye's cute?" Mimi blurted out.

"What?" Matt asked surprised.

"Well, I ask because you seemed kinda upset when Pixiemon sent Tai with Skye."

"Why well, you read wrong." Matt replied.

"Oh." said Mimi.

'Why won't he just tell me?' Mimi asked herself. 'We're good friends!' She let out a sigh and then looked around. Nothing but trees, trees, trees, lake, cave, trees,trees. 'Wait a minute! A cave?' Mimi asked herself. "Matt, look over there!" Mimi said pointing. Matt looked over, then said. "So? It's a cave, big deal." Mimi sighed in frustration. "Don't you think it's a little weird for a cave to be here?" She asked. Matt shrugged his shoulders. "Whatever." He kept on walking, leaving Palmon and Mimi behind. "MAAAATTTT! Wait up!" Mimi hollered as she ran. She grabbed ahold of her hat as she ran.

~~Back at Pixiemon's~~

Pixiemon fluttered back into the room. Now Izzy and Tentomon were searching for something on his computer, while T.K., Patamon, Gatomon and Kari were playing hacki sack. They all stopped what they were doing when Pixiemon said. "I have a mission for you." As if on cue Sora, Biyomon, Matt, Gabumon, Joe, Gomamon Mimi and Palmon all walked into the room.

"Ah, perfect timing. As I was saying. I have job for you." Everyone sat down.

"How can we do anything, we, Tai and Agumon aren't here." Asked Joe.

"It's nothing dangerous, but, it will give you something to do." Said Pixiemon.

"Okay, so what do we have to do?" Matt asked.

"There is an artifact, a mirror to be exact." Said Pixiemon. "I want you all to retreive it for me."

"Where is the mirror?" Asked Kari.

"It's in the forest, that's just out side here." Said Pixiemon.

"What's so special about a mirror?" T.K. asked.

"Oh come on T.K.! It's a mirror!" Said Mimi.

"I'm not sure. That's why you need to find it before the darkness does!"


"I can't believe we got lost." Said Mimi.

The group had agreed to search for the mirror, only to get lost in the forest. "I dont' get it. We were here earlier today, and we saw a cave. But now I don't know where it is." Said Palmon. "I bet you anything, that's where the mirror is." Said Izzy. "Well, at least Pixiemon gave us sleeping bags." Said Kari. "I don't see why I got stuck carrying them." Complained Joe. Matt looked up at the sky, it was turning dark, and quickly. 'Skye, where are you? Are you alive?' Matt asked in his mind. "I think we should camp here." He said. Sora nodded. 'With Tai gone, Matt's in charge, I wonder what he's thinking.' Sora told herself.

~~The Next Day~~

The group spent the whole entire day searching for the cave Mimi and Matt had seen the day before. Now it was almost dark, so they were trying to find a comfortable place to camp out. "I never realized how far we walked." Said Mimi. "My feet are killing me." Said Gomamon. "Gomamon, you dont' have feet." Joe pointed out.

"Well then, my paws are killing me." Gomamon corrected. T.K. looked around. It seemed as if they were just walking on a tred mill, alwasy walking but never getting any where. But then suddenly-"Oooff!" The sound escaped his mouth. He had tripped over a tree branch. "T.K. are you okay?" Sora asked hepling him up. "Yeah I just tripped." he said rubbing his knee. "Look! over there!" Said Patamon. Everyone looked over to where Patamon had been pointing. There it was! The Cave! "Yahooo! We found it!" Mimi cried happily as she ran over to the cave. The others followed happily. When they got to the entrance of the cave Matt said.

"Joe, Gomamon ,T.K., Patamon, Mimi, Palmon,Kari and Gatomon you stay here. Sora, Biyomon, Izzy, Tentomon you guys come with me." 'But Matt, I want to come with you.' Mimi whined in her mind. "Okay, let's go." Said Sora. "We'll be back. Don't worry." Matt said then caustiously entered the cave. "Wait here!" Said Joe, handing him a flash light. Matt took the flashlight, turned it on, and started walking into the cave again. He looked around, surprisingly it wasn't like a normal cave. It' was more like a tube. Like when you go down a slide, except you weren't going down. "Wow, This is incredible." Said Izzy, examing the cave. Matt kept on walking, looking around. Sora shivered. Not because she was cold, because she didn't like the weird vibe she was getting. Off in the distance she could see a light shining. "Matt look!" She said pointing towards the light. The group cautiusly walked towards then light. When the got close enough they saw a mirror just laying on a rock. Matt picked it up and looked at it. "Nothing weird about this thing." He said handing it to Sora. "You're right. I wonder why Pixiemon wanted us to find it." She agreed then passed it ont to Izzy who examined it on his computer. They walked back to the entrance, carefully retracing their foot steps. When T.K. saw Matt emerging from the darkness he said. "Did you find it already matt?" The group walked out of the cave. "Yeah. It wasn't to hard to find." He said. "I'm fixing us up some dinner." Said Mimi. "I'm helping." Said Kari. "And I'm making the chopsticks." Said Joe. The group helped Mari and Mimi make dinner and helped Joe make the chopsticks. They ate, then headed off to sleep.

~~Later on that Night~~

Sora sighed and sat up in her sleeping bag. She get to sleep, and when she did, she would have dreams about Tai and Skye. She looked over to Biyomon who was sleeping soundlessly. She smiled, then causously got up out of her sleeping bag. She walked over to the safety bag, where Matt had put the mirror. "I don't see what's so special about this mirror. It's just a stupid old mirror." Sora's flached back to what had happened a few nights ago, after dinner. When Tai had stepped outside to take a break and Sora let her feelings flow.


"I can't believe you! You are such a jerk!" Sora said, her voice getting higher.

"Sora chill out. What's your problem?" Tai asked confused.

"Skye! That's what my problem is!" Sora said angrily.

"What? Skye's a nice girl. What's your problem?" Tai asked.

"You like her don't you?" Sora asked angrily.

Tai frowned. "So what if I do? Does that bother you? Cos' if it does Sora, I'm soooo sorry if it complicates your perfect life. But I like Skye and there's nothing you can do about it."Tai said angrily.

"So you do." Sora said bowing her head.

"Yeah. I do. Now if you don't mind. I'm going back inside now." Tai said rudely then walked passed her. A single tear dropped down her face.

~~End Of Flachback~~ Once again a single tear fell down Sora's face, this time landing on the mirror. A light shone from the mirror and then showed an image. Sora squinted through her tears. It was Tai. He was sitting beside a girl A girl with blue hair. Skye. She looked like she was sleeping. Tai bent down, and then to Sora's horror, kissed Skye on the lips. Sora gasped in shock then said. "Oh mirror lie to me, show me what I wanna see."

Oh mirror lie to me, show me what I wanna see

Oh mirror lie to me, show me what I wanna see

Why don't I like the girl I see

The one that's standing right in front of me

Why don't I think before I speak

I should've listen to that voice inside me

I must be stupid, must be crazy, must be out of my mind, to say the kind of things I said last night

Mirror, mirror hanging on the wall

You don't have to tell me, who's the biggest foul of all

Mirror, Mirror I wish you could lie to me,

and bring my baby back

and bring my baby back, to me

Oh mirror lie to me, show me what I wanna see

Oh mirror lie to me, show me what I wanna see

Why did I let you walk away

When all I had to do was say I'm sorry

I let my pride get int the way

And you were here the moment I was to blame

I must be stupid, must be crazy, must be out of my mind, now in the cold light of the day I realize

Mirror, mirror hanging on the wall

You don't have to tell me, who's the biggest fool of all

Mirror, Mirror I wish you could lie to me,

and bring my baby back

and bring my baby back, to me

If only wishes could be dreams

and all my dreams could come true

there would be two of us standing here infront of you

If you could show me that someone that I used to

Bring back my baby

My baby to me!

Mirror, mirror hanging on the wall

You don't have to tell me, who's the biggest foul of all

Mirror, Mirror I wish you could lie to me,

and bring my baby back

and bring my baby back,

Mirror, mirror hanging on the wall

You don't have to tell me, who's the biggest foul of all

Mirror, Mirror I wish you could lie to me,

and bring my baby back

and bring my baby back,

Oh mirror lie to me,show me what I wanna see

Oh mirror lie to me,show me what I wanna see

Oh mirror lie to me,show me what I wanna see

Oh mirror lie to me,show me what I wanna see

Oh mirror lie to me, show me what I wanna see

Oh mirror lie to me


"I can't believe this used to be the Digi Palace. It's so, so-" Tai stumbled for the perfect word.

"So, crappy looking?" Skye suggested. "Uh, yeah. Basically." He replied.

Skye looked around the long corridor that they had been walking down. "God, it looks like it never ends!" She said pessismistically.

She let out a sigh then sat down again a wall. "We might as well take a break." She said.

"We're going to look around more. You two stay here." Said Agumon.

"And don't get into trouble." Said Magimon.

And with that they left. "They make a great team." Said Skye watching the two digimon leave, by turning around a corner. "So do we." Said Tai, staring at her. Skye smiled, still not looking at him.

"Yeah, I guess we do...." She said, her voice trailing off. "You know, Magimon said, that our minds were planted in our old bodies. But, we still have the same minds, same personalities....." He said looking at her.

"Are you suggested something Mr. Kamiya?" she asked, smiling, looking at him.

"Naw, I'm just telling ya." He said smiling.

"Skye?" Tai asked.

"Yeah, Tai?" Skye replied.

"Do you ever get tired of looking for her? The Digi Princess?"

Skye sighed then said. "Yeah, lately I've be questioning my every act to find the princess. Like bringing you and the others to the Viti World. We don't know what were fighting. We don't know how strong it is. It's hopeless."

Tai didn't speak. Skye smiled.

"Magimon's always telling to never lose faith in finding her. I tell her I don't, but in all actuallity, I'm still looking for it." Said Skye.

There was silence. "It's getting late, we should find a place to rest." said Skye. looking through a hole in the ceiling where what looked like a sky light had been. She got up, then helped Tai up. "Well how bout-" He began.

"Wait a minute! Was this door here before?" Tai asked, pointing to the door they had been leaning against. Or had they? Skye frowned. "I don't think so." She said.

"Well then, let's take lookie." Tai replied, reaching for the handle.

"Wait!" Skye protested. "what?" He asked, looking over to her.

"It’s to bad you're brain wasn't as big as your hair, otherwise you would've thought first. If that door wasn't there when we sat down, how did it get there, and what's behind it?" Skye pointed out.

'Now why does that sound so familiar?' Tai asked himself.

~~Flash back~~

"Maybe if your brain was as big as your head, you would've thought they maybe Izzy didn't want your grubby hand prints all over his computer." Said Sora.

~~End of Flash back~~

'Sora,' Tai sighed in his mind.

"Tai, you okay?" Skye asked, looking at him with a funny look on her face.

"hmmm? Yeah, right. I totally agree. We should wait for Agumon and Magimon to get back." Tai said.

Skye frowned. "What are you talking about? I didn't say that." Skye said confused.

"Nevermind." Said Tai, placing his hand on the wall opposite the door. Suddenly there was a rumbling sound and the ground beneath Tai opened up and swallowed him up! A trap door!

"Tai!" Skye screamed, running over to the hole in the ground. She peered down the hole, pitch black. Nothing but darkness.

"What the hell, here goes." She mumbled. Then jumped down the hole feet first. As she fell Skye assumed a landing position. Knees slightly bent, arms out. When she finally hit the ground, it was still dark.

"Pssstt! Tai! Where are you?" Skye hissed, getting down on all fours.

"I'm over here." Came Tai's voice.

Skye fumbled in the dark for something she could grab ahold to, to make her stomach stop spinning. She felt something. "Tai is that you?" she asked. Tai smelt the air, there was tinge of bubble gum fragence in the air. "Yeah that's me. Is that you?" Tai replied.

"Of course it is. Who else would it be?" She asked smiling. Suddenly the lights turned on.

"How about me?" Asked a female voice. Tai and Skye both looked over and saw Piedmon. No, not Piedmon. It wore the same clothes as Piedmon but they were a tighter fight, and this Digimon was alot more curvirer.

"I'm am LadyPiedmon. A virus Digimon. My slumber swipe puts my enemy into a deep sleep leaving them defensless. And my lightning blade attack shreds my enemies to nothingness. And I think I'll start with you." She said pointing to Tai.

"In your dreams, shakespeare flake." Said Skye jumping to her feet. "Foolish child you dare defey me?" The Evil digimon laughed evily. "Yeah. You got a problem with that?" Skye asked challengly, she took a few steps forward, slowly inching away from Tai.

"I don't like your attitude little girl. I've changed my mind. I'll start with you. Lightning blade!" LadyPiedmon pulled out her sword from behind her back. The glistened in the light. LadyPiedmon threw them directly at Skye. She jumped as high as she could, bending her body to make somersault. She landed back on her feet after the swords swished by her. "You'll have to better then that." Said Skye. "Ah, you are a worthy appoinint child. I'm surprised." LadyPiedmon admitted. "Yeah well, 12 years of gymnastics does that to you." Skye said, never taking her eyes off of LadyPiedmon. "Ah, I see. You're very agile. But I ask you, what about your friend? Lightning blade!"

A ball of energy shot from LadyPiedmon's hands aiming straight for Tai. "Noooooo!" Skye screamed in horror. Suddenly a light shot out of the golden star locket hanging from her neck. The light shattered the swords right before it hit Tai. LadyPiedmon gasped in shock. Skye ran over to Tai.

"Tai, are you okay?" She asked bending down beside him. "yeah, but that was pretty close. What was that?" Tai asked.

"Pepper breath!" Came a familiar voice. "Lightning Shocker!" Said another voice. LadyPiedmon was hit! She stumbled backwards. Tai looked over to see Agumon and Magimon landing on the ground behind them.

"Agumon, you better Digivolve." Said Tai. "Right!" Agreed Agumon.

"Agumon warp digivolved to----WarGreymon."

"Terra Force!" Cried WarGreymon. LadyPiedmon dodged the attack. "Lightning Shocker!" Magimon's attack missed also.

"Ah, Magimon. So we meet again. Just as I suspected, this is the child of Faith."

"Leave her out of this LadyPiedmon!" Magimon said, standing infront of Skye.

"What's she talking about?" Skye asked. "You haven't told her? Shame on you Magimon. I thought as one of the good digimon you had to be honest." Said Lady Piedmon. Skye backed away in shock. 'What is she talking about? The Child of Faith?' Tai asked himself.

"It's none of your business LadyPiedmon. Leave her out of this. This is our battle. Not her's." Said Magimon.

"Is it?" LadyPiedmon asked curiously. "Is she not the one seeking the Digi Princess?"

"You know that's not what I meant." Magimon snarled. "Now, what was the prophecy? Oh yes. To wake the one who seeks faith, she must first experience courage? Oh well, such a pity. Slumber Swipe!"

LadyPiedmon cried. A ball of eneryg emerged from LadyPiedmon's hands and shot out at Skye who was frozen in shock. On impact Skye was flung backwards, wincing in pain.

"Nooooo! Skye!" Tai cried, then ran over to her.

"Until later, Magimon." Said LadyPiedmon. She dissapeared in a flash of light. Magimon ran over to Skye. Wargreymon di-digivolved to Agumon and ran over to her too. Tai stared at Skye's body. Scratches everywhere, her eyes were closed gently as if she was sleeping. He fell to his knees.

"" Agumon asked, gulping down his fear.

"No. LadyPiedmon used her Slumber swipe. She's just in a deep sleep." Said Magimon. "Can she hear what we're saying?" Agumon asked.

"There are theories that LadyPiedmon's slumber swipe is like being in a human coma. But the theory hasn't been proved yet."

"What was she talking about? The prophecy?" Tai asked.

"To wake the one who seeks faith, she must first experience courage." Said Magimon.

"Faith?" Tai asked confused.

"Don't ask me." Magimon said shrugging her shoulders. "Before you came, a light came out of her necklace. What was that?" Tai asked.

"Gennai gave her that locket. He never told us what it was for. But at first, I thought it acted as a crest. But now......." Magimon looked down at Skye.

"What was LadyPiedmon talking about earlier, Magimon?" Tai asked.

"She acted like she knew you. but she couldn't have. Could she?" Magimon sighed.

