Episode 7:

“Djarumon Doesn’t Stand A Ghost Of A Chance”


Jennifer Morton


Shelli-Jo Pelletier

* * *

~~~ Erica’s P.O.V. ~~~

Yo, Erica here. What’s up? We’re having tons of fun in the Digiworld now that Jenn made us realize that our fanfic adventures we dreamt up are intertwined into the show’s Digiworld. Crazy, huh? Anyways, while we were walking Lina and Diratimon get caught by some weird branches and then the floor underneath them disappeared. Whoa! The next thing we know Lina and Diratimon are being held captive by Numemon! But thankfully Diratimon digi-volved and saved Lina, and I guess saved the day! Wow! This is getting

* * *

Now knowing the whereabouts of the Digi Palace, it was obvious where the FDD’s would go next. “Looks like we’re headed back to the beach!” Jenn smiled.

“Jenn, you can’t be serious.” Lexxy shook her head.

“Yeah, you heard what the Numemon said. The Palace is all the way down at the bottom of the ocean,” added Foximon.

“What do you plan on doing, diving down there and raising it back up to the surface?” Skye laughed. “How about raising the Titanic while we’re at it!”

“Only the Titanic didn’t sink anywhere near the Digiworld,” Emily smirked.

“Good point,” Lexxy agreed. “I keep forgetting that things aren’t always what they seem around here.”

“Pfft! Well, it’s not like we have any other options here!” said Taina. She was leaning coolly against a tree trunk, arms folded. The hood of her yellow baseball cap was pulled over her eyes, making her look both mysterious and rebellious at the same time.

“Exactly! I say we go to the beach, and then plan our next move from there,” Jenn suggested.

It was silent for a few seconds.

Yazumon was lying comfortably by Tania’s feet. Most of the Digimon were pretty warn out, especially after their previous adventure, and it seemed like forever since they actually had a chance to rest. With this in mind, the FDD’s decided to take a breather and use this time to discuss any further ideas or suggestions on what their next move would be.

“Please, can’t we just call it a day?” Huntermon panted, falling flat on her belly.

“I’m so sore, even my spikes hurt,” Cunomon added.

“It’s getting kind of late,” Kristina thoughtfully pointed out. “Besides, our Digimon could use a good night’s sleep. Just look at them!” She gestured to the ten Digimon, all collapsing from sheer exhaustion.

“You’re right,” sighed Jenn after a moment. “I’m sorry everyone. I’m just so worried about keeping us all on track and saving this place, I forget we’re all only human-er, figuratively speaking, that is.” The redhead grinned at the Digimon, who were all lying down on the ground to rest their tired paws, etc.

Seeing the Digimon, the kids started sitting down too. The digital monsters weren’t the only ones who were tired!

“It’s okay, Jenn,” yawned Erica, waving her hand dismissively. “We’ll all be here to remind you when you start going overboard.” She rubbed her blue eyes.

“Okay, here’s what I think,” Kristina said. “We should rest here a little bit, give the Digimon a chance to catch their breath. While we wait we should find shelter for the night and then head there.”

“Yeah, but we can’t stay here too long,” Lexxy warned, glancing at the sky. “Our light’s fading fast, and it’s not good to be walking around in the dark with pooped Digimon.”

There was a little more silence, as each of the Digi-Destined looked to their tired Digimon (most were curled up in their partners’ laps). Jenn scratched Foximon’s ears as she struggled to think clearly. “Okay, I agree with Lexxy and Kristina. We should find better shelter than just this.” She looked around the clearing they had stopped in. “But how can we find someplace to stay?”

“We’re not that tired!” Alex announced, thumping Nerimon on the shoulder. “We can go look for someplace to stay for the night, then come back when we find something.

“I’ll go too,” Emily offered, giving the snoozing Huntermon beside her a gentle pat as she stood up and brushed off her shorts.

“Me three!” said Skye. Magimon picked her head up lazily but put it back down with a yawn.

Jenn frowned. “Okay, but be careful. And come back soon. And have Nerimon send up a smoke single or something if you get in trouble!”

