Episode 24:

“Marajamon Strikes Back”


Alex Day

* * *

~~~ Huntermon's P.O.V. ~~~

Right, well we set out on the road once again, with no destination, no instructions no nothing. Just raw instinct and a thirst for vengence. Just as we figured, while we were out searching for trouble, trouble had it's eye on us. (So what else is new?) It didn't become obviouse however, untill Jenn, Lexxy and Skye suddenly passed out in the middle of the trail. They didn't know they had passed out though, to them they had each fallen into a hole where they were confronted by three different evil Digimon. Marajamon, Doudramon and Lordsemon. When they finally awoke, they told us everything. Later we also found out that Foximon is the last if her kind. Poor Foximon, It's a wonder she hasn't mentioned it before. Understandable though. Anyway, I'm getting off track. So, we suddenly are greeted by Marajamon, one of the three Digimon that had appeard to Jenn, Lexxy and Skye earlier. And I thought the Digimon queen was bad news. She was becoming too much for all us Digimon to handle. By good fortune Glorymon was able to Digivolve to her ultimate, PolarGlorymon. Talk about awesome timing!


* * *

The group of humans and Digimon gazed up above their heads in amazement, a mixture of wonder and disbelief on their faces. Their eyes were focused on the angelic, arctic fox that floated gracefully over them. Even Marajamon seemed surprised to see PolarGlorymon, Foximon’s ultimate form.

“Bloody hell,” Alex murmered.

Marajamon sneered at PolarGlorymon and shook her tamer, Jenn, an obvious expression of hatred on her face. “Is this what you want?” Marajamon taunted, laughing. Acting fast, and before Marajamon could resist, PolarGlorymon shrieked,

“Northern Lights!” A colourful stream of light burst from PolarGlorymon, and collided with Marajamon’s chest, causing her to lose her grip on Jenn.

“Quick!” Tania called out, as Jenn collapsed on the ground. Tania and Lina ran to their leader and helped her to her feet.

“Are you alright?” Lina asked Jenn.

“Yes, I’ll be ok,” Jenn replied quietly. The three tamers ran to a large rock for cover, and watched the ensuing battle from behind it. Rays of light shone out in all directions as PolarGlorymon used her Northern Lights over and over, mercilessly directing her rage at Marajamon.

From a distance, Samee noticed rainbow-coloured flashes of light beaming out. A battle is raging, Samee thought to herself. It must be … eagerly the black-haired girl ran to a nearby hill to get a better view, and sure enough she saw the FDDs and their Digimon, and the fierce assault that Marajamon and PolarGlorymon were unleashing; the two creatures lashing violently at each other, a true fight between light and darkness. Suddenly Marajamon spun behind PolarGlorymon and grabbed her neck, making her struggle wildly to break free. Nodding to herself, Samee reached for her DigiVice - she had to help out. Softly she whispered,

“Sunemon … DigiVolve.”

On the battlefield, Sunemon’s body began to glow a bright white, shots of light coming off her body like some fantastic laser show.

“Wha-what’s going on?” Sunemon stammered as her form began to change.


“Sunemon DigiVolve to …




The glow faded and Sunemon had taken on new form. She was bigger and more agile, and had a panther-like stare about her that now darted between her fellow Digimon companions.

“How did this happen?” Jaymon questioned, looking at the humans in confusion.

“It’s impossible without Samee being here,” Skye said.

“Then maybe …” Kristina started to speak, and she smiled as the figure of a girl her age came running into view. “She is here!” Samee ran to the group, relieved that they were united at last.

“Well, glad to see you finally decided to join us!” Emily teased, then added more seriously, “things are looking bad.”

“Yeah, we’re happy to receive the extra help!” Dani grinned. Marajamon hurled PolarGlorymon on to the floor as she clapped eyes on her new foe, saying,

“How sweet - now I have two little foxes to play with!” Without hesitation Marajamon threw two powerful attacks at the two fox Digimon. KiSunemon leapt in the path of both of them, taking PolarGlorymon’s hit for her - the snow-white fox was injured and was lying sprawled out on the floor, exhausted.

“No, PolarGlorymon!” Jenn yelled out, standing up defensively to protect her partner. Hearing her partner’s cry, PolarGlorymon began to stand up, leaning on one arm as she propped herself to her feet. Marajamon’s eyes widened in shock, as she boomed,

“No, you don’t have the strength!” PolarGlorymon stood up proudly and glared into her enemy’s eyes, as she rasped,

“Jenn is my strength.” Taking as threatening a pose as she could, she began to holler,

“Nor … nor-thern …… “ the Digimon breathed more heavily and began to collapse, and she screamed,

“Northern LIGHTS!!!” A jet of rainbow-light shot from PolarGlorymon and hit Marajamon’s head, making her recoil in pain. PolarGlorymon also swayed unsteadily before falling to the floor, glowing and slowly shrinking. As the glow faded, Junumon existed where the mighty Ultimate Digimon once was.

Marajamon glared down at the huddled, weak form before her. Laughing happily, the evil Digimon started to swirl and change, and before anyone knew what had happened, she was gone in a cloud of black and purple dust. Finally relieved that she was gone, Jenn couldn’t stop herself from sprinting to Junumon’s side. She nuzzled the Digimon gratefully, and said,

“You did great!” Junumon forced a weak smile, then shut her eyes wearily.

* * *

The 11 Digidestined and their digital protectors walked swiftly further into the woods - Erica, having one of her more brilliant ideas, suggested they retreat to gain better cover.

