Art by: Cowgirl Em

Jennifer "Jinni" Takenouchi and Foximon:

Age: 11 (season 1) 14 (Season 2)
Crest: Loyalty

Jennifer is the newest edition to the Digi Destined, but definitely not lacking in any aspect of being part of the team. Though at the start Jennifer was an exchange student going to summer camp, after meeting her Digi-pal Junumon in The Digital World, she decided to stick around. Soon enough, Junumon digivolved to the beautiful Foximon. Jennifer is a cheerful girl who tries her best and believes in what she fights for, making her a good opponent. She doesn’t really feel she has any responsibilities being Art by: Cowgirl Em in the group except for the usual, so spends her time with her newfound boyfriend, Matt. Jennifer has The Crest of Loyalty which causes a lot of commotion but in the end, works out perfectly for her.

Art by: Legend

After the defeat of Apocalymon, The Digi-Destined returned back to their homes. Except for Jennifer, she explains to them that she can’t go back home to the U.S.A because there’s no point for her to go. She has no home. She begins her story by telling them that she used to live with her abusive father, who moved away from Japan and had taken little Jennifer with him, leaving his wife in Japan. She continues to explain that her father, later on, died of Cardiac Arrest, leaving poor Jennifer on her own. Instead of going to an orphanage, Jennifer started a search for her birth mother, not knowing at the time that she’s once lived in Japan. After a few years of research, Jennifer learned what her father had done, and decided to return to Japan. To do this she enrolled herself in an exchange program and went to The Summer Camp, which led to her journey in the Digital World. Sparked with an idea, Jennifer’s best friend Sora Takenouchi suggests Jennifer come and stay with her while Jennifer looks for her Mother. Soon enough the group discovered an incredible secret. Sora and Jennifer are twin sisters! Their mother explains that their father had left one night in a drunken rage, taking one of the twins with him. There was no way Mrs. Takenouchi could track down her husband, and so gave up hope of ever finding her other baby girl. As the story continues, interesting things start to develop, and the only way to say it is:

Things will never be the same in The Takenouchi house again.

It’s been three years since her adventures in the Digiworld. Jennifer has cut her hair so she and her sister Sora, would look more like twins, although later she complains that she misses her long hair

Although her appearance has obviously changed, She is still the same loyal, fun-loving, and emotional person she always was. Art by: Cowgirl Em

Jenn attends Odaiba High School, where she maintains a B average in most of her classes. She has also become quite the dancer, a talent that she had kept well hidden from the public eye until now. Matt was inspired to let Jenn perform a dance number on stage during one of his songs. It sparked the interest of choreographer, Shawn Miller who offered her an audition for a music video, being filmed in LA.

Jennifer spends the remainder of the season back in America.

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