**There's Something About Foximon**

Welcome to Foximon's Crushes!

Are you sure it's a good idea to encouage this sort of thing? I don't like it one bit!

It's all in good fun. Besides, you know you're the only Digi for me.

...Well, since you put it that way.

Does your Digi have a crush on Foximon? Tell us about it. Then be sure to post this banner on your page.

Thanks Miki!


Description: Cunomon is a wingless (*mutters*) dragon-type Digimon, one of the trio of legendary Digimon Dragons. While he and his human partner Lexx may seem to argue constantly with one another, it's really just because . . . well, just because she's so annoying! (Lexx: *rolls eyes*)

Cunomon's Opinion of Foximon: *Clears throat and looks around* Well, ah, um, I mean. . . . Well, she's . . . nice! Definately nice! And . . . nice-looking! And . . . uh. . . . (Lexx: And what do you like best about her, Cuno?) Shhhh! I can do this by myself! I like her because, uh, oh! Because she's not afraid to stand up for what she believes in! *nods* And because she's strong, and . . . and nice! Wait, said that already. . . . *sigh* I'd better stop. I'm repeating myself. Oh, I'd better also say, for my female fans, not to worry. It's not THAT type of crush I have for Foximon! (Lexx: What other type is there?) Shush! The point is, we're just friends! *nods to himself* Okay, really done now.


Yazumon: Well, I'm not exactly single *looks around cautiously* And I wouldn't leave Darli...But Foximon is a cuuuuuutey!! Tania: Why...? Yazumon: Because Foximon is a--! Are you deaf? *runs up to Tania's ear and examines it* Tania: OW!!! Yazumon: Foximon is CUTE!! Got it?


My Digimon, Puppymon is one of Foximon's crushes. He looks like a black and white Husky and is very energetic


hi i am bearmon and well we have crest and tag but que didnt have digivice well foximon i think your are the cutest digimon i´ve ever seen i think gaomon was the cutest but now i think different you are great

DIGIMON: Kazudamon
DIGI-DESTINED: Peter... although I, Cowgirl Em, look after him all the time!! (he fight's with Peter's dog Libby)
Kazuda: That fluffly little.....
DIGIMON OPINION: Foximon is so cute!! ^_^ She's also the first digi to ever like me *sniff* She's cute I have a thing for fox-types I guess though she's definatly a fave!! *grrr* Darn Gomamon beat me to it! Oh well Fair's Fair!! *sniff* I guess I'll live with it *winks*

By Cowgirl Em!


Diratimon: Well, I guess Foximon's ok...

Lina: Liar, you think she's cute.

Diratimon: Uh... O_O;;

Lina: You said so on our original bios page.

Diratimon: Dang, I knew that'd come back to haunt me...

Lina: Plus, this way I can get back at you for saying I like Ma-- O_O;; *shuts up*

Diratimon: Feh.

by Coolest Mew


Blitz: Hello! I just wanted to tell ya about somebody who's just DIEING to be on Foximon's crush list!

Mahoumon: Quiet you. I can do this by myself!

Blitz: You've sure had enough practice...

Mahoumon: Yeah, whatever. Foximon? I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful Digimon you are. You're just so funny and charming and BEUTIFUL!

Blitz: Funny, this sounds SO familiar...

Mahoumon: Shut up, you.

Blitz: I KNOW! It's the EXACT same line you used on Silvermon and Pawsmon and-

Mahoumon: I SAID SHUT UP!


description:Feareimon is a large dog type digimon. He is bluish/ purple and is the only one of his kind. His partner is Max. He's the only one left because when the dark masters where still running the show he and his fellow geumon (G-mon) were taken prisoner. pupetmon decide to get rid of him because he was close to digivolving and would then be able to escape. as pupetmon was about to finish him off he fled into the woods and then met Max. When pupetmon showed up he digivolved into feareimon (fee-r-e-mon) and scared pupetmon away with his physic elution attack.

Feareimon's opinion of foximon: I think foximon is quite cute. she is pretty, smart and also very out-going and she is just really cool. unfortunetly, gomamon beat me to her but i guess there's nothing I can do about it. But still I am a physic digimon well in a way so (closes his eyes and thinks really hard, then a large bouquet of roses appears in front of him which he picks up and gives to foximon.) it's not that big of a deal.