"Gatomon and I are more alike then would think. We both worked for evil at one point."

"You worked with LadyPiedmon?" Agumon asked. Magimon nodded regretfully.

"My digi egg was supposed to hatch with the others, just like Gatomon's. But when things went wrong, when Gennai was moving the eggs he dropped Gatomon's. And then later on, mine. MegnaLadyDevimon found my egg and raised me as her own. I was trained by the best of the darkness masters, and lived the darkness headquarters. At first I was scared, but MegnaLadyDevimon always stood up for me. There's was one of the evil Digimon who I could never take my eyes off of. That was Satinmon. He looked so frightning, his hair was made of snakes, his eyes glowed, and he had 12 different legs. His most powerful attack was Crimson Fire Blast. It would set his enemy on fire, and then they would frozen into rock. So that they would be forever burning. Every time he would catch me starring at him he would whip me with his Nova darkness. One day, when they found out the ring on my tale could be used for transport to the real world. I got orders to scout a small island. It's name was Cheruchii Island." Magimon paused.

"That's the island Skye and Mimi lived on." Said Tai.

"Yes, but Mimi hadn't moved there yet. Once I discovered Skye, I couldn't help but feel pulled towards her. I explained this to MegnaLadyDevimon, who'd never done one good thing in her life, she told me that my purpose wasn't to fight on the side of evil. But the side of right. She explained the whole entire story to me. And the Prophecies that went with Skye. That my duty was to protect the Child of faith. Satinmon found out, and-and he punished her with his Crimson fire blast."

Tai and Agumon were silent. Finally Tai said, turning his attention to Skye, "Will she wake up?"

"I don't know Tai." Said Magimon.

For the first time since Tai had fallen through the trap door, he looked around. "Have you guys noticed, this room looks alot like a garden." He commented. He was right. The room was filled with flowers, and streamed that went by every flower bed so that they could be equally watered. "It couldn't be." Magimon gasped.

"What? What couldn't be?" Tai asked. "This room was said to be so well hidden no one could ever find it. I thought it was only a rumour."

"What is this place Magimon?" Tai asked.

"Well, I thought it was only a rumour but now...." Magimon trailed off. "The princess was said to have a secret garden. Hidden somewhere in the palace. She would meet here in this room with her lovers." Said Magimon.

"Lovers? As in boyfriends?" Tai asked, slightly confused. Magimon nodded.

"Two of the council members, both humans, were in love with the princess. They had always been rivals, but when it came to her, they would've done anything for her." Magimon explained. "So it was a love triangle?" Tai clarified.

"yes." Said Magimon.

"look!" said Agumon pointing to a panel of the wall that seemed to be popping off.

"What's that?" Tai asked looking to Magimon. "it could be a secret door." She suggested. "Well then. Let's check it out!" Said Tai. "Uh, can you do that teleport thingy?" Tai asked.

Magimon nodded. "Telkenetic Teleport." Said Magimon. A light shone down of Skye, and lifted her up. They walked over to the door. Tai pulled the door open as far as it would go. Behind the where the door had been was a set of stairs.

"We need a light." Said Agumon. Tai tore a branch of the sakura tree, then dug into his cargo pockets until he found his test papers from his exam. "I was going to show this to mom and dad, but I think this is more important." He said before wrapping the sheets of paper around the tree branch. "Pepper breath." Said Agumon aiming the fire ball at the paper. The fire burnt brightly. Tai causiously walked up the stairs, looking around. When they reached the top of the stairs, a door was in there door. Tai turned the old handle and to his surprise the door opened. He stepped into the room. It was painted in a soft blue, and white. On the left wall were two doors. In the middle was a giant bed with a canopy, with white material hung from. The bed was made. There was a white feather down covering the mattress, with white pillows ontop of it. On the right wall was, what looked like a busted glass door that led out to a balcony.

"Nice place." Tai commented. Skye's sleeping body hovered over to the bed and gently laid down on it. "You sleep too Tai. We'll have the first watch." Said Agumon. "Are you guys sure?" Tai asked. Magimon nodded.

"You've deserved it. Can you lift up the covers for a minute?" Magimon asked. Tai nodded, Skye levatated over the bed, inbetween the canopy and the blankets. Tai lifted up the covers, Skye's body hovered down to the sheets. Tai crawled into the bed, staying on the other side. And pulled the covers over them. He closed his eyes, and a few minutes later he was sound asleep.

~~In Tai's dream~~

He walked through the secret garden, his heart racing. He looked around, in each flower bed were different kinds of lillies. He picked one of the starfighters out of the ground, gently snapping the stem so not as to rip the roots. He didn't know why he was so careful, the flower wouldn't be able to reproduce the same, beautiful flower as it had once been. He took a short cut through the giant bushes, and over to the Sarkura trees. He spotted Skye. Sitting at the trunk of one of the trees. He put the arm holding the lilly behind his back, and watched her as she read a book. She looked up, saw him and smiled. She got up and ran over to him. "I thought you wouldn't come." She said smiling. "You knew I would." He said returning the smile. He pulled the flower from behind his back. "Ohhh. It's so beautiful. You shouldn't have." She said taking it from him. "It may be beautiful, but it's nothing compared to you." He said. She smiled and drapped her arms around his shoulders. He stared into her sparkling blue eyes, leaned closer and their lips touched. The kissed last a few moments until they heard the noise of footsteps. "Hurry! Back to your chamber!" She whispered. "Parting is such sweet sorrow." He said, then kissed her soft lips quickly. "Good bye, my love!" She whispered before hurrying off through the secret passage way.

~~Meanwhile, in Skye's dream~~

The Princess sat alone by the pool, staring at the moon's reflection, She tried to capture the image of the Moon Lady, but the wind kept stirring the water, breaking the reflection into ripples. She looked up into the sky, where the moon hung like a silver coin. Although she couldn't see the Moon Lady, she could see the astrological twins Jealousy and Hate. The Princess sighed. Jealousy and Hate, how could one defeat them? The moon was so far away, yet here it was at her feet-a clear reflection, not distorted by the wind. If only she could reach over, fall into the pool and land on the moon......

She knew the time was coming. Even though she dare not tell it to her council. The Prophecy told of a darkness devouring the sky, and the the whole island. She knew she could not defeat it, and that left her thinking pessimistically. She knew that the three gate watchers could not defend the three worlds if the Darkness attacked at the three portals simultenously. The thought of it made her shudder. Hundreds, or thousands of Digimon, Vitimon and Humans alike would die defended her and her council. And yet, there was absoloutely nothing she could do about it.

To protect everyone from the evil, she knew she would have to use her the power of her ring and the all the power the council's magical vices. Though the prophecy said that once the power of the ring was unleashed, no matter what the purpose for it, it would guarantee them destruction.

The moon floated on the black water of the pool, undisturbed by the ripples. She leaned over. But no sooner had she touched the surface of the water, than the moon dissolved into fractures of silvery light, scattering over the pool like broken dreams. It was then she felt the eyes watching her. Turning slowly, she saw the figure framed by the moon gate. The Child of Faith. Startled she rose to her feet and walked over to the Child. "It's been a long journery." She said. "But remember, to find The Princess, The Child of Faith must first discover faith hereself."

"To find the princess, the child of Faith must first discover faith herself." Skye repeated.

"This was my crest." The Princess said, holding out a tag. Inside it was a pale, ice coloured blue coloured,crest.

"But it was taken from me, and you won't be able to find me, until you find it." She dropped the crest. Tears streamed down her face as it dissapeared, before hitting the ground. "There have been many sacrefices, and there will be many more, until you stop the darkness that is haunting our worlds." She said. And with that the Princess vanished.

Tai awoke with a jolt. He sat up in the bed. Agumon and Magimon had both fallen asleep. Tai didn't mind though, the were safe in this room. He didn't know why or how, he just knew. He looked over to Skye. Had his dream been a fantasy? A vision? Or maybe just a dream. 'To wake the one who seeks faith, she must first experience courage.' Tai repeated the prophecy in his mind. Until something happened.


"Skye?" Tai asked.

"Yeah, Tai?" Skye replied.

"Do you ever get tired of looking for her? The Digi Princess?"

Skye sighed then said. "Yeah, lately I've be questioning my every act to find the princess. Like bringing you and the others to the Viti World. We don't know what were fighting. We don't know how strong it is. It's hopeless."

Tai didn't speak. Skye smiled.

"Magimon's allways telling to never lose faith in finding her. I tell her I don't, but in all actuallity, I'm still looking for it." Said Skye.

~~End of Flashback~~

'The one who seeks faith.' Tai said in his mind. 'That would be Skye. She's looking for faith in finding The Digi Princess. She must first experience courage. Well that's screwed. She must've experience faith when she stood up to LadyPiedmon. It must mean something else.' He pulled out his tag and looked at his crest like he often did when he thought deeply about something. 'The crest of courage. Must experience courage. Must experience what of courage?' He asked his mind. 'A kiss?' His conscience suggested. "A kiss." He murmured. 'Maybe my dream was telling me to kiss her.' He suggested to himself. 'Hah, yeah right Taichi. You just want to kiss her.' Said his conscience. 'well. Yeah, but think like in sleeping beauty. She needed a kiss from a prince.' Tai pointed out in his mind. "Here goes." He mumbled. He looked down at her sleeping face. 'And if it doesn't work, I'll still get to kiss her.' He told himself. He leaned closer, and his lips touched her's. Nothing. Tai sat back up and watched Skye's face for a reaction. "mhhmm?" She moaned faintly. "Skye? Are you okay?" Tai asked. Skye cracked one eye open. "Tai? Oh man, I must be totally dreaming. I thought you kissed me." She said.. "Yeah I did. Are you alright?" Tai asked. "Yeah, I guess so. Mind you I could really use the thing of aspirin now." She said smiling.

She tried to sit up but her hands slipped, luckily Tai caught her. He helped her sit up. "I did hear you right, right? I wasn't dreaming when you said you kissed me?" She asked.

"Naw, that was real." He said. "I had the weirdest dreams. The first one was I was like in a coma or something. I could hear what you guys were saying but, I couldn't see you or talk. It was really wierd. Did Magimon actually say all that stuff about MagnaLadyDevimon?" Tai nodded.

"She could've just told from the start. It wouldn't have made any difference to me." Skye said. "okay, so the theory of the human coma and LadyPiedmon's slumber swipe is true." Said Skye. "And my second dream. I saw her. The Digi Princess. She told me that to find The Princess, The Child of Faith must first experience Faith herself."

"The Princess told you, in order to find her...." Tai asked slightly confused.

"Yeah. I know it's weird but that's what she said. Hey, you think you could help me here, take this pillow out from underneath my back." She asked. "Sure. That's been bothering me too." Said Tai, he pulled away Skye's pillow that was straight infront of the head and his own.

"Wow, check this out." He said. "What?" Skye asked. She turned around as much as she could to take a look at the head board. In the head bored was a symbol. The exact same symbol as Skye had seen on the Princess's crest!

"Tai, I think I know why I had that weird dream." She said.

"Why?" Tai asked.

"Because, I've been sleeping in the Princess's bed." She said. Tai frowned.

"This looks almost exactly like Kari's crest."

"You don't understand. The Princess showed me her crest. This has to have been her bed!" Said Skye happily.

~~The Next Morning~~

When Magimon and Agumon woke up, they were surprised to see Skye up and walking. Magimon apologized for not telling Skye the hole story in the first place. They made up, and then Skye told them about her dream. The group agreed that they should go find some food. They'd meet back at the front of the Digi Palace in an hour.

"I still can't believe you kissed me." Said Skye. Tai and Skye had teamed up and were now looking through a forest for whatever food they could scrounge up. "Yeah, well. I can't either." said Tai. "Look! A raseberry bush! We can pick them and then eat them!" Said Skye pointing to the bush. They ran over to the bush. "These are great even if you don't wash them first." Skye said popping one into her mouth. "Try one." She said.

Tai plucked one of the bigger ones off of a branch and put it in his mouth. "mmmmm. You were right. These are great." He agreed. They picked all the raseberries they could carry and there was still more.

"Skye look! There's another bush! I'll go pick some more." Tai said pointing off into a direction. "We'd better not split up. I'll come with you! Come on, last one to the bush is a smelly digimon!" Said Skye, before running off to the bush. When the two arrived at the bush, they were both exausted, and panting for air. "Good-good race." Said Skye. "Yeah. You too." Replied Tai. They went on picking completely around the bush. "Hey Tai, come over here, there's a big bunch of em'!" Said Skye.

"Really where?" He asked walking over to she was. Suddenly, Tai felt the ground beneath his feet crumble, so did Skye. And in less then 5 seconds they were falling. Luckily, Tai grabbed on to a branch with one hand, and held on to Skye's hand with the other.

"Tai, please don't let go." Skye pleaded.

"Don't worry Skye, I won't." He replied.

"Can you climb it?" Skye asked.

"No, it's to high up, and there's not rocks I could grab onto. How bout' you?" He asked.

"Me neither." She said. "Tai, whatever you do, don't let go of me."

"Don't worry. I won't. I promise. Whatever you do, don't look down." Said Tai.

Automatically, Skye looked down. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! Tai there's really pointy rocks down there!" She exclaimed.

"I know! That's why I told not to look down!" Said Tai.

"Okay, sorry. I didn't mean to." Skye apologized.

"That alright. Now ,on the count of three we yell help, alright?"

"Okay." Skye agreed.



"Three. HEELLLPPPP!!!!!"

"Please, somebody help us!!!" Skye screamed.

"Tai?" Asked a voice. Tai looked up, only to see Agumon and Magimon standing above the ledge. "Magimon! Use your Telekenitic Teleport! Pronto!" Skye screamed. "You got it Skye." Said Magimon. "Telekinetic......TELEPORT!" Magimon screamed. The white light shone down on Tai and Skye, slowly lifted upwards, higher then Agumon and Magimon until they were safely up, and then they landed safely on the ground. "That was so close." Said Tai. "What were you two doing down there?" Agumon asked. "We were picking raseberries and the cliff that we were standing on, kinda colapsed." Skye explained. The group picked more raseberries then, when they could carry no more, headed back to the Digi Palace with Agumon and Magimon leading the way and Tai and Skye lingering behind.

"Tai, about the kiss." Skye began.

"Yeah." Said Tai.

"We shouldn't tell the others."

"Yeah." Agreed Tai.

"But Tai," Skye began. "Yeah?" Tai replied.

"You know why I say we shouldn't tell anyone." Said Skye.

"Yeah." Said Tai.

"I mean, I wouldn't want to get in the way of you realtionship with Sora." Skye replied.

"What? Me and Sora? Are you joking? There's nothing between us." Said Tai.

"whatever." Skye said shrugging her shoulders.

"What are you two whispering about back there?" Asked Agumon. "Nothing." The two replied simulteanously. "You know what I was thinking though." Said Skye. "In my dream, when the princess dropped her tag and crest, it dissapeared. Now this maybe a very long shot. But what if the logo on the head of the bed has to do with some way of us getting home. I mean, we kinda just dissapeared like the tag and crest." Said Skye. "You know, you're right. When we get back will try it." Said Magimon.

~~When they got back~~ "Okay, on the count of three we put our hands on the logo." Said Skye.

"well what if we have paws?" Asked Agumon.

"Then put your paws on the logo." Said Tai.

"Okay." Said Agumon.



"three." Then four of them each put on of their hands on the logo and suddenly they were engulfed in a light. When they landed, they were all laying on top of Pixiemon's dinner table. By the looks of things, Pixiemon, was just about to start eating dinner. "well, shabby entrance, but welcome back all the same." He said smiling.


"Pixemon!!! We're baaccckkkk!" Cried Mimi. The group walked into the dinning room, to see Skye, Tai, Magimon and Agumon munching down on food.

"Skye! Tai! You're back!" Said Kari happily. She hugged her brother.

"Yeah, I told ya we wouldn't be gone for long." Said Tai smiling. Matt took a seat beside Skye, while Sora took the seat next to Tai.

"How was your trip?" Matt asked.

"Interesting. Among other things." Said Skye. Sora stared at Skye, she seemed extreamly calm. The same as Tai. 'Maybe, I just imagined them kissing. I mean, it was late and I was really tired.' Sora told herself. But no matter what she told herself, she would have trouble believing it. Skye and Tai explained what had happened and the whole situation with LadyPiedmon. When they were done Izzy said.

