Episode 31:

"Thor's Bolt"


Sakura Arts

* * *

~~~ Erica’s P.O.V. ~~~

We’ve decided the Digidestined need a base of operations. You know, a place where we can be safe from Marajamon, Duodramon and Lordessmon as we plan our next move. The only thing is: where can a group this big be safe from three of the most evil Megas ever? Well, that wasn’t our only problem. We also got attacked by Sphinxmon and MetalEtemon, a Mega with a bad Elvis accent. They ruined a dam and almost washed out a village of Munamon! Luckily Tania stepped up to the plate and got Yazumon to digivolve to his Ultimate form, PunkDjarumon! It was a digi-battle of the bands! Of course, our dragon dude was way better than that macho monkey; he sent him and the silly sphinx packing.

* * *

Marajamon watched in her magical cauldron as it showed the Digidestined tromping through the woods, her fingernail scraping on the hard wood of her table. As her eyes flicked from one Digidestined to another, she was reminded of how MetalEtamon had run away like the coward he was. Her brows became furrowed and her lips became pursed. The angrier she got, the more she pressed down with her fingernail.

Then her eyes set on Jenn. Her fingernail immediately snapped and she jumped only slightly. "No matter," she muttered, and she snapped her fingers. The nail grew back and she looked down at what she scraped into the table, at a large circle with small circles around the edge. A smile played across her lips. "I’ll make something that no human child could resist. . . . That will bring them right to me."

She let out a loud cackle and walked over to the window. Snapping her fingers once more, there was a loud fwoosh sound as the colors and sounds outdoors changed. She let out another cackle. Now everything was ready.

* * *

Dani put a hand to her stomach as it let out a low grumble. "Maybe we should have stuck around Munamon Village a little while longer," she muttered, "so we could've gotten lunch."

"No kidding," Pandamon groaned.

They were all out of food and, what with the excitement over MetalEtamon and the flood, they hadn't really thought about it until now.

Foximon stopped suddenly, sniffing the air. "Anyone else smell that . . . that . . . sugary smell?"

Everyone else had stopped, too, to take in the sweet aroma.

"It smells like . . . cotton candy!" Erica said.

"Popcorn!" said Alex.

"Hotdogs . . . hamburgers. . . ." said Tania, "and soda!"

"C'mon!" said Emily with a wave of her hand. "It's coming from over here!"

They followed her through the woods and found themselves at the entrance to a huge amusement park! Jenn read the sign above them, which said Castle Park, then looked around. Finally, her eyes settled on the huge white and pink and purple castle in the middle. There was so much to see! Her eyes began to glaze over when she blinked, snapping herself out of it. She looked around and saw that everyone else's eyes were wide and each of them was staring at the many candy and souvenir stores and the dozens of rides. There was even miniature golf and a skate park! Every once in a while someone would sniff, once again taking in the smell. The cheerful music was equally as hypnotizing. Like a broken record, it would just keep looping and looping.

"I don't like this," Sunemon said, finally breaking the silence.

"Neither do I," Magimon agreed.

"C'mon!" Cunomon said, walking up to them. "Have you ever seen a place like this?"

"Let's just run in there and do everything we can!" Nerimon muttered, not taking his eyes off the park.

The other Digimon nodded and started to run and fly inside, leaving the Digidestined, Magimon and Sunemon behind.

"Should we go in?" asked Lexxy.

"The Digimon seem okay with it," said Erica, shrugging. "Besides, we need food."

Jennifer nodded. No way could she deny that. She turned slightly and looked over her shoulder.

"Listen," Magimon said, addressing the whole group. Jenn turned back around and faced the small Champion Digimon. "You guys can go in. . . ."

"But," Sunemon continued for her, causing Lina to put her foot back down, "be alert. No doubt in my mind Marajamon or one of her cronies could try to attack us while we’re distracted here."

The Digidestined nodded and looked at each other. Each one of them slowly began to smile. As one - with the exception of Jenn - they ran into the park, cheering and whooping.

* * *

"It's all going according to plan," Marajamon near-sang. She watched out the window of the castle as the Digimon and Digidestined went into shops and tried all the rides and activities. "An hour . . . I will give them an hour before I eliminate them. . . ."

She watched as Jenn stopped to look around. Marajamon closed one eye and put her thumb and index finger over and under the tiny figure of the redhead. "One hour. . . ." she repeated, then closed her fingers together. She let out a low cackle and flipped an hourglass over.

