Episode 30:

"PunkDjarumon Rocks da House"


Kristofer McGee

* * *

~~~ Tania's P.O.V. ~~~

Whoa, that was one intense day! First all of our Digimon go missing, if that's not bad enough, Skye goes missing too! We were about to go looking, thankfully they all showed up again. But then we were attacked by black virus copies of all our Digimon! 0_0 Turns out Lordessmon had a plan to kidnap our Digimon and steal their data to make her own virus clones. These viruses could digivolve too. Some of them even went to Ultimate, but ours weren't able to. That means we were losing our battle real quick, but suddenly the viruses started freakin' out and shrunk to their In-Training forms. Our resident genius, Lexxy, says their evil data was incompatible with our good guy data. Makes sense to me, as long as we get to keep winning!

* * *

Perched on her throne with a murderous glint in her cold, dark eyes, Marajamon was furious after her previous minion's failure to dispose of the Digidestined. They were becoming more and more troublesome. Petting Sphinxmon, she waved her hand, causing the purple mist inside her crystal ball to part and reveal the Digidestined.

"You see, it's like this," Marajamon began, a sly smile on her face. "I need somebody to eradicate those pesky Digidestined, and you're just my man," the powerful Digimon told MetalEtemon, who was too busy posing to listen fully.

"You want me to kill some kids?" he asked, after realizing the floor was too dirty to show his reflection.

"To put it simply: yes," Marajamon said, hoping she had finally found someone able to defeat the Digidestined.

"I'd rather not, Miss Marajamon. I've got loads of gigs coming up, and I'm such a big celebrity that I get mugged everywhere I go."

"I'm sure you do," Marajamon said, the anger in her voice becoming noticeable.

"So I'm sorry, little miss, but I can't leave my fans now."

Marajamon's eyes flashed dangerously. She would have loved nothing better than to delete the half-brained ape on the spot. She took a moment to calm down, so she wouldn't say anything she'd regret.

"You know, MetalEtemon, I'm a big fan of your works," Marajamon said gently.

"You are?" The metallic monkey looked up at her.

"Oh yes," Marajamon purred. "If you did this for me, I would be eternally grateful."

MetalEtemon's eyes opened wide. Was Marajamon flirting with him? "Anything for the fans," he replied cheekily.

"Excellent," Marajamon said with a grin.

Sphinxmon uncurled himself and landed before MetalEtemon. The monkey's eyes never left Marajamon as he hopped onto Sphinxmon's back.

"Good luck!" Marajamon whispered, and MetalEtemon nodded. He and the Sphinxmon took to the skies in search of the Digidestined.

* * *

"This constant change in climate is making me itch all over," Yazumon complained, scratching behind his ear with his back claws.

"I know the feeling," replied Tania, scratching her scalp. "I wish whoever is controlling the weather in this kooky world would make up their minds."

"Worst of all, there's no shade," Magimon said, and all the Digidestined and their Digimon sighed, longing for a cool patch of land to relax on. It had been several days since the group had left behind the valley where they fought their virus copies. Thankfully the days had been uneventful, and all the Digimon had recovered their strength.

The group continued walking, their feet aching and their necks burning, until they reached a rather strange land formation.

"It's a canyon!" squealed Skye.

"Shade!" everyone chorused, rushing into the cool shade of the canyon.

"This reminds me of the Grand Canyon in the real world," Jenn reminisced. The humans went quiet at the sound of something from their world, longing for their homes. However, the Digimon's ears perked up, their minds full of wonder about this strange world their Digidestined came from. "My grandparents took me to the Grand Canyon when I was little," Jennifer said with sigh.

"I remember when I was a little kid, I went to Disneyworld. I got so upset that Minnie wasn't there that I refused to get off the tea cups in protest!" Skye said brightly, wanting to share more memories.

Magimon and Foximon exchanged glances.

"When I was tiny, my parents took me to the park every Saturday and I'd stay on the swings because I never wanted to leave," Lina said with a smile.

"I remember playing the piano for school when I was young," Dani said. "It was so cheesy. I had to play 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' for the Christmas play."

There was a collective sigh from the group of humans, and the Digimon all exchanged glances, wondering if the moisture-deprived air had driven their partners to insanity. Samee, however, looked away at the mention of memories. Jenn was first to notice.

