Episode 34:

“The Midnight Rush”



* * *

~~~ Emily's P.O.V. ~~~

Well, we finally made it to Secondary village. There, we met with a female Cunomon who was caretaker of the village and all the baby Digimon. Which by the way, were all FDD baby Digimon, much to our surprise! Anyway, over dinner the female Cuno told us of a perfect spot to build our base. She insisted that we stay and rest in Secondary Village for the night. To thank her for her hospitality, we offered to help with the babies. While picking Digimon eggs, Jenn noticed a Bobumon egg that had never been hatched. Poor Foximon. It must be hard to be the last of your kind. Just then that bottomless pit, Duodramon, came at us again and tried to make us into his main course. With a side order of scrambled digieggs! We did all we could to get every egg and baby Digimon out of there safely, but the poor Cunomon caretaker was wounded in the battle and wasn't quite so lucky. She was deleted. It was horrible! Then Jaymon digivolved to her Ultimate, Saromon, and we finally defeated Duodramon. Jaymon also accepted the responsibility of being the new caretaker of Secondary Village, in honor of our fallen Cunomon friend.

* * *

The moon hung high overhead, its blue corn light shining down, providing what little illumination it had to offer. The group of DigiDestined were fighting against exhaustion, fighting to keep their brains functioning. They had been hard at work constructing a base to offer them protection all day and through the night, and now it was approaching midnight. They had agreed earlier to get it done tonight so that they didn't have to worry about it any longer. Gathering stones, and using mud for form glue, they had managed to secure an igloo-shaped building that lay snugly between two rock formations. While it was no cave, it was well hidden, especially with the trees that grew out in front, and it was close by to the Secondary Village.

"It's almost done," Kristina said, sitting back and wiping sweat from her face. "But we still need to stock up on food and supplies. Where are we going to find any?"

Lexxy caught part of what Kristina said. "Why don't you try Secondary Village? It's close by."

"Good idea. Come on, Jaymon!" Kristina gestured to the yellow and pink bird Digimon who was both her partner and her best friend. "Let's pay a visit to Secondary Village. They might have some things that could help us."

Stretching herself out after all the hard work, Emily stepped forward. "Wait for me, Kristina." Huntermon walked up by the girl's side. "We're coming with."

Huntermon smiled confidently, her tails swaying back and forth. "Yes, you guys might need back up." She shifted her eyes left to right. "You never know what type of Digimon are lurking around."

* * *

After a while, the group of four had arrived at Secondary Village. They found a home and stepped inside. There wasn't much in it, but it was cozy and felt like a small cottage. I wonder who this belonged to, Emily thought as she scratched Huntermon behind the ears casually. The fox-like Digimon closed her eyes and smiled happily.

"It probably belonged to that female Cunomon," Kristina suggested. She turned over to find where Jaymon was. "Jaymon, what do you. . . ." Her voice trailed off. "Jaymon, what are you doing?"

The bird Digimon was sitting in a chair, her feet propped up as she was leaning back, wings behind her head, looking very content. She didn't bother opening her eyes as she responded, "Oh, just being very happy."

Kristina rolled her eyes. "You do know why we came here right?" Jaymon made no response. "We came here to get food and supplies."

Jaymon shook her head. "Oh yeah, right." She jumped out of the chair to go help the group. "Sorry about that."

* * *

"Hey everyone! We're back!" Emily announced as she and the other three carried back some supplies for the group. In their hands were food, tools, and some paint cans.

"Hey, that's great!" Alex said as he stopped what he was doing and went to greet the returning children. "But what's up with the paint?" He scratched his head as he pointed at the paint that Kristina and Jaymon were holding.

Emily giggled. "Well we figured that we should give this place a . . .you know . . . more personal touch."

Kristina said, "Yeah, or do you like this place to be dull and all . . . gray?"

"Uhhhhh. . . ." Alex started, but couldn't find the words to say.

"Of course he doesn't!" Nerimon said, laughing as he lunged on top of Alex and knocked him to the ground.

"Nerimon!" Alex pushed Nerimon off of him. "Why'd you do that?"


Some of the Digidestined continued to work on the exterior of the shelter, a couple of them went to the paints and started decorating the inside. Lexxy, Kristina, and Emily decided to put their artistic skills to use and paint some murals. The Digimon looked at each other and thought that it might be fun too.

"I want the blue!" Cunomon said, smiling happily as he pulled the bucket of blue paint towards him.

