Episode 2:

"The Digital Princess"


Jennifer Morton


Shelli-Jo Pelletier

* * *

~~~ Jennifer P.O.V. ~~~

I was just a normal girl, enjoying my weekend, when suddenly out of the blue I received this strange package in the mail. Inside were a digi-vice and a pear of goggles! Before I knew it, I was sucked into this animated world where I ran into several of my Internet friends. Except they were all, well, different. It was pretty awesome, meeting up with them like that. Oh, did I mention that we all have our own Digimon? Sweet! Maybe this wasn�t such a bad thing after all. But just as things were beginning to turn around, here comes Kuwagamon! Great. I guess being a cartoon character isn�t as awesome as I thought it would be, huh?

* * *

"Look out, he�s coming back!" cried Dani, pointing upward towards the giant flying beetle. The ten In-Training Digimon leapt in front of their partners and glared at Kuwagamon as he landed in front of them. The ten kids remained perfectly still. "Maybe he�ll go away?" said Dani. Her voice trembled.

"I seriously doubt it," responded Skye.

"Don�t worry you guys," growled Babybunnimon.

"We won�t let anything happen to you," added Junumon, her eyes filled with anger and determination.

"Um, isn�t this the part when you guys are suppose to digi-volve?" Jenn pointed out. Junumon turned around to look at her human companion. There was an awkward silence.

"Um . . . digi-volve?" she finally responded.

Jenn�s eyes grew incredibly wide with shock and dismay. She could feel the fear, twisting in her stomach like a wet dishrag. This wasn�t the way it was suppose to be! "If anybody were thinking of running, now would be a good time!" she gulped.

Kuwagamon roared and took a few steps forward, making the ground shake beneath their feet.

"That�s it buddy," Junumon hissed. "You�re goin� down! Digimon, attack!" Junumon leapt into action, followed by the other In-Training Digimon.

"Bubble Blow!" they howled, flying towards the giant Champion Digimon. Their Digi-destined looked on as Kuwagamon slapped each of their Digimon away like annoying little flies.

"They�re not strong enough," said Tania. She looked at the digi-vice in her hand and frowned.

"This is bad," Lexxy started. "If they can�t digi-volve, then they don�t stand a chance."

"They don�t stand a chance? What about us, we�re the ones they�re supposed to protect!" Dani snapped, furiously stomping up to Lexxy.

At first, it looked as if Dani was about to start a fistfight with the other girl. Everybody watched in shock, waiting for a reaction.

Lexxy was just as shocked as everyone else, for a moment. Finally her brows furrowed and she frowned. "I know that!" she said harshly, thinking Dani was calling her inconsiderate of their Digimon. "Do you think WE can defeat Kuwagamon?"

"Heck no! I think we should grab the In-Training Digimon and run!"

"Huh?" Lexxy�s anger faded to confusion.

"We�re not stuck on some stupid cliff edge! Let�s get out of here!" Dani repeated. Suddenly her eyes went wide and she dove on top of Lexxy, driving her to the ground. Lexxy was all ready to get angry again, but she noticed all the other humans had fallen to the ground too. Then she and all the others exclaimed at a dark shadow falling over them. Kuwagamon had dove at them from behind, not hindered by the In-Training Digimon at all. Dani had shoved Lexxy down to safety.

"T-thanks," Lexxy stuttered at the blonde girl she didn�t know very well.

"Uh, yeah," Dani blinked. Her eyes looked across the field. "Oh no, Bamboomon!" She scrambled off Lexxy and to her feet.

The others jumped up too. "I like Dani�s idea," Jenn said, issuing a command without thinking of it. "Everyone grab your Digimon and head for the woods!"

While most of the children ran to their tiny friends, who were dazed after being swatted by the big Champion insect, Lina searched the area for Kuwagamon. They were lucky about one thing, she thought. The insect was so big, when it swooped down at them it couldn�t stop itself very well. It had to turn all the way around and come at them again.