"Oh Samee, I'm sorry," said Jenn. It was sometimes hard to remember that she had very few memories of her past.

"It's okay, Jenn," Samee replied sadly.

There was an awkward silence amongst the group. Jenn put her hands sheepishly in her pocket, when she suddenly felt something. It was her wallet! She forgot she had it. She opened it up and saw a photo of her and Samee from an anime convention. Jenn cosplayed as Tai, while Samee was dressed in normal clothes.

"Here," Jenn said, showing the picture to Samee in hopes that it would help jog her memory. Samee looked at the photo. She recognized the scene. There was another awkward silence as she studied the photo; a smile suddenly broke across her face as she laughed.

"Oh my god! You look like such a dork!" she said pointing at Jenn in the picture.

Jenn's face dropped. "A dork?" she repeated, but Samee ignored her, looking at the photograph as more memories seemed to flood back to her. Jennifer sighed. At least it was showing some progress on Samee's part.

"Oh my god! Remember 'Man-Faye'?" Samee continued, before erupting into more laughter. The Digidestined looked at her uncertainly. No one got what she was saying except Jenn.

"Samee, you remember that?" asked Jenn.

"Hey, I really did!" Samee was pleased with herself. Her memory was slowly but surely starting to come back to her.

"What else can you remember?" Alex asked curiously.

Samee thought hard; she could feel the memories piling up inside of her. "I remember . . . being upset with my mom, and shutting myself in my room." Samee paused once to gather her newly found thoughts. "Then, when I was talking with my friends online, a window popped up with a weird message. When I clicked on it, I was sucked into the computer." She paused once more, frowning in concentration. "But everything else after that is a blur. Next thing I know, I'm waking up with you guys standing around me. Although I don't remember much about being the Digimon Queen, I could still feel the bitter taste in my mouth for the mess she left behind."

"That's all in the past, you have to stop dwelling on that. That's what made it possible for Sonomi to possess you in the first place. She was able to feed off your negative energy," said Sunemon.

Samee nodded to her partner. "Thanks."

"You're one of us now," Lexxy chimed.

"Yeah, the Digimon Queen's no longer a part of you," Erica said.

"And she never will be!" Tania concluded, and everyone nodded.

* * *

Meanwhile, high in the bright blue skies, MetalEtemon (still flying on Sphinxmon's back) could spot the Digidestined below. "Look what we have here," he said to himself, before urging the sphinx-like Digimon to halt. The troublesome duo landed on the canyon's top, where they'd be unseen and able to sneak up on the unsuspecting Digidestined.

Leaping off Sphinxmon's back, MetalEtemon crept over to a boulder and watched closely. Sphinxmon joined him, an evil smirk set onto his ancient face.

"Well, well, like flies in a spider's web," MetalEtemon said, a phrase he'd used since he killed a traveling Wormmon who dared ask for directions and not an autograph. The Sphinxmon growled, almost in agreement.

* * *

Meanwhile, the Digidestined continued making their long journey through the canyon. Now in the pleasant shade, conservation turned to their favorite foods in a bid to pass time. As they followed the twists and turns of the canyon, they were blissfully unaware that MetalEtemon was watching and planning.

* * *

MetalEtemon was high enough to see the canyons every twist and turn; he studied them for a few moments until he got an idea. He had Sphinxmon assist him in rolling the large boulder they were hiding behind over the cliff. Then he watched it plummet towards the Digidestined, a satisfied grin on his face.

* * *

"What's that?" said Nerimon, looking up. A distinct rumbling noise echoed through the air, and the ground beneath them began to shake. The Digidestined turned around and looked upward. They saw a gigantic boulder rolling down the cliff side above them.

"It looks like a boulder!" Jaymon said, taking to the skies and squinting. "Get down, everybody!" In a frenzied panic they all ducked out of the way, but as soon as it hit the ground with a resounding crack, it started rolling towards them.

"Run!" Jenn yelled, and the group hurried through the twists and turns of the canyon, the boulder hot on their heels. The loud rumbling seemed to get closer and closer, and the Digidestined and their Digimon had to run faster and faster. Every time they ran around a corner, the boulder was right behind them like a giant brown marble.

Suddenly the Digidestined hit a dead end and, with nowhere left the run, they were stranded. "Where the heck's Harrison Ford when ya need him!?" Lexxy yelled.

