Episode 20:

“Ding Dong the Queen is Gone!”


Jennifer Morton


Shelli-Jo Pelletier

* * *

~~~ Pandamon’s P.O.V. ~~~

After a fierce battle with the Digimon Queen’s pack of Devidramon lackeys, we finally managed to escape and follow the queen to her castle. Jenn was having a bit of a nervous breakdown because of Skye sacrificing herself to Queen Sonomi. When we finally got to the castle, we met up with the Queen once again and not only that, but we were surprised to find that Sunemon had freed Skye and was willing to surrender and help us! It turns out that all this time Sonomi had been possessed. And get this! “Sonomi” isn’t even her real name! At least, that’s what Sunemon keeps saying. Also this so-called “evil queen” is supposed to be a Digidestined like us! Things started to get real freaky when Sonomi started talking to herself. That was when Sunemon digivolved to KiSunemon and tried to set her free of whatever was possessing her Digidestined, but when a peaceful pep talk didn’t work, KiSunemon decided that she had no choice but to handle things with a more violent approach. That’s got to be hard on her, but when a friend’s in trouble, a Digimon’s gotta do what a Digimon’s gotta do, I guess. I hope this all works out for the better. It’s just gotta!

* * *

The Digidestined proceeded to watch as the battle between Digimon and Digidestined raged on. Never in their wildest dreams did they ever think they would end up seeing such a sad and horrifying display. Magimon looked upward at flashes of black and blue light being tossed back and forth, illuminating the entire throne room. “I never thought I’d live to see the day. . . .” Magimon shook her head sadly. “A Digimon fighting against her own Digidestined.”

“I know, even if it is for good reason, it still makes ya wanna hurl,” Tania whispered back in response.

“KiSunemon knows what she’s doing,” Foximon assured them.

“Right.” Jenn smiled down at her Digimon. “KiSunemon wouldn’t let anything happen to her Digidestined. Just like us, all Digimon and Digidestined share the same bond, and as we all have experienced for ourselves that bond is stronger then anything we’ve ever known.”

“Well, if that’s their idea of bonding, I’d hate to see what fighting looks like,” Cunomon grunted.

“Anyway, it’ll be fine.” Jenn finished her interrupted sentence off with a wink.

“And just what do you suggest we do until then?” Alex spoke up.

“RUN FOR COVER!” As if in response to Alex’s question, Nerimon warned of a large piece of stone shaking loose straight above them. The Digidestined scrambled to safety before it could crush them underneath.

KiSunemon grabbed hold of the star-shaped locket and tore it right off Sonomi’s neck, then wrestled to keep it as far out of her reach as possible until she was close enough to toss it to one of the Digimon or humans below. “Magimon, catch!”

The cat Digimon leaped up in the air, catching the two torn ends of the string in her mouth, then running it back to it’s rightful owner.

“Thanks!” Skye took the locket from her Digimon and reached behind her neck with the two broken ends of string, tying them back together in a tight knot. Once she had assured herself that the sacred locket wasn’t going anywhere, the blue-haired girl continued to witness the fight that was happening in front of their eyes.

“She just has to remember . . . I know she can fight whatever evil has possessed her. . . .” Skye whispered, as a single tear trickled from one of her blue, shimmering eyes, falling onto the locket she had been grasping onto. Just as the teardrop met with its golden surface the locket suddenly reacted, glowing with a soft light blue. The same thing that occurred when Magimon had digivolved to Athenamon for the first time! However, this time the light was much more intense. Magimon’s tail ring was also responding with the same blinding glow!

“What the hell is happening?!” Sonomi screamed, as she-along with everyone else in the room-became blinded by the ocean of bright blue light closing in around them.

The enchanting melody from Skye’s locket echoed as the locket began to open. All this time Skye stood extremely still, a sparkling statue encased in light. The blue-haired Digidestined was lifted into the air as the powerful rays wrapped around her like ribbons, solidifying into a crystal shape around her immobile body. Then, in a second burst of light, the crystal shattered and reveled Skye’s slender figure clothed in a flowing white gown.

“My tail ring!” Magimon cried out suddenly as the golden ring on her tail floated out of her reach and locked itself onto Skye’s ring finger. After the melody ended, the star-shaped locket faded away and a light blue Crest appeared in its place. The Crest of Faith featured a familiar flower symbol, the same flower Skye saw on the island of blue mist. Was it possible that this flower was linked to the Digital Princess? As Skye slowly floated down to the room’s stone floor she could be seen more clearly. There was somthing unearthly about her. Never before did the lighthearted girl’s eyes seem so serious and focused.