"Lina!" Tania screamed. "Move it!"

"Oh, right!" Lina turned and dashed after her friends, scooping Dotremon off the ground as she ran. Hopefully the trees would be thick enough to keep Kuwagamon away!

The large group of Digi-Destined holding Digimon crowded together under the trees, looking in all directions uneasily. No one could hear the screeching wail of the insect Digimon anymore. Just when they were about to breathe easier�


"Ahhhh!" Emily and Kristina dodged to the side as a heavy branch and some debris came crashing down.

"He�s right above us!" shrieked Erica, hugging Cheemon tightly.

"Urk. Can�t�breathe�" gasped the little cheetah.

"I think it�s time to run some more!" Jenn yelled. The Digi-Destined took flight once more, hoping to lose their pursuer.

Clutching their Digimon tightly, they continued to run. However, the chase didn�t last long. Kuwagamon had tracked them down and was already waiting for them at the other end. The ten Digi-Destined once again stood frozen in their tracks, clutching their half-unconscious Digimon.

Lexxy turned to Dani and glared. "Got anymore bright ideas?" she spat.

"Junumon!" Jennifer cried, as she looked down at the beat up little Digimon in her arms. She was just beginning to regain consciousness.

"Jenn . . . we have to fight him," the little Digimon replied, weakly.

"How? You can�t digi-volve!"

"I never said that."


"Junumon�s right, Dani," Bamboomon piped up.

Dani looked at her Digimon in shock. "Bamboomon?"

"There�s a first time for everything, right?"

"I suppose. . . ." Jenn gazed up reluctantly at the enemy Digimon standing over them. If this really was a replay of the first episode, then what was the problem? It worked out on the TV show. That was just it. That was a TV show. This . . . this was the real thing.

And regardless of how insane this all seemed, she couldn�t help but ask herself, "What would Tai do?"

As if she wasn�t crazy enough, she was comparing herself to a cartoon character. So to speak.

"Then let�s do it!" Junumon jumped out of Jenn�s arms and bounced towards Kuwagamon.

"No wait!" Jenn cried, grabbing the little Digimon by her foxtail.

"Hey, what�s the idea?" said Bamboomon as Dani tried to hold him back.

"Grrr! That�s it! Lemme at �em," growled Munamon.

"Let me go! Let me go! Let me go. . . ." Nakomon struggled to break away from Alex�s protective grip.

"Dani�s right!" said Babybunimon. "It�s our job to protect you. And that�s exactly what we are gonna do!"

"But I didn�t mean. . . ." This caught Dani off guard. She did say that, of course. Now she wished she hadn�t. This was all her fault; everybody was going to die now because of her. She cringed at the thought.

Bamboomon managed to leap out of her grasp. "No!" she yelped. But it was too late. He was already charging towards the enemy.

Eekamon managed to do the same, then Munamon, followed by Dotremon, Babybunnimon, Kintermon, Cheemon, Nakomon, Autumon and last but not least. . . .

"Junumon, NO!" cried Jenn as her Digimon wrestled out of her arms and bounced furiously towards Kuwagamon.

All ten Digimon stopped in front of their larger opponent. All together, they stood their ground. Eyes focused and teeth clenched. Junumon could feel the fur on her bushy tail, standing straight on end.

Jennifer slumped to the ground. "I screwed up," she sniffed. "I�m a lousy leader. I never should have opened that stupid box."

"Jenn, stop being so negative," Lexxy responded, placing a comforting hand on Jenn�s shoulder.

Jenn lifted her head and blinked. "I don�t think you understand."

"What is there to understand? You were meant to be our leader. Isn�t that some kind of a blessing?"

"No, it�s just that. . . ." Jenn paused and sighed. "This isn�t a TV show anymore Lexx. This is real and in case you haven�t noticed, we�re kinda stuck in the middle of it! I just don�t think I can deal with this kind of pressure. What will I do if somebody gets hurt . . . or worse, killed? Huh? I mean, I practically led us right to this giant red cockroach!" She gestured wildly. Jenn�s eyes fell to the ground once again. "I just don�t have what it takes."