The boulder came into sight, nearing quickly. There was a long, narrow stretch of canyon floor, about twelve feet long, before the great rock would crush them.

"Foximon!" Jenn began.

"Way ahead of ya, Jenn!" Foximon replied with a grin.

"Foximon digivolve to . . . Glorymon!"

"Glorymon digivolve to . . . PolarGlorymon!"

PolarGlorymon hovered before them, emitting an icy-cool glow with eyes bright and alert. "Polar Ice Storm!" she called, blowing her frozen wind at the boulder, freezing it in its tracks. It stopped only three feet from where the Digidestined were standing.

"That was close," Kristina said finally.

"Too close," Tania agreed.

"Thank you, PolarGlorymon," Jenn said. Her Digimon nodded, dedigivolving back to Foximon. Together, the group used the frozen boulder to hoist themselves over the wall that was blocking their way.

"It looks like--" Jenn began, but Samee confirmed her thoughts.

"It's a dam. We can use it as a bridge to get to the other side of the canyon safely."

"Without anymore boulder attacks," Lina mumbled.

As they made their journey across the dam, it was quiet as they focused their energies on escaping the canyon.

"You know what would be good?" Emily said, breaking the silence.

"What's that?" asked Jenn.

"A permanent shelter. We need somewhere safe and hidden from the bad guys; a place where we can plan all our attacks and stay away from unnecessary danger," Emily said thoughtfully.

"You mean like a base or something?" Alex asked.

"That's right," Emily said, nodding.

Lexxy opened the laptop, looking carefully at the updated map (sent to her by their anonymous pen pal) to see if there was such a place.

"Nothing suitable enough for a base though," Lexxy said, after scanning the detailed map. "There are plots of land, but no shelter."

"Walking aimlessly through the Digiworld with absolutely no specific destination makes us sitting ducks to anything Marajamon and the other two throw at us," Erica admitted.

"Exactly. The base is one of the best ideas we've had for a while," Lexxy said.

"One of our only good ideas," Alex corrected her. "Writing fanfictions putting us dangerously close to death wasn't the best of ideas."

"You have to admit it's fun, though, right?" Nerimon said, smirking.

"So, our main focus now is to find permanent shelter, while avoiding our enemies' attacks," Jenn said.

"Don't sweat it. Anything thy throw at us, we'll fight back," Foximon said, grinning.

* * *

Frustrated at his failed attempt, MetalEtemon punched the ground, leaving a large crack in the canyon wall. "Darn kids. Just gonna have to face them myself!" he said after a moment of thought. When he snapped his fingers Sphinxmon crouched, allowing MetalEtemon to climb onto his back, and they flew towards the Digidestined.

With the sound of beating wings, MetalEtemon and Sphinxmon landed in front of the group, both with grins on their smug faces.

"Hello Digidestined. Who wants an autograph?" MetalEtemon said, winking at Jenn.

"MetalEtemon?" Skye asked.

"I'm glad you know me!" the metallic monkey replied, turning to face the blue-haired girl.

"MetalEtemon is a Mega level, egotistical Digimon. Watch out for his Banana Slip and Metal Punch attacks; he's not your average monkey," said Magimon, glaring coldly at the chrome-plated ape.

The Digidestined backed up against the dam once more. There was little room on the cliff between them and their enemy. MetalEtemon saw this as another perfect opportunity. He whipped out his guitar and strummed the cords aggressively. Without care for the horrific sound he was making, he blasted away. The high pitch noise caused the canyon walls to cave, including parts of the canyon that were supporting the dam. The children watched as tiny scraps of stone broke away from the walls and larger pieces threatened to tumble.

"Guys! You have to digivolve!" Jenn said, holding out her digivice as the ground beneath her shook uncertainly.

"Gotcha," Foximon said, turning to her Digimon friends. "You heard the girl!" The Digimon nodded.

"Foximon digivolve to . . . Glorymon!"

"Cunomon digivolve to . . . Sartomon!"

"Pandamon digivolve to . . . Kombatmon!"

"Diratimon digivolve to . . . Dracomon!"

"Yazumon digivolve to . . . Djarumon!"

"Cheekomon digivolve to . . . Cheetormon!"

"Jaymon digivolve to . . . Skylamon!"

"Huntermon digivolve to . . . Agurimon!"

"Nerimon digivolve to . . . Nedikismon!"

