Episode 3:



Jennifer Morton


Shelli-Jo Pelletier

* * *

~~~ Lexxy�s P.O.V.~~~

We Digimon fanatics quickly realized the similarities between our situation and the Digimon TV show when our In-Training Digimon digi-volved to Rookies to defeat Kuwagamon! It was great to meet Cunomon face to face. Right after the battle, who should show up but the infamous Piximon! He brought us to his mansion and, after baths and dinner, told us that Skye was the Digital Princess, and that we must restore her to her throne by defeating the evil Digimon Queen! Uh, is it too late to get off this ride?

* * *

Jennifer wiped the sweat from her brow as she and the Digidestined continued their long hike through the woods. "Man, this place sure knows how to turn up the heat!" she sighed.

It had been about three hours since they left Piximon�s place. "I havn�t done this much walking since gym class two years ago," Lexxy complained.

"Hmm . . . well . . . I can stand the heat really well. I spend every Christmas in Mexico, and I live in a half-desert," Skye went on, with absolute contempt.

Jennifer rolled her eyes. "Thanks, we�ll keep that in mind," she muttered sarcastically.

"Don�t tell me you�re still in a bad mood," said Foximon.

"I�m always in a bad mood," Jenn grumbled.

"Liar," Dani grinned. "Cheer up, Jenn! You don�t have to worry about protecting us all just because you�re the leader. We�re all friends here, and we�ll all look after each other. Right guys?"

There was a chorus of "Right!"

Jenn smiled a little. "Thanks guys. Now if we could just do something about this heat. . . ."

"We could always go to the beach," Jaymon commented thoughtfully.

All the tired, sweating humans stopped and stared at their Digimon. "There�s a beach!?" Tania exclaimed.

"Sure, somewhere in that direction," Yazumon pointed slightly to the left of the direction they had been heading.

Emily frowned. "So . . . the question is, do we keep going straight like Piximon told us or do we take a detour for a much-disserved break?"

* * *

The groups set foot on the beach. Skye let out a loud gasp. "Telephones!" she cried happily and ran over to the odd-looking phone booths.

"Skye!" Jennifer called after her.

Lexxy turned to her. "She can�t really be that stupid, can she?"

"I�m not sure," said Jennifer, shrugging. "I mean . . . with all that blue hair dye and all. . . ."

"Who ya callin�?" Magimon asked as Skye entered one of the phone booths.

"The Ghostbusters," Skye teased. Magimon just blinked and looked up at her with a blank expression. Skye laughed. "Duh! I�m calling home."

With one hand she dug into her pocket for some loose change, while holding the receiver in the other. She managed to pull out two quarters and a nickel, then dropped them one by one into the slot.

"Hey mom, it�s Skye�" she began, but was cut off by a weird message.

"This number only exists in your imagination. Please hang up and don�t call back."

She quickly yanked the phone away form her ear and hung up before realizing what had just happened. Of course! How could she not remember? "Argh, I can�t believe I still fell for that," she said, slapping herself in the forehead.

"It�s okay, we all make mistakes," Magimon shrugged. "Come on, let�s go join the others," she said, pointing one gloved paw towards the large group of Digidestined.

* * *

"So, who�s up for a swim?" Nerimon asked, pointing towads the shore.

"Water." Cunomon shuddered.

"I am!" Foximon smiled.

"Count me in," Emily nodded.

"Maybe later," Alex cringed.

"Are ya sure, Alex?" Nerimon frowned.

"Yeah, you go ahead buddy," he responded, patting his Digimon on the head. Nerimon made a running dash towards the shore, followed by Foximon, Emily, and a few others.

"Last one in is a rotten Digi-Egg!" Foximon called.


Jennifer gazed out at the ocean, letting her mind wander.

She thought about their first battle, and Like a broken record, the same words were being repeated over and over in her head.

~~Flash Back~~

"This isn�t a TV show anymore This is real... I just don�t think I can deal with this kind of pressure... I've let everyone down!"

~~End Flash Back~~