"Interesting, what did this crest look like exactly?" While Skye drew the logo for the crest of faith on a peice of paper, Sora watched Tai carefully. He hadn't made eye contact with her once since they had come back. 'Is he avoiding me?' Sora asked herself. After, Matt told the others about the mirror. Sora hadn't told anyone about seeing Tai and Skye in the mirror, and wasn't about to tell anyone about it now.

"So what's the next step?" Asked Gomamon.

"Well, you should began, by finding out what the evil is. There's a rumour that there is a secret island in the island called DeviFire. I would think that's where you'd want to go." Said Pixiemon.

"Why? What's there?" Asked Matt.

"No one knows, but Gennai said that it might be the basis of the darkness."

"Okay, so that's where we go from now!" Said Tai.


"We're gonna have to make a raft." Said Joe.

"Oh man, didn't we try this once before?" Mimi whined. Everyone got to work Agumon, Salmon, Gabumon, Magimon, Tentomon and Palmon chopped down trees while Patomon, Gomamon and Biyomon tied them together. Skye cringed and rubbed her head. "Oh man." She groaned. Pain throbbed through her head, into the back of her eyes. She closed her eyes, and to her surprise saw an image. A girl, sitting on a rock. She had blond hair that was tied in a pony tail. She wore a light purple tank top and blue jeans. Her hands were covered in light blue gloves. Her eyes eyes were a mixed colour of baby blue and purple. She pulled a necklace out from underneath her shirt and looked at it. It was a tag and crest! The crest had tri-star on it with a circle in the middle. It was different from the crest the princess had.

"Skye are you okay?" Tai asked.

"Um, I'm not sure. I just got a flash." She said. Upon hearing that Matt turned around and ran over to her.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"Yeah. I-I think so. I mean-" Suddenly, Skye felt short of breath, she tried to breath but she couldn't. And with that, she fainted. Luckily, Matt caught her before she hit the ground.

"Skye? Skye speak to me!" He pleaded.

"Skye!" Magimon cried. The others turned around. They ran over to her, keeping on Magimon's heels.

"Skye! Wake up! Skye!" Tai said.

Joe checked her pulse. "She's still got a pulse, it's faint. But it's there." He said.

"What happened?" Mimi asked.

"I don't know. She had her eyes closed and I asked her if she was okay." Said Tai. "She said she had a flash."

"She must be remembering." Said Magimon. "remembering what?"

"Her memories from the time of the Princess." Said Magimon.

~~In Skye's dream~~

"Skye, run!" Cords of panic tightened around her chest. Her heart raced with fear. "Run! Don't look back!" The warning came too late. She turned around to see a white shape leap towards her. She tried to scream but the sound strained in her throat. Then, total darkness. Pressure. Rising terror. As if she was being struck by lightning. 'Run!' She told herself. She struggled to break the paralizing hold gripping her her throat. She stopped struggling, and accepted defeat. She felt as if a set of weights were being lifted off her shoulders. A light shone from inside her. No, not from inside her. From her locket!



Skye's breathing had evened out, the others had gone back to work but Tai and Matt stayed by her side. They'd unrolled a sleeping bag, then folded it into the form of a pillow, then placed it underneath her head. Every now and then Sora would glance over to Tai. He'd still be holding Skye's hand just as tightly as he had when she'd first collasped.

"What's up with Tai? He hasn't spoke one word to you. Did you two have a fight." Mimi asked curiously.

"You could say that." Said Sora.

"Well, if it makes you feel any better. Matt's been giving me th cold shoulder too lately." said Mimi.

"Can you help me with this log?" Mimi asked. Sora glanced back at Tai. Tai sat on one side of Skye, and Matt on the other. 'Maybe Matt likes her too' Sora told herself.

"I got it you go help." Said Matt.

"No, it's alright. You go." Tai replied.

"No." Matt said firmly.

"excuse me?" Tai asked.

"You heard me. No. You go." Said Matt.

"Why should I?" Tai asked.

"Why should I?" Matt angrily. Gabumon turned around.

"Matt." Said Gabumon. "Calm down."

"Why should I? If this pompus jerk thinks he can order me around-" Matt began.

"Pompus jerk?!!" Tai asked angrily, as he jumped to his feet.

"Yeah. You heard me right. Pompus jerk!" Matt said jumping to his feet also.

"Where do you get off calling me a pompus jerk?" Tai asked angrily.

"The same place you get off stealing my girlfriend!" Matt cried. By now everyone was staring in shock.

"You're girlfriend?" Tai asked. "What are you talking about? She likes me!"

"In your dreams Kamiya! She loves me!"

"When hell freezes over!" Tai mocked. "Skye's in love with me!"

"You wanna go?" Matt asked holding up his fists.

"Gladly Ishida!" Said Tai.

"Tai! Matt! Stop this! This is stupid! She doesn't love either one of you!" Said Sora.

"Shut up Sora!" said Tai.

Tai and Matt moved, and began going around in a circle never taking their eyes off of each other.

"I've had it up to here with you Kamiya. What makes you think your good enough for the Child of Faith?" Matt asked.

"You should talk!" Tai countered. "What's the child of faith? What are they talking about?" Sora asked.

"Matt! How did you know that Skye was the child of Faith?" Magimon asked.

"Everyone knows that. The same way everyone knows that she loves me!" Said Matt.

"You're wrong. And you know it!" Said Tai.

Matt lunged towards him. He darted to one side, then hurled himslef at Matt. Caught him off balance and pushed him to the ground. The others cried for them to stop, but they didn't.

Tai hooked him with a right, landing on Matt's cheek bone. Matt kneed him in the crotch, causing Tai to fumbled. Matt gave a quick and hard punch to Tai's face. Tai's hands gabbed ahold of Matt's throat. Squeezing the air to his brain.

"Stop it! Tai stop!" Skye screamed. Tai felt two hands pull him back, losening his grip on Matt's throat. Tai wirled around to punch the person, but stopped himself when he saw that person was Skye. She rushed over to Matt, bending down beside him.

"Are you okay?" She asked. "Yeah, I think so." Matt replied sitting up.

"I can't believe you two! Acting like a bunch of children! You have to stop this fighting before you seriously hurt each other!" Skye said, looking at each of them. The others stared at them with confused looks on their faces.

"The other time you just about killed each other!" She said. Tai and Matt both looked down, embarassed.

"Now, you two make up, with a hand shake. And I don't want this ever hapening again." She said. Skye helped Matt raise to his feet.

"I'm sorry," They both said simultanously. Skye smiled then, to everyone's surprise the three put their hand on their heads and rubbed them. Matt groaned, and placed his hand on his head.

"I feel like I've been run over by buldoazer."

"Me too." Agreed Skye.

"ugh, I feel like, yeah." Said Tai.

"Are you guys okay?" Mimi asked.

"Yeah, I think so." Matt said, he turned to Skye. She nodded.

"What just happened?" Tai asked.

"You mean you don't remember?" Izzy asked.

"How could you not remember ? You two were at each others throats! Literally!" Said Joe.

"What do you remember?" Magimon asked curiously.

"Well, I remember fighting with Matt over who would stay with Skye.... But that's it." Said Tai.

"Yeah. It's a blur." Agreed Matt.

"And Skye what do you remember?"

"Well, I remember my head hurting, then seeing that girl." Skye's voice trailed off.

"What girl? The princess?" Kari asked. Skye shook her head. Izzy pulled out his computer and starting typing on it. While he did that Skye continued.

"I opened my eyes and I was back here, then I couldn't breath and-and-that's all I remember." She said.

"Matt, do you like Skye? I mean as in crush wise?" Magimon asked curiously.

"Yeah, but what's that got to do with it?" He asked.

"Tai same question." Tai looked over to Sora and then to Skye.

"Yeah." He said.

"mhhmmm." Said Magimon acknowledgingly.

"Mhhmmm what?" Skye asked.

"Well, by the way you three were acting. And by the way that Matt knew that Skye was the child of Faith, I'm guessing that they're past lives were re-enacted themselves."

"Say what?" Every one asked.

Magimon sighed.

"Okay, I wasn't sure at first but, now I know that the digidestined and their digimon are the council of 16." Everyone gasped in shock.

"Why do you think that? Pixiemon told me about the rumour of the two council members in love with the princess, but I still don't understand." Said Izzy.

"Past lives, their past lives were trying to re-anacted what happened before." Magimon clarified. "But that would make Skye the digi princess." Said Gabumon.

"But that's where things get complicated." Said Magimon.

"You mean they aren't already?" Mimi asked confused.

"I think since The digi princess had the crest of Faith, and Skye is the child of Faith because and that she's the digi princess's protector that Tai and Matt confused her for the digi princess." Said Magimon.

"But why is Skye called the child of Faith?" Biyomon asked.

"Because I search for Faith. The crest that is." Said Skye, finally speaking up.

"We're the council of 16?" Kari asked. Magimon nodded.

"Well that makes sense. And I suppose the other digi destined are the gate protectors right?" confirmed Joe. Magimon nodded.

"Aha! I found it!" Izzy cried.

"What?" The group gathered around the computer. "well, based on the description Skye gave me. I've managed to find out something about that crest, it's called the crest of Loyalty. But I the most important thing is I found some interesting facts about the crest of Faith. But manly the most interesting is this!" Izzy click on something then Matt read in a mumbling voice.

"Contrary to what is said, the Digi Princess may be able to be in a different form then what she was in her past life. The simalarity between the crest of Light and the crest of faith is incredible."

"Does that mean Kari's the digi Princess?" T.K. asked turning to Skye.

"I don't know, the simalarity of the crests are unbelievable." She said after looking at the picture of the crest on the computer screen.

"But?" Mimi asked.

"I don't know. Kari should've had a special reaction to magimon's ring." Said Skye.


The group sat eating an early dinner, which was brussel sprouts and brocolli curtesy of Pixiemon. "I hate brocollie." T.K. whined. "Then try a brusell sprout, it kinda looks like your hat." Skye said handing him a brussel sprout which was inbetween her chopsticks. T.K. popped the vegetable in his mouth chewed. The group waited for this reaction. 'Ha! T.K. hates vegtables! Even now he still hate greens!' Said sroa victoriously in her mind. 'She can't do everything' T.K. smiled happily and said. "mmmhhmm. That's good! Thanx Skye. Hey you think you could pass me some more please?" Skye smiled. 'I take that back. She can do everything.' Sorry told herself.

Skye passed T.K. one of the bowls holding brussel and T.K. poured a bunch onto his plate. Matt, who was sitting on Skye's other said then whispered.

"Anyone who can get my brother to eat a vegetable would be a goddess at my mom's place." He said. Skye smiled, "Yeah well, back home Mimi and I did alot of babysitting." She replied. Mimi laughed.

"Don't even get me started on those little brats." She replied. Tai glared at Matt jealously from across the table. He defenietly wasn't happy with the seating arrangment. Before Tai could even say a word, Matt pulled out the chair inbetween himself and T.K. and had asked Skye to sit. She'd happily accepted, not even looking to Tai. Only was it when Sora elbowed him in the ribs, that he was brought back to reality. They finished their meals then Magimon said.

"We should get going. It'll be dark in a few hours." The others agreed, so they got onto their raft and pushed off.

"How will we know when we find the island?" Mimi asked.

"It'll be sitting in the middle of the ocean Mimi, I don't see how we'll miss it." Said Joe, pushing up his glass.

"Sorry, no need to get sarcastic." Mimi mumbled.

"We're lucky there a good current, other wise we'd have to paddle." Said Kari. T.K. nodded. The day soon turned into night, and so they decided on shifts. Skye and Magimon on the first. A few hours after everyone was a sleep Magimon curled up into a ball a soon fell asleep. Skye on the other hand, kept awake, looking in every direction. When she noticed Magimon had fallen asleep she carefully picked her up, and placed her own T.K.'s stomach, seeing as patamon was sitting on the top of his head. While doing so, she accidently nudged Matt. His eyes shot open, his face in fright, but then untensed when he saw Skye's face.

"Everything okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, going great." She said smiling then sat back down in her spot. Matt sat down beside her but said nothing. Finally Skye broke the silence.

"Aren't we so talk-a-tive tonight huhn?" She asked sarcastically.

"Yeah." Matt replied. She yawned, rubbed the sleep that was collecting in her eyes and shook her head.

"I'll take the watch if you like." Matt offered.

"No, it wouldn't be fair. You're up next shift. You'll need your sleep." She said. But soon enough Skye rested her head on Matt's shoulder and she fell asleep. Matt smiled. Soon after we began to notice that the current was getting stronger. And soon, really stronger. The boat started to jump on the waves as they got bigger and bigger. Tai woke up first then, seeing Skye with Matt said.

"What do you think you're doing?" Matt looked over.

"Be quiet she's sleeping." Matt said in a low voice.

"Why should I?" Tai retorted, being even louder. The others began to awake.

"Look! You woke them all up you idiot!" Matt said pointing.

"hmm? Matt what's going on?" Skye asked, her eyes slightly opening.

"Nothing Skye. Go back to sleep." Matt replied.

"No, Skye get up. come on. You're shifts over." Tai said.

"mmmmm. Sleep." said Skye with a silly grin on her face. She was about to get up when Matt said.

"It's alright Skye you can stay here." She smiled, still not opening her eyes.

"Thanks Matt that's really sweet of you." Tai placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Come on Skye." Tai said.

"Back off Kamiya." Matt warned.

"Or what?" Tai asked.

"Or I'll have to-" Mat began.

"Guys! I hate to interrupt but-"Joe interrupted.

"not now Joe." They both replied simultenously.


"not now!"

"but there's a giant waive that were about to be swallowed up by!" He protested. The warning came to late. The cold sea water splashed down on them, waking them up completely before being pulled off the raft and into the ocean. Skye tried to move but she couldn't, she couldn't even breath.

'Something's pulling me down' she realized. Deep down into the bottom of the ocean floor.


When Matt awoke he wasn't at the bottom of the sea dead, but laying on warm sand with the sun beating down comfortably on him. He groaned then sat up, automatically looking for T.K. and Skye. And the others. None of them. Just Gabumon who was siting on a rock waiting for him to wake up.

"So you're finally up." Said a female voice. He turned to the direction of the sun. A female figure stood in front of him, but he couldn't see who she was.

"Skye?" He asked squinting in the sun light.

"Nope, sorry. The name's Zoe." The girl said smiling she took a step further. Matt could see her now. Blue jeans, a purple tank top, white gloves, blue/green eyes and beautiful blond hair tied up in a pony tail.

"Hey Waturmon! He finally woke up." The girl called, to the ocean. Matt and Gabumon eyed her nervously, was she a good person? Well obviously, otherwise she wouldn't be in the digi world. But was she sane was the question. Their answer soon popped out of the water. A white, furry seal, with blue hair like Gomamon! It swam over to the beach then began it's way over to them.

"Who's that?" Matt whispered to Gabumon.

"That's Waturmon. Waturmon's very rare digimon, only rarely ever seen. She is known for her great speed and agility. Some say she used to be on the council of 16." Said Gabumon.

"Hiya!" Said Waturmon friendly.

"Have you seen our friends?" Matt blurted out.

"As a matter of a fact. Yeah. A couple of your friends are recuperating back at the camp." Zoe said.

"Is there one with blue hair there?" He asked anxiously. The girl thought for a minute then said.

"Nope, sorry." She apologized. Suddenly Matt felt dizzy. He placed his hand on his head.

"You okay?" Zoe asked concerned.

"Uh, yeah. I will be." He replied looking to her.