"Magimon digivolve to . . . Athenamon!"

"Sunemon digivolve to . . . KiSunemon!"

The flying Digimon scooped up all the humans they could hold, just as the dam began to crumble. As the Digimon took to the skies, their human partners watched the dam crumble beneath them. As the debris sank, a flood of water headed through the canyon.

"Glorymon, put us down over there," Jenn said, pointing to some higher land. Following her lead, the Digimon put the children down safely and then turned to the fight at hand. There was still MetalEtemon to defeat, after all.

"It'd be better if we digivolved, those who can," Glorymon said, and everyone nodded.

Their Digidestined's Crests began to glow.

"Glorymon digivolve to . . . PolarGlorymon!"

The Digidestined watched their Digimon go to work.

"Northern Lights!" cried PolarGlorymon. Her body shone brightly, as the aurora borealis seemed to emit from her hands, pummeling into the Mega level Digimon.

The monkey roared in pain after the attack. "Metal Punch!" He swung his fist, knocking PolarGlorymon out of the sky.

Jenn cried for her fallen Digimon, then she noticed the direction of the water. "No," she whispered, realizing where it would end up. "Guys! Look!" she said, and the other Digidestined looked where she was pointing. "It's going to flood that tiny village down there!"

"We have to stop it," Lexxy said. "Sartomon!"

"Kombatmon!" Dani cried.

"Dracomon!" Lina yelled.

"Djarumon!" Tania called.

"Cheetormon!" Erica screamed.

"Skylamon!" Kristina shouted.

"Agurimon!" Emily bellowed.

"Nedikismon!" Alex roared.

"Athenamon!" Skye shrieked.

"KiSunemon!" Samee exclaimed.

The ten Digimon turned to their partners.

"Guys, you have to stop the flood!" Emily said.

"We're on it!" Agurimon replied, and the Digimon leapt down from the high ground to lower ground, which hadn't been submerged by the raging flood.

"Skye, we'd better go evacuate the village in case we can't stop the flood," Athenamon said wisely, and the blue-haired girl nodded, climbing onto her Digimon's back. Spreading her impressive wingspan, Athenamon took to the skies, flying as fast as she could towards the unknowingly doomed village.

"Guys, we should help PolarGlorymon," Sartomon said to Kombatmon and Cheetormon. The two Digimon nodded before turning to their partners, who understood completely.

"Let's go!" Sartomon said, as the three of them lit up.

"Sartomon digivolve to . . . DracoSartomon!"

"Cheetormon digivolve to . . . WereCheetormon!"

"Kombatmon digivolve to . . . MetalKombatmon!"

Beating his powerful wings, DracoSartomon took the sky, flying towards MetalEtemon. Leaping from rock to rock, MetalKombatmon made his way to their foe. Meanwhile, moving as fast as possible, WereCheetormon seemed to glide towards MetalEtemon.

MetalEtemon stepped back as the Ultimates unleashed their barricade of attacks.

"Blade of the Dragon!" yelled DracoSartomon. A large shining sword composed of brightly colored energy appeared in his hand. He swung it, firing a burst of energy into MetalEtemon's chest.

"Heart of Sword!" roared MetalKombatmon, removing his sword. Calling forth the power of the Crests, he swung it, a curved ray of energy cutting into the chrome armor.

"Speed Cyclone!" snarled WereCheetormon, leaping into the air. Moving quicker than light, her razor-sharp claws scratched the metallic skin of the Digimon.

Cursing under his breath, MetalEtemon readied himself. "Metal Punch!" he said, and with a swing of his fist, WereCheetormon was knocked off her feet.

"Didn't anyone ever teach you not to hit a lady?" MetalKombatmon said, and MetalEtemon turned to find himself face-to-face with the samurai-like Digimon. MetalKombatmon punched the metallic gorilla in the face. He staggered backwards, clutching his nose.

"Thanks," WereCheetormon said, and MetalKombatmon nodded silently.

PolarGlorymon returned, looking furious. "I'll teach you to hit me, you baboon!" she cried, unleashing her Northern Lights attack on MetalEtemon, who staggered backwards from the force of the attack. How could this be? Marajamon had promised an easy victory.

* * *

Meanwhile, the remaining Champions tried to stop the flood with little success.

