Futurama  Diseases

If you are an excessive fan of Futurama, you may be infected by one or more of the following diseases. Be sure to check your local pharmacy to get a prescription if you have any of these. Not to worry, it's quite common and nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, feel free to post one of these stamps on your page to proudly show that you have been infected...

 You feel a sudden urge just to think of Philip J. Fry.
Well, why not? Fry is extremely sweet. A bit goofy and immature, but he has a heart big enough to cancel out all his flaws.

Leela  Lymphoma
You get blanked-out thinking about Turanga Leela
Regaurdless of having only one eye, many fellas might consider Leela to be the perfect sex symbol. She's beautiful, careing, resorceful and did I mention she's a space ship captain? :D

Bender  Fever
Your head feels hot at the thought Bender Rodriguez .
No shame being a human who prefers the company of robots. Especilly if you're easily turned on by alcohalic, chain smoking, obnoxious robots. Everybody sing along now... Oooooh Bender is great! Bender is great! Bender Bender Bender...

You feel light-headed at the thought of Amy Wong.
Why not? She has so many great qualities! She's asian, she's rich, she's pretty, she's rich, she's smart... did I already mention she's rich?

Farnsworth  Flu
You beak out into a cold sweat at the thought of Profeser Hubert Farnsworth.
Hey, some like 'em old and wrinkly, whatever floats your boat. ,  Being the oldest man on the planet is quite an achivment, especilly in Hubert's case. Sadly, between the sinility and his useless, defective invnetions, he doesn't seem to have much else to brag about.

Zoiderg Effect
The very mention of the name, John A. Zoidberg makes you break out into a fit of giggles.
I don't think anyone needs a hug more then Dr. Z. Just because he lives in a dumpster, doesn't mean he doesn't have allot to offer. He makes up for his many short comings by being incredably loyal and seems to appretiate his friends more than they appretiate him.

You lowdly 'Daaaw' at any image of Nibbler
well, it's pretty hard not to. Just look at that face! ^_^ 

You feel light headed at the thought of Hermes Conrad
Well, even heartless, buricrats have thier good points and Hermes is no exception. ^_^ 

Scruffy Syndrome
You think constantly about Scruffy the Janiter
Weather your name is wash bucket, or you just have a thing for someone who knows his way around a plundger, you might find Scruffy to be rather eligible. Especilly if you like that quiet and mysterious type, Mmm hmm.  

Kif Virus
You think Kif Krokeris spreading out a 'cute' virus.
Squishy, well mannered, and in uniform? What's not to love? 

Do you forget everything around you when you start to think of Zapp Branagain ?
Okay, so just pretend for a momnent that he isn't the biggest douche this side of the universe and focus on that knee shaking smile. ^_^ 

Disclaimer: FUTURAMA and all related logos, characters, situations and likenesses are the property of 20th Century Fox, Comedy Central and the man himself, Matt Groening. I'm just a fan who really likes Fry, and I'm not profiting financially from the use of the name 'Futurama'.

This page is in no way trying to mock or make fun of the sick.