After eating, Matt and Zoe sat on a giant rock staring at the ocean. Everyone was there, Sora, TK, Tai, Mimi, Joe, Izzy and their digimon. Except for Skye. Gabumon and Waturmon were having a race to see who could move faster. "I don't know anything about you, mind telling me something?" Matt asked. "Well," Zoe began. "What do you wanna know?" She asked. "Everything." He replied. "Okay, I love to swim. I'm a champion swimmer back home. I love Pizza. It's the best thing in the world. My friends say I have a rebel personality, and that it always sticks out." She said. Matt nodded. "What about family?" Zoe's warm smile changed to an unsure look. "My family...... Well lets just say I have a mom. Or so I think. I can't really remember anything after I was 8 years old. It's like a nightmare or something. I see blood and snow. And what I think is a corpse. Then when police come one of them was a female officer who stayed with me. Eventually she adopted me. And that's all I know." "Can't you just ask your adoptive mom about your parents?" Matt suggested. "It's not that easy. I'd really like to learn about my past but my adopted mom won't let me. Whenever I ask her a question about then she changes the subject of something. It's really stupid huhn, not knowing I mean." Matt nodded. "Now. How bout ' you? I know T.K.'s your bro n' all but." She asked. "Our parents are divorced." Matt said blankly. "Oh." Zoe murmured. "I'm sorry." She said. Suddenly Waturmon came splashing up to the rock where they were sitting at full speed.

"Zoe! Come quick! We found a girl!"

Matt bolted from his spot. "What colour of hair?" He asked automatically.

"Blue. Why?" Waturmon asked.

"Zoe, you go get the others, I'll follow Waturmon." Zoe nodded then jumped off the rock and ran to the direction of the camp. Matt jumped from the rock then said. "Lead the way." What Gabumon had said about Waturmon's speed was true, but Matt was to worried to notice. He ran down the beach about a mile, when he saw Skye's body laying lifeless on the beach he picked up his pace.

"Matt! Over here!" Gabumon called, waving his arms.

Matt dropped to his knees, then listened for breathing.

No, not breathing. "1,2,3," Matt said pressing his hands on her chest. He breathed into her mouth.

He listened, still nothing. He tried again.

"Come on Skye, don't die." He murmured.

"Matt!" Tai yelled. Matt didn't even look over and kept on trying. The others crashed down to Skye's body.

"She looks beaten up pretty bad." Joe commented. It was true, she was battered up badly, a scratched on her legs, arms and a cut on her head. The others observed in silence. Kari looked around for Magimon seeing the cat's body at the tide line she rushed over to her and picked her up. Magimon looked up a Kari with a weary look on her face, smiled then her smiled turned to a worry one.

"Where's?" She began then screamed.

"SKYE!" She jumped out of Kari's arms and jumped over to Skye's limp body. "Skye, no. I'm so sorry Skye. I should have been on watch too. I shouldn't have fallen asleep I'm sorry Skye." Magimon said desperately while Matt did CPR

Five minutes passed, and Skye was still unconscience.

Sora, in true sadness reached out for Matt's shoulder and said. "Matt. It's been five minutes. She didn't make it."

Matt snapped around and said. "No, she can't die." He turned back around and continued C.P.R. After a few more tries, Matt stopped. Though he didn't want to believe it. He couldn't do anymore. He leaned back, still on his knees. He heard TK's whimpers but couldn't reach out. His body couldn't move. He looked around him, Kari was holding Magimon and they were both crying while Salamon had turned her back. Magimon kept on saying something like "it's true". Joe, Gomamon, Izzy and Tentomon had sad looks on their faces. Just coping. Mimi and Palmon were balling their eyes out. Tai just sat there, across from Matt staring down at Skye's body.

'Is this how it ends?' Matt asked himself. He grabbed a hold of her hand. 'Is the world doomed because I couldn't protect her?'

"No." Matt murmured. "This isn't the way it ends! It can't be!" He said. A single tear fell down his face. "Child of Faith." He whispered, then threw himself onto her body, crying. The tears rushed down his face like rivers, unable to stop.

"Noooo. This isn't right. Skye, please. Wake up. Please. You're faith was what kept me going on this." Matt felt a sudden warmth in his chest. Using what was left of his strength, he leaned back. Tai looked up at him, and stared at him with a weird look on his face.

"What?" Matt asked. Tai pointed to his chest. His crest was glowing a fierce blue, he lifted the tag to look at it. Instead of the crest of Friendship he saw something else. The emblem was swirling in a circular pattern, then a light shone out of it!

He stared in amazement as the emblem of Friendship shot out of the tag and combined with another emblem. The emblem of Faith! Suddenly the two combined!

The emblem then shot into Skye. No, not in her, in her locket. The locket shined a vibrant gold. The light from the locket surrounded her, then suddenly her clothes were back to normal, no stains of blood or rips on them. For a few seconds Matt could see the emblem of the two imprinted on the locket then they faded away. Matt looked at his tag. Just the normal crest of friendship. "Incredible." Izzy mumbled. A moan escaped from Skye's lips. 'Could it be?' Matt asked himself. 'No, it couldn't.' He told himself. Her head shifted, and her eyes opened slightly. "Matt?" She asked.


"So what was it like?" Mimi asked curiously as everyone sat eating dinner. Which was delicious stir fry. Skye lay in a hammock nibbling on her food. "Well, it was weird. It was like it was happening in slow motion or something. And I was watching myself drowning. It was kinda like an outta body experience ya know?" Skye said, trying her best to describe it. She looked over to TK who was just sitting contently listening.

"So Izzy. What was that thing we saw?" Sora asked. Izzy tapped away on his pineapple lap top. "Well, I'm not sure exactly. I think it was a combination of Matt's crest of Friendship and The Digi Princess's crest of Faith. Seeing as Skye is looking for the crest of Faith, it would only seem reasonable that it would be the Princess's crest that would heal Skye." Izzy said explaining. He paused and took a bite of his chicken. "But what I'd like to know is, why then? I mean why when we were trying to find that mirror?" Sora shivered and looked over to Tai who was tending to Skye like a mother or something. The mirror, that she'd seen Tai kiss Skye in.

"Sora, earth to Sora." Izzy said, bringing Sora back to reality.

"I wonder...." Izzy's voice trailed off. "Hey Matt. C'mere." Izzy said to Matt. He sat quietly in a tree, watching Skye carefully. He jumped out of the tree then walked over to them. "What?" He asked. "This is probably a long shot, but. What exactly did you say right before the thing with the crest happened?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, what I'm getting at, is something that could trigger your crest to, well. In lamest terms, bring Skye back to life."

Matt thought for a moment then said. "Well, I was crying and I said that it was her faith that kept me going. But that's the only thing that-"

"That's it!" Izzy said triumphantly.

"What's it?" Sora asked.

"Matt told Skye that it was his faith that kept him going. Her FAITH." Izzy pointed out.

Zoe emerged from the bushes then walked over to Skye.

"There's a hot spring in the back. You can go wash up if you like." Zoe offered. Skye nodded then tried to get up. Matt rushed over to her as did Tai. Skye let out a stressed laugh. "I'm fine guys." She said then tried again and got up. Zoe handed her a towel. Skye slowly started walking to the bushes. Magimon followed her every step. They soon disappeared behind the bushes.

"Is she gonna be okay?" Kari asked, turning to Mimi.

"Yeah. She's strong. Don't worry." Mimi replied.


Matt sat at the table, staring at Zoe talk with Tai. "There's something familiar about her." Said Zoe. Tai nodded. "I know what you mean. It's like, you've known her before but you can't remember right?" He confirmed. "Yeah, how'd you know?" Zoe asked. "I got the same feeling when I first met her too." Tai replied. 'Look at Tai, going around. Flirting with every girl I like.' Matt commented bitterly to himself. 'Did I just say I like her?' Matt asked himself. 'I guess so. Yeah, I do. No, my love is for Skye, not for Zoe.' He told himself. "Hey Matt," T.K.'s voice said. Matt looked over to his little brother. "Yeah T.K?" Matt asked. "What are you thinking about?"

"So do you actually think Kari could be the Digi Princess Izzy?" Tentomon asked as he hovered over Izzy who was typing in the computer. "hhmmm. That's peculiar." Izzy commented. "What?" Joe asked, joining the conversation. "well, it says in here that The Child of Faith is supposed to have a digivice. But Skye doesn't have one or a use for one. Does she?" "No." Said Salamon. "Magimon grew to Rookie all on own. Then when they defeated Satinmon she digivolved to Champion. A Digivice is to make them digivolve to Ultimate. I don't know how she digivolves to Co-Ultimate though." Explained Salamon. "But, Magimon can't digivolve before Skye finds the princess." Gomamon pointed out. "Yeah, and isn't it supposed to be Co-Champion?" Kari asked.

"I don't know how to answer your question Gomamon, maybe Skye needs her digivice first. And Kari yes but, Vitimon have an extra stage. Their's go, Fresh, Trainee, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, Co-Ultimate, Mega and Supreme. But no one knows how a digimon can digivolve to Supreme. That only happened in the time of the Digi Princess and the Council." "oh."

"So does that mean we need to find Skye's digivice?" Joe asked. Izzy nodded then said.

"Seeing as our Digi Vices are supposed to find humans in the real world, I'm assuming that our digivices will help find the Digi Princess."

"Hey guys, whatcha talking bout'?" Skye asked meekly as she appeared from behind the bushes. Matt looked over to Skye, despite what she had just went through she looked refreshed and different.

She had taken her hair down, and had put the little stars back in her hair. "Skye, you're okay?" Tai asked eagerly. He walked over to her. TK and Kari rushed by him and hugged Skye.

"Hey guys, I haven't gone anywhere." She said smiling. "we know." They replied happily.

Matt felt someone watching him, from behind him. He turned around, but saw no one. Suddenly, Zoe said. "It's you." Matt looked over, confused.

"You're the one!" She turned to Waturmon,

"This is the girl!" She said excitedly.

Skye had a confused looked on her face.

"You are the Child of Faith, right?" Zoe asked. Skye nodded slowly. Zoe smiled,

"I am the Guardian of Time." She said. Matt watched in disbelief, the guardian of time?

"We've been waiting for you, waiting for your arrival." Skye looked nervously over to Magimon, who shrugged her shoulders then said.

"What is your duty?" Zoe smiled then said. "My duty, as Guardian of Time is to protect the gate of time and to allow admit those who are qualified." She replied, as if what she said was her firm belief.

"You're the girl." Skye mumbled, then brought her hands to her lips in disbelief.

"What?" Matt asked. There was no way the two girls could know each other? Or was there?

"You're the girl from my dream. Only I wasn't dreaming!" Skye babbled.

"You mean the girl you were talking about earlier?" Tai asked curiously. She nodded. Finally, Magimon broke the silence by saying.

"It was said, that as the Child of Faith got stronger, she would develop psychic powers. That no, matter how hard anyone tried to change what would happen it would come true." Magimon, tilted head in shame.

"And why didn't you tell me this?" Skye asked trying to remain firm, but everyone could tell she was going to cry.

"I didn't think it was true, there were so many rumours that one could never really be sure." Magimon said, never meeting Skye's eyes.

"And on the beach, was that another one of the rumours?" Skye asked, her anger rising. Magimon nodded.

"So someone said I was going to die and you didn't tell me?" Skye asked, trying not to cry. Magimon looked up at her.

"Skye, you know that's not how it was-" She began.

"It's not? Really? Then tell me, how was it?" Skye interrupted. Her face was turning red, but she didn't cry.

"You know what? Second thought, don't tell me. I don't want to know." She said angrily, and then turned around and ran off. Magimon stood watching Skye run away, never even flinching. Tai ran after her. "Skye wait up!" He said, and was about to reach for her shoulder when she turned around and said. "Just leave me alone Tai." Then she ran off. Disappearing into the darkness.


Matt shivered as he walked along the beach. But he wasn't alone, Zoe walked bay his side while Waturmon searched the water and Gabumon the ground. They'd all splited up, to look for Skye. After half an hour of waiting for her to return, and she didn't, they began to worry. Kari, Gatomon, Joe, and Gomamon in one group. T.K , Patomon, Izzy and Tentomon in another. Sora had wanted to go with Tai, but he insisted he go alone. So she, Biyomom, Mimi and Palmon were in the last group. "Skye!" He could hear the others call. Zoe looked around wearily, then over to Matt who had the same worried look he'd had earlier. A sad, yet determined look on his face. She looked past him to look at sky. The Sun was setting, and they'd soon have to abandon the search for the night. She looked back to Matt. "What?" She asked curiously. "What are you thinking?" She asked.

~~With Tai~~

"Tai, are you okay?" Agumon asked as they walked. Tai had a determined look on his face, almost angry. "Yeah. I'm fine." He said then hollered. "Hey Skye! Where are you?" "You seem angry about something." Agumon said. "I'm fine Agumon, let's just leave it at that okay?" Tai looked over to the sun. which was beginning to set. "okay." Said Agumon. "It's just, just-" Tai said, trying to explain what he felt inside. "What?" Agumon asked. "Skye." Was Tai's simple reply. "It's like, when I see her. Everything changes, colours are brighter, things seem more right. And every thing just seems perfect." He explained. "But?" Agumon asked. "Should I feel like this? I mean, is it right? My mom and dad used to always tell Kari and me that love is something special, that knocks you right off your rocket. Is that what it's supposed to be like? Is this just some silly crush? Or is it more? Sometimes I feel more like I'm watching myself make a fool of myself rather actually see it my way. And I don't know which one's which. And, oh never mind. It's to confusing." Tai said frustrated. He kicked a rock, and it flew away in the distance. "To confusing." He mumbled.

~~With Skye~~

She'd ran for as long as her legs were carry her. Then collapsed on the grass. Her faces burn of anger but her tears cooled her face. "It's not fair." She managed to say between her tears. She felt as if she'd been betrayed. Like someone had shoved their hand in her chest and pulled out her heart, still beating. She cringed, got back up then ran as far away from the others as she could. The sun was beginning set behind the mountains. And that's when she saw it. A pool of water, with a fall as it's source of water. Only then did she realize how thirsty she was. She walked cautiously over to the pool, cupped her hands, brought the water to her lips then drank. Several hand fulls. When she was finished she looked up, to the water fall, then noticed something she hadn't seen before. A black hole behind the waterfall? Yes, that's what it was. Quietly, she approached the water fall, having to walk around the small pool. Once over there, she stepped on a rock then another, carefully watching her every step, as to not slip on the rocks. She jumped to the back of the waterfall, slightly to it's side. Curiously, she traced her hand along the wall, her fingers delicately traced over an something engraved. She peered closer, but there wasn't enough light, so traced her fingers over it once more. It was a number, or a letter. But a single one. The number 5! "five" She murmured under her breath. What could this mean? Was there 5 waterfalls like this? She kept on grazing her fingers then, there! A hole in the wall, a walkway. Skye gulped down her lingering fear then walked inside. Off in the distance she could see a light. The end of the cave.

She ran to it, then, when she got there. All there was, was the same as on the other side.

Skye rubbed her head, because of a sudden shock of pain she'd gotten. She looked around. "trees, bushes, rocks, Teramon." She said commenting on her sorounding. The fiery figure laughed. "so you know my name, I am Teramon, the fire digimon with emense strength and fierce-full fire attacks." He said, smiling evilly. The evil smile sent shivers down Skye's spine. Though she usually wasn't afraid of digimon in champion form, there was something wrong. Besides the fact Magimon wasn't there to protect her. He had an evil look on his face.

"You're trespassing." Said Teramon. "I don't like trespassers, especially those from the royal grounds." 'Royal ground? What's he taking about?' Skye asked herself.

"Well, then, I'll leave." She said nervously taking a step backwards. "Not so fast little one, the Lordess will decide your fate. But in the mean time…." A flame emerged from Teramon's fingers.

"It's now or never." She murmured then took her chances on fate. She ran as fast as she could, away from the fiery digimon, her legs stretching as far as they could. Her speed was excellent, she was thank full her father's fitness trainer had made her do those horrible runs around the island non-stop. They'd really paid off. She kept running but then suddenly tripped over something. She landed on the hard ground with a loud thump. "Hey watch it will ya?" Said a voice. Skye looked over to where she'd tripped. What looked like a rabbit stood. It had a basketball body, make that it's head, with to stubs of front and back feet. It had blue gloves on it's front feet, with pink two pink stripes on each side of them. A surprised feeling washed over Skye, along with a feeling of awareness. The same thing seemed to be happening to the blob. Finally it spoke.

"I am babybunnimon. I may be small but my attack is powerful. My pepper sparks attack is five time hotter then Meramon's!" Said the blob proudly. "Babybunnimon?" She asked confused. "Who are you?" Babybunnimon asked.

"I'm Skye. Skye Galbraith." She replied. Teramon laughed evilly.