Samee suddenly remembered her Japanese long sword. She was a little hesitant in using it, due to the pain it had caused when she was the Digimon Queen, plus what she had done to Cherrymon.

However, the others were struggling with controlling the flood, and it was hard enough with MetalEtemon and Sphinxmon on their backs. So she made a quick decision. She took out the sword and with a powerful blow, hit the base of the canyon, causing rocks and debris to call from the top.

The other Digidestined and Champion Digimon saw what she was doing and helped her out. If they could get enough debris to fall, hopefully it could block the rushing water. But it didn't seem to be doing much good.

"Thunder Clap!"

"Electric Tail Spin!"

"Thunder Claw!"

Dracomon, Agurimon and Djarumon's attacks combined, blasting a chunk of rock into the flood. But it did not stop the continuous flow.

"Sword Twister!"

"Scarring Flame!"

"Fiery Claw!"

Skylamon, Nedikismon and KiSunemon's attacks didn't fare any better, as their larger chunk of rock still did not make a significant wall to prevent the flood.

"We can't stop it!" Skylamon squawked, flapping her brightly colored wings in a panic.

"We have to keep trying!" Djarumon protested. He charged up another attack. "Thunder Claw!"

* * *

"I'm tired of your futile efforts," MetalEtemon said to the Ultimates, strumming a new, louder tune on his guitar. The four Ultimates clutched their ears; the dreadful music was now draining their energy.

"No!" PolarGlorymon cried, clutching her ears, as she was dedigivolved back to Foximon.

"Argh!" DracoSartomon fell to his knees as he was dedigivolved back to Cunomon.

"Ah!" MetalKombatmon roared in pain, as he was dedigivolved back to Pandamon.

"Ugh!" WereCheetormon passed out as she was dedigivolved back to Cheekomon.

* * *

"I haven't got much strength left," said a weak KiSunemon, and Nedikismon nodded.

"We can't keep this up forever," he agreed.

* * *

In the village, Skye and Athenamon tried to evacuate all the small, blue, In-Training Digimon quickly.

"This way, ma'am, you can collect your things later, all that matters is escaping," Skye said to a particularly confused little Digimon, that she had learned was a Munamon.

"Keep it moving, that's right, don't stop, there'll be plenty of time to rest later," Athenamon said, as she watched over the escaping Munamon.

The pair exchanged a glance. Progress was slow, but they were getting somewhere.

* * *

"Jenn, we've got to escape!" Lexxy said to her red-haired companion.

"No! We've got to stop the flood!" Jenn protested, but MetalEtemon was approaching, and their Digimon's efforts were weakening. There was little they could do.

"Please, Jenn!" Lina pleaded.

Jenn inhaled, and then nodded. "Let's go the village! We'll have to help evacuate."

* * *

The Digidestined landed in the village of the Munamon, which was nearly deserted. Skye was ushering the last few stragglers out of the village, but a few remained, refusing to leave.

"Stubborn buggers," Skye mumbled, and Athenamon nodded.

Tania looked up, seeing a silver glint in the sky. "MetalEtemon and Sphinxmon will be here soon."

"We'll need someone to stay here and keep MetalEtemon busy while we take the Munamon to safety," Alex said, while Jenn nodded.

"Any volunteers?" she asked.

Everyone exchanged glances.

"I'll do it." Tania said. "Me and Djarumon." She felt connected to this village, since Yazumon had been a Munamon before he digivolved. This village wouldn't even have been here if she hadn't created these Digimon with her imagination.

"Good," Jenn said to Tania. "We'll come back and help you once the Munamon are safe."

Tania watched the group rush the pint-sized Digimon to safety, as she waited for MetalEtemon.

Moments later, with a resounding thud, the large monkey and Sphinxmon landed, glaring at the girl.

"Where are the others, little miss?" he said, with an almost Elvis-like impression.

"They've got to save the people of this village that your flood's going to destroy," Tania said. She'd never felt so brave before, but she'd never stood up to a Mega-level Digimon before either.

"I'll let you live if you beg for your life," MetalEtemon said with a cocky smile.

"I'd rather not, you Elvis-wannabe," Tania said smugly.

"Why you ignorant little--!" MetalEtemon stamped his foot in the ground, leaving a small crack. "I'll make you pay for that!"

"Thunder Claw!" Djarumon cried, and MetalEtemon stepped back a pace.