* * *

"Jenn!" Lina called, "Jenn, you have to come over here and try this!"

Jennifer and Foximon left their spot by the lollipop stand and walked over to Lina and Diratimon. Half an hour had passed, and, with no sign of danger, Jenn was starting to relax. Lina handed Jenn and Foxi a chocolate truffle each and they both put it into their mouths. Jenn chewed and her eyes bulged.

"Caramel truffle!" Lina said, smiling.

Lexxy and Cunomon came over and Lina handed them some caramel truffles. As they talked about the candies, Jenn looked out the window. Magimon and Sunemon were with their Digidestined. Though they were smiling and laughing, Jenn noticed they would sometimes throw a cautious look over their shoulders.

"Whadder ya lukin' ad, Denn?" Lexxy asked, her mouth full of the caramel truffles.

"Huh? Oh. Nothing," Jenn replied, taking a truffle off the shelf. She looked at Lexxy and smiled.

* * *

". . . .One hour," Marajamon said as the last grain of sand fell to the bottom bubble. Sphinxmon lifted his head and watched his master walk briskly over to the window. She smiled, making sure she knew where everyone was, then, once again, snapped her fingers.

* * *

"What the. . . ?!" Lexxy gasped out as the walls of the candy shop turned to a cage.

Lina shrieked as the truffles in her hand turned into huge spiders. "Oh, gross!" she cried, watching all the other truffles sprout eight legs and march towards her.

"Augh!" Lexxy yelled, brushing the earwigs that were once her cotton candy off her arm.

Jenn let out a yell, too, when her lollipop uncoiled and turned into a snake. It fell to the floor and she, Lexxy, and Lina jumped up onto the tables.

"Don't worry, Jenn! Foximon digivolve to . . . Glorymon!"

“Glorymon digivolve to . . . PolarGlorymon!”

"We've got it, Lexxy! Cunomon digivolve to . . . Sartomon!"

“Sartomon digivolve to . . . DracoSartomon!”

"Stay where you are, Lina! Diratimon digivolve to . . . Dracomon!"

"Good luck!" Lina said to them.

"All right, DracoSartomon, you work on getting us out of here while Dracomon and I keep these things away from the girls!" PolarGlorymon ordered.

DracoSartomon nodded and the candy store was filled with lights from the attacks. The wall blew open and the Digimon and Digidestined ran out, picking bugs off their clothes.

* * *

"I can't . . . breathe!" Skye gasped out.

"What makes . . . you think . . . I can?!" Kristina replied.

The waterslide had turned into a huge snake, wrapping itself around Skye, Magimon, Kristina and Jaymon.

"Digivolve!" the two girls gasped out.

"Don't need . . . to tell me twice! Jaymon digivolve to . . . Skylamon!" Skylamon was too big for the snake to hold on to and was immediately dropped.

"Magimon digivolve to . . . Athenamon!"

Athenamon dug her claws into the snake's skin. It loosened its grip and the large cat Digimon jumped out and worked on getting the two girls free while Skylamon flew them to safety.

* * *

Erica and Cheekomon were skateboarding when the ground beneath them rumbled.

"Whoa!" Erica yelled as her skateboard came to life and knocked her over. It laid itself over her ankles and pinned her down. Looking behind her, she saw Cheekomon was in the same position. "Well, considering neither of us are hurt, this isn't so bad," Erica said with a sideways smile.

Right after she said that, however, the ground beneath them gave way and they were being dangled by their feet, thanks to the skateboard-things.

"Erica?" Cheekomon said.


"Don't ever say that again."

"Okay . . . eh . . . eh . . . wooooaaaaah . . . I don't . . . feel good. . . ." Erica said, putting a hand to her forehead. Her head began to throb as the blood rushed to her head and stars appeared in front of her eyes.

"Erica? ERICA?! Cheekomon digivolve to . . . Cheetormon!"

“Cheetormon digivolve to . . . WereCheetormon!”

WereCheetormon ripped away the skateboard and started to fall. She grabbed a ledge and climbed back up. She took a leap across the pit and grabbed Erica, ripping the skateboard away from her feet as well. With one giant leap, the Ultimare jumped out of the skateboard park.

"You okay?" WereCheetormon asked her Digidestined.

". . . .I don't want to be upside-down ever again. . . ." she replied, blinking away the stars.

* * *

"To good friends!" Dani said, holding her hotdog above her head.

"And carnival food!" Pandamon replied, mimicking his Digidestined.