"I found you." He said smiling, peeking through the bushes. Suddenly Babybunnimon jumped in front of Skye and said. "Leave her alone you big bully!" "Hahaha, you think a little babybunnimon can stop me?" Teramon said. "Pepper Sparks!" Babybunnimon cried, a 3 balls of fire shot out of her mouth. He laughed, as he dodged the attack. Babybunnimon tried again. The fire hit Teramon straight on the thigh, and he winced.

"How is this possible? A trainee?" He asked.

"Vitimon are more powerful then digimon Teramon, you should know that." Babybunnimon replied.

"I'm not beaten yet!" Said Teramon, still clutching his leg. Skye noticed the black lock around Taramon's leg. Suddenly, out of instinct is she cried. "Babybunnimon! Hit for the anklet!" "The what?" The blob asked confused. "The thing around he's ankle!" She replied. "Flaming torpedoes!" Cried Teramon as torpedo shot of each of his hands, flame powered. Babybunnimon dodged the attack the cried. "Pepper Sparks!" The bubble shot out of her mouth more rapidly and looked more like a comet rather then a ball of fire. The black anklet exploded on impact. Disentergrating to nothingness. Taremon placed a hand on his, head moaned. Then look to Skye and Babybunnimon and smiled. "Thank you for freeing me. The last thing I remember was, I was sitting on the ground meditating when I something came flying at me. From there on, I couldn't control my actions." He said to Babybunnimon. "No prob." Babybunnimon replied casually. As Skye watched the blob with legs talk with Teramon, a strange feeling fell over her. "Babybunnimon." She murmured. The words barely making it past her lips. Teramon looked over to Skye. Then looked at the star locked. His mouth dropped in disbelief. "A thousand pardons, Child of Faith. I was not aware of the fact it was you, I was so savegly attacking." Teramon said with a bow. A sweat drop fell down Skye's face. "euuu." She mananged to stammer.

"I have orders from the Princess to give you this." Teramon stepped forward, then pulled handed her a digital device. It was baby blue in colour with yellow buttons on it. A Digivice! When it came into contact with Skye's hands a bright light suddenly shone around her and she felt her strength replenishing. Then, to her surprise, her shorts changed into a skirt.

The light died out and she looked at herself. "Incredible." She murmured. Before she could ask Teramon about the Princess. The light shone out again, then there was a flash of light. And they were gone, Skye was back on the ground. Laying on the grass, panting. She sat up. "It must've been a dream." She told herself. She looked at what she held in her hands. Her Digivice! She stood up, and looked at the skirt. "amazing." She murmured. Then started running off, once again, into the bushes.


Matt smiled at the question. "I'm just thinking how beautiful you look." He blurted out. 'Did I just say that?' Matt asked himself. 'I can't believe I said that' He said to himself. Zoe's cheeks turned a pale pink. "Uh, thanks," She said pretending to kick a stone. She felt Matt's eyes on her, watching her intently. She looked up at him, he stared into her blue eyes, unlike Skye's they had a glow to them. He titled his head down, then gently kissed her lips. Matt felt energy surge through his lips, and down the rest of his body. Suddenly there was a loud crashing sound of the waves and an evil laugh. "Bwahahaha." Matt looked over in shock. Gabumon rushed over to them. Waturmon was further of in the ocean so she was probably fine, Matt hoped. "Who's that?" Zoe asked.

"That Kryptomon. Seadramon may have been the king of the sea, but this is the queen, and she's got a hot temper. Don't get her angry, her surg of the Sea Queen is a very powerful for and ultimate digimon. Also, her scales made of Digi-zoid which is practically indestructible." Said Gabumon. Matt eyed the dragon like digimon. Tall, no, make that extreamly tall. Her head was covered in a metal mask exactly like Metal Seadramon's. Her tail was standing up straight, the chain lock glistened in the almost set sun. Matt looked to Zoe, but was distracted when the others arrived. "We heard the crash." Explained Agumon. "You think you can defeat me?" Kryptomon let out a high, female laugh.

"It'll take more then a couple of tiny digimon to defeat me."

"Let's hit this chick big time." Said Gatomon said, taking stance.

"Palmon digivolved to-Togemon!"

"Gomamon digivolved to- Ikakumon!"

"Tentomon digivolved to-Karbuterimon!"

"Biyomon digiolved to-Birdramon!"

"Salamon digivolved to-Gatomon!"

"Patamon digivolved to-Angemon!"

"Gabumon warp digivolved to-Gabumon!"

"Wait a minute! I didn't digivolve! Matt! Why can't I digivolve?" Said Gabumon. Kryptomon let out a bellowing laugh.

Before Tai could even give the word to Agumon to Digivolve Kryptomon said."Lordess has locked away the secret of Digivolving past Champion! Hahaha. Imagine that, going into battle without researching your enemies. Magimon is losing her touch. And where is the kitty today? Skulking about how her human girl left her? I wouldn't be surprised."

"She's not." Came Magimon's voice. Magimon walked calmly over to the others.

"Magimon. How kind of you to join us. Now you can watch your friends be turned to nothingness." Said Kryptomon.

"Needle spray!"

"Electro Shocker!"

"Harpoon torpedo!"

"Hand of Fate!"

"Lightning Claw!"

"Meteor Wing!"

The attacks just bounced off of Kryptomon, like a bouncy ball off a floor. Matt cursed under his breath. "Let Waturmon help!" Zoe suggested. Matt and Tai both shook their heads. "No, this is our fight." Said Tai.

"Surg of the Sea Queen!" Cried Kryptomon. Water shot out of her mouth, and hit Togemon, Kabuterimon, Ikakumon, Angemon, Angewoman. They all fell to the ground. 'Not water.' Tai mumured. "Oooowww. It hurts!" Togemon moaned loudly. The others screamed in pain along with her. Kryptomon laughed once again.

"What a shame for you that is. My attack isn't water, it's made of chemicals that made Apocalypmon's De-digivolve attack." Said Kryptomon.

As if on queue, the digimon turned in to trainee digimon again. Zoe looked around, trying not to make notice of herself to Kryptomon, then spotted Waturmon. Washed up on the sand, not to far away. Suddenly, over come with emotions, she rushed over to her digimon's side. "Wautrmon, are you okay?" She asked. Waturmon lifted her heavy head. "Zoe? Be care-" "Surg of the Sea Queen!" Waturmon pushed Zoe out of the way of the attack. Zoe watched fear stricken as Waturmon was devoured by the liquid. Waturmon bit her tongue, as to not scream in agony. "Waturmon!" Zoe cried, and was about to return to her digimon's side when Magimon stepped infront of her. "Zoe, if you come into contact with the chemicals from that attack you'll die. What until the transformation is done!" Magimon warned. Zoe watched as Waturmon was turned into her trainee form. "Tai! Matt! Get Agumon and Gabumon to digivolve." Tai nodded.

"Agumon digivolved to-Greymon!"

"Gabumon digivolved to-Garurumon!"

Magimon joined them, and said. "don't attack until I give the word." "Right." Said Garurumon. Kryptomon smiled, "Really magimon, I'd figured by now you would've learnt better tactics. I don't see how you defeated Satinmon that way. I never understood why Lordess allowed MegnaLadyDevimon to keep you. I never liked orders when it came to you. Well except for this one. Seperate and elminate the 5! Well, that shouldn't be too hard. you've done that all on your own, what with your human girl leaving you she probably figured out you weren't her time."

"You leave Skye out of this!" Magimon snarled. "Oh? And who's going to stop me? You and you're two pathetic friends? I think not." "Garurumon! Greymon! Now!" Magimon command.

"Nova Blast!"

"Howling Blaster!"

"Lightning Shocker!"

The three attacks hit Kryptomon in what Tai had decided was the throat. Kryptomon stumbled back but then let out a laugh. "Like I was saying, who's going to stop me?" "Surg of the Sea Queen." Garurumon dodged the attack, along with Magimon but Garurumon was to big. In a matter of moments he was turned into Koromon. "1 down 2 to go." Said Kryptomon. Kryptomon turned her head to attack Magimon then attacked again but aiming for Garurumon. He was blown back and struck down. Kryptomon laughed. "Well that was easy enough. Really, I thought this would be harder. But I suppose since you can't even come up with proper attack plans. oh well, you know the saying, you can't teach an old dog new tricks." "Surg of the Sea queen!" Magimon dodged the attack once again. But Tai could tell she was beginning to tense up. 'How long can she hold this up?" He murmured. "But, I suppose your human figured out how to defeat Satinmon, not you. And go figure, she figured out the truth. That you're worthless. I wouldn't be surprised."

"Well you'll get a kick out of this then." Said a voice from behind them. Tai turned around. Skye stood behind them, wearing a skirt, and a determined look on her face. "Skye!" Magimon said looking at Skye. Suddenly, while Magimon wasn't looking, Kryptomon snatched Magimon off of the ground with her massive tail. "Magimon!" Skye cried. Kryptomon laughed.

"Silly Magimon, didn't you learn any thing from MegnaLadyDevimon? Never turn your back." Magimon stuggled to get free but she couldn't. "How did you ever get this far with a digivice, I will never understand." "Oh come off it Kryptomon, you know a digivice doesn't help me." Magimon said through gritting her teeth. "Oh how wrong you are Magimon. You do need a digivice, but also something else, something else you'll never have." She paused. "And on that note, I've seem to work up quite an appetite. Your friends will be the main course, and you, will appetizer." And with that,Kryptomon lifted her tail above her head, and dropped Magimon in her mouth. And swallowed. "Noooooooo!" Skye screamed in horror. Kryptomon licked her lips. "She'd always be such a nuisance to me." Kryptomon smiled eviliy at Skye. "You son of a bitch!" She screamed. She looked up at the darknening sky, and screamed, as if talking to God. "You gives you the right? Huhhn? who gives you the right to take people away! Was good does this peice of shit do me anyways?" She screamed and threw her digivice on the ground. Tai stared surprised. 'Skye has a digivice?' But before his mind could answer that question Skye continued screamign at the sky. "Magimon was my friend. Sometime's she was the only reason I even had faith in finding your stupid princess! You hear that loud and clear thing!? I had Faith! "

The was a rumbling noise, and then a light shone from the digivice that lay on the ground and from inside Kryptomon's stomach. "AHHHHH! It burns! It burns! Get it out! Get it out!" She screamed, then lifted her head top the sky. She opened her mouth and blue flames shout out. Then out of the blue flames emerged a figure. A panther like animal with wings.

It flew up high, above the clouds, then shot down. Leveling it self just above Kryptomon.

"Kryptomon," The thing said. "You have terrorized enough helpless victims to know never eat them." It smirked. "But you know the saying, you can't teach an old dog knew tricks. Lucky for me, I'm not a dog." Then she cried. "Cosmic blade!" A big, shiny blue light shot out of it's mouth hitting Kryptomon straight down the back as the animal flew behind her. Kryptomon laughed. "What was that? A tickle attack? You didn't even do anything!"

"You're wrong! I sliced you to peices!" It said. Then, on queue Kryptomon fell apart. The animal flew over to Skye. "Who-who, are-y-you?" she managed to stammer. The panther smiled.

"I'm Athenamon. the Digivolved form of Magimon. Skye, when you admitted you had faith in me, your digivice was activated and caused me to digivolve." The panther replied.

"So, you digivolved?" She asked wide eyed.

Athenamon smiled and nodded. Skye smiled and hugged her.

"I don't believe it." Said Izzy. "Magimon digivolved though the laws of the vitiwolrd forbade it." Then, Athenamon de-digivolved, not to Magimon but to her trainne form. Babybunnimon.

Skye looked back in shock. "I don't believe it." She said.

She explained the story to the others. Zoe, was baffled the most, as to the mountain. But when they went back, it was gone. And there was no sign of it ever being there.


"So what's the next step Skye?" Mimi asked as the group sat around a camp fire, they were about to settle into their sleeping bags, which Zoe, for some bizzare reason had. Skye let out a sigh. "Well, I suppose walking. Zoe says that they haven't gone over the whole entire island so, I guess to keep on walking."

"Hey Skye?" Tk asked.

"Yeah Tk?" Skye replied, roasting a marshmellow over the fire.

"Kryptomon said that her master had locked away the secret to digivolving. Does that mean we're gonna need our armour eggs?"

"I don't think so TK." Skye replied. "Otherwise Davis, Yolei and Cody would be here."

"So what are we looking for?" Bukumon asked.

Skye shrugged her shoulders. "some sort of crest or digivice I guess. We'll just have to keep on looking until we find something."

There was silence until finally, Joe broke it. "has anyone else besides me noticed that there's a lot of female evil digimon this time?" Skye simply replied. "It's past the 90's Joe. It's past the 90's."



I was hot, no, burning hot. And no, I don't mean as in a babe hot. Well, I was that too, but that's beside the point. I let out a sigh. "We've been walking for days now, let's take a break." Said Mimi. "Yeah." Skye agreed. "Let's take a little break, my feet are killing me." Skye agreed. "No, just a bit further up over this hill. I think I see something. Let's pick up the pace." Said Babybunnimon.

"Easy for you to say, all you've done all day is sit." Replied Skye. I had to agree, Babybunnimon just sat ontop of Skye's head. "And you have four legs for a reason, so put those thigns to good use." She added. Babybunnimon was about to reply when Tokomon said, "Hey look over there!" We all looked ahead of us and I saw what Babybunnimon had been talkign about. It was a mountain. A big, tall, enormous mountain. I tried to find the top but there here clouds in the way, funny, they were only around the mountain. Matt let out a whistle, porbably of astonishment. "That's a pretty big mountain." Commented Tsunomon.

"Told ya so." Said Babybunnimon.

"What is it?" Bukumon asked.

"Beats me." Replied Babybunnimon.

"Hmmmm." Was the only sound Izzy made. He sat down, opened his laptop, and suddenly screeching sound came from the computer. I covered just Koromon and covered my ears, so did the others.

"What's going on?" Skye mouthed to me.

"I don't know." I replied. Suddenly my feet started to shake. I looked down, not my feet, the ground. The ground was shaking! I looked at Skye, who's eyes were wide. She pointed ahead of us. The ground had begun to crack up. I tried to move my legs but they wouldn't budge. I was frozen in fear. I heard Skye scream, I saw her right before she fell. Fell into the black gap in the ground.

I watched in what was like slow motion as Matt slide to the ground, tryingto reach hr before she fell. He screamed. "SKYE! No!"

But it was to late. She was gone. the rumbling sound stopped the gaps in the ground closed back up and we stood in silence. Too scared to move.

Matt rose to his feet, and glared at me.

"What's your problem? why didn't you help her?" Matt demanded angrily.

"I-I-" Was all I managed to stammer before Matt walked over to me. "You let her fell!" Matt said angrily, pointing his finger at me. I stood shocked. I felt sick, as if someone had punched me in the gut.

"There was nothing I could do! My feet were stuck!" I protested. It didn't help, Matt swung and it connected. I staggered back, not yet feeling the pain. I put my hand to my nose, I touched something wet. I brought it to my eyes, blood. My nose was bleeding. Matt vaulted at me, but luckily I ducked and he missed. This threw Matt off of his balance. I caught my breath. I turned to breath and I tackled him this time. And I made contact.

I landed a few good punches but then there was another scream. Niether Matt or Me noticed the rumbling sound had returned. But I looked up when I heard the scream. "Sora!" I yelled, but by the time I got up, she'd already fallen. TK was next. Then again the ground closed up, devouring Sora and TK. then rumbling sounds stopped again. I waited a few minutes then Motimon asked."Is it over?"

I wasn't sure, not until I heard a horrible screeching sound from in the air. "Who's that?" I asked.

"That's Zapmon, a bird vitimon. Her jolt bolt attack has enough electrical currency to light up the whole viti and digi world for the next 5 years." Said Koromon. I picked him back up. Zapmon let out another screech. "Seperate the 5, seperate the 5!" She said mechanically, like a parrot. My mind raced. That word the 5! Kryptomon had said that before. Zapmon flew down closely. "Jolt Bolt!" A bolt of electricity that looked like lightning shot out of it's beak. We spread out into two. Me, Koromon, Izzy, Tentomon, Mimi, Tanemon, Matt and Tsunomon to one side. Zoe,Kari,Joe and their digimon on the other. And then that's when it happened. Zapmon dived even lower and scooped the up in her four claws.