"No fair!" Diratimon whined. "Why do you get the blue?"

Cunomon pointed at himself proudly. "Because I'm blue."

"So am I!" Diratimon shouted.

"Don't forget me!" Yazumon joined in.

Kristina noticed the three dragon Digimon arguing. "Hey hey! Why don't you try taking turns with the blue paint?" she suggested, smiling nervously.

The three Digimon looked at each other, and let out a sigh in unison. "Oh all right," Diratimon muttered. "But I get second dibs!" He pointed at Yazumon as if to make sure he understood.

"What!?" Yazumon growled and was about to say something when Emily shoved a bucket of red paint against him. "Huh?"

"Some red paint. Have fun."

She then gave Diratimon green paint. "Green paint?" He glared softly, but shrugged it off.

The Digimon each went to their own part of the wall and started painting pictures. They were very sloppy and messy, but the Digimon loved their work just the same. Cunomon smiled happily, humming as he painted a portrait of himself on the wall.

Huntermon put down the yellow paint she was using, and walked over to see Cunomon's work. "So, Cunomon, what did you paint?"

Cunomon grinned and showed her his work. "This. Beautiful, isn't it?"

Huntermon tilted her head, examining the drawing before her. She choked back laughter. "Beautiful?" Cunomon glared at her. "I mean come on, Cunomon! I've seen better artwork in a Numemon's attack!"

"But it's a picture of me," Cunomon muttered.

"A picture of you?" Huntermon fell down laughing. "More like a picture of you after you went through a blender!" She continued laughing.

The sky blue dragon flattened his ears back and snarled. His honor was on the line! Looking at the blue paint, he smiled mischievously, and dipped his paw into the paint. With a paw dripping with wet paint, he flung his paw forward, sending a glob of it at Huntermon. Huntermon startled and went straight up as her face was now covered in the blue paint. "Vengeance is mine!"

She glared at Cunomon as he laughed. "Oh yeah? Well two can play this game!" She dipped her paw into the blue paint and struck Cunomon.

"Hey no fair!" Diratimon said, his wing still covered in green paint. "I was supposed to use the blue paint after Cunomon!" Almost angrily, he tossed green paint at Huntermon, and one of her tails was hit.

"Hey, let me join in!" Yazumon said as he flung red paint at Diratimon and hit one of his wings.

Lexxy growled as she concentrated on her mural. "Hey you guys! Will you keep it down? I'm trying to paint something here." A paint covered Cunomon grabbed a small bowl that he had found earlier, filled it with green paint, and snuck up behind Lexxy. With Lexxy bending over, it was easy for Cunomon to jump onto her back and dump the bowl of paint on top of her head. The whole thing happened so fast that Lexxy shrieked in surprise. She felt the cold paint staining her hair and running down the sides of her face. She dropped what she was doing and knocked Cunomon off of her. "Why'd you do that!?"

"Because it looks good on you!" Cunomon giggled. "Besides, it's fun!"

Soon everyone inside the structure was having fun throwing paint all over the place. The commotion was so loud that some of the DigiDestined returned inside to see what was going on.

"Hey, what's up?" Samee asked as she walked in.

"This!" Sunemon said playfully as she threw orange-colored paint at her partner. Samee stood there in shock for a few seconds, wiping off the paint from her shirt.

"This looks like fun!" Dani exclaimed, getting a handful of paint herself and targeting Emily with it.

Jenn walked in and was almost horrified to see the paint fight going on inside. "Hey hey!" she said urgently. "Settle down! We have to finish this hideout!" She ran up closer and spoke louder. "We can't be wasting our time with some useless paint fight!"

"Join in!" Foximon squealed as she coated Jenn's goggles with a toss of yellow paint. "Show some spirit!"

The whole group became silent when Jenn started to walk towards them slowly, fists clenched. They waited nervously, wondering what she was doing to do. Then just like that, the scowl was off her face, and she said, "That's it!" and she joined in the paint fight.

* * *

"Look at this mess!" Jenn exclaimed after the paint fight was long over. The whole room was covered in mixes of paint, either on the floor, on the walls, and much of it on the Digidestined and Digimon. The buckets were nearly empty. Jenn tried to wipe off the yellow paint that had hardened on her goggles. The paint wouldn't come off. "How are we going to clean this up?"

Emily and Kristina walked over and said, "Well we also brought back some cleaning supplies."

"Where?" Jenn asked.