“I don’t understand … that battle was intense,” Magimon stated as the group walked through the shady forest.

“It did look like you were on the ropes for a while, Junumon,” Nerimon agreed with interest.

“Well, that was until Samee came and helped us out with KiSunemon!” Lexxy praised. Samee showed a small smile and continued walking.

“I could see you needed help. It was all I could do,” the raven-haired girl said uncertainly.

“Well you definitely helped!” Junumon said with a smile. “And you, too, Sunemon - if you hadn’t have blocked that attack -“

“Let’s not think about that,” Sunemon answered abruptly.

After a fairly long silence, Pandamon broke the atmosphere by asking, “so, where do we go from here?”

“I’m a little anxious to get back at Marajamon,” Jenn said sternly. “After what she did to my Digimon …”

“We can’t rush into things, Jenn,” Huntermon said. “Better to be safe than sorry!”

“Yeah, Jenn,” Junumon agreed, “better to be safe than sorry I guess. We’ll make her pay, don’t worry about that!” The Digimon and their tamers shared a satisfied smirk as they thought of the fate that they wished to inflict on Marajamon for trying to damage their tem.

* * *

From a smoky crystal ball, Marajamon listened to the FDDs’ conversation with faint interest. She heard Junomon’s muffled voice saying,

“We’ll make her pay, don’t worry about that!” Marajamon smirked with amusement upon hearing this; oh they will, will they? She thought to herself. Quite a threat. I won’t be beaten so easily as the last time I came against you and your red-haired pest, that Jenn. Marajamon spat on Jenn’s name, although she was merely thinking. Thoughtfully she remembered PolarGlorymon’s words from earlier that day: ‘Jenn is my strength’, she had said. Something I have had all figured out for a while, Marajamon pondered. Foximon isn’t the strongest of creatures, but when her tamer is lending her support, she gets this power … yes, the key to the strength of my enemies lies with the humans. With a flick of her wrist, 11 small dolls appeared before Marajamon’s clawed fingers. I’ll mess with the others for now, she told herself, her gaze falling on the small red-haired doll with plastic goggles on its head …

And save the best for last.

* * *

“So, where are we going?” Pandamon called out. “Do we have a plan, or is it just, ‘Find Marajamon’?” Dani smiled at her Digimon and said,

“Well we need cover incase she comes back - the forest is good for that, for now at least.” Pandamon nodded as he took this information in.

“It was the strangest thing though,” Lexxy exclaimed, “I wa- yaaah!” The tamer lept into the air in surprise and turned around, seeing Cunomon behind her.

“OK buddy! Where do you get off tickling me like that?” Lexxy questioned, glaring at Cunomon accusingly.

“I … it wasn’t me!” Cuno stammered, backing away from Lexxy as she approached, a vicious look in her eyes.

“Woah, I never knew ‘staring daggers’ was a good phrase till now,” Erica pondered with bemusement as she watched Lexxy and her Digimon’s predicament.

“Well, THEN, who was it? Eh??” Lexxy asked again.

“Well how should I know?” Cunomon opened his mouth to speak again but his face broke into a grin, which soon resulted in him rolling around on the ground in a fit of laughter. He bashed his fist on the floor as tears poured from his eyes. The FDDs all stared at him, eyebrows raised, a look of confusion on their faces and sweatdrops behind their heads.

“Ahhhhh!!!! It tickles!!!” Cunomon gained some composure and rubbed his foot, examining it for signs of someone having tickled it - before he was once again on the ground in an uncontrollable fit.

“What the … is it just me or is he being weird?” Lexxy asked.

“No, it’s not just you,” Lina replied.

“Definitely not,” Skye commented.

“So … my Digimon is being tickled by some invisible thing?” Lexxy asked in bewilderment. The other FDDs had to agree; as strange as it seemed, that was what was happening.

In the course of the next hour or so, each of the FDDs in turn did some stupid, unexplainable thing; several of the Digimon were being poked (Nerimon: “DO YOU MIND???”) and most humans had their hair pulled (Skye: “OWW!! Godamn it, stop!!!”). Finally there was a short gap, and then there was only one FDD left who had yet to be played as Marajamon’s puppet - Jenn.

“The thing about that attack of yours,” Jenn started, “is th-AHHH!” Jenn hollered out and clung to her chest. The other FDDs looked at her strangely.

“Um … she ok?” Erica whispered. Foximon looked concerned at her friend, her eyes wide and full of worry. Marajamon watched the scene through her crystal ball and chuckled to herself - she gently stroked the Jenn doll’s stomach with her nail, and watched her begin to laugh and roll around from the sensation.

“She’s been possessed!” Diratimon called out in fear. Before Jenn could answer, she began to float in midair and slowly tip upside-down, eventually landing on her head. Jenn began to flail in the air, screaming,

“It’s not possession! I’m fine!“ Jenn called out as she began to slowly spin in the air. Folding her arms, she sarcastically spat, “oh, this is fun.”

Lexxy’s eyes suddenly widened as she understood the situation, and yelled into the air,

“Marajamon, wherever you are - please, you have to stop this!” At once the other FDDs realized what was going on and they leapt into defiant poses.

Oh, poo, they’re on to me, Marajamon thought to herself, slightly agitated that Lexxy worked out the identity of Jenn’s tormentor. I knew she’d figure it out, Marajamon thought, they’re smarter than I give them credit for. Lexxy’s eyes welled up with tears as Jenn’s humiliation continued, but then Jenn collapsed to the floor loudly.

I’ll let them think they’re winning for a while … and when they least expect it …