"Uh, Jenn?"


"Your digi-vice. . . ."

Jenn sniffed again and leaned over to reach for the device, pulling it from her belt loop. "What?" her voice quivered as she eyed the tiny object in her hand. "It�s-it�s glowing!" she gasped.

"Hey, mine too!" said Lexxy, about a few seconds later.

All ten digi-vices illuminated with the same radiance, creating colorful beams of light that shot into the sky and hit their Digimon one by one.

Junumon felt a certain surge of energy as it fluttered through her body. "Wha-what�s happening to me?"

"I feel quite strange," Eekamon frowned.

"It kinda tickles," Bamboomon giggled.

Jennifer stood up and gazed at the ten In-Training Digimon before her. They were digi-volving?

"Junumon digi-volve to . . . Foximon!"

"Eekamon digi-volve to . . . Cunomon!"

"Bamboomon digi-volve to . . . Pandamon!"

"Cheemon digi-volve to . . . Cheekomon!"

"Dotremon digi-volve to . . . Diratimon!"

"Munamon digi-volve to . . . Yazumon!"

"Autumon digi-volve to . . . Jaymon!"

"Babybunnimon digi-volve to . . . Magimon!"

"Kintermon digi-volve to . . . Huntermon!"

"Nakomon digi-volve to . . . Nerimon!"

"We DID it!" Magimon shouted joyfully, jumping up and down with glee. She exchanged hi-fives with Cheekomon.

The ten Digi-Destined kids stared. Where there was once an orange head with a bushy foxtail there was now a fox Digimon with black-tipped ears and a fluffy mane. A blue head with a tail with three spikes had become a wingless dragon with a row of yellow spikes down his back. The panda bear�s head had been replaced with a full-fledged panda bear, standing on his hind legs. The little cheetah was now something that looked like a cross between a cheetah and a female human. What used to be a purple head with splotches was now a blue dragon with wings but only hind legs. A greenish-blue head with red eyes became another wingless dragon with shaggy blue fur. The gray head with brownish marks became a reddish parrot with stomach and feathers dipped in yellow. A little white bunny with sky blue gloves was now a white cat with a long tail and the same sky blue gloves on her front paws. The pink fox head with two tails had grown another one, and was now a fox with gloves and three tails. At the end of the line, the little red head with blue triangles was now a darker red T-Rex with bright blue eyes. Together this group of fighters looked more than capable of dealing with one little bug!

"Let�s get �em, guys!" Foximon yelled loudly, leaping forward. The others yelled or growled and charged with her.

They attacked in shifts. "Hurricane Blaster!" Foximon shouted, firing a whirlwind at the giant insect. Jaymon flew over her with a cry of "Tanoblo!" A mini tornado, pale blue in color, whirled alongside Foximon�s hurricane of wind. Both hit Kuwagamon and blew him back several feet.

"Lightning Shocker!" screamed Magimon, glowing with electricity that leapt at their opponent. Diratimon on her left did similar with a cry of "Electric Wind!" On her right Huntermon�s blue gloves crackled with electricity. "Lightning Punch!" she called, shooting it forward. The yellow streaks of lighting stuck Kuwagamon, making him screech in pain.

Cheekmon, Pandamon, and Cunomon all ran forward. "Fighting Rage!" Cheekomon yelled. She was everywhere at once, kicking and punching Kuwagamon all over his body at a lightning fast pace. "Spiral Kick!" exclaimed Pandamon. He leaped up into the air, twirling like a tornado and striking the bug square in the head. "Rolling Spines!" added Cunomon, curling up in a ball with his spikes facing outward. He struck Kuwagamon in the chest.