Kristina pointed to a small corner. "There."

In the corner were the cleaning supplies, just as they said. There were a couple of bottles, sponges, and towels. Jenn groaned. There was nothing to clean themselves up. "Well let's get to work, people!" Jenn said, clapping her hands dutifully.

It took the group a while to clean the place up. They couldn't clean themselves up at the moment. But hopefully they'll be able to clean themselves up when they reach Secondary Village.

* * *

In a clearing in the forest, Lordessmon was pondering. She was thinking about what she should do now. She wanted to come up with the perfect plan. After all, she was more of a thinker, and relied on intelligence rather than brute strength, unlike Duodramon and Marajamon.

"I won't make the same mistake that those fools made. . . ." she growled. "But how am I going to pull this off without failing like those miserable excuses for Digimon?"

After a few more minutes of pondering, her eyes lit up. "Of course . . . why didn't I think of it before?" She grinned. "I can turn into one of those brats . . . the leader. . . . They won't suspect a thing."

She closed her eyes and concentrated. She felt herself changing. Since she was already human-like to begin with, the transformation wasn't very painful, and it didn't take very long. And she didn't need to practice getting use to the form either. In her place stood an exact copy of Jenn Morton. Across her face was a sneer, and she whispered, "Now to find those brats!"

Even her voice was a perfect match for Jenn's.

* * *

After a whole lot of cleaning took place, the kids were getting tired. But the one who was most worn out was their leader. Jenn wiped away sweat from her forehead as she pressed on cleaning. Then she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned her head over to see that it was Alex, a concerned look on his face.

"Hey, Jenn . . . you look really tired."

"Yeah, well there's a lot of work that we still need to do," Jenn replied. She tried to continue cleaning, but Dani had walked up and pulled the cloth rag away from her. "Hey!"

Dani put it on the floor. "Sorry Jenn. But we think you should really take a break now."

"Yeah," Lexxy agreed. "You shouldn't work yourself out like this."

"We'll finish cleaning," Samee said. "Besides, we need to let the Digimon eat something."

Jenn looked over and saw that the Digimon did look worn out. They looked even more tired than the kids themselves. Jenn couldn't argue, and said, "All right." The other kids smiled, and a couple continued cleaning while others took a break themselves. "Too bad we don't have coffee."

Foximon put her paws on Jenn. "Maybe we could go look for some . . . coffee?"

"Good idea," Jenn said, petting Foximon on the head. "I'm going to go to Secondary Village. I'll look for something to drink." She was going to look for anything with caffeine in it. "You guys stay here." She looked at her Digimon. "And you staying? Or coming with?"

"Coming!" Foximon said, and went by Jenn's side as they left.

"Sodas!" Lexxy exclaimed. "Get us sodas!"

"Heheheh." Jenn chuckled. "All right!" And she and Foximon left.

* * *

Only a few minutes passed when Jenn returned, much to the Digidestined's surprise. However, this wasn't the real Jenn. It was Lordessmon in disguise. There wasn't a flaw to be found in her transformation, and it was proven when the children approached her in a friendly manner, treating her as they would with the real Jenn.

"That was fast!" Skye said cheerfully. But she then looked disappointed. "But . . . where are the sodas?"

"Yeah. . . ." Dani said, scratching her head. "Weren't you going to get us sodas?"

Lordessmon tilted her head, expression that of a very confused or disoriented person. "Sodas?" She had never heard of such a thing as soda.

This confused the DigiDestined. "Jenn, did you hit your head or something?" Alex asked.

Lordessmon growled mentally. She was getting sick and tired of all these questions. She wasn't some walking encyclopedia that would answer every question they could throw at her. But as angry as she was, she couldn't show it. She remained calm and crossed her arms. She leaned against the side of the wall. "No, I just forgot something, that's all."

Then one of the kids, Lina, noticed that someone was missing. She walked up to who she believed was Jenn, and asked, "Hey, Jenn, where did Foximon go?"

"Yeah, wasn't she with you?" Emily asked.

The evil Digimon narrowed her eyes slightly. She replied sharply, "She went out ahead." She started to go off away from their camp. "If you excuse me, I must take care of something." But she didn't get far when Lexxy grabbed her arm and pulled her back, and forced her to sit down. While this made her even more frustrated and angry, she kept her cool.

Lexxy looked at 'Jenn' straight in the eyes. "Jenn, maybe you should eat something. You look kind of pale." she said with concern.