“Yes, Mom!” laughed Skye as the four of them walked off into the oncoming dusk.

* * *

“These woods give me the creeps.” Alex shivered.

“What, a big tough guy like you? No way!” Emily teased.

Alex blushed in embarrassment.

“Hey guys, look over there!” Nerimon cried, pointing towards what looked to be a structure of some sort. By this time it was completely dark, so it was hard to make out any details.

“Is that what I think it is?” Emily gasped.

“Only one way to find out!” Skye insisted. “Let’s go get the others!”

* * *

The group returned, announcing their find. “A building!” Nerimon shouted happily. “It looks really big, and I’m sure it will fit all of us.”

“Finally, something a little more civilized,” replied Kristina. The group picked up their tired Digimon and headed out.


“Oohhh cozy!” Tania commented sarcastically. The building they had found turned out to be an old abandoned church, which looked like something out of a cheep black and white horror film. It had everything, from vines covering the walls and fences to the creepy graveyard out front. The inside however, wasn’t quite as bad. At least the stain-glass windows were still intact.

They found themselves entering the chapel. “Hey, we can sleep on these seats!” said Cheekomon.

Everyone nodded in agreement. “Sweet!” Jenn smiled. She was thinking, Okay, other then the damp, creeky floors and that creepy feeling you would normally get when your spending the night in an abandoned building . . . this could work. I mean, what bad could possibly happen to us in a church, right?

* * *

The FDD’s were finally getting the good night’s rest they had been longing for all day. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t last long.

Two ghost-like Digimon called Bakemon entered the chapel, both chuckling deviously. “Awwww, how sweet?” one snickered as he and his buddy hoverrd side by side over the sleeping Digi-Destned and their Digimon partners.

“You heard Queen Sonomi’s orders!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, but can we mess with them a little first . . . pleeeease?”

“Well, I really think that. . . .”

“You know what your problem is? You think too much. Do us both a favor, don’t do that. In fact, for the next fifteen minutes don’t think at all!”

“But. . . .”

“Ten minutes!”

“Well. . . .”

“Five minutes!”


“WOOO HOO! Let the haunting begin!”

The two sneaky Bakemon closed in the helpless kids and Digimon, snickering under their breath. Props appeared in thin air to aid in their tricks. In the hands of the first Digimon there was suddenly a can of shaving cream. He spent several minutes filling the palms of some of the kids and getting it in the fur of the mammal Digimon. Meanwhile the other Bakemon tied together the shoelaces of the Digi-Destined. He took the gloves from Huntermon’s and Magimon’s paws and switched them. By then the other Bakemon had taken a large pair of shears and was giving Foximon an “interesting” haircut.

The two Bakemon were having so much fun, they forgot all about anything else they were supposed to do. After awhile another Bakemon floated in, scratching his head in a puzzling gesture. “Uh, guys? Aren’t you supposed to be chasing them out-WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” he screamed in rage.

The two Bakemon froze. “Uh oh,” they muttered. Not only had they been caught goofing off, but the other Bakemon’s exclamation had woken up the Digi-Destined and their Digimon!

“Ahhhh!” Emily yelped, staring in disgust at the shaving cream in her hands.

“What the heck is going on?” Magimon stared at her gloves in confusion.

“Yikes!” As Alex tried to stand up he slipped on a strategically placed banana peel.

“My fur!” Foximon cried in shock.

Lexxy tried to stand up and promptly fell over, courtesy of her shoelaces. “Okay, what happened?”

“I’d guess that they did!” Jenn pointed at the three Bakemon, who were all rolling around the air and laughing at the tricks that had been done.

Huntermon growled at them as she and Magimon got their right gloves on. “Stupid Bakemon. Take this! Lightning Punch!” She swung a fist at the ghosts, but nothing happened. “Uh oh,” groaned the fox. “I don’t have enough strength to attack!”