"Seperate the 5! Seperate the 5!" It repeated then flew off, into the sky. Leaving us behind, standing in shock.

For the longest time, I remember just standing there, staring, watching, waiting for something that would ever come. I was shocked, it had happened so quickly, one minute they were all there, the next they weren't. Finally Mimi of all people broke the silence. "WHHHAAAAN!!!!"

This seemed to brake the others from their so called transe to. I watched Matt shake his head then he looked to me. He didn't seem angry any more. "Well," he began. "What now?"


We'd finally agreed to go the base of the mountain and find somewhere covered to rest. Izzy explained that the trees would keep us safe from Zapmon, but only for a certain amount of time. I sat down on a rock, and thought but before I could start thinking Mimi said.

"I can just imagine the cat fights that are going on with the others."

Izzy looked over to her, with a confused look on his face. "Why?"

"Uh. Skye and Sora are stuck together in the ground. Together?" Mimi clarified.

Izzy let out a nod. "Oh yeah, I forgot." Said Izzy.

"At least TK's okay." Said Tsunomon.

I looked over to Matt, he looked deep in his thoughts and I figured it probably best not to bother him. We chatted for awhile until Matt finally said something.

"We look."

I frowned.

"There's gotta be a reason why this all happened. Why this mountain is here. Why Zapmon kept on saying 'seperate the 5'."

"hey, didn't Kryptomon say that too?" Motimon pointed out.

"Yeah, and I looked it up last night, I came up with nothing. At all."

"Maybe you should try again." Tanemon suggested.

"I don't know, last time I opened it up the earthquake came...." Izzy's voice trailed off.

"hey Izzy, could Zapmon have found us so quickly because of your computer? Maybe it didn't cause the earthquake, just told the bad guys where we were?" I suggested.

"Would it be safe to do it again?" Mimi asked cautiously.

"I would assume so, Zapmon said seperate the '5' maybe her goal was to seperate all of us. And besides, the trees would cover any tracking devices." Said Izzy.

"So let's pop that baby open at try a crack at it." I said.

Nervously, Izzy opened the laptop. No noise, no screeching. Nothing.

"hmmm" was the sound that came from Izzy's mouth.

"You have mail!" Said the electronic voice.

We gathered around Izzy's computer. Genai walked across the screen. "Hello digi-destined. Oh, where is the rest of you?" Gennai asked.

"We were split up. Zapmon came and attacked us." Explained Izzy.

"Oh. Hmmm. Well, I see." Gennai struggled to find the right words.

"Gennai." Izzy interrupted. "Did you know that our digimon can't digivolve past Champion? And that Magimon digivolved into Athenamon?"

Gennai seemed a little shocked by this. "I wasn't sure about your digimon not be able to digivolve past Champion. And Magimon digivolving is physically and psychological impossible. You need to find the princess first. Mind you, there is a myth that she'd be able to digivolve with a digivice but, Skye doesn't have one does she? "

"Yes she does!" Said Mimi. "She found it on the island that Zoe was on!"

"Zoe? The Guardian of Time? Is she with you?" Gennai asked.

"She was, but she got kidnapped by Zapmon." Said Koromon.

"You say Skye found this digivice in the island? Amazing....."

"Gennai, what's the 5?" Izzy asked.

"The 5? Let me see, I'm not sure. Why?"

"Well when Kryptomon attacked us yesterday she said something about 'the 5' and then Zapmon said somethign about 'the 5' too." Izzy explained.

"I only know of the mighty 10."

"What's that?" Koromon asked.

"The mighty 10 are the 10 guardians of the portal to the darkness kingdom. To get to the kingdom you must defeat them and also find the supreme crests." Explained Gennai.

"The supreme crests?" Izzy asked.

"yes. Each of the 10 guardians have a supreme crest which, gives them great power. Like Gatomon's ring."

"So we need to crush these guys and get them to give us the supreme crests?" Matt asked.


"By any chance, is that how we're to digivolve past Champion?" Koromon asked.

"Yes but, you won't be able to warp digivolve until you all have your supreme crests and are together."

"Gennai, do you have anyway of telling the others?" I asked eagerly.

"I may be able to contact Skye through her digivice, and Zoe by her necklace but I'm not sure....."

"Zoe's necklace?" Matt asked, he had a confused look on his face.

Gennai nodded. "yes, that's how Waturmon digivolves, by the necklace."

"Is it like Skyes?" Koromon asked.

"yes, it is simalar. But it's not a star."

"So then why does Skye have one?"

"As you've probably noticed, it helps her. It's part of her quest."

"Gennai how do we-" Izzy began, but the computer started to fuzz up.

"Ooops, gotta go. Ran out of time. See you late Digi Destined!" And with that the computer completely fuzzed over.

"So, where do we get started?" Asked Koromon.


I let out a loud sigh. "This is impossible. We've been looking for hours!" I said, taking a rest. I sat down on the ground.

"We're lost! I'm tired. I need a break. Either that or new shoes. Oouuu, new shoes. What a great idea." Said Mimi.

"Incase you haven't noticed Mimi, there's no mall outlet here." Matt snapped. Mimi looked a bit shocked. And I suddenly had gotten the feeling of hostility.

"Shut up Matt, Mimi can say whatever she wants. It is a free world you know. How are we supposed to find a supreme crest if we can't get along." I cussed at him, practically yelling. Surprisingly, Matt just shrugged it off. I had expected him to pic a fight. "Um guys." said Mimi.

"Yeah Mimi?" I asked. Mimi pointed, then said. "There's your answer."

Mimi was right. Charging at us full speed was a funny looking digimon. He was big, bigger then garurumon but not as big as Greymon. He looked like a giant turtle almost. His shell was made of spikes, sharp spikes. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I wasn't usually scared but, Koromon wasn't able to Digivolve to Ultimate and we didn't have Athenamon to protect us. I was freaked, no, more like ready to piss my pants.

"That's GoldTortomon. An evil Digimon with incredible strenght, he's one of the guardians of the supreme crests. His Spin Spike Cycle attack is so powerful that on full impact it can break any form of Digi-zoid. Don't ever wake this guy up, he's cranky 24/7!" Said Izzy, reading from his computer. GoldTortomon let out a loud growl.

"Who dares disturb my sleep with that horrible screeching sound?" He bellowed angrily. "Uh oh. I think your screaming at Matt woke him up Tai." Suggested Koromon. "No really?" I asked sarcastically. GoldTortomon looked at me and smiled evily.

"Digi Destined." He said.

"I was woken up by digi destined? Hahaha."

"Well, I'll kill to birds with one stone. How productive." GoldTortomon said. "Spin Cycle!"

He curled up into a ball then sped towards us. "Ahhhhh!" We all screamed.

"Tsunomon digivolved to-Gabumon!"

"Koromon digivolved to-Agumon!"

"Tanemon digivolved to-Palmon!"

"Motimon digivolved to-Tentomon!"

"Pepper Breath!"

GoldTortomon dodged the attack. Then laughed. "Palmon!" Mimi said. "Us your poison Ivy!"


"Posion Ivy!" GoldTortomon tried to dodge the attack but Palmon's accuracy was great and he got got tangled up in it.

"blue blaster!"

"Pepper Breath!"

The attacks hit him straight on, but he only was in pain for a few moments. He kept on struggling until finally Palmon had no strenght left and was tossed into a tree. She de-digivolved back into Tanemon and Mimi picked her up. As Mimi did that Goldtortomon cried "Plumell Tunell!" And dug a hole into the ground. "Where'd he go?" Tentomon asked, making his way over to the pit where GoldTortomon had just been. "I-" Izzy began. There was a rumbling noise, and then Goldtortomon appeared out of the ground below Tentomon. "Volley serve!" He said then slammed tentomon into ground, Tentomon skidded all the way to Izzy then de-digivolved into Motimon. Izzy picked him up. "I'm sorry, he was to strong. And I didn't know he was comign until that rumbling noise." Motimon said. Izzy had a weird look on his face then said.

"It was you earlier wasn't it?" He asked Goldtortomon. I looked over to him and frowned.

"Earlier, when Skye and the others fell through the ground, there had been a rumbling noise. It just occured to me that it was the same rumbling noise, when Motimon got slam dunked." Izzy explained.

Anger flew through my veins. I couldn't calm myself down.

"Where is she?" I demanded. Goldtortomon laughed. 'Why is it everytime we're serious these guys laugh?' I asked myself. But before my conscience could reply Goldtortomon said.

"The proper question would be,what did I do to them." He paused. Obviously, he knew what I had meant. "I deleted them." He said simply.

I stood in shock. No way, no way would Skye have gone out with a fight. I couldn't believe it. I wouldn't! 'But how do you know that he's not lying? What if Babybunnimon had been hurt in the fall and hadn't been able to digivolve to Athenamon.' My conscience asked.

"You're bluffing!" I told Goldtortomon.

"Can you afford to take that chance? I am a fiercly strong digimon with the power of a vitimon. And Lordess wanted them dead. The two girls. Too much of a hazard." Said Goldtortomon.

"If Skye was dead, I would feel it!" Said Matt.

"Really? You thought she was dead on the beach. Do you still trust your instincts?" GoldTortomon laughed. "I enjoyed killing them, so rejuvenating." Said Goldtortomon.

I looked over to Matt who was thinking hard. When he noticed I was watching him he nodded.

"Gabumon do your stuff!" He said.

"You too Agumon!"

"Agumon digivolved to-Greymon!" "Gabumon digivolved to-Garurumon!"

"Nova Blast!"

"Howling blaster!"

Goldtortomon cried "Gold Torpedo!" His shell opened up and shot out three missles. Each one hit Greymon and Garurumon's attacks. Garurumon let out a loud roar and charged towards him. "Gold Torpedo!" Garurumon dodged the attack.

"Howling blaster!"

"Gold Torpedo!" Garurumon's attack disentergrated.

Garurumon let out a low growl. He jumped, but GoldTortomon hit him with a missle. Garurumon was sent flying back, and fell to the ground by Matt with a lowd thud. Matt ran over to him, probably to encourage him, but it was to late. He de-digivolved back into Tsunomon.

Now there was only Greymon left and I was worrying.

"If Sora, Skye and T.K hadn't survived, what are your chances of surviving?" A voice whispered in my mind. "You'll end up just like them, cold, bloody, DEAD." I gulped my fear that was climbing up in my throat, but it just crawled back up. "You'll die. The VitiWorld will be first to go. It will crumble, and along with that all those who inhabit it." A picture of Magimon flew through my mind. "The DigiWorld will be next, all digimon being turned into slaves, and thoes who appose? Mudered on spot." A picture of all our Digimon together was next in my mind. "All that work would be for nothing. Defeating Devimon. Myostismon. The Dark Masters. Apoccolypmon. All for nothing." Thoughts of our past victories raced through my mind. "And then finally earth. Completely distroyed. Every human annilated."

I looked up at the sky, it was blurry because of the tears I was crying. The tears of fear.


"Hey," Came Tai's voice from the entrance. She looked over to see Tai standing. "Hey." Skye replied before taking another sip. "I couldn't sleep. How bout you?" He asked, pouring himself a glass of lemonade, then sitting down at the table. "What's bothering you?" He asked. "Hmmm? Oh nothing. I'm just thinking." There was complete silence.



"Do you think we can do it? Do you think we can defeat the darkness?"

Tai looked into Skye's eyes and saw what he'd never seen before, the innonce and fear that was troubling her mind. "I dunno Skye. I don't know." He replied.

~~End of Flashback~~

If tears had been trickling down my face before, they were flowing like rivers now. They cooled my face, I looked up.

"It will all end." Said the voice in my head.

"No," said another voice. This one was familiar. "Where's the Courage, Tai. Think where is it." The other voice said. "No, it will all be destroyed. Evil will destroy." "No." I murmured.

GoldTortomon said "The girl, with the red hair put up quite a fight. Almost got away. But the one with blue hair,she gave up willingly."

"LIAR!" I screamed. "Skye would never give up. She's the Child of Faith. The Chosen one! she wouldn't give up! All of our worlds depend on her! I know she wouldn't give up. And she wouldn't want us to either!" I said. "I know she's alive. I know. And she wouldn't want us to give up either!" I said.

"Yeah!" Matt agreed.

"I don't care what you say. I have faith in her." I said courageously. "I have the courage, to have faith in her!" I said. Matt stared at me with a weird look on his face, he was looking at my chest. I looked at my crest was glowing a fierce orange, I lifted the tag to look at it. Instead of the crest of Courage he saw something else. The emblem was swirling in a circular pattern, then a light shone out of it!

I stared in amazement as the emblem of Courage shot out of the tag and combined with another emblem. The emblem of Faith! Suddenly the two combined!

A light shone out of my crest and to Greymon. It circled him, swirling around.

"Greymon digivolved to-MetalGreymon!"

"What? How is this possible? You don't have a the supreme crest of courage!" GoldTortomon said in shock. "I have it."

"Tai's courage along with faith in Skye and in himself, made Greymon digivolved to MetalGreymon." Said Izzy.

"Giga Blaster!"

"Gold Torpedo!"

The two missles from each digimon exploded in the air. It was like looking at fire works.

"Giga Blaster!" the missles hit Goldtortomon straight in the head. "I'm sorry Lordess! I failed you!" He disentergrated to nothing. MetalGryemon de-digivolved to Agumon but I didn't notice. I was too busy. A light had risen from the ground, no not from the ground. From the ashes, it created the symbol for courage. I stared at it. "What-what is that?" I managed to stammer. "Wow." Izzy mumbled. He tapped away on his computer. "It's a portal. It says here once you walk into it, the one who desires the supreme crest, they will recieve it and will be transported to the next place they are needed." Izzy explained.

"Well then, let's get going shall we?" Said Matt.

And with that, we walked into the light.



It was hot. Extreamly hot, hotter then when we had all been together in one group. It had been a good two hours or so after Zapmon had dropped us in the middle of a desert. I was tending to my wounds, which were, a scratch on my arm when the others finally started waking up. First, was Bukumon. "Hey Joe. Joe." He said, pulling me out of my thoughts. "hmmm? Bukumon,you're up?" I asked confused. I'd been thinking. About what Zapmon and Kryptomon had said. "Seperate the 5." I didn't understand. What was the 5? I had counted how many there was of us. The 8 digidestined, that was us. The guardian of time, which was Zoe. That's nine. Then Skye, the Child of faith. That was 10. 5 girls, 5 guys. I just didn't understand.

Kari sat up, along Nyaromon. As if on queue so had Zoe and did too.

"Where are we?" Kari asked, looking around.

"This is the Digi-Desert." Said Zoe. "It's so big, that even the fastest Digimon wouldn't able to cross without dying. No one's ever come out of here alive. It's more like an urban myth. Like the bermuda triangle." Zoe explained.

"Oh great. Of all the places in the DigiWorldm we end up in the urban myth that nobody's ever survived. Great. Just great." I said.

"Don't worry joe. We'll get out of this mess." Said Bukumon encouragingly.

"Yeah, I mean take a look above that hill. Hey, is it just me, or is the sky waiving around. " Said Kari.

I looked up ahead. The sky wasn't moving, that was a temperature reaction. When something cold comes into something hot on special occaisions the sky will change colours and quiver.

"The sky's not waiving! That a reaction to something cold!" I said. I rose to my feet quickly. "Well let's check it out then!" Said Zoe, then began in a full force run. Kari was right behind her. As for me, I was trailing behind. When the girls got to the top of the hill zoe turned around and called to me. "Joe, hurry it up. You won't believe this."

I picked up the pace, but it was a steep hill for it took me a while to get up there. But when I was up, I didn't believe my eyes. Ahead of us was an oasis, deep, cool brisk pond surrounded with leafy palm trees. Behidn it was a fare sized forest. I pushed my glasses up the ridge of my nose for what seemed like the millonth time. "Incredible." I mumbled under my breath. "Do you think it's safe?" Kari asked turning to Zoe. Zoe shrugged her shoulders. "I don't," She began, then turned to me. "Joe, what do you think?" She asked. "Why are you asking me?" I asked.

"Cos' you're the leader." Zoe replied.