"Stupid dragon!" MetalEtemon said, punching at the Digimon. Djarumon dodged the punch, and hit MetalEtemon with another Thunder Claw.

"Watch out, Djarumon!" Tania cried, as Sphinxmon crept up behind her partner. Djarumon fired a jolt of thunder into the large feline, who hissed and leapt out of the way of the attack.

Sphinxmon landed near Tania, his back to the human girl. Tania crept up on the feline before pulling Sphinxmon's tail to distract him, so that Djarumon could fight MetalEtemon.

Sphinxmon spun around, hissing and spitting, forcing Tania to back up into a corner.

Djarumon turned and saw Tania trapped. Fear flowed through his body. "Hang on Tania!" he yelled.

As Tania clenched her eyes shut, waiting for Sphinxmon to take one swipe with his huge metal claws, she suddenly felt warm rays of light shoot out through her digivice, and noticed her Crest was glowing too. She was engulfed by this radiant glow, and so was Djarumon.

"Djarumon digivolve to . . . PunkDjarumon!"

The Crest of Justice was glowing in time with Tania's heartbeat. She looked up and saw PunkDjarumon, just as she'd imagined him, with powerful red wings and metal-tipped tail on his muscular green body, her Ultimate Digimon stood before her, pulsating with power.

MetalEtemon was surprised when PunkDjarumon pulled out his guitar, and was quite amused by it. He laughed loudly before speaking. "So it's a battle of the bands you want? Let's see what you got!" he yelled, issuing the challenge.

"With pleasure," PunkDjarumon replied, and he begins playing the guitar. Unlike MetalEtemon's random plucking of the strings, PunkDjarumon's playing sounded like music. Powerful music. Sparks of electricity came out of the crimson guitar, forming a powerful bolt of static, which was directed towards Sphinxmon, knocking out the feline and saving Tania.

MetalEtemon gasped as Sphinxmon's fur stuck up thanks to the static, his eyes bulging. After seeing Sphinxmon's defeat, MetalEtemon became a tad nervous.

"Scared, monkey boy?" PunkDjarumon asked.

"Yes," MetalEtemon said. "I won't let my beautiful hair be messed up by some stupid kids and their Digimon." With little regard for his safety but too much for his own looks, he quickly put his hands over his hair, and ran the other way.

Sphinxmon stirred moments later, shaking the dirt from his stuck-up fur, and flew off after MetalEtemon.

"Well done, Tania!" Jenn said, as the others had returned when MetalEtemon had fled.

"You did great," Alex said, and Tania felt herself going red.

"It was all PunkDjarumon," she said. PunkDjarumon grinned.

"Even with MetalEtemon gone, what about the flood?" Lexxy asked, and everyone became serious again. It would destroy the village in moments.

PunkDjarumon spread his wings and took off, flying towards the canyon.

* * *

Stopping just before the wall of water, he strummed a cord of his guitar. The powerful vibrations made the debris and large portions of the canyon wall collapse, and it blocked the flood in its tracks. He then flew back to the village.

* * *

PunkDjarumon landed. "Crisis aborted," he said, as he dedigivolved back to Yazumon. Tania threw her arms around her Digimon.

"You were so cool Yazumon! I can't believe how powerful you were," Tania said, grinning ear-to-ear. Yazumon turned pink.

The Munamon all piled on top of him, expressing their appreciation. A chorus of "Thank you!" echoed through the village, causing Yazumon to paw the ground nervously.

"It was nothing," he mumbled modestly.

* * *

It was evening when the Munamon had finally all returned to the village, and had insisted the Digidestined attend a ceremony to be led by the village chief, a Munamon with a large gold chain dangling around his neck. He stood on a small wooden platform, which didn't increase his height greatly, but the Digidestined bowed respectfully to him. After an account of what had happened, the village chief came up with a proposition.

"So, as a thank you to the Digidestined, we, the Munamon, offer the Digidestined to stay in our village," said the village chief.

Jennifer stood up. "Mr. Munamon, we're very flattered by your offer, but we have some dangerous enemies after us."

"And we don't want to put you in any more danger, sir," Lexxy added.

"I see. Then, let it be known that you are always welcome here," the village chief concluded.

So as the moon began to rise in the sky, the Digidestined headed onwards, leaving the Munamon village behind them. Their goal now: to find the perfect spot to build a base.