"Plasma Blaster!" howled Yazumon, firing a multi-colored blast from his mouth. Nerimon jumped up beside him, spitting three balls of burning flame. "Fire Ball!" The Champion insect screamed again, and finally fell to the ground. There would be no mistaking his disappearance this time. His particles floated up into the sky and were gone.

Silence settled onto the battlefield as everyone stared. The Digimon were panting heavily, some sitting down and some leaning against each other for support. Far behind them the ten children looked around and at each other, making sure it wasn�t some trick. They didn�t want to be caught off guard again.

Alex was the first person to move. "Nerimon!" he called, running forward to hug his friend. The other Digi-Destined shook themselves and followed. Instead of their Digimon rushing to them, as in the cartoon, this time the humans were the ones to run to their Digimon.

"We did it!" Cheekomon grinned, leaping into Erica�s arms.

Huntermon wagged her three tales and smiled up at Emily. "Ha ha! Not even a Champion can stand against ten Rookies."

"Yeah, we�ll handle anything!" Cunomon crowed proudly, nose in the air. He quit the arrogant post as Lexxy kneeled and threw her arms around him.

"Jenn, you okay?" Foximon noticed, as her Digi-Destined came up to her, that her expression was troubled.

"I�m just worried. Someone could have been hurt." She sighed and reached up gently to touch the goggles on her head. "And what should we do now?"

"I have a suggestion." A mysterious, yet familiar voice had grabbed their attention.

"Who said that?" Jenn called out, nervously jerking her head in all different directions.

"I�m up here!" it responded. That voice. It was a voice she had heard dozens of times. A few leaves fell near the tips of her blue sneakers. Looking upward, she spotted a little pink Digimon no bigger then a bowling ball, topped off with little white wings and a staff of some sort, sitting on a tree branch just above their heads. It couldn�t be him.

"What�s the matter, Gatomon got your tongue?" it teased.

"PIXIMON!" everybody cried out, all at once.

It was indeed Piximon. "Correct you are!" he exclaimed, leaping from the branch. "And you are the Digi-Destined. Yup yup! I�ve been expecting you."

The kids were sill taken aback by the character�s sudden appearance. They just stood there, eyes wide and jaws dropped.

"You�re a lot smaller on TV. . . ." Dani commented.

"Dani, Piximon is a legendary trainer. He may be small, but don�t let his size fool ya!" Pandamon pointed out.

"Wait! You guys said that you�ve never heard of any of the characters from the show, so how do you know about Piximon?" Lexxy questioned.

"Now I�m totally lost!" Jenn sighed.

"No you�re not, you�re standing right here," Foximon grinned.

"Arrrg! That�s not what I meant!" Jennifer snapped.

Foximon took a step back and looked at her partner in shock. "Hey, I was only kidding!"

Jenn frowned. "I�m not exactly in a laughing mood." She turned away, angrily crossing her arms.

"Obviously," Cunomon retorted.

Lexxy glared at him in annoyance. "Shut up, Cuno!"

The little dragon stuck out his tongue. "Shut up Cuno," he mocked.

"ATTENTION!" Piximon hollered, like a drill instructor. "Now, come with me. We have much to talk about," he announced in a softer tone, gesturing for the humans and Digimon to follow.

They just shrugged and did as they were told. "It�s not like we have much choice," Skye muttered as they disappeared behind some trees.

* * *

A black-haired girl frowned in disgust at what she had just seen. Her dark brown eyes narrowed as she lifted herself up to her full height and started away from the image, revealing the rest of her shock-ridden face. "No . . . it can�t be!" she sneered.

The room in which she stood looked like something out of a horror novel. Large stone walls surrounding her from each angle, cobwebs hung from the ceoling and other unimaginable places. The only light source was a single candle, which was also fading.

"Queen Sonomi! Queen Sonomi!" A little brown fox Digimon scampered and slid into the room.

"What is it now Sunemon, and did I give you permission to enter?"

"I was out . . . in the forest . . . and saw . . . her," Sunemon informed her mistress, still struggling to catch her breath.