"Really?" I asked. I had to admit I was surprised. Zoe had a much vaster knowledge of this island then I did and could have easily have taken charge. But for some reason, she didn't.

"So what do you think?" Zoe repeated.

I scanned the area. It seemed like a pretty good assumption. But you could never be totally sure. There was always something to worry about.

"I-I guess so-" I began, but at that Zeo and Kari let out cries of delight and ran towards the pond.

"Wait guys! I didn't say it was safe!" I protested. The girls stopped. Then Zoe said, "Oh come on Joe, let's try it, it's not like there's gonna be some freaky, evil digimon sitting at the bottom of the pool meditating, just waiting for us to stick our little toes in." Said Zoe smiling as she pulled off her shoes. Bukumon slid down the hill, and jumped in to the pond. Along with the others.

"Come on in Joe, it's nice n' refreshing." Said Zoe.

I bent down on my knees, and let my hand graze the water. I had to admit that is was refreshing. And cool. My body urged me to jump in and before I knew it. I was in the water. We splashed water at each other for a while. And Nyaromon even agreed to float along in the water for a few minutes. Which she did. And to my opinion, she seemed to be enjoying herself. "Yeah," Said Kari. "Besides, my hands are all prunny." She said holding up her hands. We all got out. Our clothes dried in a matter of minutes. Suddenly, there was a beeping noise. I checked my digivice. Nope, wasn't mine. Kari checked hers and said. "Not mine." Zoe pulled out a locket from underneath her shirt. And popped it open. Imagine my surprise when she talked to it.

"Hey gennai." She said smiling.

"Zoe, I understand you've been seperated from the others." Came Gennai's voice from the locket. Zoe nodded. "Yeah. I've got Joe and Kari with me. Skye, Sora and TK fell through the cracks in the ground because of the earthquake. And Matt, Tai, and Izzy-"

"Where left behind in shock right? Yes, I was briefed on Zapmon. Are you all alright?" Gennai asked. "Yeah. Hang on a minute." said Zoe. She unhooked her locket, Kari and I gathered around her. Inside was a picture of Gennai.

"Gennai, do you know what 'the 5' is?" I asked.

"Tai and the others asked me the same question. I only know about The mighty 10." Said Gennai.

"The mighty 10?" I asked confused.

"The mighty 10 are the 10 guardians of the portal to the darkness kingdom. To get to the kingdom you must defeat them and also find the supreme crests." Explained Gennai.

"The supreme crests?" Kari asked.

"yes. Each of the 10 guardians have a supreme crest which, gives them great power. Like Gatomon's ring."

"So we need to beat these evil digimon and get them to give us the supreme crests?" Zoe confirmed.


"Is that how we're supposed to digivolve?" Bukumon asked.

"Yes but, you won't be able to warp digivolve until you all have your supreme crests and are together."

"oh." Said Bukumon.

"Gennai, do you have anyway of telling the others?" I asked eagerly. I realized the others needed to be told about this right away.

"I've already contacted Tai, Izzy, Mimi, Matt and their digimon. I spoke to them an hour ago, and I haven't been able to reach them since."

"And Skye?" Zoe asked.

"Tai informed me that Skye has found a digivice and that Magimon digivolved to Athenamon. I may be able to contact Skye through her digivice...."

The screen in the locket started to get fuzzy. "Well I'd better go. See you later Digi Destined. And you two Zoe." He said. And with that the transmission ended.

"We should explore the forest." Suggested Zoe, then she looked to me. Out of complete instinct, I nodded. Then, realizing what I'd done, shook my head. "No, it's to dangerous."

"Come on Joe. We have to find those supreme crests. If we don't we won't be able to defeat the darkness." Said Bukumon. I let out a loug sigh. Why did it have to be up to me. Why could Matt, Tai or even Skye be here. Why did I have to be the leader? I thought about it for a few minutes then said, with great hesitation.

"Okay, let's go."

We headed off. But not before I grabbed some water from the pond. Zoe had to assure that it would be safe.


We had been wandering around for what seemed like hours. When finally we came across a burnt down village.

"Where are we?" Bukumon asked looking around.

"This is-or more like, this is the Viti cemetary. All good and bad digimon have a memorial here. A copy of each digimon's bones are buried here." said Zoe.

"just lovely. A grave yard." I mumbled.

We wandered around. "Hey look. There's Chumon and Sukamon!" Said Bukumon pointed. I looked at the plaque. He was right. "And over here there's Pixiemon." Said Kari pointing.

The more we looked around, the more digimon we found we knew. But nothing could have prepared me for the shock I next saw. It made my blood run cold.

Kari gasped.

"That's-that's Appocolypmon's grave." She managed to stutter.

"And it's been dug up." Added Zoe. She turned to me.

"What does this mean, joe? Why would someone dig up Appoclypmon's grave?" She asked.

"Look!" Said Kari, pointing. I followed her finger, to another dug up grave. I read the inscription on the plaque.


Then row after row of dug up graves.


And finally:


"Why would someone dig up all these old bones?" Zoe asked.

I could tell Bukumon was thinking of a joke, but he didn't say it. It was probably something to be left unsaid.

There was a rustling noise, and it was getting closer.

"You hear that?" I asked. The others strained to listen. Then Zoe nodded. "Somebody's coming." She said. At this point we scattered. Zoe, ,Kari and Nyaromon to one side. Me to another. As the thing got closer, I hid myself more and more into the bush I was hidding behind. Then, it emerged. A giant ghost. Lord Bakemon, no. He was even bigger. He carried a big brown sack. I watched him loom over towards me. I broke out into a cold sweat. I trembled in fear. I could tell the others did the same. Then suddenly he turned and flew over to Kari and Zoe's bush. Pulled back the branches and said, "Boo!"

The girls screamed in fear as the ghost digimon picked them up and dropped them in the bag. Tying the string around it. The girls screamed and struggled but it was no use. Before the digimon went away I could heard Zoe screaming,

"Joe! Help us!


I'd been following the ghost for an hour or so. It wasn't hard, he was a big blob and I wasn't. Finally, he lead me back to his home. Which I have to say, wasn't much. A baboo hut, a tortue wall and a funny looking pond. "Well at least he bathes...." I mumbled quietly. He tied Zoe, ,Kari and Salamon to the tortue wall. And I was beginning to worry. (no surprise there). I remembered when Sora and I had been captured by Bakemon, who turned into one big one, name Lord Bakemon. Not so scary there, we'd beated him. But it was the fact that Lord Bakemon had wanted to eat us. And plus this guy was bigger, and probably a lot tougher. "That's GoldBakemon. He's one of the mighty 10. He is the dumbest of the group. He's a realtive of Lord Bakemon. So, he likes to eat his victims." Said Bukumon quietly. I shuddered. Great, why'd I have to get stuck with the eating people ghost? I asked myself. But I'd quickly forgotten the question when GoldBakemonbwalked over to his pond. And to my surprise, talk into it. "Lordess, I have found a Digi Destined, and the Guardian of Time." He said proudly.

"Good. GoldBakemon, have you finished collecting the bones?" A female voice came from the pond.

"No Lordess. I was about to finish when the children showed up." GoldBakemon replied.

"Well my advice would be to finish them off. I have just been informed that GoldTortomon was defeated. And that the children have the supreme crest of courage."

Tai! Tai had defeated one of the Mighty 10! I would jump for joy, but I was in hiding.

"That's not good, right Lordess?" Asked GoldBakemon. Obviously, as Skye would say, the guys wasn't the brightest colour in the box.

"No GoldBakemon, that is not good. You said you had two of the children? Those must the the ones Zapmon was sent to seperate. There should be three. Find the other one before you destroy them. It could've been listening on our conversation for all we know."

"Yes Goodbye Lordess."

Obviously this woman liked to have the last word.

GoldBakemon laughed. "Why should I wait to eat you? You won't be as tasty and full of fear later on. And Lordess once told me that when you are afraid, your powers are strong. So, in you go little children. Into my tummy." He said.

'It's now or never.' I mumbled to myself. TRy to save my friend and die, or don't save my friends, watch them be eaten and then get killed myself. It was a tough choise but I could handle it.

I rose to my feet and shouted. "No! You won't be eating anyone GoldBakemon!"

"Joe!" The girls chorused.

"Bukumon digivolved to-Gomamon!"

GoldBakemon laughed. You think a little Rookie can defeat me? I am a Ultimate digimon!"

"I'mg not done yet!" Said Gomamon.

"Gomamon digivolved to- Ikkakumon!"

"Harpoon Torpedo!"

GoldBakemon doged the attack.

"Power of Darkness!" GoldBakemon said and a black liquid shot of of each of his palms. And hit Ikkakumon in the eyes!

"Joe! I can't see!"

Then Zoe shouted. "Joe! We knew we could rely on you!"

And then it happened. I felt the power surg through me and I wondered if I ws going to puke. But I didn't.

I had a weird feeling, a strong reliable feeling. I looked at my chest which was glowing, I plulled out my crest. My crest was glowing gray. I lifted the tag to look at it. Instead of the crest of Reliability I saw something else. The emblem was swirling in a circular pattern, then a light shone out of it!

I stared in amazement as the emblem of reliability shot out of the tag and combined with another emblem. The emblem of Faith! Suddenly the two combined!

A light shone out of my crest and to Ikkaukumon. It circled him, swirling around.

"Ikkakumon digivolved to- Zudumon!"

"What? How is this possible? You don't have a the supreme crest of Reliability!" GoldBakemon said in shock. "I have it."

"Grrr. The others new that they could rely on to Joe to save them, and all it took was for Joe to Rely on himself." Said Ikkakumon.

"Power of Darkness!"

"Hulkin's Hammer!"

The Hammer hit the ground and even though GoldBakemon didn't touch the ground he was thrown, and so was his attack.

"Hulkin's Hammer!" Zudumon threw the hammer, the point and landed straight in GoldBakemon's head.

"I'm sorry Lordess! I failed you!" He disentergrated to nothing. Zudumon de-digivolved into Gomamon but I didn't notice. I was too busy. A light had risen from the ground, no not from the ground. From the ashes, it created the symbol for Reliability. I stared at it. "What-what is that?" I managed to stammer. Gomamon untied the others then, Zoe's Necklace went off. "Hello. Oh, I see your in GoldBakemon's area. Are you alright?" Gennai asked.

"Yeah. Zoe just defeated GoldBakemon and now-" Zoe began. "And now the symbol for Reliability has risen from GoldBakemon's ashes?" Gennai finished. "Yeah, how did you know?" Kari asked. When one of the Mighty 10 is defeated, the crest is revealed. Wha tyou have to do is wake through the floating symbol. It will give Joe his supreme crest and will take you all to the next place your needed." Said Gennai. With that he hung up. "Wow. WEll fearless leader. Shall we go?" Zoe asked smiling. I nodded, "let's go!" I said. And we walked into the light.



For the longest time I just lay on the ground, my eyes closed, just trying to remember what had happened. Loosing my footing, and falling, falling into the darkness. Falling for minutes then I landed with a crash. For some reason, I wasn't in pain, just in shock. I couldn't believe what had happened. Only was it when Tokomon spoke to me did I even bother open my eyes.


I groaned. "Yeah Tokomon?" I asked, not wanting to open my eyes.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." I replied.

"Are you going to open your eyes?" Tokomon asked.

"Yeah." I began, then opened my eyes. I couldn't believe it! I was in a tunnel! A big tunnel, lit up with torches on the wall. I couldn't see the sky, and immeadiatly I began to worry.

"Where are we?" I asked Tokomon, after I sat up.

"When fell through the ground." Tokomon replied.

"I realize that." I replied looking around.

"Oh, well. We fell through the ground and we landed here. Then the crack to the sky closed up." Tokomon said.

"Oh. Well that explains it." I said rubbing my head.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Tokomon confirmed.

"Yeah, I'm-" I began.

"T.K!" Interrupted a voice. I looked over to see Skye running over to me.

"Skye!" I said happily. She bent down and hugged me.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

I nodded. "Yeah, are you?" I asked.

She nodded. "Yeah." Then turned back to the directino she had come from and shouted. "Hey Babybunnimon! They're over here!"

Babybunnimon emerged from one of the halls.

"TK! Tokomon! Are you guys okay?" She asked running over to us. Well it was more of a sequence of long hops.

"Yeah, we're fine. Are you guys?" Tokomon asked.

"Yup. We've been looking for you the whole entire time." Said Babybunnimon.

"The entire time?" I asked confused.

"Yeah, we've been down here for three hours." Said Skye.

"Have you guys found Sora yet?" I asked, then realized it wasn't the best question to ask Skye. With the thing with Tai, and the thing with Matt, it was obvious Sora and Skye weren't bestfriends.

Skye shook her head slightly. "No, You're the first." She replied.

We began walking. Going down one of the long dark tunnels. For a while, I kept my eyes ahead, so I would be prepared if some evil digimon showed up. But the tunnel was long, really, really long. And big. Skye, must of been reading my mind.

"Something big, must've made these tunnels." She commented, grazing her hand along the wall.

"Yeah, but what?" I asked.

"Well, maybe it was a MegaDigmon." Suggested Tokomon. "MegaDigmon has the DNA cross between Digmon and MetalSedramon."

"He's a giant snake that digs in the ground?" Skye asked.

"Yeah, Kinda." Said Tokomon.

"I doubt it was a MegaDigmon." Said Babybunnimon.

"Why?" We all asked.

"Because if had been a MegaDigmon this tunnel would be messier, not such of a nice job." Said Babybunnimon.

"Well whatever it was, it must've been pretty big. I hope we don't run into it." Said Skye frowning.

By now Tokomon and Babybunnimon where pretty far out of ear shot. It was funny to see them so eager to find out what was at the end of the tunnel.

"Why don't you?" I asked.

"Huhn?" Skye asked confused.

"Why do you hope we won't meet up with the digimon who dug this tunnel? Maybe he could help us get back to the top, back to the others." I suggested.

Skye smiled. "The way I see it, somebody's trying to have us seperated. I don't know who, or why, but I can tell they're pretty determined to do it. Probably an evil Digimon working for, their-" Skye held up her hands and maybe the prerenthesis symbol with her hands as she said, "Lordess."

"Hmmm, you could be right." I commented.

"And that's not only that. Izzy said my digivice maybe more then it looks. Like it may not be a normal digivice. So, that's making me a little freaked to use it. I mean what if Babybunnimon digivolves with it and turns into some freaky monster like SkullGreymon? I don't want to take that chance."

There was a silence. "We should catch up to the others." Said Skye, avoiding my eyes. Suddenly I got it, what Skye had been talking about.

"You're afraid aren't you?" I asked. Skye stopped in her tracks, turned to me slowly, and smiled.

"I guess I am. Weird huhn?" She replied.

"Well atleast you found me. Well Tokomon that is. He can digivolve to Angemon and can keep all the evil digimon away with his Hand of Fate." I said, wisely.

"Yeah, you're right." Skye agreed. "How'd you ever get to be so smart?" She asked.

"Skye." I said. "I'm an 11 year old guy trapped in my body from when I was 8." I replied.

"Oh yeah. I forgot." She said.

"Hey, are you guys just gonna chat forever or are we gonna get a move on?" Babybunnimon demanded. We laughed. "Yeah, we're coming." Skye replied.


"Can we take a break?" I asked. "My feet are starting to be pure murder." I said.

"I thought you'd never ask. My feet fell of about 20 minutes ago." Said Skye sitting over by a rock.

Suddenly, Skyes’s digivice was beeping. Confused, she pulled it from the back of her skirt. Then to our suprise, Gennai appeared. "Gennai!" I said shocked. What was he doing in Skye’s Digivice? And why? And How? And so many other questions…..

"Ah, I see you four have found each other." Said Gennai.

"Gennai! I can digivolve! I can digivolve! I can digivolve!" Cried Babybunnimon happily, bouncing up and down like a hyperactive kid.

Gennai smiled. "Yes, I heard."

"So you’ve talked with the others?" Skye asked.

"yes. And they’re all doing fine."

"Good." Said Skye.

"Have you see a GoldDevimon around there?" Gennai asked. What was a GoldDevimon? A more powerful digivoloution of Devimon? Like Myotismon?

"What that?" Skye asked.

"One of the Mighty Ten." Gennai replied.

