Digimon FDD

Born to Die

Preformed By

Shepherds gaze in wonder

While angels' voices sing

This night of nights is come

And brought the world the long awaited King

The earth is filled with gladness

And yet the heavens weep

For heaven's eyes can see

He was born to die for me

Jesus, sweet Baby Jesus

Is that a tear in your eye?

Jesus, sweet Baby Jesus

You must know you were born to die

It must have broken God's heart

For the future He can see

Yet He formed the hands and feet

Knowning one day they'll be nailed to a tree

So all the world could know Him

A gift came from above

For God so loved the world

That He gave his only Son

Jesus, Baby Jesus

With a tear of love in your eye

Jesus, Baby Jesus

You know you were born to die

So, Jesus, thank you Jesus

For your gift of eternal life

My Jesus, Jesus

For me, you were born to die