"What?! What do you mean her?"

There was an awkward pause. Sunemon could barely make out the words she was trying to say.


"The . . . Digi . . . Princesses. . . ." she replied through a series of gasps.

The girl�s face became deathly pale and her eyes grew large. "No! How do you know it was her?"

"She had the locket!"

Sonomi turned her attention back to the image she was just looking at. "Sunemon, what did this girl look like?"

"Um, lets see. She had blue hair, a blue tube top . . . I think that�s what you humans call them . . . and white pants . . . or were they yellow?"

Sonomi glared at the girl appearing in the black gem she held in her hand. Sure enough, she was wearing a gold star-shaped locket. "No . . . it is her!"

Sunemon looked over the girl�s shoulder to view the image. "Yeah, that�s her all right. Hey, you don�t think�" The Digimon took another breath and gulped. "She�s coming back?"

Sonomi didn�t respond. She just sneered and continued to stare at the girl in the image, along with the other nine Digi-Destined and Digimon who walked beside her.

* * *

Meanwhile the Digi-Destined, still led by Piximon, continued their walk through the woods, without a clue as to where they were being taken.

"Where do you think Piximon is taking us?" Jaymon asked, looking up at her partner.

All Kristina could reply with was a shrug, followed by, "I dunno."

"I�ll bet it�s a cave . . . or a big mansion, like the one Devimon used to trick the Digi-Destined, remember that?" Alex went on with excitement. However, that last thought didn�t seem so exciting to everyone else. "Er . . . then again, that wouldn�t be so cool, would it?" He laughed.

Lexxy decided that it was time to change the subject. "So, Piximon where are we going?"

"Or better yet, what �s going on?" Lina chimed in.

Everybody stopped walking for a second and waited for Piximon�s response. "We have arrived," he announced to their surprise. A long flight of stairs led to what appeard to be a large house, reaching almost five stories up.

"Oh yeah, this is Piximon�s place," Jennifer realized.

"How could such a little Digimon live in something so . . . majestic?" Emily questioned.

"You�d be surprised!" Piximon smiled. His smile then faded as he pointed to the long flight of stairs. "And now for your first lesson." Everybody groaned.

"How did we not see that coming?"


After their little fitness session, the Digi-Destined were happy to be sitting on a cool, hard, wood floor. As they waited for Piximon to return, they took that time to relax a bit and chat.

"Okay, I have to know," Lexxy asked, turning to Skye. "Why blue?"

Skye blinked. "What�s wrong with blue?" she demanded, arms crossed.

"Nothing!" Lexxy was quick to reply. "I was just wondering if it�s supposed to be like that?"

"Hey, I was wondering too!" Kristina piped up. "Why do you look like Mimi?"

"Who�s Mimi?" asked Jaymon, blinking.

"Yeah, and why don�t the Digimon know the Japanese Digi-Destined?" Lina wondered. "That�s what I�d like to know."

"And what about�" someone else began to say.

"One at a time!" Jenn exclaimed.

Everyone fell silent, giggling slightly.

Skye was the first to speak. "In the real world I dye my hair. Here it�s blue�and I look like Mimi�because of my saga. Hey, I�ll give you all the address when we get home!"

"Yeah, I have the feeling we�ll all be getting to know each other real good by the time we get back!" chimed in Alex. The party of kids looked around and smiled at each other. Some already knew each other, but they were sure they�d all become good friends soon. They all loved Digimon after all! (Meanwhile the Digimon were just looking confused.)

Dani looked a little nervous. "Are you sure we can get home?"

Erica shrugged. "They got home eventually on the show every time! I�m sure we can, as soon as we�re done whatever we�re supposed to do here. I wonder what that is, anyway?"

"Do you think that�s why Piximon is here?" Emily asked, petting Huntermon�s long, fluffy tails.

"Hey yeah! Just like Leomon explained stuff in the thirteenth episode!" Tania said suddenly.

