Episode 5:

�Musyamon Meets His Match�


Jennifer Morton


Shelli-Jo Pelletier

* * *

~~~ Dani�s P.O.V. ~~~

Well lookie here! It's my turn for my two cents isn't it? Weeeell....all of us brave digidestined were tired, and it was getting dark. So we find this cave you know? Of course we go in there and get comfy! We were all sharing "shifts" for the night watch. After Jenn was done with her time, Lexxy was up and ready to go......or maybe not but still! She had trouble staying awake so she and Cunomon, went to a nearby stream. While having a conversation, Monochromon attacks! Cunomon digivolved into Sartomon and kicked that digimon's metal butt! And just to think, I was asleep when all this happens!

* * *

�Ha ha! Shogun Sword!� A fearsome figure leaped high in the air and came down fast, sunlight gleaming from his sword. In one move he cleaved his opponent in half.

The Ninjamon screamed in pain as it was deleted. Unharmed, its opponent landed on the ground and sheathed his sword at his belt.

�Again the mighty Musyamon is triumphant!� laughed the winner of the battle. Musyamon surveyed the landscape, looking for other foes. He was standing in the street of a town looking much like ancient Japan. Pagodas with decorative roofs lined either side of the dirt street. It was deserted.

�Does no one dare face the greater fighter in the digital world?� demanded Musyamon loudly, scanning the seeming ghost town. Nothing moved but a stray paper flying in the wind. No sound but that light wind whistling in the alleys between the buildings.

�Very well,� growled the evil Digimon. �If no one will step forward to fight, I must seek out opponents to vanquish! Soon all will fear the sound of my name.�

�If it is a reputation you are looking to build, you might do well to listen to me!� a new voice announced. Musyasmon whirled to see a small figure hidden in black shadows. A brown and purple fox Digimon crouched by its side.

�What do you mean?� the fighter growled, wondering if he should challenge this newcomer to fight.

�I mean that the fabled Digi-Destined have arrived in the Digiworld. Don�t you think defeating them would make all fear and respect you?�

An evil smile lit Musyamon�s face.

* * *

�Can we stop, please?� Dani complained. �I�m tired, I�m hungry, and did I mention that I�m a DIABETIC!�

�Gee, maybe you should have thought about that before you got sucked into the Digiworld,� Jenn teased.

�Well gee,� Dani mimicked. �It�s not every day I sit down at my computer and BAM I�m in the Digiworld!�

�Dani, I�ve been meaning to ask . . . what�s it mean to be . . . er dia-whatever it is,� asked Pandamon, scratching behind his ear with one gloved paw.

�It means if Dani doesn�t get some food in her, she can get really sick or worse,� explained Kristina.

�Oh.� Pandamon frowned. �We should find food then!�

�Anybody know where we can find the nearest Sushi bar?� asked Jenn.

�Hey, that gives an idea!� Foximon announced.

Jenn knew where this was headed. �Um, Foximon. . . .�


Jenn stopped herself, before she went any further with the conversation. This reminded her of a fanfic she wrote, where Foximon tried to catch a fish and fell into the lake. It was pretty funny to think about, but she wasn�t sure if she wanted to take that chance. Then again, it was that or one very sick Dani on their hands. She finally gulped and nodded her head.

�Lead the way!� she grinned.

The fox Digimon smiled and trotted ahead.

* * *

�Has anyone ever noticed there�s a lot of water in this fic?� commented Lexxy. She then cast a quick glare at Cuno. �And if you remind us one more time about how you hate water. . . .�

�I wasn�t gonna say anything!� yipped Cunomon. As soon as Lexxy turned her back, Cunomon tuck his tongue out and shuddered. �Yuck!�

Foximon hopped up on a floating log. �I�m an expert when it comes to catching fish!� she grinned.

�This, I gotta see,� Jenn thought.

�Jenn, you�d better get your Digimon before she-� Skye thoughtfully began to pointed out.

�Let her make a fool of herself. Who knows? Maybe she might actually catch one this time!� Jenn laughed.

They watched as Foximon leaned forward.

�Five . . . four . . . three . . . two. . . .�


Sure enough, Foximon had leaned in to far and lost her balance, causing her to fall forward. She trudged out of the lake, sopping wet.

Jenn couldn�t stop herself from cracking up. �An expert, huh?�

�You try it then, smarty!� Foximon growled.

By Tania