What was the Mighty Ten? Was it bad? Or would it help us defeat the darkness? So many questions……

"The Mighty Ten are the Ten Guardians of the gate that leads to the darkness’s headquarters on Fire Island. They each carry a supreme crest, you will need all of those to reach Fire Island, and digivolve to supreme."

"Supreme Crests?" I asked confused.

"When you have all of the 10 Supreme crests you will be able to enter the Kingdom of the Darkness. You’ll also need them to digivolve to your supreme levels."

"Oh. So Tokomon can digivolve past Mega?" I asked.

"Yes. Seeing as your Digimon have Vitimon DNA in their blood, they can Digivolve to Supreme Digimon."

"Deep." I commented.

"Can Babybunnimon digivolve to supreme too?" Skye asked nervously.

"I’m not sure. Perhaps so, seeing as she does have some Vitimon DNA……. But the likeliness of you having a crest isn’t quite good odds. Hmmmmm." Said Gennai as he thought.

"Have you found Sora yet?" Gennai asked.

Skye bit her bottom lip and shook her head. "No, just T.K. and Tokomon."

"Well you should find her soon. Before something happens." Said Gennai.

Skye looked confused. "Gennai, what’s going to happen?" She demanded, her face was worried, and so I felt the need to be worried too.

Then, suddenly the screen on Skye’s digivice went all fuzzy. "Ooops! Gotta go! See you four later!" Said Gennai, then the screen completely fuzzed out.

"You guys, sit, Tokomon you stay with them, and I’ll keep looking. It think they’re might be a tribe of Diggermon here." Said Babybunnimon.

"No, you shouldn’t go by yourself, Tokomon, you go with her. We’ll be okay." Skye said confidently. Tokomon nodded. "But Skye-" Babybunnimon protested. "No buts, take Tokomon with you. We don’t want to be unprepared for any unexpected guests." Said Skye. Babybunnimon was going to argue, then stopped. "Fine. Come on Tokomon." She said then started walking.

"Do you really think there are diggermon here?" Tokomon asked as they walked away.

For a few minutes Skye and I sat not saying anything, when finally she started conversation.

"So, You and Matt, you’re brothers?" She asked.

I nodded. "Yeah, but our parents are divorced."

"Oh. Bummer, sorry I asked." She replied.

"It’s okay, I don’t really remember much anyways." I said.

"Why not?"

"Well, it happened when I was pretty young."

"Ah. I see." Said Skye.

"What about you? All you ever talk about is your dad and Micro-microsalt." I said, trying to remember what Skye had called it. She smiled.

"Microsoft. It’s really big in North America." She replied. "I don’t talk about my mom much because I don’t remember. She died when I was 4 or 5."

I felt a rush of sadness sweep over me. "Oh, I’m sorry, I-" I began but Skye interupted. "Don’t worry about it, like you I don’t really remember it. It happened a long time ago." She said.

"Do you mind if I ask how?" I blurted out.

"No, it’s okay. Well, I was going to start learning how to surf that day. My mom was going to teach me, even though she wasn’t hawaiin, she was still one of the best surfers around. Anyways, I went out to our flower fleid to pick the flowers for my first real lei. My mom went to the store on the next Island, Ekaika to buy some celebration things when she passed a beach, some tourists reconized her and asked her to show of her skills. They leant her a board, but it wasn’t her’s, she didn’t have the same control on this board. And she caught a bad wave…………" Skye paused. "She banged her head on some of the rocks. She didn’t make it out of the water alive." Skye made a funny expression with her face, but continued. "I waited forever for my mom to show up. She never did. It was my dad. He told me that she’d been in an accident and that she wasn’t coming back. I-I remember crying non-stop. I couldn’t stop crying."

"I’m sorry. I didn’t know." I replied numbly. "It’s okay. S’ppose it’s good someone knows." She said. Then, suddenly Babybunnimon and Tokomon came running up to us. "TK! SKYE! Come see what we found!" Said Tokomon happpily. Babybunnimon was jumping up and down like a hyper active kid but I hadn’t really noticed. We walked for a few minutes, well it was more like a run. But then, we came to it. A fork in the road.

"This is what you’re so excited about?" Skye asked frowning. Obivously she was just as confused as me. "Which road do we take? Huhn? Huhn? Which road do we take?" Babybunnimon asked jumping up and down.

Skye shrugged her shoulders. "I dunno. What do you think TK?" Skye asked turning to me.

"Well, why don’t we just take one then if we don’t find anything we’ll turn back and go the other way?" I suggested. "Sounds good to me." Said Skye nodding. "Right then, I mean to the left!" Said Babybunnimon.


We had been walking for what seemed like hours, until Skye told me we’d only been walking for a half.

"I’m beginning to think there’s nothing here but tunnels." Said Tokomon.

I nodded. "Yeah. But we shouldn’t quite yet." I replied kicking a rock, I’d been kicking it for the whole time. Then, suddenly, Skye gasped. "What?" I asked looking up. Skye pointed. Up ahead, the tunnel ended. We ran the rest of the way, until suddenly, the ground ended. We were standing on a cliff, over looking a village! But the village was ruined. Completely destroyed. We slide down the side of the cliff to the village.

"Babybunnimon, what is this place?" Skye asked.

"This is a Diggermon Village. It’s said that after the darkness invaded the Digi Palace, the diggermon were told to take all valuables to the center of the earth. But it looks like the Darkness found them." Said Babybunnimon observing the area. I was so busy looking around, I didn’t even notice when I tripped, until I had hit the ground. Skye turned around, because she was now ahead of me. "TK are you-" She began then stopped, her face looked horrified. "What?" I asked. She grabbed my hand, pulling me up, and off of the spot where I had tripped. I looked at what Skye was staring at. A symbol in the ground, it had been carved in the ground!

"No, not now." Skye mumbled shaking her head. "Not Satinmon." She said. There was a tone of panic, a quiver, in her voice, as if she was afraid. Of something terrible. Babybunnimon’s voice however seemed more stable. "No Skye, not Satinmon." Skye turned to Babybunnimon. "Then who? Who else uses that symbol?" Skye asked, her eyes shifting. "Skye, we defeated Satinmon." Said Babybunnimon. "And besides, if he, or and of his followers had been through here you would’ve known. You’re scar would’ve reacted." Said Babybunnimon. As Babybunnimon mentioned a scar, I noticed Skye was rubbing her right shoulder gingerly. Finally, after 5 minutes of their frantic bickering, I blurted out. "Who are you guys talking about?" "Satinmon was the evil digimon we defeated before we came to get you. He used to use this symbol to mark his territory, to have control over all Digimon who were in the area. It was also used to transport his followers." Explained Babybunnimon. "And you think he’s come back from the dead?" I asked. Skye bit her bottom lip nervously, and Babybunnimon turned her back to me. "Maybe it’s another evil Digmon like Satinmon. Perhaps, maybe it’s GoldDevimon, he is one of the Mighty Ten, and it seems only logical seeing as we loves the dark." Suggested Tokomon. "We should find a place to rest." Said Babybunnimon, looking around. "How bout’ that place?" Tokomon asked pointing over to one of the huts. "Looks good to me." Said Skye, as she walked over to it, and stepped on the porch. She turned around, to face me. "Well, what are we waiting for?" And with that, she walked in. I, along with Tokomon and babybunnimon followed at her heels. Suddenly, I began to fall, fall deeper into the ground. I couldn’t believe it, twice in one day! But when we finally did reach ground, the only thing I heard was skye mumbling, "Damn it! Haven’t we fallen enough already?" And then I blacked out.


"So, why was Babybunnimon talking about a scar earlier?" I asked, curiously, as Skye and I sat on a rock over looking the village filled with Diggermon. "Well, when we were fighting Satinmon, He was about to kill Bunnimon with his mega claw, so I stepped in, and stopped him. But he scratched me and it left a scar on my shoulder and a bit of my back." She turned slightly side ways and pulled up her hair so that I could see the long scar. "See." She said. "But you survived." I said. "Yeah, but with a price, now, whenever there’s a dark evil around, my scar starts to react." Skye replied. "oh." "Gennai, thinks, that maybe why I’ve been getting those weird flashes." Said Skye. Suddenly, there was an evil cackle from behind us. From the tunnel. "Hahahaha! I can assure child, it is not your scar giving you the flashes." We turned around.

"GoldDevimon!" Skye said, in total shock. The evil, digimon laughed eviliy once more. "You are correct, I am GoldDevimon, ruler of the underworld and keeper of a supreme crest. Child of Faith, hand over the emperial amulet." Said GoldDevimon out streching his hand. Skye grabbed at her star locket. "never!" She cried. "Fine then, surge of darkness!" a black surge of power shot out of his hand and directed to me. "TK! NO!" I heard Skye scream, and as if in slow motion, I watched as the attack inched closer, and I felt something push me out of the way……………..

The dream awoke me with a jolt, it took a minute to realize, I was laying in a nice bed, the covers pulled up to my chin. I saw a pair, happy blue eyes staring at me intently. It was Skye! "I’m glad you’re awake." She said smiling. "Starred one, who are you talking with? Are you speaking with the flying jelly bean’s human?" Came a tight voice. Skye turned. "Lord Diggermon, go get Patamon. And his name is not the flying jellybean. And can you also get Magimon?" She asked, "Very well." Said the voice, and then I heard the little patter of feet. "Skye," I began. "Shhhhh. Save your breath, we’ll talk later." She said smiling. And, suddenly I got a feeling of sleepiness and I closed my eyes. And fell asleep again.

Sleep was comforting, I have to admit, and for a while, I was sleeping peacefully. There were no dreams to disturb me. That is, until I had that dream again, and again, and again. It wouldn’t stop nagging at me. Until finally, when I woke up and saw Patamon staring at me intently. "TK! You’re awake! Well finally!" He said happily. "Hey Patamon." I said smiling then rubbed his head. "The starred one said you would be awake soon! Here, have this, it will make you feel better." Said the voice. I sat up, and saw a little basketball with big brown eyes and short stubbs for feet and hands and a drill for a tail. "Thank you Lord Diggermon." Said Patamon, rather coldly, the took the bowl from him and gave it to me. It smelled good, like melted chocolate. I drank it up quickly. "Where’s Skye?" I asked when I was finished. "The starred one?" Lord Diggermon asked. I nodded. "She is having her bath. Very tired is the starred one, staying with you all night, never falling asleep once, even Lord Diggermon fall asleep. Poor starred one, very tired." Said Lord Diggermon shaking his head. "What do you mean? Staying with me the whole night?" I asked confused. "TK, you’ve been asleep with a fever all night." Said Patamon. "And Skye stayed with me the whole time? Where were you?" I asked. Patamon blushed. "I got really tired, Skye told me I could go take a nap." He replied. "What happened?" I asked. "Well, after you fainted, the digggermon showed up. Apparently they had the trap door, because there was a GoldDevimon and he had attacked the village! Along with the one not to far from here. At first we thought they were trouble so we digivolved. Then they saw that Skye had the empiral amulet and ever since they’ve been calling her the starred one." Patamon explained. "Wow." I mananged to murmur. "Oh and good news! Apparently, Sora and Yokomon were found by the Diggermon a few villages away!" Suddenly Skye popped in. "And even better news! They have a digi armour egg here!" She said smiling. "Mornin’ Sleepy head." She said smiling as she ruffled my hair. "A digi egg? Here?" Lord Diggermon smiled. "Yes! Many, many years ago, the digi princess intrusted us with the digi egg. She told us that we would meet the Child of Faith, who had a star locket, and would restore the princess’ crown to her." "Do you wanna come take a look with me TK? Who knows? It may be a digi egg for you." Said Skye. I got up out of bed. "Sure!" Lord Diggermon led us through the village, all the diggermon were staring at us and pointing. It was weird, all the attention. Magimon had joined us, and had given me a nod of acknowledgment. Anyways, Lord Diggermon led us through out the village, I looked around, suddenly, something caught my eye, a rock, over looking the whole village, and a tunnel behind it! For a minute I lost my breath, but no one seemed to notice. As we began to walk down a long tunnel, I noticed there were carvings on the wall. But they were so old, I couldn’t see them properly. "look!" Said Skye pointing. Off, about 35 meters or so was a table made of rock, on top of it was a blue digi egg. We ran the rest of the way, and when we got there, I got a close look at it. It reminded me somewhat of the digi egg of sincerity. It has the star thing at the bottom but it had a weird logo on it. Skye gasped. "That’s it! That’s the digi egg of Faith!" She said pointing. "See look at the logo! That’s the symbol for Faith!" She said.

"Weird." I mumbled. "Well, go ahead TK, try to lift it." Said Skye. I looked at her, was she seriously. "oh well, here goes." I said, the others backed away to give me space. "1, 2, 3." I said, then pulled. I pulled so hard I thought my arms would come off. But it wouldn’t budge. I turned to Skye. "No such luck." I replied. "Why don’t you try?" I suggested. Skye looked uneasy by the thought. "I dunno. I’m not a digi destined, I’m just the child of Faith, I’m not suppose to have a digi egg." She said.

"Perhaps, you just have to hold onto it for the princess." Suggested Maigmon. Skye frowned, bit her bottom lip, I could tell she was having troubles choosing. "okay." She finally replied. She walked over to the egg nervously. "Well, here goes." She said, and tried to lift it. The egg didn’t budge either. "Oh, well, to bad." Skye said quickly backing away from the egg. Then suddenly something happened. Five different coloured lights shot out of the egg. A silver, an orangish yellow, a purple, a dark blue and a lighter, baby blue one. The baby blue one shot towards Skye, while the others dissapeared through the ground, Skye’s digivice started glowing, she pulled it off her skirt and held it against the light. Then suddenly the light swallowed up the digivice and the digivice changed. The light died out and we all still stood there shocked. Skye’s digivice had changed, now into a D3!

"Wow. Check it out." She murmured, examing the D3. "When we find Izzy, we’ll have to get him to take a look at this thing." She said, then hooked it back onto her skirt.


After a very good meal cooked courtesy of the Diggermon, and a long discussion with Lord Diggermon on how to get to the next village, Magimon had gone to check something about "pot holes and swimming." And Patamon was argueing with lord Diggermon, Skye and I were walking around the town. She rubbed her shoulder, then I remembered! Her scar! "Are you okay? You’re scar I mean." I asked. "Huhn? How’d you know?" She asked confused. "Oh, I-" Well, I wasn’t about to tell her about my dream so I said. "You and Babybunnimon had been talking about it earlier." "Oh, yeah." She said, as we headed up the hill. "Yeah, sometimes it hurts." She said. "And sometimes it hurts because evil is near by right?" I asked. Once again, Skye had that confused look on her face. Then a sweat drop. "Uh, how’d you know?" She asked. "Oh. Lucky guess." I replied, trying to sound cool. Inside, my guts were jumping.

"Hey, Skye."

"Yeah TK?"

"How come earlier you didn’t want to lift the egg?"

Skye let out a sigh, "Well, I just didn’t. I didn’t want another thing I had to hold on to for the princess, and I knew it couldn’t possibly be mine. So why even dissapoint myself."


There was a long silence between us. "You got your scar from Satinmon right?" I asked. "Uh yeah," Said Skye. And before she could ask anything I said. "Just wondering!" She laughed.

"Gennai, thinks, that maybe why I’ve been getting those weird flashes." Said Skye. Suddenly, there was an evil cackle from behind us. From the tunnel. "Hahahaha! I can assure child, it is not your scar giving you the flashes." We turned around.

"GoldDevimon!" Skye said, in total shock. The evil, digimon laughed eviliy once more. "You are correct, I am GoldDevimon, ruler of the underworld and keeper of a supreme crest. I have the ability to change into the thign you fear the most, and defeat you with one small blow. Child of Faith, hand over the emperial amulet." Said GoldDevimon out streching his hand. Skye grabbed at her star locket. "never!" She cried. ‘OH NO! It’s happening again! My dream is coming true!’ I told myself. "Fine then, surge of darkness!" a black surge of power shot out of his hand and directed to me. "TK! NO!" I heard Skye scream, and as if in slow motion, I watched as the attack inched closer, and I felt something push me out of the way…… Then, an evil laugh. Then I felt something warm trickling down on me, it ran down my face, it was red, it was blood. Skye’s blood!


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