"And like Kari did at that episode where she got possessed!" added Lina. Suddenly all ten kids were chatting about their favorite episodes, characters, and scenes. Hey, they were digi-freaks. What did you expect?

Cunomon stared at the Digi-Destined with an odd expression. He leaned over and whispered to Yazumon, "What the heck are they talking about?"

"I have nooooooooo idea," the shaggy dragon admitted.

"Must be a human thing," Pandamon put in, scratching his head.

Foximon started to explain. "It seems that not all humans know about Digimon. Only some do, because they watch something called a �television show��" She was interrupted when two new Digimon walked in.

All the humans stopped talking. "Who�re they?" Kristina asked the room.

"One�s Candlemon," Jenn said, pointing to the candle with wings made of wax.

"And the other�s Kokuwamon," Alex announced, indicating the metal insect. They were both Rookie-sized.

"We�re here to show you to baths and dinner," buzzed Kokuwamon, bowing stiffly.

"Hey, food!" Cheekomon cheered, jumping to her feet.

"Water? Ewwww." Cunomon made gagging noises until Lexxy kicked him.

The group got up and split into males and females. The boys went for dinner, and the girls went to wash up in the big hot tubs that Piximon had in his luxurious bathroom. After that they switched.

"I hope this isn�t an illusion," Jennifer said, brushing out her damp hair at the long dining table. Foximon sat beside her, balancing the goggles on her long-eared head.

"Why would it be an illusion?" the fox Digimon asked, confused.

"It was on an episode."

Magimon rolled her blue eyes. "I�m tired of hearing about this Digimon TV show! We�re real, not some entertainment thing!"

"Magimon�s right!" Jaymon said. "Maybe this Digiworld isn�t exactly like the Digiworld you saw on your TV�s."

"I guess in some ways it�s like it, and some ways it�s not," Tania murmured thoughtfully, chewing on some grapes. "Like, it seems to have Digimon from the show like Kuwagamon and Piximon, but it also has Digimon we made up in our imaginations, like you guys." She looked at the female Digimon. "Plus, I don�t remember Piximon having a bathroom and dining room like this."

"But he did have the mansion on top of the big mountain!" Alex spoke up, walking in with the boy Digimon. His short brown hair dripped water on the carpet. "Don�t forget that!"

"I don�t think we�ll be forgetting that," Nerimon moaned. "My feet are still killing me!"

"Then perhaps you need more training!" said a new voice. Piximon was back! The fourteen females jumped out of their seats, while the six males just slumped to the floor. All together they let out a chorus of annoyed moans. Piximon smiled to himself and fluttered out the door, gesturing once more for them to follow.

* * *

They entered a smaller, more casual room. They each sat on a giant rug, in front of a quaint little fireplace. In the corner stood a beautifully painted Japanese vase. But it was the drawing above the vase that caught Skye�s attention. Skye recognized this piece of artwork. "No way!!!!" she gasped, pointing over to the portrait.

"Hey Skye, isn�t that�" Jenn started, but was cut off by Piximon.

"The Digi-Princess!" he exclaimed.

"Wait, you mean the Digi-Princess is real too!!! That was just something I made up for my saga. . . . Okay, maybe I borrowed the idea from Sailor Moon, but still�" Skye paused for second to catch her breath. This was all so overwhelming. "So what, does this mean that I�m the ruler of the Digiworld or something?"

Piximon noded. "Yup yup!"

"But there�s more, isn�t there?"

"Of course, there�s always more!" Jenn replied sarcastically.

Piximon pointed over to the portrait hanging nearby. "This portrait was drawn just two years before the attack."

Alex gulped "Attack?"

Piximon cleared his throat and continued. "Both the king and queen were taken by a great darkness, leaving the young princess to rule at the early age of ten. Four long years went by as we watched our beloved Digi-Princess blossom into a beautiful young woman. Four years and the digital world remained at peace. Until, one fateful afternoon, the darkness returned and took her away from us." The wise Piximon stopped and sadly bowed his head.

