Tania Rascia!

Tania Rascia

Crest of Justice

One of the youngest members of The New FDD Team, Tania is the usual age of a DigiDestined, 11. She's somewhat of a punk, but not so much that she wouldn't get along with someone who likes pop. She's fun to hang out with and quite like her FDD Character. She believes in the truth, and that everything should be fair. Therefore it works out excellently that she has The Crest of Justice.



Tania's Digimon partner is the funny, somewhat-cunomon-look-alike Yazumon.

Digimon Forms:


Fresh/Baby: Zuumon

In-Training: Munamon

-----Attack: Bubble Blow

Rookie: Yazumon

-----Attack: Plasma Blaster

Champion: Djarumon

-----Attack: Thunder Claw

Ultimate: PunkDjarumon

-----Attack: Sonic Riff, Grande Finalle

Mega: PyroDjarumon

-----Attack: Pyro Claw, Launching Claw, Electric Chrome

Contact: trascia@hotmail.com