Lordessmon didn't speak a single word. The only thing that appeared on her face was an evil smirk, which thankfully, the DigiDestined failed to notice. Her plan was working better than she had hoped. She would wait a while. She would wait for the right moment, and then she would strike! She had insured that Foximon and Jenn wouldn't return anytime soon by putting a spell on the baby Digimon. It would keep them distracted long enough for Lordessmon to accomplish her goal.

* * *

Jenn and Foximon emerged from the female Cunomon’s cottage, Jenn holding a twelve-pack of soda cans. Suddenly a loud screech caused Jenn to drop the soda and she and her Digimon ran towards a baby in a crib nearby. She knelt down in front of the baby. "Hey little guy. What's wrong?" she cooed softly, hoping that would help calm the baby. But instead it just continued crying. Jenn scooped it up into her arms and rocked it back and forth. But the baby only cried louder.

Then a baby nearby started to cry as well. Foximon's ears perked up and she ran to try and soothe the baby Digimon. But she had as much luck as Jenn. "What's wrong with them?" Foximon had to yell so that Jenn could hear her voice over the sobbing Digimon.

"I don't know!" Jenn replied, her ears starting to hurt. Then more and more Digimon babies started crying all around them. "Oh no. . . ." Jenn moaned.

"Looks like we aren't going back any time soon. . . ." Foximon said sadly, still holding the crying Digimon. Then she looked up at Jenn. "Should we go get Jaymon? Maybe she'd know what to do."

Jenn shook her head. "No, they're probably annoyed with me as it is. Let's not give them more work to do."

Foximon panted, "If you say so." She couldn’t think of any reason for the DigiDestined to be annoyed with their leader, but she knew her partner was always worrying about things like that. She struggled to hold three Babies at once, all bawling their eyes out.

* * *

Back at the base, the DigiDestined had just finished up their break. They went back to work on the hideout. With them once more preoccupied, Lordessmon knew she could move in at anytime. She grinned. It was almost too easy.

* * *

Foximon tried for quite some time to try and calm the babies. Finally she couldn't take it anymore. "This is getting ridiculous!" she cried. She put down the Babies, and, without telling Jenn (who was off in another part of the village with more unhappy babies), ran off to the others to recruit some help.

* * *

"Foximon!" Skye cried, noticing the orange Digimon running towards them. "You're back!" She then narrowed her eyes slightly in confusion. "But . . . where are the sodas?"

Lina wiped her hands. "Yeah, weren't you supposed to be bringing back some soda for us?"

Foximon shook her head almost furiously. "Forget the soda!" she cried. "We've got a bigger problem!" She glared with a serious look. "Jenn and I were getting sodas, but then the baby Digimon started crying. We've tried everything, but nothing is working! We need your help!" She looked back in the direction she had just run from. "Jenn's still back there trying to settle the babies."

Samee tilted her head, rather confused. "What are you talking about?" Samee pointed over to where 'Jenn' had gone. "She's right over there. She came back only moments after you left."

Foximon was at first confused at this, cocking her head, one ear down, one ear up. "Wh-What? That's impossible. . . . She's over there. . . ." She used one of her ears to point in the direction she came from. "She never came back. . . ." Then her voice trailed off when Lordessmon, disguised as Jenn, walked into view, a slight glare on her face, her arms folded. Foximon was startled, but growled. "That's not Jenn!"

"But Foximon, it really is me," Lordessmon lied slyly, but acting as much like Jenn as possible. Foximon wasn't buying it, however, and she continued to snarl at what she knew was a copy.

"Foximon . . . calm down," Alex said.

"Yeah, maybe you should get something to eat," Lexxy said.

"No!" Foximon growled again. "I'm telling you, that's not Jenn!"

Cunomon laughed. "Are you sure you didn't eat some funny mushrooms on the way there?" Jaymon, who was standing next to Cunomon, laughed a little herself.

"Yeah, maybe you're not feeling too well," she suggested.

Foximon shook her head angrily. "When will you listen to me!?" She pointed furiously in the direction of the village. "That's where Jenn is! I know so because I was there! With her!"

"It couldn't be," the fake Jenn said, walking over to Foximon. "I came back, and let you run out ahead." She bent down, and attempted to pick up the fox-like Digimon. But Foximon hissed and leaped out of the way, frustrating Lordessmon. She glared at the rookie Digimon. "Why'd you do that?"