Panda opened his mouth wide and chomped down on . . . nothing. He looked at his hands to see his food had disappeared.

"Huh?" Dani asked. Looking at her, he noticed her food was gone from her hands as well. They saw that all the food in the food court had mysteriously evaporated.

"Aah!" Dani cried when a cage bust up through the floor. She began to panic when the cage began to shrink rapidly. "Pandamon!" she started, climbing onto the table, "digivolve!"

"Pandamon digivolve to . . . Kombatmon!"

“Kombatmon digivolve to . . . MetalKombatmon!” MetalKombatmon began to push against the wall of the cage. "Help me out!" he called over his shoulder. Dani put her back against his and pushed with her legs against the other wall. The cage was so small, now, that MetalKombatmon had to hunch over.

"Okay, okay," he said, "On the count of three, push as hard as you can. One . . . two . . . three!"

Dani did as she was told. Her head soon began to pound and she could feel her face get red. "MetalKombatmon . . . I can't keep this--" she was cut short mid-sentence by a loud, high-pitched sound. With a deafening snap! the cage broke and the two toppled out. Dani sat up and looked at the still shrinking cage.

MetalKombatmon grabbed Dani's wrist and half-dragged her out of the food court. Looking over her shoulder, she saw the cage close around the table. It began to break and splinters shot everywhere. She sighed with relief and was overly glad to have MetalKombatmon with her.

* * *

Alex face-planted into the smooth metal flooring after being hurled violently from his bumper car. Nerimon landed heavily on his butt with a little, "Oof!"

The brown-haired boy stood up and looked at the crazed carnival ride. It lunged at him and he only just dodged away. "Nerimon! You gotta--woah!" He jumped on and over another bumper car. "--Digivolve!" he finished.

Nerimon dodged a pink bumper car and nodded. "Nerimon digivolve to . . . Nedikismon! Scarring Flame!" The attack caused the bumper car to burst into flames and go haywire, ramming into other bumper cars. "Get out!" Nedikismon told Alex.

Alex nodded and spun on his heels--only to see that the gate around the bumper cars had grown from three feet to about fifteen feet high. "What the . . . uh . . . Nedikis? We got a problem."

The problems did not stop there--the bumper car that was on fire by Nedikismon's attack had spread to all the other cars, turning the grounds into a burning inferno. Alex could feel the red-hot metal plating through his sneakers. Nedikismon, seemingly unharmed by the heat, ran over to the gate and pulled on one of the bars, bending it, then bent the one next to it. He hoisted himself into the opening and pushed with his back and legs. "Go!" he told Alex.

The boy was halfway out when there was a blip behind him. Both Alex and Nedikismon looked and saw one of the flaming bumper cars coming at toward them at top speed. Alex scrambled out and was jerked away by Nedikismon when the bumper car hit full force against the metal bars. A hail of sparks rained down on them. When the last bit fell, the huge Digimon pushed against the boy's back, urging him to go ahead before any more explosions could catch them.

* * *

"Whee!" Tania yelled out as the roller coaster did another loop. Her heart really jumped, though, when there was a loud clunking sound and the roller coaster gave a small jump.

"Wh-what was that?!" Tania asked Yazumon.

"I dunno," Yazumon replied, now clutching dearly to the handlebar, "but it didn't make me want to puke less."

Tania soon abandoned her tomboy-ish self, however, when the roller coaster lurched and, with a huge screeching sound, turned sideways across the tracks. She screamed loudly, staring at the many sparks coming from under her side. Yazumon, though keeping his mouth shut, panicked when he saw the sharp turn coming up. "Yazumon digivolve to . . . Djarumon!"

“Djarumon digivolve to . . . PunkDjarumon!”

PunkDjarumon quickly broke the handlebar and grabbed Tania. He jumped out of the cart and landed on the tracks, still with Tania in his arms. They watched the roller coaster plummet twenty-five feet to the ground and burst into flames. PunkDjarumon glanced down at Tania. Her eyes were bulged and she was staring at the burning carnival ride.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

Tania looked up at him as if noticing him for the very first time. Her mouth hanging open, she slowly nodded and the Digimon then turned and flew down to the ground.

* * *

"There's nothing like a good merry-go-round ride to calm your nerves, eh, Hunter?" Emily asked lazily, sitting backwards on the porcelain horse.

Huntermon stretched and yawned. "Couldn't've said it better myself," she replied with a lopsided grin.

Emily smirked and closed her eyes--only for them to blink back open. She shot upwards.