"Skye, this is straight out of your fic!" Lexxy whispered. Skye was still too shocked to respond.

Piximon lifted himself off the ground and fluttered towards the blue-haired girl. "It has been foretold that the Digi-Princess would one day return to this world and take back her rightful place as ruler." He then pointed to Skye�s locket. "This locket holds the key to your true destiny . . . Child of Faith!"

"Gah! Stop, you�re freaking me out!" cried Skye.

"Tell us Piximon, exactly what kind of �darkness� are we dealing with here?" asked Jenn.

"You mean you haven�t heard of her?" cried Magimon.


"The Digi Queen!" Foximon shuddered.

Jenn smacked herself in the forehead. "Oh geeze, how much more unoriginal can this story get? So, let me guess. We�re suppose to find the palace, beat the crap out of this evil queen, and return Skye back to her rightful place as the ruler of the Digiworld?"

"Bingo!" Piximon winked.

Foximon propped herself up on Jennifer�s lap and wagged her tail. "Wow, Jenn! Is there anything you don�t know?"

Jennifer just blushed. "I guess not!"

Everybody had themselves a good laugh, including Piximon. "Now you must rest up for tomorrow. Candlemon will show you to your room."

"Awww, ya mean story time is over?" Dani smirked.

"As much as I love a good story, I�d rather sleep!" Pandamon insisted, tugging on Dani�s pant leg.

"Me too!" yipped Huntermon. "I�m dead on my paws here!"

"Me three," Diratimon added, covering a huge yawn with his wing.

The candle with waxy wings stood in the doorway. "Then follow me, Digi-Destined!" he called.

The group of twenty kids and their partner Digimon left Piximon�s cozy room, bidding the tiny, wise Digimon goodnight. They were led through the giant mansion to a long room with five beds along each wall. Two doors, one on either side, led to bathrooms.

Candlemon left them to their sleep. But first there were teeth to brush and faces to wash, etc. With only two bathrooms it took a while, but they spent the time chatting and getting to know each other.

"I never knew I would ever actually be some sort of princess," Skye murmured, sitting in her bed with her legs pulled up to her chin. "It was just a fun fic to write, and now I�ve got a whole world depending on me. . . ."

"Hey, they�re depending on all of us, not just you, so don�t worry!" Erica was fixing her long blonde hair as she spoke.

"That�s right, one for all and all for one," Emily nodded. "We have to do this together."

"And don�t forget that I�m here too," Magimon said to her partner, putting a gloved paw on her knee.

Cunomon, who was waiting for Lexxy to get out of the bathroom, put his front paws on the edge of Skye and Magimon�s bed. "Hey Magimon, aren�t you a Champion?"

"So?" The white cat Digimon began grooming her fur.

"But you were Babybunnimon before. How�d you skip your Rookie level?"

Both Skye and Magimon shrugged at the same time. "I just felt like I needed to," Magimon explained. At that moment Lexxy came back, and Cunomon hopped back up on his own bed to curl up and go to sleep. There was a little more chatter after that, but soon everyone settled down and drifted off to sleep for their first night in the digital world.

* * *

The next morning after a good breakfast our group stood on top of the mountain, all set to head out into the Digiworld. Piximon had suggested the direction, but he had refused to say why they should head that way. But the Digi-Destined trusted the old Digimon trainer and decided to follow his advice.

The sun was just rising up over Piximon�s mansion on top of the mountain, and it spread its beautiful golden rays over the entire landscape and the group about to set out.

Jenn suddenly started to laugh.

"What is it?" Kristina asked.

"Well, I was just reminded of the ending of the second episode. Remember?"

The other kids looked confused for a moment, but then began to grin. They all made a fist and held it up into the air. "Digimon!" they cried, starting off down the mountainside.

The Digimon collectively sweatdropped. "Here we go again," Cheekomon moaned.