"Back off!" Foximon spat angrily, the fur on her back slightly rising.

The others looked at 'Jenn' almost suspiciously. In an attempt to cover for herself, Lordessmon smiled slightly. "She's been working too hard." She forced a chuckle. "She doesn't know what she's saying." But Foximon continues to growl at the evil Digimon, and was preparing to attack. Lordessmon sighed and rolled her eyes. She was getting bored with this facade. She might as well reveal who she really is.

"Okay okay." She spoke in her true voice, startling some of the DigiDestined. "You got me. So you wanna know who I really am?" She laughed evilly. "Well you brats know me quite well." Snapping her fingers, her form shifted back to normal.

Dani yelled, "Foximon was right!"

Tania backed her up. "Yeah, that's Lordessmon!"

"You guys!" Lexxy shouted, addressing the Digimon. "Get ready to attack!"

The Digimon nodded and ran to their partners' sides. They stood in front of them protectively, all growling, getting ready to attack. But before they could attack, the real Jenn came running in. She panted heavily and looked really tired. Everyone stopped and stared at the returning leader.

"Okay guys. . . ." She breathed in, bent forward, eyes closed. She hadn't even looked up to see what was going on. "I know you're annoyed with me and all, but. . . ." She tried to catch her breath. "But I have a big problem and I need your. . . ." As she looked up, she stopped herself from talking. She took in a deep breath of shock, and her eyes widened. She just saw Lordessmon standing in the middle of the hideout, just standing there as if she was doing nothing. She narrowed her eyes. "What's going on here?" she demanded, pointing at Lordessmon.

"So many questions," Lordessmon sighed. "So little time." She grinned, completely ignoring Jenn's question. She held out her hand, and fireballs began shooting out, and they were heading in Jenn's direction. Luckily, the redhead dodged quickly, and the fireballs completely missed her.

Hissing angrily at what Lordessmon did, Foximon shouted, "Come on guys! Let's get her!" The others didn't need to be told twice. The group of eleven Digimon dashed over towards the humanoid Digimon, all of them launching their attacks at different times. But to their dismay, Lordessmon was dodging them all with ease.

"Oh come on, do you call this fighting?" Lordessmon laughed coldly as she kept dodging the attacks. "Allow me to show you a real attack." With that, she fired several fireballs, this time out of both hands. Huntermon, Jaymon, Diratimon, and Foximon all managed to dodge the attacks, but the other Digimon were struck by the fireballs and were blown backwards. They lay still on the ground, though they were still breathing.

"Cunomon!" Lexxy cried, rushing towards her dragon partner. She knelt down beside him. "You all right?" Cunomon didn't respond.

Samee looked down at her injured partner, a sad look on her face. "Sunemon. . . ." She glared at Lordessmon.

"How are we going to defeat her?" Skye said, holding Magimon. She looked terrified. "Guys, she isn't like Marajamon or Duodramon. Our previous battles showed us that!"

"Then we'll have to kick it up a notch!" Jenn said, holding out her digivice. Kristina, Lina, and Emily did the same thing, and a light emitted from each digivice.

"Foximon, digivolve to . . . Glorymon!"

"Huntermon, digivolve to . . . Agurimon!"

"Diratimon, digivolve to . . . Dracomon!"

"Jaymon, digivolve to . . . Skylamon!"

"All right everyone!" Jenn said, and pointed at Lordessmon. "Attack!" The four Champion Digimon lunged forward and they all began shooting their attacks at the Ultimate level Digimon. But all their attacks missed Lordessmon completely. She continued dodging the attacks as if it was child's play. And if one did strike her, she didn't even look fazed.

"Still child's play!" Lordessmon taunted as she grabbed Skylamon right out of the sky and tossed her into the ground. "When will the real fighting begin?"

Dracomon came up behind her and was about to attack, but Lordessmon whirled around and fired a blast in his face, causing him to howl in pain and fall back. Right behind him, Glorymon shot threw and tried to punch Lordessmon, but she reacted too quickly for her, and seconds later Glorymon found herself being thrown against Dracomon's unconscious body.

Only one Champion was remaining now, and that was Agurimon. "Agurimon! You're the only one left who can beat her!" Emily cried. Agurimon nodded to Emily, and howled rushing in to attack Lordessmon. She was fairing a bit better than the others. Her quick agility helped protect her from most of Lordessmon's attacks. Some of her attacks landed on the evil Digimon but did hardly anything to her. But Agurimon wasn't going to back down.

