All About Andrea

Name: Andrea Andrews
Family: Leela
Friends: Fry, Bender
Occupation: Part time Delivery Girl for Planet Express, Full Time Peace Officer
Classification: Human
Disposition: sarcastic, Sensitive, Short Tempered
First words: "I still don’t think you should’ve switched Mr. McHenry’s lemon juice with whatever was in that big chemically sealed container."

Andrea is Fry's high school girlfriend in 1991, who tragically drowns after falling through some thin ice, but is brought back in the year 3000 thanks to the Professor’s “Matter Kronostroporter”. She seems to have no problem adjusting to her new life in the 31st century and even lands herself a nice job as a peace officer, as well as a little side work at Planet Express, where she can stay close to Fry and her new friends.


Philip J. Fry: Though they were inseparable in the 20th century, things couldn’t be more different in the 31st century. Their relationship suffers a major downfall once Fry learns Andrea’s harboring feelings for Bender. This soon explodes into an all-out love triangle between the three friends. Fry and Andrea continue to have a solid friendship, even if Fry would rather have things be back to the way they were.

Bender Rodriguez: Bender and Andrea develop what could best be described as a very on again, off again, hostile romance. One minute they hate each other and the next they’re madly in love.

Turanga Leela: Through a DNA test administered by the Professor, we learn that Leela is Andrea’s Great, great, great, (etc.) Aunt. As such, she takes it upon herself to guide her niece with stable, moral support and advice, weather Andrea wants to accept it or not.

Amy Wong: Like Leela, Amy plays the role of a good girlfriend and offers her moral support (to a maybe lesser extent)

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