�Oh, I�ll do it!� Pandamon rolled his eyes. He ran onto the same floating log and leaned forward, quietly and patiently waiting for his prey. Just then, Pandamon noticed the calm waters beneath him were beginning to ripple and wave rapidly. He grabbled onto the log, so as not to fall in.

�Wha-what�s going on?� he stuttered.

�That�s what!� Dani pointed over to a large Digimon, who was hurling towards them.

�Oh no, not him.� Huntermon cringed.

�Who?� replied Emily.

�Musyasmon!� Magimon frightfully informed them.

�Dani!!� Pandamon cried, who was beginning to lose his grip on the log.

�Hang on, Pandamon. I�m comin�!� Dani made a dash for the lake. However, her poor health was starting to get the better of her. She stopped and tried to catch her breath. �I can make it!� she coughed. �I�m coming!� She took one step forward and collapsed.

Meanwhile, Musyasmon had just arrived and was ready for what he had hoped would be a promising battle. He immediately noticed the fallen Dani. �I think I�ll start with this one.� He chuckled evilly, pulling out his sword.


Dani was obviously too weak to respond. She just laid there, her eyes half open.

Musyasmon stood over her, raising his sword. �Farewell, Digi-Destened!�

�DANI!� Pandamon cried. A brilliant white light enveloped him. �Pandamon digi-volve to . . . Kombatmon!�

A large, almost gajinka panda Digimon in the shape of a muscular man stood now on the bank of the river. Like Pandamon, he wore a red headband around his black hair and brown pants but no shirt. A thick sword was clutched in one hand.

�All right, we�ve got Kombatmon on our side!� cheered Jaymon, flapping her wings with excitement. �He�s Pandamon�s Champion, and he�ll stop Musyamon with his Matrix Blade attack, no sweat!�

�Get away from her!� growled the fighter Digimon, lunging at Musyamon with his sword held at the ready. He hit the other combatant with his shoulder, knocking them both away from the prone Dani.

Lina and Erica ran to the fallen blonde�s side and picked her up carefully, one holding her legs and the other her shoulders. They carried her to where the other Digi-Destined and Rookies had gathered. Tania took off her gray jacket and made a pillow to put under Dani�s head. The girl moaned weakly. �Pandamon?�

�He�s kicking tail for ya, gal,� Emily smiled, giving her a gentle pat on the shoulder. Dani smiled faintly and closed her eyes.

Meanwhile, not too far away the battle raged. Kombatmon and Musyamon clashed swords again and again, sending the ringing clangs through the clearing they were in.

�Ha!� jeered Musyamon, striking in a whirling flash. His sword slashed down from the sky and only a quick sidestep by Kombatmon saved him from being skewered. He lifted his own sword and met it against his enemy�s.

�You won�t win this battle!� Kombatmon swore, leaning his weight against his sword as the two struggled for leverage.

�None have ever beaten me!� returned Musyamon, leaning back just as hard. �And I shall prove myself the best battler in all the Digiworld when I have exterminated every single Digi-Destined! Starting with yours!�

�NEVER!� Kombatmon suddenly shifted his weight. Taken completely by surprise, Musyamon pitched forward. Before he could recover Kombatmon cried out, �Matrix Blade!� and slashed. With a horrible scream Musyamon was cleaved in two and deleted.

In a flash Pandamon stood where the great fighter Kombatmon once had. �Dani!� he cried, running over as fast as his little paws could take him.

Just as he reached his Digi-Destined, more figures came out of the woods nearby. They were Cheemon and Nerimon. The little cheetah carried big bunches of pink grapes in her paws, and the red dinosaur held a big, cupped leaf filled with water. The others, so intent on Dani and the battle, hadn�t even noticed that they left.

�Here, prop her up,� suggested Alex, and Skye helped Dani sit up. Weakly the girl accepted the food and water.

She smiled sincerely. �Thank you, guys. It�s nice to know I can count on my friends.�

�Always,� Pandamon swore. �And I promise never to let you get that hungry again!�

~~~Dani�s P.O.V.~~~

Wow, that was pretty close. Musyumon thought he was hot stuff, Yeah, whatever! Oh my God, I'm sounding more and more like Matt by the minute. Oh well, another one bites the dust! I just hope we don't have another episode like today. I'm so afraid my diabetes will get in the way of my duties as a Digidestend. I don't know what I would ever do without my friends, especially my little Pandamon. As long as I keep my head held high and my thoughts positive, I can control my weakness, or at least not pass out in the middle of a battle. Um, yeah that'll work.