“The Digi Princess!” Jenn gasped. The girl before them was indeed the Digital Princess. At long last she had arrived in all her majestic beauty, just as Piximon described.

Foximon stood up on her hind legs with wide brown eyes. “She’s so pretty! Just like in her picture!” she commented.

As soon as the princess’s feet touched the ground she turned to Sonomi and KiSunemon. “Thank you KiSunemon, I’ll take it from here.” Her voice was so much different from Skye’s. Although she was the same age as Skye, she could have easily been mistaken for someone older. If angels could speak, they would probably have a voice like hers. Deep but gentle. Power and peace.

Queen Sonomi’s eyes became wide with fear. The humans and Digimon stood in silence, wondering what the Princess would do now. With a stern look, she reached her hand out to Sonomi’s shoulder and restrained her. “Your dark reign over this world has ended!” the princess exclaimed, pointing the ring on her finger towards Sonomi’s heart. A beam of energy shot from it into the queen’s chest, sending a very painful sensation through her entire body.

The girl then began to glow as the Digi Princess let go of her shoulder. Sonomi floated upward, her body twisting as it tried to free itself from the unseen force. A scream of pain ripped from the dark girl’s throat.

The white glow surrounding her expanded until the only thing the others were able to make out was a transforming silhouette. The evil that once possessed this girl was being ripped away by the power from the Crest of Faith. Although it seemed like an eternity, within moments the light vanished and the unconscious form of Samee Tayag made its way safely back to the ground. Her dark robes were gone and a lighter, shorter outfit was worn in its place.

KiSunemon de-digivolved back to Sunemon, and both she and Jennifer ran to Samee’s aid. Her dark brown eyes slowly opened. Sunemon backed away as Samee sat up and rubbed the back of her sore head. The fox Digimon wasn’t entirely sure that Sonomi wasn’t still in there somewhere and didn’t want to take her chances. When Samee’s full vision came back into focus the first thing she saw was the large group of humans and Digimon, staring at her in awe.

“Who are all you people?” she moaned, trying to pick herself up off the ground but having a tough time. “What is this place?”

The humans and Digimon exchanged surprised looks. “We’re the Digidestined and Digimon and you’re in the digital world inside the Digimon Queen’s evil castle!” Jaymon explained in a rush of words.

“Huh?” was all Samee could say. “The Digi-what?”

“Samee, do you know who I am?” Jennifer held her hand in an attempt to keep her calm.

Samee stared blankly at Jennifer, trying to search her memory. She shook her head sadly. “I’m sorry.”

“Samee, what about me?” Sunemon looked up at her with hopeful eyes. Sunemon got the same response, the sorrowful shake of the girl’s head. “By the way,” Samee ventured slowly into the stunned silence, “why are you calling me Samee? . . . .Is that my name?”

“I see now,” said Lexxy. “When Samee came to the digital world Sonomi’s data took over Samee’s physical form violently. Remember how we all slowly became like our characters? And the Digimon Queen must have totally erased Samee’s memory,” said Lexxy. “Sort of like a computer virus. At least, that’s my theory.”

“Do you think it could be the same thing with us?” asked Dani, with wide eyes. She didn’t want to forget her old life!

“Well, considering that Samee was pulled into the digital world by a completely different force then us, I wouldn’t worry too much about memory loss,” Lexxy said, sounding confident in her reasoning. “I mean, what Samee went through was probably similar to our experience, but more severe. As I said, she was forced in by an someone that was bent on destroying the digital world, while whoever took us here is obviosuly trying to save it.”

“I guess that makes sense.” Lina shrugged.

Suddenly the castle began to rock back and forth furiously, and the ceiling began to crumble.

The Digidestined and Digimon retreated outside the castle, with the Digi Princess leading them surely and swiftly.

“Foximon digivolve to . . . Glorymon!” The Champion scooped up Jenn, Samee and Sunemon and follows the others to safety.

They all stood on the shoreline and watched as the castle crumbled into the waves.

Before the final pieces disappeared below the water, the Digi Princess again began to glow and floated into the air, moving out to the water where the castle once stood. Her Crest reacted to something rising from beneath the chaotic water, which suddenly became very still. It could only mean one thing.