"What's up, Em?" Hunter asked.

"Porcelain horses aren't supposed to . . . breathe," she whispered. She slowly turned around and the horse bucked, throwing her off its back. She landed in a bench, soon to have her fox Digimon land on top of her. She let out a cry when her head was yanked back. Craning her neck, she saw that the chestnut-colored horses behind her had come alive, too, and the largest one was roughly tugging on her hair with its mouth.

"Huntermon digivolve to . . . Agurimon! Electric Tail Spin!" The attack shattered the horse’s head. The rest of its body returned to its former pose before it came alive.

"They're still porcelain!" Emily said, rubbing her sore head.

"Augh!" Agurimon yelled when the middle horse sunk its teeth into her back. It tossed her around while the small, colt-like horse also sunk its teeth into the Digimon. Emily inhaled a breath of shock. She jumped over Agurimon and grabbed each of the horses' poles.

"Hi-ya!" she yelled out, lifting herself up and kung fu kicking both of the horses' heads off. They shattered and the other two horses returned to their former poses such as the first one did.

"Let's get off this ruddy ride!" Emily said. The two of them jumped off, ignoring the whinnies and neighs coming from the horses close behind them.

* * *

"Hole number twelve: Rainbow's Bridge." Sunemon read the little sign out loud. She looked up at the course. Across a wide, short bridge was a sitting clown with his legs swinging open and close. "I'm assuming that's Rainbow?" The fox Digimon asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"Know what? I never liked clowns," Samee said, putting her golf ball down. "Something about them makes me . . . I dunno, sorta weird out, you know?"

"'Weird out'?" Sunemon echoed, smiling.

Samee rolled her eyes and swung her golf club. The club connected and the ball went flying. It soared across the bridge and hit Rainbow in-between his eyes. Rainbow's legs snapped shut. There was a loud creaking sound as the clown stood up. Samee and Sunemon watched, glued to their spots in shock, as the metal clown turned and picked up its chair. Finally, Rainbow was facing the girl and the Digimon. Samee's breath was caught in her throat while Sunemon scowled at the giant clown.

"Run, Samee!" Sunemon finally ordered.

The black-haired girl obeyed by jumping onto a fake mountain. She let out a cry as it began to close in on her. "Sunemon! Help!"

"Sunemon digivolve to . . . KiSunemon! Fiery Claw!"

KiSunemon broke away a piece of the porcelain mountain and Samee ran over to the fence. Watching KiSunemon fight Rainbow, she reached out with both of her hands to the fence. She let out an ear-piercing scream, however, when her arms shot back and began twitching on their own accord.

"K-KiSune! Th-the fence is electric!" Samee gasped out.

KiSunemon attacked Rainbow once more, finishing him off by punishing a hole in him, then ran over to her Digidestined. She scooped her up and jumped over the fence.

They met the other Digidestined and Digimon in front of the castle. Samee looked over Jenn's shoulder at the millions of bugs as Jenn looked over Samee's shoulder as other golf structures were coming to life.

"What did you get into?" they asked in unison.

"C'mon, it's safe in the castle!" Lina said, pushing her friends inside.

They ran inside and noticed it was actually a house of mirrors.

"I have a bad feeling about this. . . ." Alex muttered.

"Everybody, hold hands and don't let go," Jenn ordered, grabbing Lexxy's wrist. They all did what they were told and followed their leader through the misshaped mirrors.

"Aah!" Skye screamed as a ball of fire dropped down from the ceiling. They all took cover behind a large mirror as Marajamon's voice echoed around them.

"Fires and cobwebs and deleted data," she sang, "spiders and earwigs and dead Digidestined, these are a few of my favorite things!"

The Digidestined got closer as their Digimon stood guard around them. What do I do, what do I do?! Jenn thought. Then it hit her--it was so obvious! She had seen it work in cartoons a thousand times! "Split up, go in different directions, and stay behind the mirrors!" she ordered, and took off without explanation. PolarGlorymon followed her partner. The others looked at each other and obediently split up.

"Hey, Marajamon!" Jenn said. As she jumped out from behind her mirror, so did five more Jenns, all of them doing a very rude gesture. A fireball shot out of the darkness and a mirror shattered to the floor. Jenn laughed as Marajamon let out a, "Ugh!"

Lexxy got the idea and jumped out from behind her mirror, showing up on seven different ones. "Marajamon - yoo-hoo!" She kissed her hand and slapped her rear. A huge fireball shattered two more mirrors, but missed the real girl. The castle was filled with the laughter of many children and Digimon at Lexxy's actions and Marajamon's frustration.

