"Interview With The Cast"


by: Tammy Corizis

After a nice long chat with the cast of Futurama and new comer, Andrea Andrews, I was able to interview them all! This is what happened.

Fry: God damn it, I can't work under all this pressure! Can somebody get me a beer?

Andrea: Oh Phillip, drinking will only make you fatter!

Bender: Will you two shut up? We're trying to be interviewed here!

Question: What was the hardest scene to do in When Andrea Met Fry:?

Fry: Like, everyone! Andrea is such a wuss!

Andrea: Oh please, I am not!

Question:Fry:, does Andrea's popularity over the web bother you?

Fry: Sometimes because we're all supposed to know who the REAL star is. (Smiles) Me!

Leela: Please, you couldn't act your way out of a paper bag.

Andrea: Okay, I'm ready for any question you can dish out.

Question: Okay... Andrea, how did you get the staring role as 'Andrea'?

Andrea: By being born Andrea. Ahahahaha!

Question: Your love affairs with Bender are gonna get you into trouble one of these days... Are you gonna settle down with Fry: or not?

Andrea: Phillip all the way! But okay, enough about MY love affairs and so forth. This is what happened -- Behind the Scenes

Director: And --- ACTION!

Fry: I still don'' get what they wanted with war-surplus caulking guns!

Leela: I don't really care either way, I'm just glad to get out of there. That hairy GIRL -- I mean GUY -- kept hitting on me. (PAUSES) At least I think it was a guy.

Bender: Ah ha! Leela's a lesbian!

Leela: (Angrily) I am not!

Director: Scene two!

Fry: (Waking up) Andrea!

Fry: My lesbian lover. (Laughs) Oh God, can we say that on TV?

Andrea: Phillip, I am not a damn lesbian! And of course we can say that on TV, this is Fox for crying out loud!


Director: Take 46, Planet Express. Action!

Farnsworth: Although it's highly irregular, we can skip the briefing table altogether. But I must insist we take a look at my Matter Pornographicstroporter! I mean --

Bender: You're into PORNO?

And this concludes my interview with the cast.

Well, that's all for now.