Utatou Bokura no Merry Christmas; Let's Sing Our Merry Christmas

We were always together no matter what

It all started with believing in each other

We were able to become stronger because the Digimon were with us

Just for today we'll take a break from battles

Let's decorate the town on this holy night

Look, the stars are shining, let's begin

Come on, let's begin

Let's sing, our Merry Christmas

Let's paint the light of dreams

With the Digimon and everyone all together

Let's soar away, Merry Christmas

On our song

This joy will continue forever, wherever...

If one wish is granted tonight

It would be cool

If Santa Claus, bringing smiles

Gave me a Digimon as a present

Reach out, our Merry Christmas

Everyone hold hands

Ring the bells to be heard all over the world

Let's sing, our Merry Christmas

With our strong feelings

We'll keep singing forever, wherever

Only tonight is Merry Christmas

Many lights are

Enfolding us, making us one

With love, Merry Christmas

We'll continue to sing

A never ending song, from our hearts, from our hearts