“It’s the Digi Palace! We found it!” Jennifer cried out, along with her fellow Digidestined and Digimon. They continued to rejoice as the palace was resurrected from its watery grave, fully restored to its original and glorious stature. Finally, after many agonizing years under the spell of the Digimon Queen, the digital world could finally be at peace. The overcast clouds dissolved to reveal a beautiful, sunny blue sky and a sparkling clear ocean as far as the eye could see.

The ten Digidestined couldn’t believe that they had really come this far, that they had stuck together as long as they did. After surviving many enemies, battles, sacrifices, separations, and more . . . seeing the result of it all was truly worth it all. That truth glowed in all their hearts as a steady warmth.

The princess graciously approached the Digidestined leader. “Jennifer, you have proven yourself a born leader, despite your earlier shortcomings. Your loyalty to me and this world will not be forgotten.” Her deep voice and her words reminded everyone that this was not their friend Skye, although it was her body. This was a being very powerful and wise.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Jennifer bowed, feeling how formal this occasion now seemed.

“As for you Digidestined,” the princess continued, turning her attention towards the rest of the group. “You have done well. Your journey will be documented and made known to the entire digital world, for generations to come.”

“Peace of cake!” Cunomon replied with a wide grin, liking the thought of being famous.

“Congratulations!” Piximon’s voice suddenly came from behind.

“Piximon!” The ten children exclaimed cheerfully.

Piximon landed at the Digi Princess’s feet and bowed his tiny body. “Your Majesty, after all these years you have finally returned to us.” He then looked up, his large black eyes in tears of joy.

“My loyal Piximon, it has been a very long time,” the princess replied with a soft smile.

Piximon flew up kissed the princess’s delicate and milky white hand. “Indeed it has.”

All this time, Samee had stood slightly away from the others, not taking part of the rejoicing in either the appearance of the castle nor Piximon. She merely looked on, still very confused and a bit frightened. She became startled when the round pink Digimon flew towards her. “Samee?” asked Piximon.

“Yeah, er, I think,” she stuttered.

“I believe this belongs to you, yup yup!”

“What is it?” Samee questioned, looking down at the small dark purple object that was dropped into her palm.

“It’s the Crest of Patience.”

The Digi Princess approached Samee as well, with a tag. Samee bowed her head slightly, allowing the princess to place the tag around her neck. The former Digimon Queen looked down at it with a raised eyebrow. “What do I do with this?”

“This tag and Crest was meant for the eleventh Chosen Child. You, Samee Tayang, are that child.”

“Um, I’m still confused, but thanks.”

The princess smiled warmly as her hand softly touched Samee’s cheek. She looked at Digidestined and Piximon once more, then nodded. “I must leave you now. Remember if you should ever need me, look to the locket. I thank you again, Digidestined. Please take care.” With that the princess faded away and Skye stood once again in her place. The blue-haired girl collapsed to the ground.

“Skye!” Magimon cried.

“What happened to the Digi Princess? Don’t tell me we busted our butts to save her just so she can disappear on us!” Cunomon complained.

“No, weren’t you listening? She said look to the locket,” Lexxy corrected her Digimon.

Before any more questions could be asked, Skye let out a loud moan. Everyone turned their attention to the girl at their feet.

“Skye, how do you feel?” Magimon helped her lightheaded partner off the cold ground.

“A little dizzy. What happend?”

“You became the Digi Princess!” Alex started to explain, excited.

There was a brief moment of silence while they waited for Skye’s reaction. “No. Seriously, you guys. What happened?” Skye raised an eyebrow in disbelief.

“You mean, you don’t remember?” asked Magimon.

“No, the last thing I remember was being kidnapped by the Digimon Queen and then she and KiSunemon began to fight. . . .” Skye paused. “Wait, where are they? Did anyone get hurt?”

“Everything worked out fine. The Digi Queen is history!” Jenn exclaimed. “And look!” She pointed to the Digi Palace, barely able to contain her excitement.

Skye looked up in awe. “Oh my god! I can’t believe it!”

“Well, believe it!” said Tania.

“Well I can’t believe it’s finally over.” Erica wiped the sweat from her dripping bangs.

Silence fell upon the group as they all looked at Piximon for confirmation. The pink Digimon had a rather awkward expression on his face.

Jinnifer sighed, voicing everyone’s thoughts. “Okay, I’ve seen that look enough times to know that this isn’t over yet.”