Hello I'm Cho and my digimon Flamefoxmon has a crush on Foximon!

Descritpton:Flamefoxmon is a orange fox like wolf digimon. He has a white paw where his front right paw is. Which is odd because the rest of his paws are black. And there are some silver markings near his eyes.

Flamefoxmon's Opinion of Foximon: Well where should I start? Foximon is pretty,sweet,cute,and nice! What more could a male digi like me ask for From a female digimon? The first time I saw her I fell in love with her! She's the only digimon for me! There is no other digimon out there as sweet as she is! I..I..I...

Cho: Oh just spit it out already!

Flamefoxmon:I love you Foximon and I hope you feel the same !

Cho: Oh no Flamefoxmon is flipping out and I don't know why I better go ask him oh and since he's not here to write this I will then!

Additional Comments: Foximon is a perfect for me we would make a perfect couple!

Dragymon and Jakemon:

Max: Yo! I'm Max aka Spyke, Maxman or Maximillon. I have two male Digimon: Dragymon and Jakemon, one element dragon, one water dragon and they both like Foximon. That's why it' so hard to control them!

Dragymon: Shut up! Gomamon, step aside or I'll kick your *insert a word that has to do with your behind here*!

Jakemon: Bro, you couldn't beat a Numemon. Watch this. Water Kick! *blows through a Numemon*

Dragymon: Oh yeah! *powers up* KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!!!! *blows up 7 Numemon*

Jakemon: Crap.

Max: The two knuckleheads with my pals Greg, Chris, Jesse, Matt (yep! Yomato! *grins at Jenn, who seems she's gonna explode*) and Joey of Dreamstreet have written and sung a song for Foxi. Here we go!

'Happens Everytime'
Lyrics and Words by: Dreamstreet
Sung by: Dreamstreet, Dragymon and Jakemon

Everyone: Can you hear the music playing? Can the hear the rhythem swaying? We are a dream come true, we can promise you that. You are the lost and lonely, you are my one and only. Foximon, will you be mine?

Everyone: Happens everytime when I see you! Happens everytime when I think of you. Happens everytime when we meet! Foxi, count on Dreamstreet.

Dragy: You are my soul, you are my heart. I wish I could give you the world! This may not ryhme, but I don't care! Foximon, I love you girl!

Chris and Matt: Happens everytime when I see you! Happens everytime when I think of you! Happens everytime when I think of you! Foxi, count of Dreamstreet!

Jake: I'll never let you go! I hold onto you, even when I die! You're my heart, my soul, your the blood in my veins! I love you Foxi! Please be mine!

Everyone: Count on me when you're down, count on me when you need a helpin' hand! Count on Dragy! Count on Jake! Count on us! Count on your buddies! Happens everytime when I see you!

Matt: Count on Dreamstreet!

Max: They're done!

Dragy: What! I still have one more thing to say!

Jake: Yeah!

Max: Guys, I'm sending this!

Evemon: You're the one who likes Kari!

Max: O-O;; Sending now!

"My Heart Is For You"
Lyrics Written by: Naromon
Sung by N'sync

Every time, I see you, I feel something inside me
saying: "Wait, you're not strong enough yet to ask her" But I
just can't wait, just once, my ONLY wish is for you to
go on at least a quick date, even chat on the phone!
But Foximon, there's only one way to tell you and that
is: My heart is for you! I'm not changin' my mind,
nope, ever. I love you too much to let go… I hesitate to say,
but someday, I'll have to tell you, I love you. Do you
like me? That's my question. I'll always be there for
you, if you're hurt, lost, or anything. But there's only
one way to say my heart is for you! If you're all alone,
and the world had turned its back on you, and the
monsters in your head are threating your heart, just
call me, I'll stop them. (Starts Talking) Foximon, my
question is, do you like me in a way? I know your
heart, it's hurt, and I'll be the first to fix it! No matter
what the challenge, I'll help you. I want to be with you,
every single moment. That's why, my heart is for you!
(Stops talking) my heart is for you, yeah, my heart, my
heart, my heart is for you!