“Rolling Spines!” Cunomon tried, but collapsed as soon as he jumped to his feet. One by one the others tried to attack, but without a meal and full night’s rest they didn’t have the power.

Yazumon was the only one left. He had fallen asleep before the others did, and had gotten the most sleep. This must have been what gave him his power because he called out strongly, “Plasma Blaster!” A small ball fired at the Bakemon, but they easily dodged it.

“Now we must do as the Queen commands!” commanded the Bakemon who had come in on the two tricksters. “Outside!” The three Bakemon swooped down to terrorize the humans and their partners. Bewildered from lack of sleep and the tricks, the Digi-Destined and their Digimon were herded outside. What they found was not comforting in the least.

In the graveyard in front of the church were many, many Bakemon.

“Uh oh,” whispered Jaymon. “This doesn’t look good.”

Laughing evilly, the Bakemon began drifting together, getting close and more packed. All at once they combined and became one huge Bakemon!

“I think we all saw this coming,” groaned Tania. Then she shrieked and dived to the side as the giant Bakemon stretched out a clawed arm to them.

“Look out, Tania!” Yazumon yelled, jumping in front of her. “Plasma Blaster!” His attack knocked the hand away.

“Yazumon, you’re the only one who can attack! You have to digi-volve to defeat him!” his partner yelled.

Yazumon looked doubtful. “Uh, I don’t know, Tania. I’m still pretty tired. . . .”

“No choice!” she cried. The Bakemon was now going after the others, and since they had no other option they were running through the graveyard, trying to hide behind the larger gravestones. Tania heard her friends’ screams of fright and knew she had to do something. “Come on, Yazumon!” she encouraged, holding her digi-vice. “I know you can do! You’re my partner. I believe you can!”

“O-okay,” Yazumon gulped. But as he looked into his best friend’s face he saw such faith and love he was filled with a warm glow, banishing his exhaustion. The glow became a thrum of power flowing through him, and he was lit up with a bright light!

“Yazumon digi-volve to . . . Djarumon!”

The big Bakemon turned from his chasing as the two-legged Champion appeared. The others crouching in the graveyard cheered. “That’s Djarumon!” Cunomon said to Lexxy, who was about to tell him she already knew that, but he continued on. “He’s a powerful Champion who attacks with Thunder Claw.” After a moment he added, “I’m stronger thought.”

“Shut up, Cuno,” Lexxy hissed, trying to watch the battle.

The large Bakemon seemed about to attack Djarumon, but then thought better of it. Instead of attacking the Champion he went for the humans and Rookies again, his long claws ready to slash. Cheekomon and Erica were closest and they ducked just in time, feeling the wind of the slash sweep over their bodies.

“Hey, pick on someone your own size, coward!” roared Djarumon, leaping at the Bakemon and shoving him away from the graveyard. He slashed with his own claws and the Bakemon shrunk backwards. Even with his big claws and long fangs, the Bakemon looked afraid.

by Tania

“Thunder Claw!” Djarumon snarled. His claws took on a yellow glow as he slashed, and they ripped the air with lightning. The Bakemon tried to evade but the air seemed to be filled with yellow electricity. His pixels broke down and floated out into the night air.

Immediately Djarumon slumped, then devolved back to Yazumon. Tania caught him up and hugged him tightly as he began to snore.

“Well, I’ll admit that was pretty cool,” Cunomon told Lexxy. “Kinda,” he added. She kicked him and told him to be quiet as the others ran up to congratulate Tania and the sleeping Yazumon.

~~~Tania P.O.V.~~~

Well, so much for a good night’s rest. I honestly never realized how truly lucky I am to have a pal like Yazumon until tonight. It’s a good thing Djarumon showed up, otherwise we wouldn’t have stood a ghost of a chance . . . hee hee. Anyway, after seeing tonight’s little display I have full confidence that whatever happens next, we will get through it. And we will get through it together! Why? Because: “Weeeee are the champions my frieeeend! And we’ll keep on fighting, ‘til the end! We are the champions! Oh we are the champions! No time for losing ‘cause we are the champions . . . of the WORLD!”