This continued for a full five minutes--a Digidestined would jump out and ten would appear in the mirrors, each of them taunting the evil Digimon, then a fireball would come and shatter one of the mirrors.

"Playtime's over!" Marajamon finally screeched. She snapped her fingers and everything turned back to normal, which meant all the mirrors in the room disappeared. The Digidestined looked around. Marajamon was standing in front of them, looking as angry as ever. Jenn scanned to make sure everyone was there and all right. "Everybody--attack!" she ordered.

The Digimon ran at Marajamon--everyone except Dracomon who, after Jenn's order, was attacked by Sphinxmon. "Keep fighting!" Dracomon shouted when some of the Digimon who were attacking Marajamon looked over their shoulders. Dracomon shoved Sphinxmon off of him.

Meanwhile, the fight against Marajamon was fruitless, for, every time the Digimon attacked, she'd counter with a wave of her hand, sending them into the walls, dedigivolving. Marajamon snapped her fingers and chains bound the little Rookies. "Now it's your turn," Marajamon hissed, bringing her attention back to the humans. She brought her hands up and prepared her final attack. Dracomon saw this and pushed Sphinxmon away again. Sphinxmon lunged forward and Dracomon dodged the attack. As the Egyptian Digimon spun, Dracomon brought back his leg and swung it at Sphinxmon’s head, causing him to loose consciousness. Satisfied, Dracomon spun on his heels and ran to the rescue of the others.

Dracomon could feel his blood flowing in his veins, his heart beating faster as he ran to Marajamon, who was about to strike down Lina and the others. Lina’s Crest began to glow as Dracomon drew near. "Dracomon digivolve to . . . MegaDracomon!" he roared as ran.

MegaDracomon ran up to Marajamon and his fist connected with the side of her face. She jumped back and tenderly touched her cheek. "You. . . !" she screamed, unable to find the words to finish her sentence.

"Thor's Bolt!" MegaDracomon created a lightning bolt in his fist and threw it at Marajamon. The evil Digimon, confident she could deflect the attack, held up her hand, but it went through her barrier and hit her. She let out a howl and clenched her twitching hand. She looked up just as MegaDracomon attacked her again. She held up both hands this time. The lightning bolt sent sparks from the barrier. MegaDracomon sent two more and they broke through the barrier, hitting Marajamon. He flug bolt after bolt of lightning, some of which pushed Marajamon away and some of which hit the chains holding the other Digimon prisoner. They leaped forward as the Digidestined grabbed their digivices.

"Foximon digivolve to . . . Glorymon!"

"Cunomon digivolve to . . . Sartomon!"

"Pandamon digivolve to . . . Kombatmon!"

"Diratimon digivolve to . . . Dracomon!"

"Yazumon digivolve to . . . Djarumon!"

"Cheekomon digivolve to . . . Cheetormon!"

"Jaymon digivolve to . . . Skylamon!"

"Huntermon digivolve to . . . Agurimon!"

"Nerimon digivolve to . . . Nedikismon!"

"Magimon digivolve to . . . Athenamon!"

"Sunemon digivolve to . . . KiSunemon!"

“Glorymon digivolve to . . . PolarGlorymon!”

“Sartomon digivolve to . . . DracoSartomon!”

“Cheetormon digivolve to . . . WereCheetormon!”

“Kombatmon digivolve to . . . MetalKombatmon!”

“Djarumon digivolve to . . . PunkDjarumon!”

“Northern Lights!”

“Blade of the Dragon!”

“Heart of Sword!”

“Sonic Riff!”

“Speed Cyclone!”

“Sword Twister!”

“Electric Tail Spin!”

“Scarring Flame!”

“Empress Claw!”

“Fiery Claw!”


"Noo~! Curse you, Digidestined! I curse you for this! " Marajamon screeched, unable to even try to block so many attacks. The Egyptian goddess began to fade away. Finally even her scream’s echoes died. She was deleted!

"Great job!" Lina said, picking up her Digimon as he dedigivolved back to a Rookie, along with the other Ultimates and Champions. Diratimon gave a tired grin.

They all filed out of the castle. There was a low rumbling and Marajamon's castle, without its owner, crumbled to the ground. They all turned on their heels and walked away from the nightmarish place. Jenn looked over at Lina and smirked. "Great job yourself," she said, raising her hand.

Lina looked over and grinned, giving Jenn a high-five.