"When will you give up?" Lordessmon scoffed as the fox-like Digimon landed a bite on her arm. She shook it off and punched Agurimon down. Then she picked up the Digimon and threw her against the side of a wall. The force of the impact caused it to crack, and then crumble, leaving a clear opening.

Agurimon struggled back onto her feet. "I won't give up!" She charged into Lordessmon and knocked her down. Lordessmon just grabbed her again, and threw her into the wall once more, destroying another part of the base. Despite feeling weak, Agurimon continued to fight, until Lordessmon grabbed her by the throat and pinned the weakened Digimon down. She then held out her hand to launch a powerful attack at close range. She sneered, "That's it! Enough games! Say goodnight!"

"Agurimon, NO!" Emily cried, rushing towards her partner.

"No!" Jenn cried, horrified. "Come back here!"

"Emily, get back!" Lina shouted. "She'll kill you!"

Emily didn't listen to them. As she neared Lordessmon and Agurimon, Lordessmon looked at the girl running towards them. "Oh, do I have to kill you too now?" She chuckled, and this time aimed an attack at the girl.

"AGURIMON!" Emily cried out again, and she felt the Crest around her neck begin to glow. She stopped in her tracks, and even Lordessmon stopped, and stared in shock as a white light illuminated the area. Emily's digivice started to ring.

Agurimon's eyes snapped open and felt her strength return to her. "Agurimon, digivolve to . . . MidnightAgurimon!" The light faded, revealing a new digimon. She stood on two feet and her fur was midnight blue and silver, and of course she got another tail, making it five now that she was an Ultimate. "Shock Wave!" Thick electricity emitted from her five tails and struck the evil Digimon. Lordessmon didn't have time to react when MidnightAgurimon knocked into her and slammed her into the ground.

Lordessmon got back onto her feet, and sneered once more. "Let's make this more interesting." She snapped her fingers and shape-shifted again, this time becoming an exact copy of MidnightAgurimon. The DigiDestined wouldn't know who's who, and Lordessmon hoped that this would confuse them enough so they couldn’t help the real MidnightAgurimon. They'd be forced to surrender.

Lordessmon and MidnightAgurimon circled each other slowly, judging each other's strengths and weaknesses just by looking at the way they walked. As they continued to circle each other, not even attacking, the DigiDestined were getting confused.

"Hey . . . who is who?" Lexxy asked, scratching her head.

"I can't tell who's the real one and who is the fake," Alex said, looking alarmed.

"No. . . ." Emily whispered, backing away.

Lordessmon suppressed a chuckle. It was working! Those brats couldn't keep track of who was real and who was the fake! MidnightAgurimon wasn't paying attention. Her eyes were focused on Lordessmon alone. She waited to see if the evil Ultimate would try anything. But after a few seconds, nothing was going on. MidnightAgurimon made the mistake of stopping and quickly she found herself pinned down by Lordessmon. "This ends now!" she hissed.

"Oh yeah?" MidnightAgurimon said, smiling bravely. "We'll see about that!" She lunged forward suddenly and sank her teeth into the throat of Lordessmon. Lordessmon's eyes went wide, and MidnightAgurimon took the advantage of her surprise and flipped Lordessmon, pinning her down. “Shock Wave!” The fox Digimon delivered a powerful bolt of electricity directly into Lordessmon’s body pinned beneath her. The evil Digimon screamed in pain. Choking for air and weakened by the blow, Lordessmon finally submitted, relaxing her body.

MidnightAgurimon released her grip cautiously and Lordessmon changed back into her original form and floated up in the air. "I promise you, I will return and finish you brats off once and for all!" She disappeared into the horizon.

"That was close. . . ." Emily whispered softly as MidnightAgurimon shifted back into Huntermon. Huntermon rushed to Emily's side and the girl picked her up and hugged her. "Thank you, Huntermon," she said.

But the other DigiDestined didn't do anything. Instead they all stared, wide-eyed and mouth dropped, at the damage that had been done to the hut. "Oh man. . . ." Jenn growled, rubbing her head. "Now we have to build this thing all over again. . . ." The other kids and Digimon moaned.

Emily sighed and gave a weak smile. "Cheer up, guys," she said, trying to sound sincere. "I-It's not all that bad. . . ."

Every child and Digimon glared at her almost angrily, and Emily felt someone toss a bit of paint at her. Emily wiped it off, and groaned. "Why do I even bother to try?"