Jenn cringed and tried to erase all the negitive words and images from her mind

"So, how are you?" came a voice from behind. She didn�t answer. "Whatcha thinkin� �bout?" Alex sat down beside her. Jenn looked at the ground. "Are you okay, hon?" he asked.

"Please don�t call me that," Jenn asked politely.

Alex blushed. "Sorry."

"Don�t worry about it."

"So, we finally meet," he smirked.

Jenn was too focused on her thoughts to respond. She didn�t want to be rude, but she wasn�t exactly in the mood for conversation either.

Cunomon and Lexxy sat at a close distance, watching the two. "Hey Lexxy, check that out," he snickered.

"Oh great! I hope they don�t turn this show into one big soap opera."

"Ditto!" Cunomon nodded. "Um Lexxy, what�s a soap opera?"

"Alex," Jenn started. "Not to sound rude, but I really wanna be alone right now."

"Oh, well why didn�t you say so?" the boy questioned. He quickly got up and brushed the sand off his black trousers.

"No, no, don�t trouble yourself," Jenn sighed. Before Alex could object she stood up and moved away from the group of kids and Digimon, further down the beach. Her hands were in the pockets of her jeans and she stared down at her sneakers as she trudged.

The others were either playing in the water or talking. Lexxy and Cunomon were the only ones to notice the situation between Alex and Jenn. When Cunomon looked up at his Digidestined questionably she just sighed and shook her head.

Alex came over to the duo. "Uh . . . think we should. . . ?" He motioned after the moping Jenn.

Lexxy shook her head. "Nah. Jenn�s just . . . moody. Give her a chance to adjust to this whole thing. I think she�ll get better soon."

"Ah, okay." Alex shrugged and struggled to find something to talk about. "Ah, you don�t like water?"

"Not really."

"Me either!" Cunomon spoke up. Lexxy gave him a thoughtful look. "What?"

"Er, nothing. I mean, I was wondering about your water, um, dislike." She was about to say phobia but then switched words. "I mean, in my head I made you not like water because of the five day trip we took on the backs of the Bowmon. But that hasn�t happened yet, so why don�t you like water?"

Cunomon stared at her like she was insane. "HUH?"

Lexxy laughed. "Never mind." She hugged her Digimon. "I�m glad you�re here with me." Then she remembered Alex. He was watching them, blushing a little as if embarrassed to overhear a private conversation. Lexxy grinned at him. "What about you? You don�t like the water?"

He shook his head negatively. Alex was about to ask Lexxy something about life in the US, but suddenly a high scream cut through the air. Heads of all the Digi-Destined and Digimon whipped toward the sound.

"Uh oh! That can�t be good!" commented Erica.

"Jennifer!" Foximon gasped and without hesitation, she leaped out of the water and began running along the shore line, following the sounds of Jenn�s agonizing cries for help. The other Digimon and humans trailing closely behind her.

"There she is!" cried Lexxy.

Sure enough, Jenn was at the mercy of a very miffed, very hungry Digimon.

"No way! It�s-it�s�"

"Shellmon!" Foximon growled. "Shellmon is a Champion, water type Digimon. If you think he�s ugly now, wait until I get though with him!"

"Ahhhhhhhh! Put me down! Let go of me you overgrown sea slug!" Jenn kicked furiously as she struggled to free herself from Shellmon�s grip. He had her coiled up in one of his slimy tentacles, attempting to squeeze every last breath from her body. She cringed in pain.

Jenn began to lose all feeling in her legs. Her arms became numb and her thoughts were slowly beginning to fade. ". . . .Can�t . . . breathe!" she gasped. This is the end, she thought. Jenn finally gave up struggling and just let fate take its course.

"No, Jenn don�t give up!" Foximon�s eyes began to fill with tears. "Please!"

"I don�t think she�s moving." Skye shook her head.

"Jenn!" Lexxy called. "Jennifer say something!" A few seconds went by. Nothing.

Foximon began to cry furiously. "NO! JENN! I�m coming . . . Please, don�t leave me!"

Just then, there was a faint glow, illuminating from Jennifer�s still form. It was her digivice.

