Skye Galbraith

Skye Galbraith

Crest of Faith

At 16 years of age this blue haired girl is quite a jumble of personalities. She is most known for her Digimon Fan Fiction Story Called 'Digimon03:The Fan Fic' in which her first character (Skye) made her appearance onto the net. The character, was extremely smart, beautiful, atheletically inclined and carried her self with grace and modesty most of the time. Where as the real Skye was somewhat of the opposite. In school she was only an average student, wasn't the most stunning girl around but was however good at sports. As you probably guessed, grace and modesty aren't this girl's best qualities, but one of her worst. She's not arrogant or self centered but sometimes seems that way. Though she doesn't let on, she is often afraid, has trouble believing in herself and sticking to her gut decision. Which is why it works out perfectly that she has the crest of Faith.



Skye's Digimon Magimon is a magical, feline, vaccine Digmon who no one seems to know that much about. She's quick to help Skye, though sometimes she disaprooves of her DigiDestined's decisions.

Digimon Forms:


Fresh/Baby: Buyuyumon

In-training: BabyBunnimon

-----Attack: Pepper Sparks, Dark needle

Rookie: Bunnimon

-----Attack: Telekenitc Bubble, Death Revolution

Champion: Magimon

-----Attack: Lightning Shocker, Telekenetic Teleport, Dark Claw

Ultimate: Athenamon -----Attack: Cosmic Blade, Empress Claw, Black Fire Ignite

Mega: Magickmon

-----Attack: Celestial Faith, Supreme Dark Revolution