The others watched in disbelief as the same light formed around Foximon. It was that same, familiar energy that she had felt before. She was digivolving.

"Foximon digivolve to . . . GLORYMON!"

The light vanished to reveal a beautiful, humanoid fox-like creature. Foximon�s red fur was replaced with flesh, although she still had her fox tail and long red hair with fox tail tips. Her outfit looked like something out of �Robin Hood.� It was all green and completely made of leaves.

"Glorymon, the Champion form of Foximon. She may look feminine, but don�t let that fool you. She will literally blow you away with her attack, Raging Cyclone," informed Skye

"She�s gorgious," Alex commented.

The Digidestined and Digimon stared up in awe as they watched the new Digimon gracefully floating above their heads.

"I just hope that Jenn is awake to see this," Lexxy frowned.

"I just hope she�s awake period!" said Dani.

Shellmon was ready for a battle, and so was his opponent. Jenn was opening her eyes. "What�s happening?" she wondered. Shellmon�s grip was loosening a little. Maybe she had a chance to escape. She rolled over a little, only to get a peek at the forty-foot plunge down. "Eh . . . on second thought, I think I�d rather stay here."

"You�re sushi pal!" Glorymon hissed.

By Kristina

Shellmon responded with a roar. Glorymon hurled towards him, flying around him faster and faster, making the sea monster incredibly dizzy. Shellmon lost his balance and fell, still holding onto his captive.

"Ahhhhhh!" Jenn screamed.

Glorymon heard her Digidestined call and swooped down to free Jenn before Shellmon hit the grownd. "Hold on . . . Jennifer!"

"Oh my�Glorymon! Is that you?" Glorymon snatched Jenn up before she could get an answer. The girl blinked. "It is you!"

"Who were you expecting, Wonder Woman?" Glorymon smiled.

Jenn sighed and responded with a hug. "Thanks."

"Hey, don�t worry about it!"

Glorymon landed safely on the ground and gently set Jenn down. She was clearly unbruised, although she did have a little trouble standing. "I think I�ll just sit here for a bit," she moaned.


"Uhhh Jenn, you better hold that thought!" said Emily. Shellmon was awake and ready for another round.

Jennifer shot to her feet. "On second thought, let�s make a run for it!"

"I�ll take care of it!" Glorymon assured them and with that, she took off into the sky. When she got at a certain altitude, she stopped. The red stone on her necklace began to glow a bright red. Her long red hair blew around wildly as if a gust of wind was surrounding her. She swooped down towards Shellmon, who was lying on his back, struggling to get up.

Once again, she flew around him in circles, faster and faster until all you could see surrounding him was wind. "RAGING CYCLONE!" Glorymon hollered.

Glorymon�s attack was successful.

"Yeah! That�s my Digimon!" Jenn danced around happily.

Glorymon returned and just as she was landing she de-digivolved back into Foximon. Jenn kneeled down and hugged her Digimon tightly. "Foximon, I�m sorry for acting like such a hot head."

"Hey, we all make mistakes," Foximon responded with a wink.

Jennifer turned her attention to the other Digidestined and Digimon. "Hey guys . . . listen."

"No need to apologize," said Lexxy. " No one ever said you had to be the leader, right?"

"Are you saying I�m not capable of being a good leader? Is that it?" Jennifer smirked.

"Wha?" Everybody looked at Jenn in confusion.

"Well guess what? I�m your leader whether you like it or not." She winked.

"Just don�t let it go to your head, goggle girl!" said Skye, playfully tapping on Jenn�s goggles. Everybody laughed as they headed out, back to their journey.

~~~Jenn�s P.O.V~~~

I guess there are just some destinies that you can�t change. I�m glad I finally realized that. And hopefully Lexxy is right about things getting better. I mean, if I can just learn to trust myself things will be all right. But this adventure isn�t over yet! Soon we will have to battle something even more powerful, and it�ll be up to me to make sure we all get through it alive . . . I hope.